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Two Can Play At That Game

Short story By: Michael68

When Karoline finds out her boyfriend is being unfaithful, she takes matters into her own hands and has some fun of her own.

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Karoline Randolph sat at a table in the elegant club with her boyfriend, Edward, and two of his friends. They drank and joked around, yet Karoline found it difficult to participate within the festive mood they were in. For she knew there was something that Edward was hiding from her, something which she suspected but could not prove just yet. Of course tonight she knew she would be able too. For Edward's ex girlfriend, Krystal Langevin was somewhere in the club, waiting to let herself be known to them. And she knew Edward was searching her out just from the casual way he would look around the room every few seconds. Like some eager boy knowing that a surprise was coming to him. If her suspicions were right, she was not sure what she was going to do. Karoline would just have to wait for the right moment when the truth would be revealed. As she did, her eyes glanced to her side where Edward's best friend, Shawn, sat talking to their other friend Conrad sat across the table. Edward sat across from her, which was another hint that something was wrong. For he would always sit next to her, letting everyone know she was his girl. She watched Shawn for a brief second, finding a brief interest in him. Of course Conrad was attractive to…just a little too wild for her life style. Shawn though was studying to be a doctor and had a sense of maturity to him that surpassed even Edward. Someone she could feel that she could have a serious discussion with. Even though he was interested in medicine and she graduated with an art degree, she still believed she could find it easy to talk to him.

She knew that with the black dress that she wore, that stopped at the curve of her ass, with its revealing cleavage, would be enough to get the attention of either of the other men at the table. Of course who knew, maybe there would be some other man she would come across that would want her as well. All that she had to do was to wait and see what would happen. The way Shawn and Conrad glanced at her, Karoline knew they liked what they say. Now all she needed to know was which one she would let please her. Even though for a second she had a wicked thought of having both of them at once. It was a thought she normal would never have contemplated before, which made it strange. When she did think it, her body shivered with a brief rush of excitement.

"Why the hell am I thinking about something like that?" she thought, as she took a drink from her rum and coke.

Karoline felt herself blush slightly; luckily Edward was not paying any attention to her. He was focused on Krystal as they whispered and joked. She tried not to show any attention to them, her mind was focused on Shawn and Conrad. All she needed was one chance to give them a hint of what she wanted to happen. It was then Edward and Krystal stood up and walked away, as Karoline glared at them with such rage in her eyes. She knew she could not let him get away with this.

"Karoline, are you alright?" Shawn asked looking at her with a concerned expression on his face.

"Not really?" she said instantly.

"Is there anything we can do to cheer you up?" Conrad asked reaching over and touching her hand.

Before she could decide to say know, she started to speak something she was only thinking of.

"Yeah, there is. Would you guys go somewhere with me?" she asked.

They looked at each other not sure what it could be she had in mind. Still it was obvious they were going to agree with her from the curious expression on their faces.

"Sure. You want to go somewhere that we can talk?" Shawn asked.

"Something like that. Trust me; you will be grateful that you did this for me. I promise." she said in a slightly seductive tone as she looked at both of them.

After a few minutes she had led them to s private room which was not being used in the back of the club. Edward would probably not think anything about it, for his attention seemed to be stayed on Krystal. And because of it, she found herself even more enraged at him. The room was dimly lit with a large leather couch and a long wooden coffee table in front of it. She turned around and looked at Shawn and Conrad as they stared at her with a confused expression on their face. It didn't bother her for she was going to reveal what she wanted from them.

"So what is the reason for you bringing us here?" Shawn asked in a curious tone.

Karoline turned to them as she slowly lifted up her dress, revealing the skimpy black g-string underneath. Lifting her dress off of her, revealing her generously sized bare breasts. She could see their eyes widened with surprise and lust, as the excitement flowed through her soul. She never thought about a threesome before, but now it seemed like a good idea.

"I want both of you to please me……at the same time." she said in a seductive tone.

She stood there, her hands on her hips, waiting for their reply. She knew they thought she was gorgeous so this was a pleasant surprise for them.

"This is all a joke, right? We will make a move on you and then Edward will pop out and beat us up." Shawn said.

"No, Edward will never know about this. He is to busy with Krystal to even notice me." she said as her hand lightly touched his chest. "Would you ignore me?"

