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Sexual Object - Part 4

Short story By: Michael68

Jasmine's Obsession continues with the mysterious stranger.

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"What really was his deal? Preston Beck, a man of wealth and power, having his way with me. And even after I gave into him....he still wants me even more. What could that be about?" Jasmine thought as she looked out the train window at the passing neighborhoods.
Jasmine felt the confusion fill her as the pain within her sex and buttocks continued to throb in sweet agony. Even though she had lovers before, no one had ever done the things which Preston had done to her. And also never effected her the way which he did. As she stood on the station of her stop, she noticed that no one was there yet to pick her up. Just another thing to add to the strange day which she had. Her arms crossed over her chest as her face turned flushed in the horror that she realized she was not wearing her bra anymore. Knowing she had to have left it in the limousine with Preston, when she rushed to get dressed again. There was nothing she could do about it now, because she had no idea where he could be right now. As a cool breeze blew past her, she felt refreshed by it, just like before in the limousine, when they were engaged into the lustful game he played with her. When she thought about it, the pain throbbed inside of her as well as the excitement which still lingered within her soul.
"My God, what the hell is happening to me? Why am I letting him get to me like this?" she whispered under her breath. "And how can this day get any worse?"
She cringed when she said that, knowing that it was like tempting fate. And so far fate been bringing about such strange events which she could not speak of to anyone. From the corner of her eye, she noticed a man standing a few feet away from her, watching her briefly. Smiling at her and yet she knew too well what he was thinking. And there was no way she was going to play the normal game of seduction which she did. Not after the things which she had done today. Her attention turned away, and noticed a black Jeep pulling into the blacktop parking area and moved toward where she stood. Jasmine thought that her heart was going to stop, for she knew whose car that was. And wished that it would have been her parents that had picked her up now.
"Oh great, why did Ross have to chose today to surprise me and pick me up. Any other day than today." she thought.
It was not that she wasn't glad to see him, she was. But the simple face that she was afraid she would not be able to hide the confusion and pain from him. Jasmine had always been terrible at hiding anything from anyone and Ross had always been able to see right through whatever it was that she would tell him. There was no way he would believe her if she were to try and lie to him about it. And in her exhausted state, she really did not want to deal with his constant worry about what could be wrong. And not only that but also because of the fact that she knew when she would be getting home, her family would not let her even rest for a moment. For some reason, they all depended on her, like she was some sort of servant rather than a member of the family. And she could not say anything about what was bothering her, for they would not really care about it. For now though all she could worry about was if Ross would be suspicious about her, which was something that she could not let him do. Now the only thing she could do was to take a deep breath as the driver's door to the Jeep opened. The man that came out was a twenty-one years old man, with medium build and a crew cut hair style. He looked at her with an excited smile on his lips, as if he had not seen her within months. Jasmine could understand him looking at her like that, for they always had difficult when it came to them going out together. Yet, Ross had always been patient with her and trusted her. Something which she found amazing with him, even though now she wished that he didn't. As he stepped closer to her, Jasmine tried to remain calm, so she would not show anything that would peak his curiosity.
"Ross, what are you doing here?" she asked as they hugged and then gave him a kiss.
"I thought I would surprise you by picking you up. Your mother said it was alright with her and said we could go out for a while if you wanted to." he explained as he walked her to the passenger's door.
"Well, I really am surprised, that is for sure." she said and thought. "Yeah, not just don't give him a surprise that he would not like."
After they got into the Jeep and he started to drive off the blacktop parking lot, Jasmine hoped that he would not ask anything about the party at the gallery. For she had no idea what she was going to answer him about it. But of course that was something which she knew would come about anyway and all that she could do was to wait for him to bring it up. After they had drove onto the street and down the road, there was a moment where neither of them said anything , just the hum of the engine was the only thing which they could hear for the moment. Jasmine looked out the passenger's window deftly, as her mind tried to come up with something, anything that she would be able to say when he asked the most obvious question. Before she could think of something to whatever it could be that he would ask her. He had mentioned about them going to dinner, but the only thing which she wanted was to go home and lay down on her bed and give out a wild cry. Which was something that would not effect the rest of her family because none of the other members of the family would have cared what could be wrong with her. No one but Ross, that was if she let him know about what had happened to her. Care and even worried about her, and then would break up with her for doing it willingly. Jasmine knew that was something which he would have done without any doubt at all. All that she could do was to pray that she would be able to conceive the excuse to use to him, that he would believe. The only thing which she hoped was that he would not challenge it for no reason, for then that would lead to an unnecessary debate between them. He looked at her a couple times, staring at her for a brief second. It was the first sign she had discovered through the time that she noticed from being with her, that it was she know going to happen soon. She tried to swallow and found it difficult for her to do because of her fear.
