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Lesson in Love

Short story By: Michael68

Within the silence of her bedroom she will teach him more than he ever thought a woman can.

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"Let me be your teacher in the ways of love. I can show you all the ways to please a woman. Isn't that what you truly long for?" she said in a seductive voice as she moved toward him.1

Tristan knew there was no way that he could deny the truth from her. She knew for some time now he had wanted her, even though he never told her about it. Now that he was with Xandra in her apartment, she was going to find out the truth from him. His face burned with excitement and embarrassment, seeing her coming towards him. For he had often dreamed about her dressed the way she was, but never thought that he would actually see her like this. Wearing a black g-string with black fishnet stockings, garter belt and high heels. Showing off her well-rounded, firm 48 DD breasts, with its pouting nipples, and pink, round areolas. Her hands moving over them in such a seductive way, as her eyes stayed focused on him. Xandra gave him a playful smile as she stood close to him, her hand touching his chest as she waited to hear his response. 2

"I…I…" he said and then hesitated for a moment. "Yes….Oh yes, please do."3

He knew that there was no way that he could resist her even if he tried. When he looked into those emerald eyes of hers, he found himself wanting to get lost with them. His hand gently touched the side of her face, as she stepped closer to him. The sweet aroma of her perfume intoxicated him as he felt her breasts pressed against his chest. 4

"Tell me Tristan, what you want to do to me. Tell me what secret desire you want me to make come true.," she whispered.5

"I…I don't know. I never thought about what fantasies I wanted to come true." he said in a nervous tone.6

Xandra looked at him smiling as her hand gently touched the side of his face. Her lips moving closer to his, until they were hovering centimeters away. He could feel her hot breath touching his skin, as the longing for her burned so intense, like an inferno in his soul. How he wanted to take her now. Feel the pleasure of him inside her as they rode the waves of their passion. But his fear that he would do something wrong kept him from doing that. His heart pounding so hard in his chest as she asked him again what he wanted from her. The whole time, he could feel her hand moving down the side of his body and then in front of it, touching his ridged manhood through the fabric of his pants. Just the feel of her touch, made him let out a sudden gasp.7

"Do you like me touching you like this? Does it feel good to you?" she asked in a whisper.8

"Oh yes, my love. Yes, it does." he said and then started leaning to her to kiss her. 9

"No, not yet. I want to see how much self-control you have. And I want to show you the way that a woman would like to be kissed. Romantically….not so rushed and harsh." she whispered. "Close your eyes."10

Tristan did as she asked, not knowing what it was that she was going to do. But the excitement that she was making build within him made him not really worry about him. For he trusted her and loved her more than he had ever done with any other woman. He wanted to ask her what she was up to, but all that he could hear her whisper was one word. WAIT! Each time that she said it, he could feel the urge to kiss her growing even stronger within his soul. He could feel her lips lightly caressing his forehead, his cheek, his chin, making him yearn more and more for her kiss. He had no idea how long he could hold out, before he would no longer be able to hold back. 11

"Kiss me….softly …gently...." she said as her lips gently touched his each time. " Don't force it on me….show me your tenderness ….that will make me want you even more."12

His hands moved up and down her back, fingers moving over her smooth skin. With each kiss she gave him, he could feel the desire for her burning even stronger. Xandra continued to kiss him softly, her breath starting to become rapid, as her hand continued stroking the crotch of his pants. Feeling it throbbing under her touch. It was then that she stopped and took a step back, showing such a playful grin on her lips. Tristan just stood there looking at her in disappointment, wondering what she was up to. 13

"Come with me." she said softly as she took his hand.14

Tristan didn't know what her intentions were, but was not going to refuse her. Not after the way she had just made him feel. For the hunger for the passion which he felt, now could not ignore. And if she were to turn him away, he would surely not be able to handle the frustration of it. She had led him down the hallway and then into her bedroom. Before she opened it, she turned around to face him and then kissed him again. Making the longing for her stay at the intensity that it had been a moment ago. Then she opened the door and walked inside. Xandra made her way over to a large king sized canopy bed with sheer black curtains that were draped over the corners of it. As she moved, he watched her move, the way her hips swayed from side to side so seductively. When she reached the bed, she turned and looked at him. Then motioned him to come to her without saying a word. He moved toward her as the anticipation built up so strong within his soul. When he reached her, he stood there, as her hands reached out and gently touched the side of his face again. Their lips met in another gentle embrace, their tongues searching for each other. Slowly, she started to undress him as her lips caressed the side of his neck. He could feel her fingers scratching lightly over the skin of his chest. the feel of it sent another wane of pleasure coursing through him. Stiffening his body as he let out a soft moan. Before he knew it, he was standing naked in front of her, his hard member ridged and eager for whatever she would teach him next. Her hands slowly pushed the g-string that she wore down till it fell effortlessly to her feet and then she stepped out of it. Revealing the small patch of pubic hair as her hand moved in between her legs and touched the lips of her sex. Her breath became rapid as her other hand reached out and grabbed his and then placed it in between her legs. His fingers touching the wet lips of her sex, as she moved them back and forth slowly.15

