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Student Lounge

Short story By: Michael68

A moment in the student lounge ends up being a moment of sheer passion.

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It was about two in the afternoon when I made my way down one of the many hallways of the American Art Institute, as my mind swam with the multitude of information that my classes tried to drill into my mind to make me remember. Even though I did and always seemed to get good grades, the worry of failing a test still lurked within my soul. Right now, the only thing that I was thinking about wanted to find just a couple minutes to forget about everything and be able to calm my mind down. That was if there really was a way that I could ever do that. I made my way to the student lounge to be alone, for I knew that most of the students had left for the day and the rest that were still there, were out at one of the few restaurants that was around the college. This meant that there was a chance that no one would be there and I would be able to find some quiet time for myself. Even if there would be someone there, most likely they would be studying for the next class, so they would be prepared for it. With me, I had film appreciation that I had to take in a couple hours, and I knew that there really wasn't anything that I needed to study up for with that class. But I wanted to make sure that I was alert in case the instructor decided to throw me a question out of the blue, to see if I was paying attention.

When I got into the lounge, there was only a young woman with long amber hair that was lying on a large white couch on the other side of the room. I could tell that she was sound asleep; probably resting up for whatever class she would have next. Around here seeing a student asleep on a couch was nothing out of the ordinary. I looked at her and instantly knew her from the art history class that I had with her earlier that day, even though I didn't know her name. I was always shy when it came to meeting people, especially women because of the fear of getting rejected by them. But even though that was a fact, it didn't mean that I didn't notice a woman like her. There was something about her from the moment I had first seen her that drew my attention to her. It was more than just the normal physical attraction that a man would have for a woman, even though I had no idea what that could be. I had wanted to talk to her for a while, to get to know her. Yet, right now was not the time when something like that would happen. I made my way over to a table across the room from where she slept and sat down. I knew that I should have just turned my attention away from her, but I found it close to impossible for me to do it. Resting my elbow on the table, I propped my head as I watched her for a moment. Remembering how she always seemed too lively and happy with her friends in class and even in the hallway when I would pass her. There had been a couple times when she would look my way. Smiling so innocently at me and yet there was something about it which made me feel there was some other intention behind it. Normally I would have just thought that it was nothing more than my own wishful thinking or maybe my imagination. But deep within me I knew that it wasn't. That there was something more there that I was not aware of, which she was not ready to reveal. The only thing was, I had no way to really prove what I thought was actually true. At least not yet anyway. If she had found an interest in me, I wondered why that could be. Because out of all the men in the school that she could pick, her eyes had fixed on me.

The more that I sat there staring at her, the more I found myself wanting to know her. As well as a sudden lustful urge that was burning within me that I could not ignore. The way her hair cascaded over her shoulders and the white button down blouse that was opened slightly and the short black skirt that she wore complimented her beauty so much. Making it impossible for me to turn my attention away from her, even if I wanted too. Before I could even think about what I was doing, I made my way over to where she slept. My heart pounding wilding, as my soul was filled with fear and excitement. Still, it didn't stop me from what I was feeling, what I was yearning to experience with her.

