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Virgin Blood 2- Night School

Short story By: Michael68

Tags: Horror, Erotica

He expected night school to be terrible, but what he found was a sheer horror.

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Todd Wilkins made his way down the dark shadows of the street, his hands shoved in the pockets of his leather jacket, as his eyes stared deftly in front of him. He hated the fact that he had to go to night school, all because he almost got expelled because of a fight he got into. But it didn't seem fair to him, considering that it wasn't his fault. He didn't even start it, yet he was the one that got in trouble because of it. Now he had to finish the last six months of his senior year in night school. The only thing that he found as an advantage was that he could sleep late during the day while the rest of his friends were forced to go to school. Luckily, this night, he only had on class that he had to go to, with a teacher that he had never heard of before. In his mind he figured it was some sort of old woman that was passed retirement, which would make his life a living hell. The only thing that he could tell about this teacher was that she was single. Miss D. Langston.

"Has to be some widow or maybe a woman so homely that no man would want to be with her." he thought as he stood in front of the school.

For some reason the school seemed more threatening at night, more ominous that it had looked during the day. Todd figured it was nothing more than his own imagination fooling him. As he stood there, a sudden cold breeze surrounded him and slapped his pale face.

"Alright, let's get this over with." he said under his breath.

Then he made his way to the front doors of the school, knowing that he was going to dread this class, even though he had never been in it before. It was more of a feeling that he got deep in his soul, one that he didn't know why was there. He made his way down the almost empty hallway, the sound of his footsteps echoing around him. In a way, this seemed like something out of the dreams, which he had been having for the last couple weeks. The only thing was, he could never remember what would happen next. He looked at the schedule that he had in his pocket and looked at the room number that he was suppose to go to. 123. The one room number that he was hoping he would not have to go into. When he reached the door, he stood there for a moment, staring at it, starting to think if he should just cut the class. So that way he could avoid being in that room and remembering the mistake that he had made. But if he were to do that, then the school board would call the police and he would end up in jail. That was the agreement that he had made with the judge, that and the fact that he would report to his parole officer every week. So there was nothing that he could do except do what was expected of him. Todd took a deep breath and closed his eyes as he tried to calm the anxiety that was starting to build within him. It was then that he heard the sound of a woman's coming from behind him. A voice that seemed so soft and soothing to his ears, as he opened his eyes. He knew that he had to turn around and see who this woman was. When he did, he saw two young women standing there near him, giving him such a devilish grin. Almost as if they were trying to keep some sort of secret from him. The one woman was a blond who wore a white blouse and a short black skirt. The silk blouse was tight, revealing the sultry curves of her frame and round curves of her well-rounded breasts. The other was a brunette wearing a short black skirt with a low cut cleavage, showing a clear view of a part of the soft flesh of her breasts. For a brief second Todd found himself astounded by these women, even though he had no idea who they were.

"Pardon me?" he asked.

"We were wondering if you are all right. You look like you're a little out of place." the blond said.

"No. I'm fine…..I'm fine." Todd said as he turned back around and started to make his way into the room.

As he did, he could hear them whispering to one another and giggling slightly. He figured that he would have to put up with them for the rest of the year. Hearing their whispers, knowing that they could possibly be talking about him. Of course, it was something that he had been used to for so many years.

The class was mainly guys, just two other girls that sat in the front row, looking in their books. He found a seat, close to the back of the room, where he thought he would be safe. Out of the line of fire for when the teacher would start their class. The only thing he wanted to do was to pass the class and stay out of everyone's way. He placed the notebook in front of him, on the desk, and just stared at it. All that he could think about was the dread at it. All that he could think about was the dread he was feeling, being in this classroom again. His eyes stayed focused on the notebook in front of him, not wanting to remember what had happened. It was then that he found himself thinking about the two girls out in the hallway. The way they looked at him with such interest, such desire. Of course Todd didn't know anything about desire. The closest he ever got to that, was making out with his girlfriend in the back row of the Movie Theater. Being able to put his hand up her blouse and feeling her firm bare breast. That was ass far as she would let him go. But those girls seemed different than the others in school. The only ting that he couldn't figure out was why. In a way it really didn't matter. He had a girlfriend and knew that he wouldn't cheat on her, no matter what.

Todd lifted his head and finally looked around the room. When he looked in front of the room, it all came back to him. The way Brad Alcott was lying on the floor, blood running down from his noose and mouth as he looked at Todd in fear with his right eye swollen and puffy. He couldn't remember what started the fight, in a way it really didn't matter now. The only thing that did, was that Todd felt like he wanted to kill him. Something, which he had never felt toward anyone before, such rage burning within him that he could not control. That was the one thing, which he knew he had never done before. But why had he felt that way? And why did he let himself lose control like that? Todd found himself unable to understand anything that had happened to him. The only thing that he knew was that this wasn't over yet, and probably the worst would be coming to him soon. How he wished that it had been nothing more than a dream. But it wasn't and now he had to face the truth.

