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Part 3- A Night We'll Never Forget

Short story By: Michael68

Our passion now is growing like a mighty inferno. No longer can we hold it back.

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We drove down the road once again, after our second moment of passion that we had shared. My hands gripped the steering wheel, as we drove through the night. The sweet aroma of her perfume lingered in the air within the car, which of course started to entice me all over again. Her head resting on my shoulder as her hand touched my leg. Feeling the light touch of her fingers running over it in small circular motions, as the wave of desire for her, started to grow within my heart.

"What are you thinking about, my love?" she whispered in my ear.

My eyes glanced at her briefly, and with just the look on my face she could tell what was on my mind. She giggled softly, as her hand grips my thigh slightly tighter. The sound of her laughter was so sweet to my ears, like the tender voice of an angel. Making it impossible for me to ignore the emotions that burned within my heart for her. I could feel her kiss me on the side of my neck, her hand moving upward on my leg and then touching my crotch. Her touch bringing life to my manhood, as it pressed against the fabric of my pants. Never feeling this way with any woman for over two years since my divorce. Now here it was, and I found myself lost within the passions of another woman. How I wanted her all over again, to feel the warmth of her body next to mine, the taste of her kiss, her flesh, as we make love again. Yet, I knew to well that I had to wait, to hold back on the passion that now burned like an inferno within my soul.

"I love you, my darling. And will always do whatever you wish to please you. For all that I care about is to make you happy." she whispered in my ear.

"I love you too, my darling Beth. I will do whatever I can to keep you happy. To always let you know that I love you with all my heart." I replied, smiling at her.

I can feel her body pressing against mine, knowing that she loved what I said and knew that it was honest. The only thing that I could hope for was to show her the intensity of the passion that I feel for her. Never before have I ever experienced a desire with such power as I did for her. Making me feel so important it her life, so special and so loved. And because of it, I found myself wanting her ever more.

Later, we arrived at her place,and she made me wait in her living room, saying that she neded to do something. I knew that I couldn't argue with her, as I sat on the couch and waited for her. Even though it had only been a few minutes, it felt like hours to me as my desire for her burned white hot. Sitting there, I remembered that there was a note that I had written for her, which I hadn't given her yet. But, I wanted to wait for the right moment. She came back and then guided me through the back door, finding ourselves standing on the deck in her back yard. Tall candles burning around the hot tub, soft music playing from the radio, as I hold her to me, our bodies swaying to the music. I gaze into her heavenly eyes, lost within her beauty, as our lips meet in a tender embrace. Her body presses against mine, feeling her hands running up and down my back, as I can no longer hold back what I an feeling for her. Our kisses become deeper, more passionate, as her breath grows deep and rapid. My hands slowly unfastened the one strap that held up the top of her dress, letting it fall down her body, leaving her standing there before me, naked. Her firm breasts with their hard nipples, alluring frame, astounded me even more. Then she takes my hand and places it in between her legs. My fingers stroking the soft lips of her sex as we kissed again. Her hands undressing me, as we once again engage in the desire that are burning deep within our hearts.

On that deck we stood there, our naked flesh pressed against each other as our lips embraced. That which we knew that we could no longer hide. Her embrace is intoxicating me, as my heart burned so deeply for her. Feeling her fingers lightly scratching my chest, then moving down and lightly holding the shaft of my now erect organ.

"Follow me, my love, To the gates of paradise." she says in a loving tone.

I can not resist her, for my heart and soul longs for her so much. She slowly walks me over to the hot tub, her hand still holding my shaft, feeling it grow from her touch. In her eyes, I can see the love burning within them for me. The same that mine did for her. We stand by the edge of the hot tub; I kiss her ever so passionately. I can feel the longing for her burning deep within me, waiting, yearning to be set free. To have our bodies entwined as one, to be inside her and be totally enveloped within the passions of our love.

She guides me into the warm water, then hold me close to her. Her body feels so wonderful against mine, feeling her nipples lightly scratch against my chest, as my hands grab the firm, round orbs of her ass. Her lips caressing the side of my neck, then moving down my body. Till finally, she takes me into her mouth, her lips moving tightly over the sides of my shaft, while her head moves slowly back and forth. Her action brings forth-such lustful sensations within me that grow even stronger. Feeling her tongue run up underneath it, then more over the head, driving me deeper into the desires that she was bringing out in me. Then she pulled away, looking up at me for a moment, then stood up. Our lips meet in a tender kiss, as I hold her close to me.

