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Let Me Please You (Part 2)

Short story By: Michael68

The story continues of how far a man is willing to please his woman.

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She lay there in the sweet ecstasy of her nakedness, the silk sheets caressed her tanned skin. As I watched her even more, feeling the yearning to please her all over again. Feeling the lustful yearning burning within me, to the point where I could not take it any longer. Her fingers lightly stroking her glistening lips of her wet sex, as her eyes stared at me with such a fiery passion, I wasn't sure if it had been the Champaign we consumed, or the yearning desires that we were feeling. Slowly I crawled on the bed to her, my eyes looked at with such a lustful seriousness in my eyes. When she looked at me, a playful smile appeared on her lips.
"And what do you intend to do with me., you wicked Tiger." she said in a playful voice.
"I am going to please you my darling. To give you such pleasure that you have longed for." I said.
"But, I thought that it was my turn to please you." she said in a confused tone.
"No, not yet. I am still don't want to stop what I want to give you.. But you have to trust me, no matter what."
"Of course I trust you. This body is yours to do whatever you wish….to give you all the pleasure that you could long for." she said.
"Good." I said as I slowly grabbed her hands and then tied them to the headboard with a black silk scarf.
I could see her body stiffening as the scarf tightened around her wrists. Her eyes looked up at me, showing not only that of a fiery passion , but also of a slight fear appearing in them as well. I really didn't think anything about it, because she could have said no right away. After I had her hands secured, I knelt down next to her. My hand reached over, fingers running through her long amber hair, as I looked at her so lovingly. It was then that I pulled out a blindfold from underneath the pillow and then placed it over her eyes. She giggled as the blindfold gently covered her sight. Then my hands started to travel over her breasts, fingers touching the firm skin of her large breasts and pouting nipples. Making her body shiver from my touch, as she tried to remain still, not letting me know I was getting to her. But I already knew without her saying a world. Hearing her gasp and moan softly as her back arched slightly, shoving her breasts into the palms of my hands when I pinch her nipple. She wanted to speak out in such pleasure and yet her lips remained silent. But the expression on her face made it evident to what it was that she was feeling. Her bottom lip quivered in such anticipation as her body shivered not knowing what I would do next to her.
"Now shall I show you such pleasure that you have never felt before." I whispered.
She said nothing as her body stiffened. My hands continued to cup her breasts, fingers circling her hard nipples, Pinching them slightly, and pulling them forward, bringing a mixture of pleasure and pain. She moaned as her head thrashed from side to side, not able to bear the ecstasy that I was bringing to her.
"Oh yes…..Oh yes…." she begged
My lips moved down the side on her neck, then moving to her breasts, mouth suckling on her firm tanned skin, tongue running over her nipple. Her body shivering even more as she let out a moan. She could feel her body opening like a flower to his lustful demands. Eagerly longing to be filled with the desires and passion that he had for her. She could feel her body yearning for him, for the chance to be filled by him…..to complete her. The more that she could feel his lips sucking hard on her breasts the stronger the waves of passion consumed her. She knew that if she were to beg him to stop, her pleas would have fallen onto deaf ears. All that she could see was the shroud of darkness before her eyes, as each touch sent a sensation through her like electricity coursing through her veins.
"What…..What are you doing to me?" she asked in a terrified voice.
"All I can tell you is to relax and you will enjoy it so much more."
She nodded her head in terror, even though part of her was more aroused than anything. My hand slowly moved down her stomach, feeling her skin trembling even more as her breath became rapid. My fingers moving through the small patch of her pubis and then down in between her legs, to those silken lips that glistening with her dew. Her body jerked from the feel of my first touch, but didn't try to close her thighs to me in rejection. Making it seem as if she invited my unknown pleasure that she was receive from me. My fingers lightly stroked the lips of her sex, hearing her moan as my mouth sucked harder on her breast. Her back arched, shoving her breast into my mouth as she begged for me not to stop. She could feel my eager fingers sliding inside her sex briefly. She gasped as her hands grips the silken scarf that bound her wrists.
"Oh my God, why are you torturing me so much?" she begged.
"Because you want to know how I can please you. And I promised you that I would not disappoint you.." I replied in a soft and tender voice.
My hands slowly removed from her now wet sex, and then reached over for the bottle of champagne. I could see there was very little left , but just enough for what I had in mind. Gently I poured a little of it on her breast and then my mouth instantly ravaged it. Making her moan as she felt a rush of ecstasy flowing through her. The taste of her skin and champagne intoxicating me so much. Desire growing stronger, feeling that longing for her growing even more. But I knew that I had to hold back. To wait for the moment when she would beg me to be inside her. I poured more of the champagne on the other breast and then did the same. I could hear her moans growing louder as her body shivered wildly. Letting her feel my teeth graze over her hard nipple, driving her deeper into a frenzy of such lustful carnal desires. She could feel my lips moving down her quivering stomach, over the small patch of her pubis and then to the glistening rosebud of her sex. The cool liquid of the champagne sent a chill running down her spine as her body stiffened for a moment. Then his tongue was the next thing that she felt, licking and sucking upon her defenseless sex. She was helpless to the lustful actions that he would do to her. In a way she wanted to beg him to stop, telling him that she could not take it any longer. But she said nothing, for fear that I would just ignore her pleas, which was the one thing that I would have done anyway. My tongue was removed and then something else took its place at the entrance of her sex, Smooth and hard, running in between her lips at first and then penetrated her. Slowly it entered her, as she gasped and body stiffened. It was then she realized that it was the champagne bottle invading her. The deeper it went in, the more it stretched the walls of her sex. Screaming out in both pleasure and pain, and yet not wanting this to stop.
"Oh my God……What are you doing to me?" she screamed. ] "Doesn't this bring your pleasure like you never felt before?"
"Yes…..Oh yes….." she screamed.
"Well, I can't have you screaming like this or the neighbors will disturb us." I said as O moved closer to her head.
My hand still thrusting the bottle in and out of her sex, as the tip of my manhood touched her lips, Without her thinking, she took me in her mouth, sucking hard as my free hand rested on the back of her head. Listening to her muffled moans as I pulled her head closer to me. Feeling my manhood sliding down her throat as she her body shook as the first orgasm flooded through her. And yet I continued on, knowing that I was not done with what I wanted from her. I could feel her teeth lightly grazing over the skin of my shaft, exciting me even more. My hips starting to move as I fucked her mouth, increasing the pleasure which she was giving me and I giving to her. I could feel myself wanting to explode inside her, to drain my essence into her hungry mouth. But that was not what I wished for and would not let happen. For I wanted to make this be a moment that she would not forget.
lowly, I pulled myself out of her mouth and told her onto her side. The bottle still inside of her, as I got behind her and then thrust my manhood into her ass. Making her scream in pain as it drove deep inside her, while the bottle continued to thrust within her sex. Sending her into a world wind of delight so great that she had never felt before. Her orgasm flooded through her now more quickly as she screamed out my name. Begging to flood inside her, to feel my orgasm fill her up like she longed for ever since this whole game started. It was then that I could not hold back any longer and exploded within such ecstasy within her ass, thrusting harder and harder, draining all my essence within her. Till finally, we lay there exhausted, sweaty and spent….Knowing that I have pleased her with all my soul. Or at least for now I have.


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