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My Lady's Seduction

Short story By: Michael68

The woman I love decides to show me how much she loves and appreciates me in a special way.

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We stood in the dimly lit motel room, her body pressed against mine as my arms held her so tight and our lips touched so gently in a soft and tender kiss. Oh just the feel of her body against mine brought about such a wonderful sensation to me that I never thought I could ever feel again, That was until the time when I was blessed in meeting my beloved Elizabeth. The way her long amber hair would cascade over her shoulders, those emerald colored eyes and the sultry curves of her body made me so enchanted by her at first. But it had been when I had gotten to know the true woman that she was that made me love her. For six months we had talked about spending some time together, to let ourselves become intimate somewhere private, out of the eyes of the world. I had known that she had her own reservations about doing that. That was why I made sure that we talked about it, so that way she would know that I respected her as much as I did. I wanted to make sure that this was would be something that she really wanted to do, and not be doing it just because she knew that I wanted to.

And now here we were, in the silence of this small motel room, arms entwined and lips pressed against each other so tenderly. I wanted to take this slow, so that way she would not become scared about any of it and that she would feel the true romance that I yearned to show her. As we kissed, I could feel the excitement within me growing so much stronger, to the point where I thought I would not be able to hold back much longer.

It was then she took a step back, breaking the intimate kiss that we were engaged in, as her eyes stared at me with a playful grin on her lips. For a brief moment, she just stood there staring at me, without saying a word. It almost seemed that she was thinking about something that she was not sure if she should reveal it to me. When I saw her look at me, I started to wonder if all of this was moving to fast for her. That she was starting to be afraid of what they were about to do. And because of it, I knew that I had to say something to find out what it could be that she was thinking.

"Are you alright, Elizabeth?" I asked.

"Yes. I want you to do something for me." she said suddenly.

"Anything. What do you want me to do?" I said eagerly.

"Close your eyes and keep them closed until I tell you to open them." she said.

"Why would you want me to do that for you?" I asked.

"It's a surprise. I know that you are going to love it. Trust me." she said softly.

As I closed my eyes I began to wonder what it could be that she would do. Even though she had told me that she had not done anything like this before, I thought that maybe she was planning to do something special. For a moment all that I could hear was the sound of her letting out a sigh, but nothing more than that. In a way the anticipation began to grow within me as I waited to see what it was that she would do. In my mind I could picture a few lustful things that she could be planning to do, and yet none of them seemed to fit with the way that she really was.

"Alright, you can open your eyes now." she said seductively.

When I did, I saw her standing at the foot of the bed, wearing only her black lacy bra and matching g-string. Slowly she made her way to me, as I found myself enchanted by her beauty and seduction. I knew that there was something that I should say to her about the way that she looked, but I found myself unable to speak right at that moment. As she moved, her hips swayed slightly in a playful seduction, knowing that she was something special.

"What do you think? Do you like what you see?" she asked and then giggled slightly.

"Oh God, yes." I replied as I felt my manhood stiffen under the crotch of my pants. "Oh my darling Elizabeth, you are so beautiful. I never thought in my dreams that you could look as beautiful as you do right now."

"You always say the sweetest things to me, Michael. Is this all that you see within your dreams? Or is there more to it than this?" she asked so seductively as she stood in front of me.

There was so much more to what I had always dreamed of her, but yet I found myself embarrassed to even tell her it. Yet, I had the feeling that she could tell what I was thinking just from the expression on my face. My eyes kept looking over the sultry curves of her body and the smooth skin of her 42 double d breasts. Everything about her was perfect to my eyes, making me want her so much more. I wanted to just take her in my arms, kiss her and make love to her right there on the floor. Yet, I had to make sure to take it slow, so that she would not fear me.

"Well, maybe I will give you something to dream about later, Something that you will never forget." she said giggling slightly.

Then she knelt down in front of me, her hand unfastening my pants and pulling them down. And then pulled down my boxers as well, freeing my ridged manhood. I could feel her fingers touching the side of my shaft as she moved her lips closer to it. And then she took me into he mouth, her lips tightening around my shaft as she moved back and forth in a slow easy motion. Just the feel that she was giving me mad me stiffen with such ecstasy as my hands rested on the back on her head. Such pleasure that she was bringing to me, pushing me closer and closer to the edge of my own ecstasy. But right before that could happen she pulled away from me, then slowly got to her feet.

"How was that darling?" she asked so playfully.

"Wonderful. I did not think that you would do something like that. I mean, you always act so shy about everything and now this. Wow." I replied.

