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Last Night In Paradise

Short story By: Michael68

The last night on a tropical island alone, she finds a passion which will last for a lifetime.

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It was the time when the world takes many colors, transitioning from sunshine to twilight. She swayed slowly back and forth in a woven hammock, contemplatively watching the wind. It created tiny triangular waves in the ocean and teased the palm fronds about her into movement. The tone of her tanned skin had deepened by a day in the sun, and it was strikingly contrasted with a red string bikini and yellow trunks. On the ground near the hammock was a checkered blanket, nostalgic wicker picnic basket, two wineglasses, an empty bottle of vino, and a platter of half-eaten fruits and cheeses.

Tonight was her last in paradise. The picnic was over. The man she had shared it with was in the air somewhere over the Pacific, returning home. The sun was leaving. Tomorrow, so would she.

She closed her eyes, letting her hand dangle loosely, fingering grains of sand. She didn't want to go home. The place she was detached from reality; she liked it there. It was as if this was the place that she had searched for all her life and now had to depart from it. Part of her knew that she had to while another part wanted her to stay, for there was nothing waiting for her back home. Back in what she had started to think of as her other life. She had already lost her job and this was a getaway for her that her friends had given her, so she could get her head together. The only thing that she was not aware of was what the man had planned, which he had revealed tonight, before he left. Telling her how what they had was special, but that he was married and couldn't leave his wife. She knew that it was that he didn't want to leave his wife. Thinking of her as just some tropical fling, leaving the secret here on this island, so no one would find out. She didn't let herself shed a tear, not even when she watched him drive away. For in her mind she believed that he didn't deserve to see that. Pf course, once she had returned to the hammock and was alone, she let the tears flow free. Now, she felt that there were no more tears that she could shed, even if she were to try. As she lay there in the hammock watching the brilliance of the sunset, there was something deep inside of her that wished that she could have found. Something that she was not sure about right at that moment. Her whole life she had dreamed of a place like this, but never thought that she would actually be here. Now that she was, she found herself missing something that would have made it perfect.

As she lay there, she thought about him, and how he had played her as a fool. For she had believed that tonight was going to be one of those romantic nights that she had dreamed of for so long. To feel the passion between them, like they had a few times already, since they had met on the island. But she had not expected this to happen. The thought of the passion that they would have shared had built up in her so much that her body was now craving it. Yearning for his touch, which she knew to well she would not feel.

She closed her eyes again, feeling the warm breeze of the Pacific gently caressing her face. Picturing him make love to her on the hot sand of the beach. Their naked bodies pressed against each other, limbs entwined, as they explored the boundaries of their passion. As if this would have been their first time, trying to make sure they would please each other and make the moment something that they would remember for a lifetime. Every detail of their last passionate moment came back to her. The way it felt when his fingers touched her flesh, the taste of his kiss, everything, which aroused her so much, beyond the point where she could ignore it. Without her even touching herself, she could feel the excitement building up inside of her. As if he was really there, making her feel such pleasure. Almost to the point of climax, balancing in the edge of it…but nothing more than that. To feel that way, drove her into a brief moment of despair, yearning for that release to flood through her very soul. The vision in her mind continued to play out, torturing her so much. She could almost feel his hands on her bare flesh, his lips caressing her, as he penetrated her very sex. Each thrust driving her to the breaking point. Her gasps and moans echoing around them, along with the gentle rolling of the tide. Her climax flooded through her like a tidal wave, stiffening her body, curling her toes and then draining the strength within her.

When she opened her eyes and looked down at her waist, she noticed her legs were parted on either side of the hammock, feet planted firmly in the sand. Her hand inside her yellow trunks as her fingers manipulated her throbbing sex. She could still feel the waves of her climax flowing through her. Even though she knew that anyone passing by would be able to see her sudden lustful display, she couldn't stop herself from doing this though. Once the ebb of passion was over, she just lay there for a moment, looking up at the darkening sky.

She lifted her one leg up and swung it over to the other side and then carefully stood up. Making her way to the surf, she could feel the warm breeze caressing her tanned flesh. She had no idea where she was going and in a way it really didn't matter. The only thing that did was that she had to enjoy her last night in paradise. She had been to the clubs on the island already and none of them really suited her. Even though she loved to dance, she wasn't in the mood for that.

She made her way along the edge of the surf, letting the gentle waves caress her bare feet as she walked. As she did, she didn't see anyone else on the back, as far as she could see. There were only a few people who lived on the beach, mostly time share renters, like her, and two locals, and those people were probably in town enjoying the nightlife. In a way she was glad about that, because she wouldn't have to worry about anyone trying to start a conversation with her. Even though, in the back of her mind, someone's companionship was the one thing that she could use right now. Still, the silence of the beach soothed her in its own special way. A way that she had not been able to find back home. It was then she noticed someone's silhouette coming from down the beach, making their way toward her. At first, she really didn't take any notice to it, but as it grew closer, she found herself becoming curious to whom this person could be. Not knowing why she was feeling this way only that the feeling was there.

"Come on, Alexis. What are the chances of you meeting someone tonight?" she whispered to herself.