"So, how did the party go today? Did you get lucky?" he said suddenly in a casual tone.
"My God, he knows somehow about what happened. And now he is trying to make me admit to it before he t would accuse me of it. How in the world could he have found out about it? He was not even the downtown area of Chicago." she thought and said calmly. "Nothing special. Just a bunch of snobbish people who I had never seen before and I was stuck at the desk serving drinks."
"It almost sounds like you might have had a couple from the way that you are slightly slurred when you talked." he said jokingly.
"My God, he knew I had been drinking and he knows how I act when I drink too much." she thought and then said something to him without even thinking about what she said. "So what if I did have a couple drinks at the party. What are you my father?"
Jasmine regretted saying that, because now he had his reason for being curious about her sudden snapping. If only she would have just laughed at it and then let it go from there. But no, now she was showing him that there was something wrong and Ross was going to find out what it could be that was bothering her. She had to think of something quickly, before he started to ask her about it.
"Ross, I am sorry. I am just really exhausted and the only thing that I can think about is wanting to get home and get out of this dress." she said and then cringed about that which she said as well. For she knew that what she had said, innocent as it might be, Ross always took most of what she said as some sort of flirtation to sex. And that was something which was as obvious as it could be with him. Now she just waited for him to say it, knowing that there would be no way he would ever let it pass, no matter where he was. And when the car stopped at a red light, he turned to her with a wicked grin on his face as his hand reached over and touched the skin of her inner thigh.
"I would love to be there to see you do that." he said in a playful tone as his fingers started to move up her thigh.
Instantly her body stiffened, gasped and brushed his hand off her thigh, and then turned to look out the passenger's window. She did not want to look at his expression he had now, knowing that he was discouraged and frustrated by it, And Jasmine could know why he would feel that way, they had been going out for three months now and the only thing which she let him do was to make out and nothing more. Saying that she did not want to rush into anything that they would regret later. She only hoped that he would remember that, even though she knew about the desire that he had for her, for she felt the same before. Or maybe it was, she had it for him before, but now everything seemed so different for some reason. As if Preston Beck had done something to mess up her mind to the point where she would see everything that she saw as normal routine was now foreign and unimportant to her now. Something which she found so ridiculous to her, for no man could ever make that happen. Or could that happen.
"What? What is your problem? Every time you said something like that before you were hinting about fooling around." he said in a frustrated tone.
"It's nothing about you, I am just really exhausted today and all I want to do is lay in bed and rest. I hope that you can understand that." she said in a kind voice without even looking at him
In a way she was telling him the truth, but also if she would have let him continue to move his fingers move up her skirt and discover that she was not wearing underwear. To him it would be another hint that she wanted more than just their normal making out that they did. Luckily he didn't, because then he would had felt how her sex was wet, from the strange thrill that she had when she had thought about Preston a moment ago. And then she would have to come up with another lie that she would have to tell him. But he did not try to make any other pass on her, even when he parked the Jeep on the drive way. She was grateful for that, because she was already feeling uneasy about everything that had happened so far. Believing that her troubles would be over with once she got through the door of her house. Of course she knew that was something that would not happen. Because she knew that her family would have their own drama that they were going through and Jasmine always was the one who took everything to heart. She did not want to deal with it right now, for it would just add fuel to the fire.
"Are you going to be alright? I know how you are when you are stressed out and going in there would just added to it." Ross said.
Ross knew everything about what her family was going through, about each sibling and the trouble that they were in, which set her parents off into a maddening rage. Something which she knew that she would have to deal with and because of it, they would never acknowledge what it was that could be wrong with her. If she were sick, they would just say that it was all in her head and there was nothing wrong. Of course she would know it was not in her mind especially when parts of her body would be throbbing in such screaming pain. The only thing she could do about it was to ignore it and pretend that there was nothing wrong. But it would just intensify the pressure in her mind, which if she would get a tumor in her brain, it would not be a shock to her. Jasmine was always the type of woman who never really talked about what was bothering her and always took everyone else's problem on herself.
"I hope so. Even if I am not, there is nothing that I can do about it." she said smiling slightly as her tone was that of sheer dread.
