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Burning hot desire

Short story By: MidnightsRaven

I have a great imagination and sent this to friends.Needless to say, they got a few ideas on how to spice things up.

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Burning hot desire

Closing the door softly behind her, she took her hat and jacket off and placed them on the couch. She smiled as she looked down, noticing the trail of rose petals leading through the living room and up a set of stairs.

Reaching up, she took her auburn hair down out of the ponytail and shook it, letting the waves cascade down and around her. Slipping her shoes off, she walked quietly up the stairs. Standing on the landing, she looked around to see if anyone was wandering around the hallways.

He opened one of the doors and started over to her, his coal black eyes shining like pools of onyx. His crow black hair was slicked back and his blue velvet jacket trailed behind him, whispering softly as he reached out to caress her cheek.

"I am glad you are home, Bailey. I have missed you all day," he said, giving her a light kiss on her cheek. Bailey sighed softly as she felt the softest touch on her thigh. "I missed you as well, Marius," she replied huskily. She shivered with excitement as he lifted her skirt to her knees.

Marius pulled her closer to him as a low moan escaped her lips. Bailey unbuttoned his shirt and ran her hands across his bare chest, feeling his heart beat a little faster underneath her caress. Marius ripped her blouse and skirt off, smiling amusingly as she looked at him, blushing.

He moved her hand to his stomach, sliding it lower and lower until it rested on the crotch of his trousers. With quick precision, she knew that all she had to do was undo one button and he would be hers. Once undone, she slid his trousers down to his ankles and licked her lips which were set in a saucy smile.

Swaying flirtatiously, she rotated her hips in a sensual way, using her hands to rub his thick erection as his eyes looked heavenward. Bailey knew the sweet torment that Marius was feeling at that moment. "You really know how to drive a man insane baby," Marius said harshly.

Bailey primly replied,"If you can't handle it, maybe I should stop right now." He groaned loudly as she stepped back and slid her panties down to the floor. She unhooked her bra, freeing her erect nipples and threw it down to the floor, watching with extreme pleasure as Marius watched her every move, unwavering and waiting impatiently to see what she does next.

Letting her fingers trace her every curve, she sashayed swan like over to him, pressing her exquisite body against his firm backside. Moving in perfect rhythm with each other, Marius reached around to let his fingers slide into Bailey's sweet and silky smooth folds.

She pursed her lips as she shuddered from the wondrous touch and grabbed him firmly, stroking him until he shook, unable to stand much more of her masterful torture. "You are going to pay big time for this torment you know,"Marius growled.

Flicking her tongue, she licked his neck, chuckling as he flinched. Her teeth grazed his golden tanned flesh and she knew he was close to the edge. Unable to stand it any longer, he abruptly turned and lifted her forcibly up and onto him. He entered her swiftly and roughly, smiling in satisfaction as she cried out and clung to him tightly. His thrusts grew quicker and deeper as her hands ran through his hair, tousling and gripping it.

She moaned loudly in pain and pleasure as he grabbed her buttocks, caressing and pinching it. She came quickly as he nipped and bit her nipples and around her breasts, feeling him swelling more and more within her slick folds. He reached the point of no return and explosions went off in her as they held onto each other for dear life.

She fell against him as he kissed the top of her head."Now that is what I call sweet revenge,"he mused, lifting her up and off him in one smooth gesture. Taking her by the hand, Marius led Bailey down the hall to their bedroom. He threw her onto the bed and jumped on top of her, kissing and tasting every inch of her flesh.

Giggling softly, she grabbed his hands and held them close to her mouth, kissing his knuckles and gently sucking on his fingers. Marius felt the extreme heat start to overcome him again and kissed her pouty lips, nipping her bottom lip, his tongue slipping into her mouth slowly. She kissed him back feverishly as her breath became shallow.

Now it was her turn to have some fun. Using one hand to guide his arms, she reached out with her other hand to grab a silk scarf. Marius looked at her intriguingly as she tied his wrists to the headboard. Shaking her head at him, she climbed on top of him and pressed her knees close to his hips. Moving slowly back and forth, Bailey watched his reaction. Marius groaned as she smiled down at him, feeling his manliness grow hard beneath her.

She reached down and guided the strong thickness into her, sighing as it slid in with ease. She rode him slowly at first and then moved faster as the momentum started to build. Marius clenched his fists, tugging at the scarf as the ache to touch and tease her grew inside of him.

While riding on top of him, she leaned down and kissed his lips, moderately making her way down to his chest and biting his nipples like he did to hers. He came hard and fast with her following suit soon after. She rose up and looked down as he brought her head down and onto his stomach, her fingers trailing around the ridges over his beautiful erect penis.

"No more, please baby. I can't take this, you need to untie me now because I am dying to touch you everywhere," Marius said thickly. Bailey nodded and untied him swiftly. Marius reached up and pulled her back onto him, rolling so that she was underneath of him. She looked up at him, the heat of lust and passion showing ever so brightly within her ocean blue eyes. He immediately placed himself inside of her and thrust deep, watching as her skin flushed and became slick with sweat.

Bailey and Marius reached their climaxes at the exact same time, completely spent and laying there together , arms around each other's waists. They knew they would always be together, deeply in love and always in synchronized harmony with each other's wants and needs.

As the sun rose over the horizon, they slept peacefully in each other's arms, hands resting on their most sweet and tender areas. They stayed that way until the sun fell and the moon rose high in the night sky. Marius awoke first, kissing Bailey tenderly before reaching for his robe.

While he put it on and stood up, Bailey opened her eyes and smiled. "Let's do that every night, Marius. Only in different and interesting ways," she said, coyly looking at him. Marius chuckled and handed her the other robe, staring hungrily as she put it on.

"Looking at you definitely gives me some new ideas, baby. First let's eat. Then we will got at it again in some new ways," he replied, pulling her to her feet. They headed down to the kitchen and had a huge meal together, then headed back up the stairs and into their room to play doctor. All night long, the two of them took turns being the patient, adding new things while they made feverish and passionate love.

It set the cycle in motion for many days before they decided to take a break. Marius got down on one knee and asked her to marry him a month later. They were wed in twenty four hours and are expecting their first child.



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