"Hell no, how could anyone ignore a beautiful woman like you. But are you sure you want to do this?" Conrad said.

She took a step back from Shawn so both of them could see what she was going to do. Then her hand slid her g-string down her thighs, letting them fall to her ankles, and then stepped out of them. She stood there showing her small patch of pubic hair, and a brief view of the lips of her now wet sex.

"How is this for serious?" she said in a seductive voice, while she moved back to them.

As she did, they franticly took off their clothes, which made her giggle slightly. Till finally they stood there naked in front of her.

"Well, if you want me………come and get me." she said playfully.

Shawn and Conrad moved closer to her, as she glanced at their stiff cocks, ready to please her. She almost wanted to giggle like a schoolgirl when she looked at them, but didn't. For she wanted to keep the seductive appearance she was giving them. Shawn stood in front of her, his hands gently stroking her breasts, pinching her pouting nipples, while their lips kissed softly. While Conrad was behind her, his lips caressing the back of her neck, his hand moving up and down her back and fondling her ass. She gasped and moaned as the sudden rush of pleasure flowed through her veins. Pleasure with such intensity that she had never felt before. Karoline could feel Shawn's fingers moving down and stroking the lips of her sex, while Conrad's fingers moved down and started to finger her ass. She could feel the waves of pleasure drowning her mind, as she is weakened by their touch. Willing to do whatever it is that they would long to do to her.

"Oh God, don't stop. It feels so good." she moaned as Shawn's lips sucked on her breast so hard.

Her body shivered with such delight, wanting nothing more than for them to take their turns with her. Both their fingers slid into the holes, as she let out a moan of both pleasure and pain. Karoline might have been wrong to seduce them, but it was too late not for her to turn away. Her body shivered even stronger, legs parted even more as she felt that she would not be able to stand much longer.

"Oh take me……both of you take me now." she begged.

They pulled her down to the floor, Shawn lying on his back as Karoline straddled over his crotch and then lowered herself onto his hard manhood. Feeling it penetrate her sex as she let out a loud gasp. Her body gyrated, back arched, shoving her large breast out in front of her. Her hard nipples pointing out in front of her, as his member dove deep inside her womb. Conrad stood to her side stroking his shaft as she turned to him and took him in her mouth. Sucking hard upon his manhood, He moaned as her lips tightened around his shaft, making its way to the base of his cock. She could not believe that she was letting herself do this. Feeling such pleasure she never thought could come to her like this. But no matter what she could not pull away from the lustful urges within her soul. Her hips grinded harder against Shawn's hips as she heard both of them moan with such satisfaction.

"Maybe we should give her something really special." Conrad said.

"I don't think she would be up for it." Shawn replied.

Karoline slide Conrad's hard cock from her mouth and then looked down at Shawn with lustful desire burning in her eyes.

"You can do anything you want to me. I am yours for right now and I want to please both of you." she said.

"Alright, then lean forward to me." Shawn said.

Her lips kisses Shawn's as she slowly gyrated against his crotch, still feeling his hard member inside her. Each motion bringing about a wave of such pleasure. But then, a new sensation came to her as Conrad slid himself into her anus. She let out a muffled moan as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Now both her holes were being violated at the same time. Something she normally would not let be done to her, but was enjoying the pleasure now that it was here. Her body trembling wildly, moaning and begging them not to stop, as pleasure and pain suddenly melted into the same. She was lost within the friction of the delight which both of them were giving her. She might have been wrong to let this happen, now that it has, she was absorbed within the moment of such intense carnal bliss. Something so raw and new to Karoline that she was grateful Shawn and Conrad were willing to share with her. With each thrust she could feel herself drowning deeper and deeper into lustfulness she was feeling. Till finally her orgasm exploded with such intensity, making her scream out in such pleasure. No longer caring about who would hear outside this room, or who would walk in and catch them. She had received the satisfaction which she had longed for. Right when her orgasm ended both of them came inside her. It felt strange to her to feel it inside both her pussy and ass, but was not going to say anything about it. All that she cared was that they enjoyed it as much as she has. And as for Edward, he would never know what had happened, for she would make Shawn and Conrad swear to keep it a secret……unless they did not want to have her do this to them again.


The End








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