Then she pulls away, moving to the side of the hot tub. Sitting on the edge of it, she spreads her legs, revealing to me the wet lips of her clit. Her body leans back slightly, as her hand raises up and her finger motions for me to come to her. The illumination from the candlelight made her appear like an angel to me, adoring and loving her even more. Feeling the warmth of the water around my legs and the cool breeze of the night, as I moved to her, longing to taste again the sweat petals of her womanhood. I stood in between her opened, inviting legs, kissing her mouth, then the sides of her neck, entranced by the taste of her flesh. Then my mouth suckling on her breast, making her moan slightly. Her fingers running through my short brown hair, forcing me against her firm wet flesh.

"I love you so much, my darling. Let me feel you love! Let me feel it." she begged.

Of course I was not going to deny her this. My hand touching her sex, making the excitement builds inside of her even more, as her body quivered from my touch. Then my fingers slid into her, as her head tilted back, and she gasped. My lips continued down her body. Caressing her firm stomach then down to her parted legs, to the gates of her femininity. My tongue attacking those forbidden lips of her sex with a lustful hunger that I had not felt in such a long time. My fingers continuing to pump through her, feeling her orgasm flowing onto my fingers. Tasting it on my tongue, driving me deeper into the lover that I do feel for her. Her breath rapid and deep back arched, shoving her chest in front of her, as she tries to keep herself balanced on the edge of the hot tub. Then her eyes look down at me, burning with such desire.

Take me! Take me now!" she begs.

I stand up, then thrusts myself into her. Diving deeper and deeper into her womb, as she lets out a scream of expectance. Her legs wrap around me, forcing me deeper into the warmth of her sex. Moving to the rhythm of our heartbeat. She kisses me so passionately, as my hands grab her ass, lifting her up. The stare she gives me is that of pure desire, as she begs me keep this moment going. More and more, I give her all that his of me, enveloped in the moment we are sharing. Till I feel her next orgasm flooding through her and than after she is done, mine starts. Such ecstasy that I have never though I could feel with any other woman before.

We sit there in the hot tub; her arms wrap around me as her lips caress my neck a couple times. Our eyes gaze up at the darkened heavens, with its stars sparkling like diamonds. The full moon, an innocent moon, watching and smiling at us when we had made love. I kiss her so tenderly, feeling the love I have for her overwhelms me. Yet I knew that I didn't want the passion that we shared to end right at this moment. No, I wanted to let her experience passion like she had never experienced before and feel the power of an orgasm that no other man could have ever given her. And from the way she looked at me with that playful smile and the sparkle of undying love in those heavenly eyes, I knew that she was aware of it. She asked me what it was that I was thinking and I told her that I wanted us to go inside, for the night air was bringing a chill to our flesh. She agreed as we got out of the hot tub and she led me inside, to her bedroom. Leaving our clothes lying were they were. The only thing that I took was a folded envelope that I had kept in my back pocket for her. One that I was waiting to give her when the moment was right, and I knew that this was the moment. When we reached her bedroom, she looked up at me so lovingly, her smile growing bigger as she looked at the envelope that I help in my hands.
"What do you have there? It that something for me?" she asked in an innocent voice.
She knew knew that it was without me saying so, but waited for me to say the words that she wanted to hear.
"Yes it is. It's something that I wrote for you. Something that comes from my heart that I want you to have my love." I said as I handed it to her.
She opened in and started to read it out loud, her voice so soft and gentle, that it made me fall in love with her all over again as I sat down next to her.
"The moment our lips met,
my heart was yours
as I became enthralled by your beauty.
Awakening such a love within me,
that I had thought could not be found.
My lady, my love,
I long to
to feel your body against mine
as I hold you close to me.
You are my angel, my love,
feeling your kiss….
makes my heart soar to the heavens
in the wings of a dove.
Your image, your beauty
locked within my heart,
which only you have the key to.
That is why I can say with such devotion….
I love you with all my heart."
My heart races as I see the smile grows wider on her lips. Without her saying a word, I can tell that I have touched her heart. After she finished reading it, she looks at me with such love burning in her eyes. She leans over and kisses me, the taste of her lips strengthening the love I feel for her. Her body presses against mine, as my passion burns for her once again. But I wait, even though she feels the same for me.
"I love it. I have never felt such romance from a man, like the way you do for me. I love you. You are the only man I can ever love." she whispers.