"Why did I do that? Why did I let myself lose control like that? " He thought as he lowered his head.

It was then that he heard the voice of the kid next to him saying something to him. Todd knew who the kid was, because he had a class with him before. His name was Steve Jackson, a football player who had gotten expelled for having sex with his girlfriend in the boy's washroom. Todd didn't look at him, because he was still consumed by the guilt of what he had done.

"Hey Todd, that was so excellent the way you pounded that kid in your English class. That punk deserved it. You showed him not to mess with you." Steve said, then laughed.

"Yeah…. Right. Whatever." Todd replied.

His head remained lowered, not wanting to look at him or anyone else. A minute later he heard Steve say something else to him. This time though Todd could tell that there was something that was making him the tone in his voice. He figured that it was probably the two girls that he had seen in the hallway that came into the room. Now all the guys were drooling over them, the moment they say them. But it was what he said that caught Todd's attention and made him wonder what he was talking about.

"These are our teachers? Man, I hope they made me stay after class for a little two on one." Steve said.

Before Todd could lift his head up and find out what he was talking about, he heard the blonde's voice again. This time it had a slight tone of authority in it. When he looked up he saw the blond standing in front of the class, with the brunette standing a couple feet behind her. Her eyes now darting around the room to see who were going to be the troublemakers in the class. But in a way, Todd thought that she was looking for something else.

"Good evening class, my name is Miss Langston and this is my assistant Miss Moore. This is American Literature 101, so if you are not suppose to be here, now is your chance to leave." she said, then hesitated for a moment, looking around the room again. "Good, lets get to work."

As the class went on, Todd found himself unable to take his eyes off of Miss Langston. There was something about her that drew his attention to her. By, he wasn't the only one that felt it. Just about every guy in the class kept their eyes on her, probably wondering what it would be like to have a moment alone with her. To feel the lustful passion in them be freed. Todd just couldn't believe that a woman like her would be teaching night school. He noticed how her eyes would glance in his direction when he was looking at her and thinking about how he would like to have her alone. It wasn't only her that noticed his glances, but Miss Moore too. She looked at him with a playful grin on her lips. Suddenly, Todd had the strangest feeling that they were planning something more than a pop quiz or homework for him. It seemed ridiculous, but that feeling was something that he could not ignore. The only thing that he could do was to wait and see what they would do.

"Mr. Wilkins? Are you paying attention?" Miss Langston asked as she glared at him.

"Of course I am." he said, even though he was really paying attention to her breasts.

"I want you to wait after class. I need to have a word with you." she said.

"So, do I." Miss Moore replied.

"Great. First day and I am getting in trouble for lusting after a teacher." he thought, but said. "Sure."

He could hear the sound of a couple of the guys behind him snickering because he was in trouble. But if it were them, they wouldn't like it if he were to give them the same treatment. The only thing was, none of them said anything to him. He guessed that they had heard about how he blew up on someone and was afraid that he would do that to them. It really didn't matter to Todd, for it made them leave him alone. The only thing that he worried about was what Miss Langston could want to talk to him about. Could she have realized why he was looking at her that way? The only thing that he could do was to wait and see what she was going to do.

She walked toward him, acting like a prison guard as her eyes stayed on him. Then turned around and made her way back to the front of the room, turning around only once to look at him. When she did, her face was like stone and her eyes glared with a cross of anger and something else which he did not recognize. Something he had never seen in a woman's eyes before. To Todd, he could have sworn that it was a fiery desire that she was trying to hide from everyone. He wasn't sure, but that was what he believed it could be. When he looked at Miss Moore, he could see the same expression on her face too, only difference was that she had a wicked grin on her lips. No teacher ever looked like that at one of their students. At least not to his knowledge. So what could that mean? That was the one thing that he couldn't figure out. He could feel a cold chill running down his spine, as he thought about what could happen to him. And all of it was bad.

When the class ended, everyone got up and walked out the door. Everyone that was except for Todd. His eyes stayed focused on the opened text book in front of him, not wanting to make eye contact with anyone. Looking over a short story by Poe, about a man killing someone then burying them in the floor boards. Was that what they were going to do to him? It was so absurd that he almost laughed out loud.

"Mr. Wilkins, will you please look to the front of the class." Miss Langston said in her authoritative voice.

"Yes Miss Langston." He said as he looked to the front of the empty classroom.

A shocked expression appeared on his face as he sat there staring in front of him. For at the front of the room was a large wooden table, too big to have been brought in through the door. Covering it was a black silk cloth. Miss Langston made her way over to him, her hips swaying seductively as her hands started to unbutton her blouse. While she did that, Miss Moore shut the door and locked it. The shades on the windows were already drawn so no one would be able to see in, even though he didn't remember anyone pulling them down.

