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Love's Passion (Part 1)

Short story By: Michael68

A night of passion with my beloved makes my dreams of love and desire come true.

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She stood in the opened bathroom doorway, the sight of her silhouette was all that I could see of her at the moment. Every alluring curve of her body awoke such a desire within me that I had never known before. For a moment she just stood there, as I felt her stare of burning desire pressing against my skin. Within that moment as I stood at the foot of the bed, I watched her as not a word could be uttered from my lips. No words except for one….beautiful.

"Are you ready for the present that I have for you?" she said in a sultry voice.

"You know I am ready for you. I have been waiting for this night to be alone with you for so long." I finally said.

"As I for you. All that I could think about is this night and being able to get so close to you." she said as she made her way to me.

Her silhouette diminished, revealing every sultry detail of the tanned skin of her perfect body. Showing the black lacy bra and matching g-string, the fishnet stocking and high heels which complimented her beauty so much. She was every dream of lust and love that I had ever had, made real. Her hands gently raised up and ran her fingers through her long amber hair, as her eyes stayed focused on me. Like a cat that was stalking its prey. The whole hips swayed slightly in a seductive way, knowing that the longing within me was growing stronger with every step closer she got. When she reached me, we stood facing each other at the edge of the large king sized bed, her lips showed a playful grin as her hand reached up and gently touched the side of my face.

"Oh my darling Elizabeth, just to share this night with you is more than I could ever imagine we would share. How deep my love does burn within my heart for you. And how I yearn to share the passion and desires with you that I have been holding inside." I said in a soft voice,

"Oh Michael, you are so special to me. I love you more than you can ever know. And tonight I will make all your dreams come true. Every fantasy that you have ever had of us shall now become real." she said seductively as she stepped in even closer to me.

Her lips moved close to mine, as if to give me a soft and gentle kiss. But stopped centimeters from mine, hovering there as I felt her hot breath touching the skin of my face. The sweet flowery scent of her perfume surrounded me, the feel of her firm, 38 DD breasts pressed against my chest, as I was absorbed into the temptation that she was giving me. How I wanted to taste her kiss so much, as my arms wrapped around her, holding her so tight. For that one kiss from her would breath new life into my heart, and such sweet ecstasy that would succumb my soul.

"Oh my darling, why are you torturing me so much? Can't you see how much I do long for the taste of your kiss. Please my love, torture me no more, for all that I wish is to love you with every ounce of my being." I begged to her in a whisper.

"I am not torturing you, but seeing how much patience you have for me, Sometimes when you wait, the prize will be even greater when you wait for it to come naturally." she said softly as her fingers moved over my back. "Close your eyes and put yourself in my hands."

I did as she asked, knowing that there was nothing to fear with her. And I wanted to see how she planned to seduce. me. As I stood there with my eyes closed, I could feel the touch of her fingers moving over my skin. Arousing me with such intensity that I had never felt before. The whole time she did this I could hear her whisper one word to me. Wait….Wait…. Each time she would speak these words I could feel her lips lightly caress my forehead, my cheek. the side of my neck, my chin. I felt like I would no longer be able to contain myself, as my member grew stiff within the fabric of my boxers and pressed against her. I knew that she could tell what she was doing to me and liked it. Hoping that this would not last for too long. Then her lips gently touched mine as I felt the passion ignite within my soul. The feel of her lips upon mine awakened my soul with such passion as I willingly became her slave, her student , eagerly awaiting her next command. Outside we could here the rumble of the approaching storm, while within this room soft candlelight illuminated through the shadows. The more than I felt her lips caressing mine, the stronger the hunger for her love grew within me. Oh, how I yearned to open my eyes and let the true desire bathe her sultry body. To give her all the pleasure that I hold within me and let it envelope her like a cloud. Yet, I did not wish to go against my Lady's request. For it might seem as if I could not contain myself with her. Even though she did not know how true that could be. Our lips continued to embrace one another, mouths opening slightly and tongues searching for one another. Without any thought, my hands reached up and gently fondled her breasts through the silken fabric of her bra. I could hear her muffled means as her kiss grew deeper and more passionate. Then she leaned her head back, breaking the connections of our lips, as she let out a sigh.