"You don't have to go inside, I can take you out for dinner. Or you could just come over to my house and hang out for a while." he said smiling
She smiled at him, amazed how kind he always was with her. And even though it touched her heart that he was so kind to her, she still could not take him up on the offer. For if she were to go to his house and his parents were there, they might notice what was missing on her. And if not, Ross would probably have the temptation to see how far she would let him go. Then he would discover what it was that she was trying to hide. Still, the risk of that was less of a threat then whatever it could be that she had to deal with when she got into the house. Jasmine knew that she could not hide from it, because sooner or later she would have to deal with her family and whatever drama would be with them as well. She had a feeling it would probably be from her sister who was two years younger than her, or her seventeen year old brother. They always seemed to get into trouble with something, as if they enjoyed it and upsetting the family. Which of course they would throw her in the middle of it and ignore everything that was going on in her life. She looked over at her house, seeing the lights on through the living room window and then back to Ross, as a depressed expression appeared on her face.
"No, I have to get in. Like I said, I am really exhausted and should lay down for a while, That is if I will get the chance. Thank you anyway. You are so sweet to me." she said and then kissed him briefly.
Even though she wanted to kiss him more passionately, something inside her kept her from doing so. Not really thinking about it, she turned and started to walk away from him. Turning to him one last time, smiling, seeing Ross standing there in frustration again, as he waved at her. She could feel herself feeling so guilty about rejecting her. But there was too much that she was dealing with, which she did not want to burden him or anyone with. She waves back as him and then turns away and continues to the front door of the house.
"How could you do that to him. I mean, he is the man that you love and he was trying to help you. So by reject him. So what if he wanted sex, you done it before with other men...including Preston Beck." a voice echoed sarcastically in her head.
Jasmine wanted to scream out for it to shut up, but was not sure if she did it would be a thought or her really doing it. And with her luck she would probably scream it out in front of her family and they would think she was crazy. And in a way she started to wonder about her own sanity as well. But that was something which she knew she could not worry about right now. The only thing that she wanted was to escape from everything that was going on with her. That was if there was a way to escape and forget about everything that she was enduring with. In her mind though she knew that there really was no way for her to really do so. For it would just add to the drama which was in the house as it was. And her parents always saw her as the good child, who never did anything wrong and always stayed away from trouble. What would they think if they really knew about the lifestyle that she had once she was away from her family? That was the one question which she hoped she would never find out. Anyway, the only thing which she wanted to do was to go in her room, lie down on her bed and forget about the entire day. Even though she knew that Ross would probably call her later, to make sure that she was alright. That was something she would worry about when and if it happened. The only thing that she said was that she would call him, because she was not sure how she would feel emotionally. And the fact that she was feeling she would have the urge to get out of the house, away from the drama of her family.
An hour later Jasmine had a text message, actually more like instructions for her to do. At first she thought it would have been Ross who would be playing some game with her. But she knew too well that it was not really his style. It was then she realized who had sent it, sending a wave of both fear and excitement flowing through her. Preston Beck had wanted to meet up with her again tonight, and it was obvious he wanted everything to be just the way he liked it. Even though it was not threatening, it was descriptive...to a point. Find a short dress that is sexy on you...wear it...meet me at the Comfort Inn hotel...room 243...then I will tell you what I want you to do from there.
"He has to be kidding me? What makes him think that I am going to go to him just because he wants me to." she said as she stared at her phone.
She was just about ready to respond to him that she would not show up when another text came in which made her change her mind. My car will promptly pick you up at 8:30 this evening. Do not disappoint me. She knew that there was no way that she could let Preston's driver come to the door for her, for it would raise to much suspicious with her family. The only thing which she could do was to go through with whatever it was that Preston Beck had in store for her. And in a way she would be able to end this once and for all, before it became something that she would not be able to control any longer. Even though there was a part of her wishing that it would not end. For he brought about some excitement in her life which she never thought she would find. Crossed between two emotions deep within her soul which made it seem she would never find resolution to.
Later that night Jasmine followed a slim blond woman dressed in a black business dress down the hallway of the Hotel. The woman did not turn to say anything to her, as if she already knew what events where about to happen. Jasmine felt out of place in her extremely short black dress with its low, revealing cleavage. Yet, she was not going to let that stop her from telling Preston what it was that she needed to say to him. That was if he would let her do so. She could feel her body shivering in fear of what waited for her in room 243, even though there was still a part of her which was excited about it as well. When they reached the room, the blond knocked twice and then opened the door and invited her inside, following her behind her.