"I love you too. Every word that I wrote came straight from my heart. You are so special to me and I want to spent the rest of my life with you." I said, looking into her heavenly eyes.

She smiled and kisses me again, as I feel her arms wrap around me, her fingers running up and down my back. Her touch igniting my flesh, burning it with the passion I have for her. My fingers running over her breasts, lightly pinching her nipples. She moans softly, as my lips caress the side of her neck. Her fingers running through my short brown hair, as her head tilts back and she leans her body back onto the couch. My lips slowly move down her body, sucking and licking her breast, lightly biting and pulling at her nipple, while my other hand fondles the other breast. Then moving down her stomach, as her legs part slightly. I could feel her body shivering under my caress, as she breathed deeply, making her breasts lift, then lower. I found myself kneeling before her, my fingers running lightly over the flesh of her legs. Then, I lifted her one leg up, my lips caressing her toes, her foot, moving up her inner thigh. So slowly, caressing her flesh as she tells me not to stop. Continuing to move my lips up her thigh, becoming intoxicated by the taste of her flesh. Till finally, I reach the flower of her womanhood, running my tongue over its petals, making her gasp and moan even stronger. Sucking up her clit, placing my tongue into her, as my entire mouth covers it. All that I could think about was pleasing her, even though I would deny myself the moment of her pleasing me. Over and over I continue caressing her sex, feeling her hips start to move in a grinding motion. Her hands rested on my head, pulling me deeper into her, as the sweet scent of her forbidden lips arouses me even more. Tasting the sweet nectar of her climax as I refuse to stop. Longing to give my love an experience that she would never forget. My arms reach under her thighs, lifting them onto my shoulders, her legs resting against my back. Climax after climax my lips, my tongue continues to please her. Till finally an hour later, she begs me to stop. Her breath heavy and rapid, as her body lay there on the couch, so weak from the pleasure I gave her. The taste of her stays on my tongue, as I sit next to her, kissing her ever so passionately. Then she rests her head on my shoulder, as her fingers run over my chest, lightly scratching it. Even though she had not even touched me, that didn't matter. All that does, is that I pleased her. After all, isn't that what love is really about. Giving yourself to others without any worry about getting something back in return?
Looking into her eyes, I find myself entranced by her beauty, as I hold her close to me. Never before had I found a love that I now shared with her. Her body rested against mine as her hand lay upon my chest. Her fingers moving lightly over my flesh in small, slow circles. Her touch arouses me so as I kiss her. She kisses me back so passionately, as I wrap my arms around her. All that I want is to spend the rest of my life with her, to share that which burns deep within my soul.

"I love the poem you wrote me. No one has ever been so romantic to me as you have showed. I love you so much. I want to share myself with you in more ways than you can ever imagine." she whispered in my ear.

" I love you to Beth. All that I want is you and nothing more. You have touched my heart and set free the passion that I thought I would never feel again." I say.

"Let's try something. I want to make a fantasy come true and you are the only one that I want to do it with." she said as a playful grin appeared on her lips.

She stands up, walks a couple steps away from me, then turns and looks at me once again. She motions me to follow her with a motion of her finger, standing there in the brilliance of her nakedness. My eyes staring at her, entranced by her, as if I was looking at an angel. And because of it, I started to become arouse once again, those desires for her that had burned in my heart before when we had danced within the club. Slowly I stand up and make my way to her, she holds out her hand to me and I take it. Her heavenly eyes sparkle with such excitement as she stands there and looks at me for a moment. Then turns and walks me to the bedroom I have no idea what it could be that she has in store for me, but the excitement thrills me so much that I can't wait for it to happen. We walk into the bedroom and over to the bed, where she stood by the head of it, her hand touching the brass headboard. She turns and looks at me so lovingly again, as a smile comes to her lips.

"Are you ready for me my darling? To indulge into the fantasies that you can think about? " she said in such a seductive tone.

"What ever you want my love. All that I want is you." I said as I made my way to her.

