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Part 2- A Night We'll Never Forget

Short story By: Michael68

Passion builds as our love grows along with the fires of our desire.

Submitted:May 25, 2008    Reads: 476    Comments: 2    Likes: 4   

The night filled with our laughter as we drove down the darkened road. Not believing that we let ourselves do what we had done in the parking lot. But in a way I knew that it would happen, for there was no way that I could resist her beauty. That look of passion which had burned in her eyes, made it impossible for me to ignore the temptation she played. Even now as she sat next to me in the car, I couldn't stop glancing over at her, every few seconds. She knew that I was looking at her, just from the playful grin that she had on those luscious lips. She leaned her seat back, and then her hands slowly pulled the hem of her dress up to her waist, showing those sultry legs and that she was not wearing any underwear. For she had purposely forgotten them back at the parking lot, before we left.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked in a seductive tone.

"You know I do. I just wish I wasn't driving, so that I could enjoy it even more." I said as my eyes went back to the road.

Luckily I did that, for the car had started to swerve to the side of the road. I found myself unable to concentrate on my driving, for all that I could think about was her sitting there, practically half naked. The erection burned within the fabric of my crotch again, pulsating with the same rhythm of my heart. All I could think about was how I wanted her all over again. Just to take her right here in the car, letting these lustful feelings of love flow through my veins. To taste the lips of her sex, feeling its heat against my face, as I fed the hunger which both of us were suffering from. I wanted to keep my attention on the road, but found myself unable to do so. Wanting to look at her again, to see what it could be that she was doing right at that moment. Finally, I couldn't take it any longer… I had to see.

When I did, I noticed her lying there, her legs spread far enough for me to see the lips of her nether mouth, glistening in wetness, as her hand slowly moved up her leg. Her other hand fondled her breast through the thin fabric of her dress, as her eyes stared directly at me. Her breath became rapid as her fingers disappeared into the gate of her womanhood. Moving them swiftly in and out, as she started to moan, her other hand gripping her breast even harder now.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked, fearing that some passing car would see the display that she was doing, or worse, the police.

But there was no one on the road but us, so at least we were safe because of that. As I turned my head back to the road, I could feel my firmness strengthen, yearning to break free from the confines of my pants. It was almost unbearable. Then I heard her speak, in between the rapid gasps and moans that she did.

"I can't help myself. When I'm around you, I feel that I have to have you. I love you, and I want to do whatever I can to please you." she said. "Doesn't this turn you on?"

Of course it did, a half-naked woman in their car masturbating in front of them would turn on any man. It wasn't that which had kept me silent, but the agony of my manhood against my pants. Her one hand left her breast and reached over and touched my crotch, feeling the firmness inside it.

"Of, I see that I am turning you on. Poor baby, I can't have you suffering like this." she said as her fingers undid my pants and pulled my eager member from its prison.

I wanted to ask her what she was doing, but knew to well that would make me sound like a fool. Anyway, it was what I wanted, or at least a small part of what I wanted to happen. I could feel her fingertips running up and down its shaft, as I tried to keep my attention on the road. But found out quickly, that not seeing what she was doing to me was more exciting than actually watching her do it. She sat up, then lowered her head on my lap, her mouth taking the entire length of my cock, as she knelt on the passengers seat with her legs still spread. Her head moving up and down, muffled moans coming from her stuffed mouth, while her other hand continued to ravage her sex. I could hear the swishing sound her fingers made as they move in and out of her Venus mound. The excitement of what she was doing to me flowed through my body, my hands gripping the steering wheel tightly as I tried to control the car. Never in my life had I ever had any woman do something like this before to me, but now I found myself thrown back into the tidal wave our passion once again. Each motion of her lips over the shaft and head of my rod, brought about a more intense and wonderful sensation of eroticism, till finally I could not take it any more. It was then that she stopped, her head shot up and rested on my shoulder. Her hand still gripping the shaft of my phallus, as she whispered into my ear with a serious tone in her voice.

"Pull over right now, I can't take this anymore. I need you right here, right now." she whispered as she gently squeezed my organ to make sure she had my attention.

Instantly I pulled the car over, turn off the engine, then kissed her deeply. I had no idea how far we would be able to go, before someone caught us, but that didn't matter anymore. The only thing that did was the longing that she was making me have for her right now. She let go of me, then reached over to the side of my seat, making it recline all the way back. She climbed on top of me, my hands grabbing the firm flesh of her ass as we continued to kiss. She unfastened the one strap, which went around her neck and held the top part of her dress up. Then pushed the top down to her waist, revealing her firm well-rounded breasts, her hard nipples poking out in front of her. My lips caressed her breast, sucking on it hard, as she let out a moan of both pleasure and expectance. Her fingers ran through my hair as she begged me not to stop. The whole time her hand gripping my cock, stroking in madly, as the pleasure overwhelmed her. How I wanted to be inside her, to feel the friction of our bodies burn us from our desire. The taste of her flesh was the sweetest thing that I believed I could ever experience, as I continued, my tongue slapping her nipple within my mouth. My teeth lightly gripping it and pulling it forward, making her moan even more. Then I lifted my head, looking up at her.

"Put it inside you, I want to fuck you so bad." I begged softly.

"No…. not yet. But there is something else I want us to do." she said. then slowly rolled off of me.

She repositioned her body over me, lowering herself down, her glistening inches from my face as she took me in her mouth again. There was no way that I could resist, as my hands grabbed her ass, forcing her down on me. The taste of her sex invigorated me even more now than it had a while ago in the parking lot. My lips, my tongue attacked the lips of her clit vigorously, as she started to moan again. I tasted the last orgasm she had, knowing that it was not the only one that was going to happen as we stayed in this position. Her hips started to rock back and forth, smacking her clit against my mouth lightly, while she continued to suck upon my manhood. My one hand reached down and grabbed onto her breast, fondling it, pinching her nipple, while the other shoved two fingers into her dampened cleft. Her muffled moans grew louder as she breathed heavily. I could feel myself not beginning able to last much longer at the rate that she was going at. I had to hold back, so that I could embrace these feeling a while longer. So that I could make her climax too. Maybe even at the same time. It was difficult, for her hands started to fondle my balls while her head was mow in a paced rhythm. Feeling that made hand pinch her nipple even tighter as I shoved my fingers deeper into her love canal. Jerking then in and out at a frantic rate, I could feel her climax flowing , dampening my fingers and my eager tongue. After hers ended, mine began. Yet she didn't stop, but kept going trying to drain me of ever once of my liquid essence. I moaned as she did so, my eyes closed as a wave of colors screamed before them. When she finally stopped, she climbed off of me and sat in the passenger's seat, pulling up her dress. After I fixed myself up, I looked at her, wondering why she wouldn't let me fuck her, even though she had a while back at the parking lot. Guilt started to form in my mind as I started to believe that I forced myself on her, not giving her a choice of what she wanted.

"What wrong my love?" she asked as her hand touched the side of my face.

"Did I force myself on you back in the parking lot? " I asked, fearing that she would say yes.

"Of course not. I wanted the same thing as you did. Why do you ask?" she said smiling.

"Then why didn't you let me….."

"Let you fuck me right here? Because I wanted us to wait till we got to a place I am directing you to. Somewhere that we will really explore the lustful desires we have for one another." she said, then kissed me gently on the lips. " Start up the car and let's go."

"Where are we going?" I asked as I started the car.

"To our own private paradise." she said smiling as her hand gripped mine.



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