"I noticed the way you were looking at us. We know what that eager mind of yours would love to do with us right now." Miss Langston said in a seductive tone.

"I …I don't know what you are talking about." Todd replied nervously.

"Of course you do. Even I noticed the way you looked at us in the hallways before class. How much you wanted us. How you wanted to feel such passion and live out your dream of making love to both of us." Miss Moore said, now standing on the side of his desk.

"Miss Moore, how did you get over here, when you were…..." Todd started to say.

"Never mind that, it's not important. And you can call me Destiny and her Darby." Miss Langston said as she let her blouse fall to the floor.

Revealing that she hadn't been wearing a bra, her firm breasts and hard nipples standing out almost in front of him, as Todd felt his manhood press against the fabric of his jeans. His face burned red with embarrassment, as he found himself unable to find the words to say.

"What….What are you going to do to me?" He finally was able to say, realizing to late how stupid that was.

"What do you think?" Destiny said, leaning over on his desk.

"Better yet, why don't we just show him." Darby replied, now standing even closer to him, now wearing nothing but a black g-string. The dress that she had worn now had been thrown on the desk in front of him. He looked at her as her fingers ran through his hair, while her other hand fondled her breast. Her fingers pinching and pulling at her nipple, while she purred softly.

"That's a good idea. Why talk, when we can just get right down to it." Destiny said.

Todd felt their hands under his arm pits helping him up as if he was paralyzed. Then they led him down to the table, in front of the class room. He could feel his heart pounding wildly, as a droplet of sweat started to form on his forehead. He had no idea what to think of this. In fact, he found himself unable to even think at all. As if they had control over him by some bizarre power of theirs. When they reached the table, he stood in front of it, as their hands moved over his body. Feeling them taking his clothes off, kissing his flesh and touching him in a way that aroused him even more. He closed his eyes as he felt their kisses becoming like gentle biting, while their nails lightly scratched his flesh. The next thing that he knew he was naked and lying on the table. His manhood standing at full attention as he eagerly waited to see what they intended to do to him now. Destiny took his hands and placed them in shackled over his head, so that he would not be able to more them. Darby did the same to his feet. Todd started to feel panic filling his soul, but also a sense of excitement too. For his first time, this would be a dream come true. Still, he had to find out what they were going to do to him.

"What are you doing to me?" he asked in a panicked tone.

"Don't worry. We are going to give you the best time of your life. You will have a great memory of your first time after we are done with you." Destiny said as she pulled her skirt down, off of her sultry hips.

She stepped out of them, wearing nothing but a black garter belt and stockings. Just to see her like that aroused him so much. Her shaven pubic area, the smooth curves of her naked flesh was more than he could handle. He wanted to speak, but only a gasp came out when he felt Darby taking his organ in her mouth. Feeling her lips pressing tightly against his shaft as her head moved up and down. Destiny climbed on top of the table and straddled herself over his head. The lips of her sex inches from his face, the aroma of it intoxicating him.

"I want you to lick me right here. And don't stop until I tell you too." she said as her finger moved over her clit.

Todd knew what she was saying even though he had never done anything like that before. She lowered herself onto his mouth, then his tongue came out and ran over her sex. He could hear Destiny start to moan and gasp as her hands fondled her breasts. Darby was letting out her own muffled moans of pleasure, hungrily sucking on him, as her hand moved in between her legs and toyed with her sex. Todd could feel his member throbbing as they continued to entice him with such pleasure. He couldn't help but mean from it as he felt his head start to spin.

Darby then stopped , pulled off her g-string she was wearing, then climbed onto the table. Her body straddled over his waist, her hand holding the shaft of his manhood as she lowered herself onto it. He could feel himself slide into her sex, feeling the warmth of her love canal as she forced him deeper inside her. The muscles of her sex gripped him tightly as she started to ride his savagely. She moaned even louder as her head tilted back, back arched shoving her breasts further in front of her. Todd tried to keep control, so that this moment would last as long as it could. Destiny moved off of him, then kissed him as her fingers scratched the flesh of his chest. After a short moment, Darby had stopped for some reason, dismounted him and then took him in her mouth again. Todd didn't really care, for the pleasure was more than he had ever dreamed he could experience. It was then that he felt a sharp pain surging through him as Destiny bit his neck. He wanted to scream, but found himself unable to do so. She continued biting him like some wild hungry beast and he was helpless to her attack. He could feel his body growing weak, then a new surge of pain flowed through his body. He felt Darby's teeth bit off his hard member, making is body quiver and then lay still. He died with a shocked expression on his face, but never let out a scream. He had always known that high school was going to be gruesome. But he never thought that it would actually kill him. Especially in night school .

The End


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