My eyes stayed focused on her as she slept and I stood there watching her. Even though I knew that this was wrong by watching her and the thoughts that I had, I couldn't help it. There was something about her that made it impossible for me to turn away from her. Slowly, I knelt down in front of the couch by her side and then my hand carefully reached over and touched her breasts through the fabric of her blouse. I tried to make sure that my touch was soft enough to not make her wake up. Just the chance to feel her breast brought about such an arousing sensation in me that flowed through my veins. She let out a sigh as she turned her head to the side. My body flinched when she had done that, afraid that she would wake up and catch me. When I realized that she was still asleep, my hand returned once again. Slowly, my fingers started to unbutton her blouse, revealing more of her sultry skin. Seeing the black laced bra underneath which she had never let any man see. At least that was the impression that she had made everyone believe. I couldn't believe that I was doing this and actually getting away with it. And because of it, I found myself tempted to see how far I could really take this. Even though I knew that I should have stopped right there, I couldn't control myself any longer. I was consumed by the lustful desire that I was feeling for her. My hand slowly moved over the smooth, sloping skin of her breast and then started to pull the front of her bra down freeing her breast from it. And then slowly I did the same with the other. Seeing those large breasts lifted up in front of her. Her pink areolas and pouting nipples, so alluring to my sight before my eyes. My fingers lightly moving over her nipples, feeling them harden under my touch. The excitement was building so much in me that I could feel my manhood pressing against the fabric of my pants, screaming to be set free. But that was something that I couldn't let happen just yet. For then I would be too eager to rush into what I longed to happen. It was then that my hand reached down and lifted up her short skirt. Seeing the black lacy g-string that she wore. My fingers ran over her sex through fabric of her g-string as I noticed her legs opened slightly from my touch. For a moment I had though that she had woke up and realized what I was doing to her. But when I looked up at her face, I could see that she was still asleep. Even though part of me wanted her to be awake, to hear her respond from my touch, I was glad that she wasn't. My fingers moved in between her legs, touching the lips of her sex through the thin fabric of her g-string. Once again I could hear her sigh and then let out s weak moan. I checked again to make sure that she didn't wake up. When I found that she hadn't, my fingers continued to manipulate her sex. Pulling at her g-string lightly, making it press against her womanhood and making her moan again. The my attention went back to her breasts, my lips gently caressing them, my tongue lightly running over her hard nipple, feeling her body trembling under its caress.

It was then that I felt her fingers running through my short brown hair, making me stop for a brief instant. All that I could think of was how she was going to have me arrested for what I was doing. That was until I heard her speak to me in a soft, excited voice.

"Don't stop, that feels so wonderful." She said softly.

I couldn't believe that she had told me that, allowing me to continue on with the way I was pleasing her. But, I wasn't going to question it right now, knowing that this was what she wanted. My mouth sucked harder in her breast as her fingers slid into the dampness of her sex. Her legs spread even wider, as I felt her hand stroking my stiff member through my pants. Just from her touch, I could feel myself growing even harder, yearning for her to free the desire in me. Before I knew what was happening, she had my pants undone and her fingers were already stroking my shaft. Bringing about a surge of excitement flowing through my veins.

"I never done this with anyone that I didn't know before. But I want to please you. To do everything that you could ever desire." She moaned softly.

In a way I thought that was what she was already doing. Little did I know that she had more in mind than what she was willing to reveal. With her other hand she pushed me up ass she started to sit up. But then stopped as she looked at me with such a playful grin on her lips, giving me the hint of something more. Then she slowly laid herself down onto the couch again, her eyes staring so passionately at me as she told me to stand at the end of the couch above her head. Just from the look that she gave me, there was no way that I could resist what she asked. It was not only her playful grin that she showed me, but something within her eyes that consumed me so much that I could not resist. I found myself doing exactly what she was saying as I looked down at her lying there before me. Her hand moving slowly over her breast and then down in between her legs, manipulating herself as her other hand reached up and lightly grasped the shaft of my manhood. Feeling the touch on her fingers moving over my sensitive skin as of my shaft, her eyes continuing to look up at me with such a fiery passion burning within them. My body leaned down slightly as I reached over and lightly started to fondle her breast. Only reaching my hand up to wet my thumb and finger with my mouth and then lightly pinching her nipple. The moment that I did that, I could hear her gasp as her hand quickened over my shaft, making me let out a moan of pleasure. Then she tilted her head back as she tool the tip of my manhood in her mouth. Feeling her lips moving on it, arousing me so much as I felt such a passion that I never thought I would feel. I could feel her lips against my skin arousing me even more as I leaned even closer to her. So that way she could take more of me in her mouth which was what I hoped was what she wanted. It didn't even worry about me if anyone would be walking in on us, because we were into the moment so much it didn't matter. Still, for some reason I had the feeling that there was someone watching us, even though I didn't bother to look. My hand rested on the back on her head, as I started to thrust myself into her mouth without thinking. And it seemed that she didn't have any objection to it, for she made no attempt to pull away. The oral gratification that she was giving me burned through my soul like a white hot poker, intensifying the desire that I felt for her. Making me no longer care who would come in or even about whomever it was that was watching us. After a couple minutes she stopped and then told me to sit down on the couch next to her. When I did, she sat there next to me, leaning down upon my lap. Her breasts surrounding my manhood and then with her hands pressed then against it as she started to move them back and forth. The whole time she moaned in such pleasure as the friction of her skin overwhelmed me. I never knew that a woman would so something like that to please a man before or how it would really would feel. But even though there was a strange feeling about it, the pleasure that it brought made it able for me to ignore it. She kept going, having the tip of my member coming out from in between her breasts, where she had her mouth waiting to taste it. I could feel the pressure building inside of me, wanting to explode upon her supple breasts. But I wanted to hold back for as long as I could, for I knew what she waited to do next. What she wanted to share with me that she was making come up to this point.

