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The Train (Part 2)

Short story By: Michael68

The pleasure between these star-crossed lovers continued on this train ride of passion.

Submitted:Nov 11, 2008    Reads: 796    Comments: 2    Likes: 3   

"Take me away, now!" she whispered passionately in his ear, as her body pressed against his.

She could feel his arms around him, holding her tightly as her head rested on his shoulder. Within that moment she no longer cared about anything that was going on around her. The only thing that ran through her mind was how much she wanted to be with him, and never leave his arms. She had never felt this alive when she was with any other man before; there was something special about him, something that she could not understand. But in a way she really didn't want to figure it out. The only thing that mattered was that she was with him. She could feel her heart pounding faster as she felt his fingers slowly moving up and down her back. Lightly scratching her through the fabric of her dress. She could feel the desire burning deep within her, yearning for him, stronger than she had ever wanted any other man. And she knew that he felt the same way for him too, just from the way that he looked at her.

"Where shall we go my darling? Tell me where it is that you want to be and we shall go there." he whispered.

"Anywhere, as long as I am with you." she replied softly without even thinking about what she was saying.

He smiled as her was they sat there within the car of the train, the heat from their passion still burning within them from a moment ago. Oh how wonderful it felt for her to feel her body in his arms, hearing him whisper in her ear, which turned her on even more. She could feel his hand on her thigh, fingers lightly stroking her flesh as she found herself becoming aroused once again. Looking into her eyes, she found herself that she wanted him again, but more than that which they had done. His kiss made her hunger for more as they sat there in the silence of the train car. He could see that he wanted her as much as she wanted him, her star-crossed lover to whom now she found herself becoming enveloped within the passions of that which he was giving to her. She was serious when she told him to take her away, for she could feel herself not wanting to leave his side. There was nothing left for her back at the place that she called her home. Nothing but an empty, cold house, with the memories of the past that she longed to forget about for months now. Believing that her life was so isolated and filled with such burdens. But now, she was in the arms of her darling lover, with his short brown hair and hazel eyes that looked at her so lovingly. He spoke words of love to her; words so tender and heart-felt that she wished for him not to stop.

"Where shall I take you my love? Speak to me of what you desire and I shall give that to you so willingly." he whispered into her ear.

Then his lips caressed her ear, sending a thrilling sensation running through her soul, stiffening her body for a moment. She let out a soft sigh as she tried to find the words to answer him with. But in her mind all that she could see was the images of passion that she yearned to share with him. Things, which she had never dared to even, utter it, let alone think and act upon it. She really didn't care about speaking of them, for she knew that he felt the same. She could feel his lips caressing the side of her neck, intensifying the sensations that she was now feeling. Her eyes closed as she felt his hand touching her breast, her still hardened nipple pressing through the fabric of her blouse.

"Make love to me. Let me feel what it is like to embrace such passion that I have for too long have not been able to be felt." she whispered and then hesitated for a moment. "I want to be with you my love. Forever. Wanting that this moment be more than just a memory to be locked away within my heart."

He didn't answer her, but his touch answered for him as their lips met in a deep, passionate kiss. Their arms wrapped around each other, as their passion grows even stronger that it had a moment before. Her fingers ran through his hair as he leaned her back into the seat, his body pressed against hers. Her body quivering from his kiss, his touch, as her nipples throbbed and her sex throbbed, feeling her body opening like a flower to him. Feeling his hands slowly pulling her blouse up, revealing the firm flesh of her stomach and breasts. Showing him the thin lace of her bra that her breasts held tightly in. His tongue running over her stomach, making her moan as her eyes closed again, still tasting him within her mouth. Never before had she let herself do something like this, never before had she found herself overwhelmed by such passion…such love. His hands slowly lifted her bra up, freeing her breasts from their confinement. She could feel the fabric brushing over her breasts, her hard nipples, as she let out a such sighs of pleasure. Then felt his tongue running circling over her nipple, mouth sucking hard upon it. The taste of it fed to the hunger that he was feeling, as well as the pleasure that he was giving her. She felt his mouth encircling her nipple, making her want to swoon from it. He took her nipple in his mouth, first one and then the other. Gentle and slow. Then raised his face up to hers again to kiss her ever so tenderly. His hands covering her breasts, pressing them firmly, allowing the nipples freedom between his fingers before pinching them lightly. She quivered in anticipation as her breath became rapid and deep. He allowed his one hand to move down her belly, fingers lightly scratching her flesh, till they got to the waistband of her skirt. His fingers of his other hand pinched her nipple as her back arched.

She could feel her sex pulsation and becoming wet again, so eager to feel whatever it was that he had planned to do for her. She watched as his hand lifted up her skirt to her hips, revealing the sultry firmness of her thighs. His hand moved up her inner thigh as the pleasure inside her, that he was creating, built stronger, ready to erupt. Without her even giving it second thought, she lifted her hips up, letting him slid her g-string off of her. Her naked, wet sex inviting him so and there was no way that he could resist her. His hands moved over her sex, so gently as they had done before, as she parted her legs wider, as his head slowly moved closer to it. His tongue running over her smoldering core, as she moaned. Never before had she thought any man would please her like this, but here he was pleasing her, showing her such passion that she had never felt before. Her head turned watching as they raced passed trees and small towns that the train didn't stop at. She could feel his mouth sucking hard on her sex, as his fingers spread her clit like a flower, sliding his finger into her most sensitive spot; creating an orgasm that was building up with each thrust of his fingers. How she wanted to feel him inside her, imagining that his fingers were his member thrusting inside of her. Arching her back, she moaned loudly as the climax came; frighteningly intense, flooding out of her.

"My darling…my love…let me feel you inside of me. Please, let me feel you." she begged.

She watched as he unfastened his pants, freeing the bulge that was showing and then his manhood was freed. He moved closer and then rubbed the tip of it over the damp lips of her sex. Making her gasped, she inhaled before she felt him push into her. Moaning as she felt his pressure against her walls. Feeling of how his thick manhood expanding her tight sex making her even more wet. He moved slowly and started to kiss her the whole time. His hands cradled her as much as he could. His tongue running along her neck, his hands gripping her waist, her breasts, his waist between her thighs, and the hard thrusts of his manhood against inside her sex brought her such peace, never felt before. She went harder as her moans became louder and her desire set free from his touch and kiss. She felt so close to him, closer than she had ever felt with any other man before. Her mind was swimming with such desires that she was not used to, as her body built up for the next climax. It was then that it flooded through her, as his arrived at the same time. She could feel his liquid essence flooding into her womb as their arms wrapped around each other. Their bodies shivering in sweet ecstasy, as he kissed her lightly on her lips.

"Oh my darling, I will take you away. Far away from everything that haunts you, so we could live together and let our love grow stronger every day. There is so much more pleasure that I can show you. That we can embrace with all our hearts." he whispered.

"I know my love. I long to share everything with you. Your pleasure, your love and your life." she answered softly, as she looked at him in silent curiosity at what other pleasures he would show her.


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