She turns, bends down and opens the drawer to the nightstand and pulls out a long red silk scarf. She holds it as she turned back to me. I have an idea of what she could possibly want to do with it, yet I wanted to hear it from her. To make sure that I was not making any false judgments on the game that she wants us to play. Her smile becomes more playful, as the hand that she held the scarf reached out and gently ran it over my chest. The touch of it seemed so wonderful to me, arousing me even more. Then I held the end of it, and gently ran it over her breast. Her nipple so hard as she let out a slight sigh, while her eyes stayed focused on me.

"That feels so good, my love. Does it feel good to you?" she asked.
"Yes, oh yes it does." I reply as I continue to run it over her breast, then over the side of her face.

She moans again, her eyes close as she tilts her head back slightly. How I wanted her so much, just to love her with all that I am. And I know that is exactly what I will do. I lean over and caress her neck, as I hold her so close to me. Her arms wrap around me, as her head leans forward, and then I feel her lips caressing my neck. I lay her down on the bed; our lips locked in a heated embrace. My body lying on top of hers, as I feel the gentle touch of her hands moving up and down my back. Each touch thrilling me even more, driving me crazy in such a good way. Then I roll off her body, taking the scarf; I gently run it over her body. Moving over her breasts, her stomach, her legs and inner thighs, even the tender fold of her sex. As I did that her body shivered in sweet pleasure as her hand reaches down and stokes the shaft of my manhood. I kiss her again, more deeply, her hand moves over my shaft even faster now. My fingers touching the lips of her clit, through the silken fabric of the scarf, making her gasp deeply.

"Oh my love, that is so wonderful. But that isn't why I gave you it. I want you to tie me up and then make love to me. Will you do that for me?" she asks.

"Whatever your heart desires, my darling. All that I want is to please you, any way that I can." I say.
She positions her body to the middle of the bed, arms raised up as I tie one wrist to the bedpost and then the other. Never to tight, for the last thing that I would want is to hurt her. Then I bend down and kiss her, my hand fondling her breast, feeling her hard nipple under my fingers. I pinch them slightly, pulling them forward, as she moans with such expectance.

"Oh yes my love, take my body I am yours. I've always been yours." she begs.

My lips caress her breast, biting her nipple slightly, making her breath so heavily. The taste of her flesh is so wonderful on my tongue, as I devour it. Then I straddle my body over hers, so that my engorged erection is in front of her face. I long to feel her lips on it, she smiled as me then takes me in her mouth. Her head moves slightly, as I feel her lips tighten around the shaft. My hands grips the bedpost so that I could keep my balance as I feel myself touching the back of her throat. Her muffled moans of pleasure excites me even more, and because of it, it excites her as well. Finally I can't take it anymore, I want our bodies to be one. When I pull myself out of her mouth, she knows what I am going to do next. For she spread her legs, waiting, inviting me inside her. I slip into her easily as she lets out a scream. My body thrusting into her ever deeper, to the rhythm of our own heartbeat. Her legs encircle me, forcing me deeper into her as she begs me not to stop. Our passion now overpowering us, as I continue to thrust myself through the gates of her womanhood. Feeling the muscles of her sex tightening around my hardened member, trying to hold back from the climax which is about to flow through her. I kiss her as I continue to please her, while we are locked in this moment of love. The world outside could melt away, leaving only us in our own private paradise. I can feel the pressure building within me, and know that I can not hold back much longer. Even though I would love to make this last all day and night, it would not be. We climaxed at the same time. She screamed out in such pleasure, her hands gripping the metal of the headboard, as my seed flooded into her. I kept going, wanting to give her every last ounce of me, till there was nothing left to give. I lay on top of her, her legs still around mine as we both are breathing heavy. In a way I don't want to pull myself out of her, but I know that I have too. When I do, she smiles at me, watching me as I untie her. Then lay next to her, her hands touching the side of my face, while she kisses me so tenderly.

"Thank you my love. That was the most thrilling thing that I have ever experienced. And I am so glad I could share it with you." she whispers, then rests her head on my chest.
"I need to ask you something?" I say as I gaze into her eyes.
"What is it my love? Whatever you want I will be willing to give you." she replied as she looked at me.
"Marry me. Be my wife. So that I may share every day with you, and nothing can ever take away the passion that we have for one another." I say, as I eagerly wait for her answer.
She smiles with such excitement, then says. "My answer to you…. is yes. Yes my darling….I will. And together we shall like in the wonderful bliss of our love….for all eternity."

The End.


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