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Let Me Please You

Short story By: Michael68

Mark longs to please his love and bring such tender passion that will consume her soul.

Submitted:Jul 21, 2010    Reads: 3,642    Comments: 5    Likes: 3   

He gazed at her with such enchantment as he found himself entranced by her beauty. Eve though he had been with many women in the past, there was something about Marge that made her surpass all the others. The way her long ebony hair cascaded over her shoulders and the white dress that she wore hugged every sultry curve of her body, made it impossible for him to resist her beauty. Mark stood by the leather couch watching as she made her way to him. Each movement that her body did was like poetry in motion, sheer perfection to his eyes. She smiled so playfully at him, not saying a word to him. But in her eyes he could see that there was something that she wanted to reveal to him. Something that she longed to share and tonight would be the night that she would receive it.

"I know that you have been wanting to be alone with me for a while now. Watching me with such a longing within your eyes. That is why I invited you over. To give you that which you probably have dreamed of for a while now." she said as she stopped in front of him.

"What would you like for me to do?" he asked, then suddenly felt like a fool for saying it.

Her hand reached up and gently touched his chest as she stepped closer to him. Marge's lips hovered centimeters from his as he felt her hot breath on the skin of his face and the sweet scent of her perfume enicing him so much. Mark was not sure if she was just playing a game with him, to see what he would do, or if she was serious about what she was hinting about. Her hand reached up and touched the side of his face, her fingers lightly running over his skin. Just from that touch he could feel the tension of his manhood pressing within his pants. Making him want her so much, that he thought that he would not be able to resist her.

"I want you to please me. So many men always want me to please them, not even trying to do the same with me. Assuming that in the end I would be satisfied by what we shared. So you must please me. Make me want you to the point where I can not hold back any longer." she whispered in a soft, seductive tone. "Can you do that?"

"I believe that I can." he whispered.

Their lips met in a soft and tender kiss as his arms gently wrapped around her. Her body pressed against his, feeling her breasts crushed against his chest as her breath started to become rapid. Then she stepped back and turned so her back was facing him. Instantly Mark came up behind her, his one arm wrapped around her fingers lightly cupping her breast through the thin fabric of her dress. The other brushed her long hair away from her shoulder, then his lips caressed her neck so lightly and tender. She let out a gasp as she backed into him. Her head tilted back slightly, just enough for her to rest it on his shoulder. Then his free hand came around her and cupped her other breast. Feeling that she was not wearing a bra underneath it, as her erect nipples started to leave an imprint in the fabric as she breathed deeply, which quickly faded.

"Oh Mark, please me any way you can. But the only thing is that you can not penetrate me. Not yet." she gasped.

"As you wish my lady." he replied softly in her ear.

He turned her around and then gently laid her down onto the couch. Her eyes sparkling with such excitement, eagerly waitng to see what he would do next to her. Mark sat on the edge of the couch next to her, leaning over and kissing her again so lightly. While his hand gently moved over her breast and down her body, to the short hem of her dress. Touching the bare skin of her thigh, making her jump slightly. Then moving his fingers up, lightly scratching her in a small circular motion, till finally disappearing underneath the skirt of her dress. Continuing to move upward, as she let out muffled moans and her hand gently rested on his chest. It was then that Mark felt the silken fabric of her laced panties. His fingers started to stroke the petals of her rosebud through them as her gasps became slightly louder as her legs parted, inviting in her touch. He pulled his head away from her, looking down at her with a playful grin.

"Oh Mark, please me even more. This can not be all that you are going to do to me." she begged.

"Of course not, my love. This is just to warm you up for what I truly intend to do to you." he replied.

His other hand reached down and started to lift the skirt of her dress up to her hips. Revealing the sultry curves of her thighs and the silken which laced panties that now were starting to become damp from her excitement. His hand reached for the top of them and then slowly started to pull them down her thighs. She lifted her butt up slightly, so he would have no difficulty getting them off of her. After he had taken them off her, his hand gently lifted her foot that was still wearing her high heel shoes. His lips leaned down to it and then started to caress her ankle. His tongue darting along her firm skin, making her moan and gasp even more. Slowly his lips started moving up her inner thigh, each caress sending a wave of pleasure through her. Till finaly he had reached her Venus mound. His tongue lightly running over the lips of her sex, mouth suckling her clit, as his arms placed her legs over his shoulders, leaving her defenseless. She could feel his lips and tongue licking, stroking and suckling her sex, driving her into a wondrous frenzy of pleasure that she thought she no man would ever make her feel. His tongue sliding inside of her, flickering about touching all the walls around it. She moaned and begged him not to stop as his hands reached up and fondled her breasts again. Her eyes closed and back arched shoving her breasts into the eager palms of his hands. Feeling her hard nipples protruding through the fabric of her breasts. Her head thrashed from side to side, strands of her hair falling in front of her face as beads of sweat started to roll down her forehead. Before too long her climax flooded through her like a tidal wave. Draining her strength as his tongue tasted it, licking up every drop of her sweet nectar. But when she thought that he was finished, he did not stop. Mark continued to caress her delicate, wet sex, making her feel the pleasure starting to build within her once again. Over and over her climax flooded through her as she moaned and screamed out his name. Until finally an hour later, he lifted his head up from her parted legs, and looked at her face. She lay there, her chest heaving eyes burning with such a desire as her hands reached down and touched the sides of his face.

"Have I pleased you enough? Was that what you longed for Marge? Or shall I continue till you feel you are fulfilled?" he asked in a seductive tone.

"Oh no, please don't. I don't think I could take much more of this. You pleased me more than you can ever know." she said as she tried to catch her breath. "And when I can get my breath, it will be my turn to please you my darling Mark."


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