"Well, there is a lot more than just that I have for you. I have been wanting this moment for a while now." she said as her hand reached up and gently pulled the front of her bra

Freeing her breast and its hard nipple and then doing the same thing with the other. For the longest time I had wondered what her breasts would look like, how it would feel to touch them, caress them. And now she was offering herself to me, so we could experience just that and more. My hands lifted up and gently cupped her breasts, running my thumbs over her nipples. I could feel her body shivering from my touch as she gasped within such sudden pleasure. Her eyes stayed focused on me, as she took a step closer. Her lips touched mine in a soft and tender kiss as her hands started to take my shirt off. Then we I stood there for a moment, locked within a heated embrace.

Her head tilted back, gasping softly in sweet bliss as she looked at me with such a passionate desire burning within it.

"Why don't I help you out of the rest of your clothes and then you can take me to the bed." she said in a playful voice and then started to kneel down again.

After she had helped me out of my pants, she slowly started to raise herself up. Stopping only once to playfully take my manhood in her mouth and suck on it for a brief moment. I could feel myself throbbing in her mouth, as her hand cupped my testicles, squeezing them slightly. Oh, what such pleasure she was suddenly giving me. Then she stopped and got to her feet, took my hand and led me to the side of the bed. We lay down on it, my body on top o hers as I felt her fingers running up and down my back, her fingers lightly scratching me. As our lips embraced one another so soft and tenderly. Hearing her breath so rapid and soft, as I started to move down her body. My lips tracing every sultry curve of her body, suckling her breast, my tongue licking her nipple, as she moaned even louder. Then down her stomach and to the black g-string, where I moved myself to the side of her body. My hand gently touched her in between her legs, feeling the dampness of her sex through it. As she gasped again in such pleasure and parted her legs slightly.

"Take me Michael. Do what you want to me, I trust you so much and I want to give myself to you." she said softly.

Slowly I pulled her g-string off of her, as he lifted her legs up sensually to help me do so . Then she spread her legs, revealing to me the sensitive petals of her sacred flower. Her hand moved in between her legs, fingers lightly stroking her it as her hips started to grind. Right when I was going to lower myself down in between her legs she stopped me. Saying that she had something special for me. And who was I to deny her the chance to give me something that she wanted to share with me.

She lay me on my back and then straddled her body over mine, her legs parted with my head in between them, staring at her glistening sex. Then she took me in her mouth again as my tongue ran over the lips of her sex. Hearing her muffled moans as her lips tightened around my shaft. The sweet taste of her sex intoxicated me as I felt myself diving deeper into the sweet seduction that she was giving me.

Then she stopped and repositioned herself on top of me, straddling herself over my hips and then lowered herself down onto my stiff manhood. Feeling myself penetrate into her womanhood as she let out a loud moan and her hips started to grind in a rhythmic motion. My hands rested on her hips feeling my skin rub against her clit, making her gasp and moan even more. Slowly I started to sit up, my arms wrapped around her as her legs wrapped around me, making me dive even deeper inside her. Her grind became faster as our lips met in a deep passionate kiss, I could feel the muscles of her sex gripping me, as she continued to grind.

"Oh Michael, take me. I want you on top of me. Make love to me like you want to." she begged, breathing heavily.

Without thinking I pulled her close to me, holding her tight as I rolled her onto her back. Keeping myself inside of her as her legs stayed wrapped around my back. I started thrusting, the friction between us intensifying the pleasure between us as I held her hands, fingers entwined. My eyes gazing into hers as we moved in a slow and sweet rhythm, absorbed within the pleasure which we were sharing. She lifted her legs up my back, till they were against the back of my shoulders. While we whispered words of our love, moaning each others name. Till I could feel the pressure building deep within me, knowing there was no way that I could hold back any longer. That was when I started to thrust even faster.

"That's it my love. Go as hard as you want. I want to feel it. I want to feel you explode inside of me." she begged in a whispering voice.

Each thrust brought us to the edge of our climax, the pleasure between us growing stronger than we thought it could ever be. Trying to hold back as long as I could, to make the moment last as long as I could. But t was no use, as I felt myself explode within her womb. My liquid essence draining inside her, as I moaned our her name so passionately. Right when mine ended, hers began, gripping me so tightly as she moaned and gasped suddenly.

My body gently draped over hers, as we lay there cuddling, sweaty and spent. Our lips met in soft and gentle kisses again, not wanting to have our bodies move for a moment as the bliss of the moment started to ebb.

"I love you, Michael. I hope that I pleased you." she whispered softly.

"I love you too Elizabeth. You have pleased me more than I have ever thought you could. Of course, you always please me, my love. With everything that you do." I replied softly.

She giggled softly as I felt her fingers running through my hair, a feeling that soothed me and thrilled me at the same time.

"Well then…" she started to say softly. "maybe we can see how far our passion can go tonight. I mean, we have the room all night anyway."


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