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The Train (Part 1)

Short story By: Michael68

the star-crossed lovers meet and their passion is soon released.

Submitted:Nov 11, 2008    Reads: 2,202    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

He walked with her to the train, down the wide hallway were the large flowing crowd all moved to the same direction, like a flowing river of bodies. Illuminated advertisement signs glowed from both walls, but his attention stayed on her. Their hands clasped together as they walked, looking at each other with a loving and playful smile on their lips. Two star-crossed lovers whose paths now had crossed. She talked about the events, which had happened at her office, yet her eyes told a different story. As if they were screaming out to him, take me…how I want you so much. Yet she tried not to utter a word about it, afraid that someone might overhear what she would say. So the two lovers continued to walk, hand in hand, through the mass of commuters, hiding the passion, which they so longed to embrace. He too wanted her just the same, but chose to remain silent about it. Their hands broke free and he placed his hand in the middle of her shoulders, his fingers touching the nape of her neck, as he felt her body shiver slightly. The touch of his hand sent a wave of desire that he was bringing to her. Her eyes tried to stay focused in front of her, yet she kept looking back at him with that same playful smile. For a month now, they had seen each other on the train coming home from downtown. Always sitting near each other, their eyes glancing at each other in such a playful, innocent seduction. But now their paths had crossed and that innocence had now changed and their was something else now that enveloped them. She stopped for a moment, looking at him, then moved closer to him. Their arms wrapped around each other as their lips met in a brief, passionate kiss. He could feel her body pressing against his, her supple breasts crushed against his chest. People passed by them, not even paying any attention to their moment of such a passionate display. Or maybe they did see, but they didn't really care about it. His hand touched her stomach, moving up and then brushing against her breast, making her let out a soft, muffled moan. Yet, she didn't try to push his hand away as she kissed him even deeper. The heat between them started to grow with such intensity, as they found themselves not wanting to pull away from each other. His hand feeling her nipple hardening through the fabric of her blouse, under his touch. Her breath becoming rapid as her fingers ran through his short brown hair. Then she slowly pulled away from him, smiling at him so lovingly.

"I have never done anything like this. Gosh, I never felt anything like this before." she said in a whisper.

" I know, I never done anything like this either." he said softly to her.

Then they continued to walk down the large passageway, going with the flow of the crowd. They could hear the sound of a guitar playing and some man singing an Elton John song, with his open guitar case in front of him, looking for any donations people would be willing to give to him. They didn't seem to even worry about it, for their attention was focused on one another. As they moved got in front of him as they got in line to get on the train. As she stood in front of him, his eyes traced the sultry frame of her body. He pressed his body against her backside, his hand gently brushing against the curve of her ass, through her skirt, making her jump slightly. She looked back for a moment at him, but the expression was not as if she wanted him to stop. No, there was some other look on her face, one of such unbridled excitement. Then she turned back around, as she backed slightly feeling his hand press against her even harder. Feeling his fingers pressing against the flesh of her ass, sending a shiver of such excitement flowing through her. She could feel his body pressing against his, his hand slowly lifting the loose skirt up, and his fingers touching the laced fabric of her panties. Just from his touch, she could feel the wetness of her sex starting to build. She tried not to show her emotions, for that would have brought about unneeded attention to them. Her eyes closed for a brief moment, trying to compose herself. Lucky for them, there was someone that was holding up the line, so she was able to continue to enjoy his tender touch. Yet she knew too well that if it were to go on for too much longer, she would lose all control of her actions. Waning him even more than she wanted him right now. Her hand reached in back of her, touching his crotch, feeling the firmness of his manhood through the fabric of his pants. He moaned softly as he felt her touch, bringing about such yearning for her that he had not felt in such a long time. When the line started to move again, the hem of her skirt fell back down as she brought her hand back around in front of her. In a way she had wished that they didn't have to stop, for the pleasure that they were giving each other was now the only thing that she could think of. The only that she wanted to feel and embrace right at that moment. They made their way only the train and he followed her as she made her way down from one car to the next. It was as if she was searching for the right one for them to be in. They reached one where there were only four people sitting, scattered within the car. She sat down toward the end of it, and he sat down next to her. She looked at him, smiling that same playful and passionate smile as her hand rested on his thigh. He leaned toward her, and they kissed again in a moment of passion. Her one hand touching the side of his face while the other traveled up his thigh and started fondling his crotch. Feeling that his manhood was still as firm, which enticed her even more. She could feel his hand touching her stomach and moving up and fondling her breast again. His hand gently massaging her breast, fingers caressing her hardened nipple through the fabric of her clothes. She moaned again, as her kisses grew deeper and she knew that soon they would both lose control of their actions. Lost within the pleasure that they were sharing with each other. But they had to make sure that no one would see, that was if anyone would really care to see. Normally the back cars were not that full, for no one really wanted to walk all that way. Especially when it was rush hour, when everyone was going home from work. And that was the one thing that they hoped would happen this time.

The train started to pull away from the station, and as it did they found themselves starting to let their passion guide them without thinking about the danger of being caught. He could feel her hand moving inside his pants, grasping lightly his hard member, her fingers gingerly stroking the shaft as he let out a silent moan. Her hand moving slowly up and down it, knowing the intense pleasure that she was giving him. And in a way, she could feel such pleasure from her doing this too. His hand moved under her skirt, slowly moving up her inner thigh, till he reached the soft, laced fabric of her panties. His fingers manipulating her sex through the fabric making her body jump slightly from his touch. Moving slowly in small continuous circles over her sex, as he could feel her dampness. Her legs opened slightly, inviting him in, as if begging for him to continue the foreplay that he was giving her. His hand moving over the thin fabric if her panties and then gently pushed them to the side, freeing the damp lips of her sex. Their lips locked within a passionate embrace, as she felt his fingers sliding inside of her. Moving in and out as she moaned and her hand stroked his manhood even faster. They knew that the few people in the car were not watching them, even if they were it would have mattered to them now.

"I want you so bad." she whispered into his ear.

Her voice was like that of an angel singing to him from heaven. A voice, which he loved hearing whispering in his ear. Right when she said that, her orgasm flooded through her, stiffening her body slightly as her head went back, eyes closed and she moaned. Then without even thinking she unfastened his pants, freeing his member that she was still holding in her hand. And then lowered her head into his lap. Her lips kissed the tip of it, making his body shutter, her tongue licking the head as she listened to him breathing heavy. Then she fed it into her mouth, her lips pressed tightly around his shaft. Her head started to move up and down, bringing such intense pleasure flooding through his veins, while his fingers continued to manipulate her sex, bringing the next was of pleasure within her. Because of it, she worked even harder on his organ, wishing that she could feel it thrusting within her sex, rather than his fingers. She could feel his member twitch and then it exploded within her mouth, his liquid essence draining into her mouth. She drank him in as she felt his tip touch the back of his throat, almost making her gag. She didn't stop until finally her second orgasm flooded through her. Then she raised her head and her hand fastened her pants, putting his now limp member back into his pants. They kissed so passionately, satisfied by the pleasure that they had felt, but knew that there was yet more that their bodies yearned to express and feel. And that it will come to them, when the moment arrives. Which, would be sooner than they could think.


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