"Oh God, I want you so much." I moaned.

It was then that she sat straight up, taking off her blouse and bra and then laying down on the couch. She didn't have to say anything to me as her hands took off her g-string. Her legs lifted up, her feet close to touching her head as she exposed her glistening wet sex in full view to me. I leaned into her, placing her legs over my shoulders and thrust myself into her. Feeling the muscles of her sex tighten around my shaft tighter with each thrust that I did, bringing about such ecstasy that we were feeling. Her eyes stared up at me as she begged me to go even harder into her. The friction burning so intense between us, feeding the passion which we were now feeling for each other, burning us with such passionate desire. I leaned onto her and then our lips met in a passionate embrace. I kept driving myself into her, as her moans echoed around me. We kept the motion going, only to stop once so she could get on top of me. Riding me savagely, her back arched, shoving her chest further out in front of her. My hand moving down and my fingers stroking her clit as we were deliciously enveloped within such a sweet passion. Her hips grinding against me as she looked down at me with a fiery passion burning with her eyes and her hand slightly touching my chest. She moaned of the ecstasy which we were feeling between us as I could feel the pressure building between us. I wanted to hold back as long as I could, that was until I could not hold back any longer. Feeling myself explode within her, my orgasm flooding through her as she continued to grind draining me of every drop until her climax flowed through her. She let out a loud moan as her body collapsed on top of mine. For a moment we just laid there motionless, our arms entwined and bodies sweaty and spent, while we tried to catch our breath.

After a couple minutes we straightened ourselves up and then she kissed me as my arms wrapped around her. Holding her so close to me, feeling her breasts crushed against my chest as I wished that we could do this all over again. All I could think about was how I wanted her again, to walk out of this school with her and have her spend the night with me. When she pulled away from me, her eyes stared at me and she gave me the expression that she was going to say something to me. But before either of us could say a word, there was a loud explosion that was heard echoing in the hallway. To me it sounded like a gunshot (even though I never heard a gun being fired before), which stiffened me in sudden fear. She instantly raced out of the lounge, her blouse only half buttoned as I followed. We had made our way down to the corer of the hallway, where a few students and teachers were now starting to gather and look down is horror. When we got there, I saw the body of a man lying on the tiled floor within a pool of his own blood. His eyes remained opened almost staring at us with a terrified shock in them. She started to cry as she knelt down next to him, her head resting on his chest as she screamed out his name. The one thing which I would never forget for the rest of my life. Why Michael? Why? I am so sorry? Don't leave me! I'm sorry; I will never do it again! It was then that I knew that this was her boyfriend, the man that she had loved. Ands if it hadn't been for my foolish lustful desire for her, he would still be alive.

That had been years ago and still I had not forgiven myself for it. Even now as I lye here in this hospital bed in the psychiatric ward, with my arms bond to the bed, I can still remember that day. Not that much of the passion which I had felt with her. But her boyfriend's blood soaked body on the hallway floor and how it was my fault that I had brought him to that point. How I killed someone that I didn't even know just because of the fact that I lusted over someone. What happened to her, I have no idea. For I had dropped out of school after that. The guilt of the whole thing was too much for me to bear. Even though no one knew about our torrid love affair in the student lounge, I couldn't face going through those hallways again. And even if I had the chance to go back, I don't think that I ever could. And I know for a fact that she never could either. For she was haunted by the guilt that her foolish choice for a moment of a torrid love affair cost the life of the one that she loved


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