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Night In The Forest

Short story By: Michael68

Little did I know that a walk through the forest on this night would end up being something that I would never forget.

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I had come to this forest so many times before in the past, to that special place by the shore of the river, where I could sit and reflect on my life. Becoming enveloped within the beautiful silence of nature, as I wrote down the verses, which burned, within my soul. My sanctuary from the world around me and the troubles, which I had to face each day within my life. Even though I knew by coming here I world not avoid them, it was my way of shutting out the world for a short time and finding the tranquility within me that I had longed for. Of course there was one thing, which I had longed for even more that I had not yet found. And in a way, started to believe that it was something that I would never be able to hold again. It was on a warm autumn night when I came to the woods again. Making my way down the narrow dirt path, through the shadows of the night. I didn't worry about how I was going to find my way to that place, that spot that I started to love so much. For I knew every step by memory by now, as I felt the branches of weeds and grass brush up against the sides of my pants legs. The dried leaves crunching under my feet as my eyes stayed focused in front of me. I could hear the sound of the river up ahead, as the cool night breeze caressed my face. I really had no idea why I had come here, for I never would come into the woods at night. Knowing about the teenagers and drunks who would be hiding in there, embracing moments of passion and consuming themselves within the alcohol they had brought with them. But there was something in the air that night that called out to me. Something that was waiting for me, even though I had no idea what it could be. I had been at a bar near the forest, drinking and trying to create something new within the small black journal that I carried. But not a word came to me. That was, except for the cruel, harsh words expressed from a tormented soul.
"Keep going, not much further." I whispered to myself.
My hand gripped the journal tightly while the other held a cigarette, the tip of it glowing through the dark like a beacon. When I reached the shore of the river, the place where I had gone to so many times before, I stopped suddenly in shock. For sitting there against the side of a tree was a woman, who my eyes had never gazed upon before. The moon was full tonight, no clouds in the sky, so its light made it a little easier to see things around me. And I was able to see her right away. Her beauty overwhelmed me, even though she was staring slightly at the river. Her amber hair, soft skin and the seductive frame of her body made me think that she was just a dream, which would disappear soon. Leaving me there alone, with its harsh reality.
"Should I go to her and try and start a conversation? What if she doesn't want me there? What if she is dangerous or worse, not in the right state of mind right now?" I thought to myself.
"Go to her, what could it hurt. The worse thing that could happen is that she would tell you that she wants to be alone. If so, then you just walk away." a voice said within my brain.
I never had good luck when it came to talking to women, so my self-esteem was almost gone. Still, there was something about her that drew me to her. Something beyond the beauty of her body, which I was not sure about yet. I knew that I had to try and talk to her, no matter what the outcome would be. As I took a moved, my foot stepped on a dried twig that snapped under it. Even though the noise was so soft, it was still loud enough for her to hear. She slowly turned and looked at me, her lips showing a slight smile.
"Hello, what brings you out here on a night like this?" she asked in a pleasant tone.
"I'm not sure. I usually come here during the day, to collect my thoughts, but something about tonight made me come here." I said.
"Care to join me? It is always better to enjoy this beauty with someone. And I really could use the company." she said.
How could I refuse an offer from a woman who possessed such beauty as hers? Slowly I made my way to her and then sat down next to her on the ground. My eyes stayed focused on her, wondering what she could be doing here all alone. Yet I didn't ask that. I tried to make some sort of conversation, even though I was not sure what I should say. It seemed as if she knew that and was ignoring it, being polite.
"So what brings you out here? I mean a beautiful woman like you shouldn't be alone within the woods." I said.
"What, you think that Jason is going to come out of the darkness and get me, or maybe Michael Myers?" she said in a humorous tone.
In a way I started to believe that was she was saying was some sort of insult toward what I had said. And if it was, I knew to well that I deserved it. My eyes looked away from her, over at the river. Watching the beams of moonlight dance upon the surface like tiny ballerinas on a liquid stage. Even though I felt embarrassed, it didn't seem to bother me, for I was in my place of solitude, even thought this woman was there.
"I know you, I have seen you around town. You always go to those coffee shops and sit there alone, writing in your books. What do you write about it you don't mind me asking." she said as she moved closer to me.
"Poetry mainly. Just my thoughts and how I feel at the moment. Just something I do to get them out of me." I explained.
"May I read some of it…that is unless it is really personal." she said as her green eyes sparkled with excitement.
"Sure, why not. I could always use another person's advice on my work." I said as I handed her my journal.
In a way I normally didn't let anyone read it, but there was something about this woman that made me want to trust her. I sat down next to her as she opened the journal to where I had it marked and then started to read what I had written. I sat there in silence as I reached into my shirt pocket and pulled out a cigarette and then lit it. I could feel a sense of nervousness filling me, as if she was going to judge me on what I wrote. But that was a silly thing to think of, for why would she? As she read a few of my poems, I couldn't help but have my eyes look over her sultry body. The way her blouse with its revealing cleavage and short mini skirt complimented her beauty even more. I found myself wanting her so much, even though I didn't even know her name. I guess it was because of the fact that I had not been involved with anyone for so long, that now this wantonness was flowing through my veins. The only thing that I could do was to take this slow, so that way she would not think of me as some sort of deviant. I took a drag from the cigarette as I tried to push down the desire that I was starting to feel for her. As she read my poems, I could see a smile form on her lips as her eyes sparkled with an excitement that I had never seen in a woman's eyes before.