"Be gentle baby….remember I am very sensitive down there….You don't want to hurt me….A woman wants to be treated….to be loved with a gentle touch." she whispered, breathing heavily. 16

And his touch was just that, as he felt her quiver under it., as her hands rested on his shoulders. Xandra begged him not to stop…telling him where exactly to touch her, as her leaned into him and caressed his neck again. It was then he felt his fingers slide inside her, as she gasped louder in acceptance to his fingers penetration. 17

"Oh yes my love…that is it…you are doing so well…it feels so good." she moaned.18

Her hand reached down and lightly grabbed the shaft of his manhood, starting to stroke it. Watching his face as he showed the excitement and pleasure that she was giving him. 19

"Tell me what you want baby? I am yours…tell me what you want to do to me….what you want me to do to you." she begged softly.20

"Show me all your passion Xandra. Show me how much you love me….how much you want me." he said.21

"Lay down on the bed, baby. And I will show you all the passion that I have for you. To teach you everything that you need to know to love a woman…..To love me the way that I l want you too." she begged in a passionate voice.22

Tristan did what she wanted as he crawled onto the bed and then lay in the middle of it. His attention went to her, watching as she crawled on all four toward him, like a cat stalking its prey. Then she straddled over him, her sex inches from his face as she told him to please her. To taste her sex, taste how much she wanted him. His head lifted up as his tongue ran over the glistening lips of her sex. His tongue and mouth caressing the sensitive lips of her womanhood, as she lowered her head down on him, taking his manhood into her mouth. Feeling her lips tighten around his shaft as she moved up and down it, feeding the lustful hunger that she was feeling for him, and the same that he had for her. The taste of her sex intoxicated him, as he kept feeling her mouth pleasing him so tenderly, as her mouth moved faster on his manhood. His mouth, his tongue continued to attack her sex, as she let out muffled moans of pleasure. Until finally they both could not take it much longer and she slowly lifted herself off of him. But only so she could straddle over him again, resting herself on him. The side of his shaft pressed in between the lips of her sex, as she started to move back and forth the length of it. Her moans and gasps became louder, her head tilted back and then she looked at him with a lustful expression on her face.23

"Oh Tristan……can that feel how wonderful that is……how wonderful my sex feels against your manhood….oh Tristan." she moaned.24

"Oh Xandra….that feels so wonderful….I never knew that this could feel so good." he said as his hand reached over and lightly stroked her clit.25

She gasped at his touch as she continued to grind him. He had no idea how long he could last, but wanted the pleasure that she was giving him to continue. His member throbbed under her and he knew that she could feel it. For she looked down at him, smiling. Then lifted herself up briefly, her hand going in between her legs and then held onto his manhood as she lowered herself onto it. He could feel himself penetrate her, as she gasped deeply. 26

"Sit up baby and hold me." she said breathing rapidly.27

He did as she sat and then her legs wrapped around him as he felt himself going even deeper inside her. Her body started to grind, feeling the friction burning between them. He held onto her tightly, feeling the muscles of her sex tighten around him, gripping him. the pleasure between them, burning through his soul. as she kissed him passionately. Begging for him not to stop, to keep going , to continue to please her the way he was.28

"Oh my God….can you feel how deep you are in me? Can you feel how tight I am?" she moaned so passionately. 29

"Yes…Oh yes, my darling Xandra." he moaned.30

She continued to grind as the passion between them grew stronger and stronger, their arms tightened around each other, as he felt her nipples rubbing against his chest. He could feel the pressure building within his loins, longing to explode inside of her. Till finally he couldn't take it any longer, and he felt himself explode within her. His liquid essence draining into her womb. Once his climax has ended, hers began, as she screamed out in sweet ecstasy. Her nails scratching his back as she said over and over again how much she loved him. Then when it ended, her head rested on his shoulder, lips lightly kissing his next. 31

"Did you enjoy the lesson, my love. I have so much more that I can show you….if you ever want to find out." she whispered in a loving voice.32

Tristan knew that what she said was the truth, and in a way it started to excite him all over again. The curiosity to know what it could be that she would show him next. But only time would tell what more she would show him. What other lessons of love she would share with him.


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