Welcome To The Real World Missy

By: Michael68

Page 1, Missy lived within a world of her own where everyone was good and nothing ever could go wrong. But tonight that world will be shattered be reality


Missy Alcorn had always been told that she was nothing more than that a flirt to everyone around her and that she trusted people to much. But to her it was something that she did not believe at all. For that was the she always believed life was suppose to be and that there was good in everyone. Even when she had a few men made a few sexual advances at her, she did nothing about it. Because she felt that somehow she instigated it in some way. With her wearing the low cut cleavage that revealed the smooth flesh of her generously sized 40 double d breasts, and the the naive way she would look at the world, made her a target for any predator. But she never saw herself like that, just one of the normal woman that walked around the downtown area of Chicago. And when some man would try to make an advance on her, she would believe that  she deserved it in one way or another.

Tonight seemed like one of those nights, when she knew nothing was going to go right with her and all that she wanted was to get back home. She had already gotten into  an argument with a man who she liked a lot, because she would not go all the way with him, along with the frustration of few other men who made sexual advances at her. Even though he was her ride home, she really didn't care, all that she wanted was to get away from him. Just the mere sight of him would have set off an explosion of her anger that she really did not want to have him see,

As she made her way down the dark street of the city, she had the strangest feeling that someone was following her. But when she looked behind her, there was nothing more than the shadows of the street that she could see. Her hands crossed over her large breasts as she felt the shivers of her fear flowing through her. In her mind it was nothing more than her own imagination that was making her feel this way, The only thing that she could do was to concentrate on getting back home to the one place where she knew that she would be safe. Even though there were still the problems of her family, which were more than any normal family would deal with at the same time. With a brother who is on drugs, a sister who is losing her kids because of selling the drugs to him, and the worry of what her younger sisters of their own health. All coming around at the same time in their life. Talk about carma slapping in someone's face.

With each step that she took, the strange feeling of being followed grew stronger. It started to get to the point where she swore she could hear the faint sound of footsteps echoing around her. Making it impossible for her to figure out where it could be coming from. Normally, anyone else would have just ignored it and continued on their way. But for Missy, there was something about it that scared her beyond that which she had been scared before. Her pace started to quicken as she kept her eyes focused in front of her, hoping not to make eye contact with anyone who would pass her. For if they were to see the confusion on her face, they would surely ask her what was wrong and there would be nothing that she could really answer.

She passed a small nightclub called The Sub Zero, where two men dressed in suits stood outside smoking cigarettes. Even though she did not look there way, Missy knew that they were watching her. Looking at her with such lustful glares, because of the short black dress that she wore and how it revealed every sultry curve of her young, firm body. Obvious giving them the idea that she was some sort of object to be used for sex. It was nothing that she had dealt with before so many times. And knew that no matter what, there was nothing that she could do about it, for if these men wanted her, they would take her.

When she reached the corner where an old stop sign stood, Missy wondered why she just stood there where was no traffic as all around her.  Nothing that would bring about any danger if she were to step off the curb, But right before she could, take a step off the curb, she felt a man's hand grab her arm tightly, pulling her backwards, almost knocking her off her feet.

"There you are! I told you that you are not leaving without me!" a young man's voice said.

She knew right away it was the voice of Bob Stenger, a twenty year old man that she had been going out with and had an argument with. That was the reason she left, just to get away from him and everything that was bothering her. When she turned around, she saw Bob, a twenty year old man with short black hair, wearing faded jeans and black leather jacket. The expression on his face was that of pure rage. A sight which she had never seen before on any man's face before.

"Bob, let me go. I don't want to talk about this." she said trying to break free from his grip.

"Well, we are not going to talk about anything. We are going to do something about it." he said as a wicked grin appeared on his lips.

Right when he said that another man appeared from the darkness, a smoldering cigarette hanging from his lips, showing the same wicked grin. Her froze in terror, unable to have her do anything. The man with the cigarette reached his hands over and ripped open the top of her black dress revealing the full roundness of her breasts as Bob's had covered her mouth so that she would not scream. She could feel the stranger's hands on her breasts, making her body shiver in terror. She muffled the words for them to stop, but it fell upon deaf ears, as Bob reached under her skirt and ripped the black g-string off of her. Then bent her down and violated her . Before the moment was over, both Bob and the stranger had their turns with her to fulfill their lustful fantasy. All the kindness that Bob had showed her, all the acts of what she thought was love, was nothing more than a lie. A lie to set her up for this horrid night where their plan could be achieved.

They left her body fall to her hands and knees, tears flowing from her eyes as she staring at the cold cement sidewalk. All around her she could here the sound of the drunken laughter from the men outside the club. But the one voice she heard clearly, before it moved away was that of Bob.

"Welcome to reality Missy. This is what you get when you be the naive and flirty that you are. A lesson that I had to prove to you. Good -bye,"  Bob said.

Leaving Missy there sobbing in terror and shame for what had happened to her and that in her own mind she had done this to herself.

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