Inside the room, the only light which could be found was the soft candle light from the dresser and nightstands. Jasmine stood by the foot of the bed, her arms crossed under her breasts as her eyes glanced around the room. The soft glow of illumination did not reveal the entire room, which made her feel uneasy. She knew that Preston had to be somewhere in the shadows watching her. It was then the blond placed a black satin cloth over her eyes, which made her jump slightly. Still, she did not try to push the woman away, for it was obvious that this was something which he wanted. She could not see anything, but could feel the woman's fingers moving over her breasts, and then down her back and to the curves of her buttocks. This was not exactly what she had expected, no matter how arousing it was starting to make her feel.
"What....? What is going on?" Jasmine asked in an uneasy voice.
"This is what I want. For so long you have always been in control of men and getting what you wanted. Now, it is my turn to get what I want from you." Preston's voice came from somewhere from the room.
"What if I do not want to do this?" she asked as she felt the woman's fingers slip up the front of the hem of her skirt and touched her bare sex. Making her moan suddenly.
"Then you can leave and we can forget about the whole thing. It is up to you though. I have a feeling that this might be something which you want as well." he spoke in the same soft, sophisticated voice.
The touch of the woman's fingers on the lips of her sex made it throb and wet and she found herself wanting to see where this would go. And if she were to walk away from it, she would feel a heavy wave of discouragement to something that would have been something more than she could imagine. Yes....Yes, I want this. It was the only thing which she could say whispering as she breathed heavily.
"She is not wearing any panties....she is really hot." the blond woman said in a playful tone.
Without Preston saying a word, the woman lifted the hem of her dress up over her head and off of her body. Revealing that she had no bra or panties on underneath, just the smooth naked skin of her body. Now she can feel his hands moving over her body as well, as she is drowning within the depth of the passion which they were giving her. She could feel herself becoming flushed, as a pair of lips caress each of her breasts. Tongues running over her hard nipples, sucking hard as she groans. She could feel her legs becoming weak, not sure how long she would be able to stand. Her legs parted as fingers stroked her sex and buttock, making her body quiver in an ecstasy she never felt before. Then suddenly her body is lifted and gently paid upon the bed, her legs spread as she feels the lips and tongue running over her sex. Mouth suckling her clitoris as she moans even louder, hips gently starting to gyrate. Feeling fingers cupping her breasts, lightly scratching her skin. Jasmine realized it was the blond whose mouth caressed her throbbing, wet sex, her tongue sliding into her sex, flickering around the walls inside it. Driving her into a wild ecstasy she never thought she would feel. Jasmine could hear the sound of the blond moaning, knowing Preston was taking her from behind. Jasmine never thought that he would take another woman in front of her. And one lustful thought came to her.....how she wished she could see him taking her. Her flesh is burning with such desire, as she wished this sensation would never end.
After a couple minutes, her body is rolled onto Preston's as she feels his manhood penetrate her sex. Without her even thinking, she starts to move slowly, feeling the friction between them igniting even a stronger wave of lust that absorbs her. He whispers to her to move slow....to enjoy it... not to make him cum to soon.
"Oh My God.....how can this be any better." she moaned, even though she had no idea why she said that.
"Lean more forward, Jasmine. Lean toward my voice." he whispers.
She does...and then she feels the woman's fingers stroking between the cheeks of her buttocks. Even though it was something which she would not let anyone do...that was except for Preston, she could feel the pleasure building even higher now. Her moans grows louder...gasping as she wishes that she could see Preston's face as she rode him. As his female associate invades her buttocks with her fingers. Jasmine figures that it will be her fingers that Jasmine will feel penetrate her. But to her surprise it was something else. Something large and hard, like another manhood, driving deep within her anus. She screamed out in pain and pleasure...never thinking that she could ever experience anything like this. Her body rocks to the thrusts of both manhood impaling both holes. Each thrust drove her to the point where she thought she was going to drive her to madness, her body losing all its strength, lying on top of Preston's body, smelling his sweet cologne, intoxicating her. She could feel the pain and pleasure burning through her, increasing the soreness from earlier before. She screamed out as the orgasm flooded through her, begging them not to stop. And it was then that she felt both members explode within such bliss, as she heard the sound of Preston and another man moaning is sweet bliss. Just from hearing that, her body stiffens...realizing there hand been another man there with them. It had not been the woman with a dildo that invaded her anus, but another man. Before Preston could even remove the blindfold, Jasmine feels herself pass out in such sweet exhaustion...before either of them pulled out of her. Not knowing what it could be waiting for her when she would come to.


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