"Oh my darling Michael, isn't that more wonderful because you waited for the moment to happen?" she whispered in a panting voice.

"Yes my Love, it truly is. Your kiss is sweeter than the finest nectar. Making me long for more of it each time you give me a taste of it." I answered as I opened my eyes and gazed at her.

She looked at me with a stare of such burning desire, as I could feel her hand on the back of my head, her fingers running through my hair. For a brief instant we just stood there in each others arms, looking at each other so lovingly. Then she leaned forward and kissed me once again, as she slowly backed me to the bed. When I felt the side of the bed against my back thigh, she told me to sit down. Eagerly I did, waiting to see what my angel will have in store with me. As I sat on the edge of the bed, I looked up at her smiling. Her green eyes looked down at me, so lovingly and tender. Her fingers moving over the fabric of her bra, as she breathed deeply. Then took her hand and gently moved the strap of her bra over her shoulder and then down her arm. And then did the same with the other one, as her eyes remained focused on me. Revealing the top, sloping curves of her breasts. Then her arm moved over the front of her breasts, while her other arm reached in back of her and unfastened her bra. Slowly, my beloved Elizabeth moved her arm away, letting the bra fall to the floor and revealing the beauty of her breasts and now hard nipples. She smiled at me so lovingly as she stepped closer, in between my parted legs. Her breasts so close to my face as it was obvious what she wanted me to do. And who was I to deny the needs of my beloved. My head leaned forward, letting my lips lightly caress her nipple. My mouth suckling on it so gently, while my hand cupped her other breast, my thumb rubbing over her nipple. I could feel her body shivering under my touch, my caress, as she moaned and sighed in sweet ecstasy. My mouth pressed even tighter against the soft skin of her breast, making her moan even more as her head tilted back. My other hand reached around her and grabbed the curved cheek of her ass, making her let out a sudden gasp. Her body trembling even more and I knew that soon she would no longer be able to stand.

"Oh Michael, you weaken me with your passion. I must sit before I collapse right here on the floor before you." she said breathlessly.

Without a chance for me to respond to my beloved, she stepped back from my embrace and then sat down on the edge of the bed next to me. Our lips met again in a tender kiss, arms wrapped around each other, as I slowly laid her down onto the mattress. And my beloved Elizabeth showed no restraint to what I was doing. When she lay on her back, our lips continued caressing one another, as her fingers ran through my short brown hair. Slowly, I moved my head slightly away from hers, as she smiled and her eyes sparkled with new life in them.

"My darling Michael, do what you want to me. If there is any part of my body that pleases you, I will give it you willingly. All that I long for is to please you and share my life with you." she said softly.

Without saying a word in response to her, my lips touched her again as the desire I felt burned even stronger now then before. My lips moved down to the side of her neck, my tongue running over her skin, pressing against it firmly. Elizabeth moaned and squirmed under my caress as she called out my name and begged me not to stop. Moving my lips from one side of her neck to the other slowly, letting her embrace the pleasure that I was giving her. Her breath growing so deep as her hand rested on the back of my head. Just hearing her like this brought about such excitement within my soul, knowing that I was pleasing my Lady so much. When I pulled away I glanced down at her breasts and could see goose bumps on her skin as her chest moved up and down in a rapid motion. Never before had I ever seen such a reaction that I have caused a woman to have.

"You see how my body reacts to you, receiving the pleasure that you give me. And how I want so much more of your love, my darling." she said in an excited tone.

"Yes my love, I can see that. Oh. if you know how I crave the same from you as well." I replied so sweetly.

And you shall, but for now please me more if you wish. Make my desire for you ignite into an uncontrolled blaze. Let me be absorbed by your love for me." she begged in a seductive tone.