Slowly her hands closed the book and then looked at me with her smile growing even wider. For a moment we just sat there on the ground, in the silence of the forest, waiting for each other to say the next word. I could feel my heart pounding wildly as my eyes stayed focused on the beauty of her face. My mind trying to come up with something to say that would be witty and charming. But of course I couldn't think of anything.
"My goodness Dave, this is wonderful. You have such a passionate way with words. I bet there is some woman that is so lucky having such a romantic man like you." she said as she placed the book by her side.
"If there was a woman in my life, she would probably be lucky. But there isn't anyone one in my life right now." I replied.
She smiled again as she moved even closer to me, that sparkle of excitement in her eyes seemed to grow even brighter. I knew that she was up to something, just from the way she was starting to act.
"I know what you are feeling, my boyfriend left me two weeks ago. I have been so alone since then. Maybe we were meant to meet…to be together." she said in a seductive tone.
"I don't even know your name." I replied as I felt an uneasy feeling running through my soul.
"Elizabeta." she said, her lips hovering centimeters from mine.
Her hot breath hitting the flesh of my face as the faint aroma of her perfume enticed me so. I wanted to say something, but words no longer seemed to matter now. I could feel her hand on my chest, her fingers lightly scratching me through the fabric of my shirt. Such desire building within me, wanting to erupt, to be set free with just her kiss. Even though I knew that this was wrong, there as was no way I could resist it. Our lips met in a passionate embrace, my arms wrapped around her, pulling her closer to me. Feeling her supple breasts crushed against my chest as this passion was suddenly released. Slowly, I lowered her onto the ground, laying her on her back, with my body on top of hers. My hands moving over her body, feeling her breasts through the fabric of her blouse. Her nipple hardening as muffled moans came from her as we continued this passionate embrace. Her fingers running through my short brown hair as my hand reached inside her blouse, my hand feeling the hardened nipple of her breast. Her hand moving down my chest, and then inside my pants, gripping my now rigged manhood, which yearned to be free. I could feel her hand stroking it, making it harder as I let out a slight moan.
"You like that, don't you?" she said in a seductive tone.
"Oh yes…don't stop." I begged, even though I had no idea of what I was saying.
My hand moved out of her blouse and then underneath her mini skirt, my fingers tracing the tender flesh of her inner thigh. Moving upward until I reached her sex. In shock, I could feel that she wasn't wearing any panties, as my fingers stroked the wet lips of her clit. Her legs spread wider, inviting my touch, as she feverishly undid my pants and pulled out my manhood. Her fingers gently stroking my shaft as the pleasure overwhelmed me. I could hear her breath becoming heavy as she moaned as my fingers penetrated her sex. Sliding in and out or her, as I no longer could hold back the control of my passion.
"Make love to me. I want to feel you inside of me." she begged in between her gasps.
"Oh yes….I want to so bad." I replied gazing into her heavenly green eyes.
The next thing that I knew, she rolled me onto my back, with her on top of me now. Her hands pulling my pants down even further, as then lifted the hem of her mini skirt up to her waist. Revealing the small patch of her pubis as she straddled over my hips, then lowered herself onto my member. I could feel myself penetrating her as she gasped, arching her back, shoving well-rounded breasts in front of her. Her hips began to grind, as I felt myself moving within her sex, as the vaginal muscles gripped my member so tightly. Her hands reached up and pulled her top off, revealing her breasts with their hard nipples. Over and over again her hips continued to grind as I could feel the pressure building in my loins. Oh how I wanted to hold back, to continue the wondrous pleasure they were sharing. The friction between us burned to intense that we could not stop even if we wanted to. I had heard of people saying that so many times before when they talked about their passionate encounters, but never thought I would experience something so intense like this.
"Oh my darling, keep going. Explode inside of me. Let me feel you flow within me my lover." she said as she looked down at him, her hair hanging down both sides of her head.
It was then I felt myself explode within her, flowing into her womb without any control for it to stop. I moaned as I felt the release of my liquid essence draining within her. It was then she got off of me and then took me into her mouth, her lips moving up and down my shaft, making the orgasm continue to flow. And even after that she continued to move her lips over my organ, continuing to please me till finally I found myself becoming erect again. And then again she climbed on top of me, riding me savagely. Never had I thought that I could find a woman who would be this passionate as she was. We had stayed there by the shore of the river, expressing the passion that we had over and over again, until finally we both could not take it anymore. She lay her body on top of mine, sweaty and spent, we lie there motionless, as we tried to catch her breath. I held her in my arms, as I stared up at the towering trees and the stars in the dark night. I never thought that I could find something like this that I had shared with Elizabeta, making this a special place for more than one reason now. All that I knew was that this was a special woman that I had never thought I could meet. And now that I did, I never want to let her go. That was if she was willing to have me within her heat as she had within her sex.


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