Oh such a request I knew I could not ignore for it was all that I longed to do. To please more than she ever had been before. My lips caressed hers once again and then started to travel down her body. Kissing and tasting her skin as I moved, as she moaned softly in the pleasure of the moment. Sucking her breasts, my teeth lightly biting her breasts, making her back arch up, forcing her breast deeper into my eager mouth. And then down her stomach, down to her lacy black g-string. Gently I started pulling them down off of her, revealing the patch of her pubic hair and her silken cleft. Her legs parted as I placed myself in between them and lowered my head to her glistening sex. My tongue running over her forbidden lips as her hips started to grind, as the taste of her sex intoxicated me so much. Mouth sucking upon her clit, making her scream out in such ecstasy. Calling out my name in a soft, passionate voice as her hands rested on the back of my head. She gasped when she felt my tongue penetrate inside of her, sliding in and out slowly, moving about, touching all sides inside her womanhood. Just the taste of her made me want to keep going, till she begged me that she could not take much longer. Her legs rested on my shoulders as my fingers gently separated the lips of her sex and then ran my tongue in between them. Tasting the nectar of her sex flowing even greater, moving over her g-spot over and over again as her body trembled in such excitement.

"Oh my love, I don't think I could take much more. Please let me please you now. Let me make you feel such pleasure as you have been giving me." she begged.

My head lifted up from between her parted, silky legs, my eyes looking at her so lovingly. I know that it is obvious that she knows that is what I want from her. Slowly I lay next to her on my back, as she climbs on top of me. Straddling over my manhood through my shorts, her fingers lightly scratching my chest. Her eyes looking down at me, burning with such desire and passion and yet she doesn't say a word to me. Then she moves down my body, pulling my boxer shorts off of me and freeing my erect manhood. She looks down at it as her smile grows even wider. I could feel her fingers moving gingerly over my shaft, arousing me so much as I let out a slight moan. Then she lowered herself down onto me, taking me in her mouth. Feeling her lips tightening around my shaft, as she made me feel such pleasure that I never thought I could ever feel. She kept moving her mouth over me, heightening the excitement within me, to the point where I thought that I would not be able to contain myself any longer. It was then that she stopped and then sat up looking at me with such a playful smile on her lips.

"My darling, there is something that I want to try with you. Something that I know we both will enjoy." she said in a seductive tone.

"Do what you want my love, I am yours." I replied.

It was then she positioned herself over my eager manhood, her hand holding its shaft as she lowered herself down on it. I could feel me penetrate through the lips of her sex, as she gasped suddenly and then started to grind on top of me. Her feet next to the sides of my shoulders as she continued to move in such a passionate motion. My hands holding onto her waist as I started to thrust up inside of her. Feeling the muscles of her sex tighten around my shaft, gripping me as I thrust deeper inside of her. Her head tilted back, as she moaned out in such sweet ecstasy.

"Oh Michael, my darling, you are touching all three g-stops at the same time. I never thought any man could do this to me. Can you feel the friction our bodies are creating. Oh my love, it is so wonderful." she said in a panting voice.

"Yes….Oh yes Elizabeth."

Her body shook wildly as she let out a loud moan, her eyes rolled up as she smiled in such satisfaction.

"Michael….I never thought that I could feel something so wonderful as this. Give it to me my love. Let me feel it." she begged.

I knew what she was saying, and that soon I would be able to give her it, For the pressure was building within me. Knowing that soon it would release within her, like I longed for it to do. Her body continued to grind on top of me, as the pressure grew stronger and stronger. Till finally I could not hold back any longer. Without even saying a word, I felt myself explode inside her. Feeling it flow within her womb, like a river into the sea.

"Oh Michael…..I can feel it…..It's so warm….You are cumming so much…" she screamed in such ecstasy.

I kept thrusting inside her, letting myself drain into her womb, as her head tilted back and she moaned. It was then that her climax flooded through her and she collapsed forward on top of me. My arms wrapped around her, as we kissed each other so tenderly. My fingers moving through her hair, as we both tried to catch her breath.

"Oh my darling, was this everything that you ever dreamed it would be." she whispered as she raised her head to me.

"That and so much more. This night will forever be etched within my mind and my heart forever. I love you so much. And you are the only woman I would want to share something so special like this with."

"Just wait….the night is not over with yet. There still is so much more that I want to share with you my darling." she said smiling.


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