But she knew to well that there was a good chance of that happening. And with her luck, it would have to be on her last night on the island. Still, she wasn't going to set herself up for something that she knew to well might not even happen. One night of heartache was enough for her. Still, what if something were to happen? What if she were to meet someone? Things, which she hadn't thought of. Mainly because while she was on the island, she thought about the man who broke her heart. But thinking about the chance of something new happening, brought a sudden rush of excitement running through her. A feeling she thought she would never feel again. But here it was, the excitement building up within her, as the shadowy person drew closer to her. Her heart started to race, breathe becoming slightly rapid, as if she knew that something was going to happen. She wanted get that thought out of her mind, but it was too late; it had already sunken in. When the person got closer, she could tell that it was the man who had the beach house near hers. She had seen him many times before when she had taken her walks on the beach, sitting on his patio in front of a laptop. Most of the time he would even notice her, for his attention was focused on the screen. That was except for a couple times when she caught him looking at her, smiling casually as he would wave at her so friendly. Alexis knew that in a way it was an invitation for her to come up and talk to him, but she had never been that great at starting a conversation with a stranger. Most of the time, they would have to start it first. Now though she felt the need to do that. As if she needed his company right now, which of course she really did. But she wasn't going to make herself out to seem desperate, she knew how to seduce a man, after the few relationships that she had in the past.

Her eyes stared at him, as he came closer, watching as the breeze gently blew through his light brown hair and his face seemed so distant for a moment. That was until he noticed her and then smiled at her. She smiled back, as her arms rested at her sides. Alexis really didn't know what she would say to start a conversation with him, but knew that something could come to her. At least she hoped that it would. When he was a couple feet from her, she could feel her heart pounding harder as she started to wonder what she was doing.

"Well, hello." He said in a friendly tone.

"Hello. How are you?" she asked.

"Alright, just enjoying the beauty of the sunset. And you?" he replied.

"Pretty much the same thing. Trying to forget my problems and enjoy my last night here."

"Alone?" he asked as he stopped in front of her. "That really isn't a good way of enjoying your last night on the island. I hope you don't mind me saying that. I don't mean to pry."

Alexis just looked at him smiling, for she had never had anyone really care that much about how they made themselves off to be. But there was something else about him that she found herself interested in him. More than just the curiosity of what he could be doing on that laptop. For a brief second she found herself unable to even think about what to say. Yet she knew that she had to say something, or else he would just walk away from her.

"No, I don't mind. In a way you are right. But there is no one to really be with. The guy I was with broke up with me and left." She said, even though she had no idea why she was saying it.

"Well, that man was a fool to leave a beautiful woman like you alone. If you don't have any plans, how about you come with me." He said.

Alexis wanted to jump at the chance to be with him, yet she still didn't want to seem too eager to do that. When she looked at him though, she found herself being willing to agree to do anything that he would request. She had no idea why, because she wasn't that type of woman.

"What did you have in mind?" she asked, looking at him cautiously.

"Nothing really radical or anything like that. Just maybe dinner at my place. Some place quiet where we can get to know each other." He replied, in such an innocent tone.

"Sure, I would love to." She said as she turned and they walked to his beach house.

Even though she had no idea what to expect once they got to his place, she knew just from looking at him, that she had nothing to fear. The only thing that she was curious about was why she found herself so attracted to him. To a man that she didn't know anything about. For all she knew he could be married to and was looking for a night of unadulterated passion with some other woman. Even though it really shouldn't have mattered to her, because she would be gone in the morning, there was something about it, which made her feel that it did. The only thing that she could do was to forget about it and just try to enjoy the night. To make one last memory that she would be able to look back upon.

"Who are you? What do you do?" she asked.

"I'm Joe Phillips. I write horror stories. And what about you?" he said in a calm tone.

"Alexis Leigh. I am an art student. And I am working in a publishing house, painting the covers for some of the books and illustrations when the author requests them. At least, I was until I got fired." she said and then thought. "You are saying too much. He doesn't need to know your entire life story."

She just looked at him, seeing the same kind expression on his face, as if it was nothing she had said really made him surprised. Of course, with the economy the way it was back in the States, who would be surprised. For a brief moment they walked in silence, the only sound, which they could hear was the rolling tide that echoed around them. Alexis found herself wanting to ask him so many questions, but for some reason she couldn't find the words to say. In a way, she figured that it was better that she didn't ask yet, so that way she wouldn't sound like she was trying to prying into his personal life. Still, there was something about him that was drawing her to him. As they walked and he told her about the story that he was working on, she found herself unable to pull her eyes off of him. There was some kind of attraction that she was feeling for him, something that she had not felt in a long time. In a way, when she looked at him, she found herself unable to even concentrate on what he was saying.

"You are actually falling for someone that you don't even know. Come on Alexis, things like this don't happen in real life." she thought

Maybe that was true, but it still was happening to her and there was nothing that she could do about it. She felt like a schoolgirl having her first crush on some boy and not knowing how to tell him about it. In a way she really didn't think anything about it, because even if something were to come about it would only be a momentary thing. Only one night and then she would be back home, having to search for a job to support herself again. So why shouldn't she try and enjoy the last night on the island, to create a memory that she would always remember. No matter what it would be.

When they reached his beach house, the last glimmers of the sunset glimmered over the horizon of the Pacific, as the dark sky filled with the multitude of stars. They stood there for a moment by the wooden stair leading up to the patio, their eyes staring at one another in silence. It was almost as if they were not sure of what to do, like a virgin facing their first chance of bodily passion. She smiled at him as she felt her body shivering inside her, but was trying not to show it. It was then, he held out his hand and asked her to come up with him. When she looked into his hazel eyes, she knew that there was no way that she could say no to him. There was something about him that made it impossible for her to do that.

"You know, I usually never come to a man's place when I hardly know them. I just didn't want you to think that I was that type of woman." she said instantly.

She had no idea why she had said that and now was starting to regret it. Alexis could feel her face beginning to blush as he just smiled warmly at her. As if he was trying to say that he already knew that, without saying a word. She took his hand and let him lead her up the steps to the patio. She had no idea what to expect and in a way that excited her. For that was the thrill which she loved to feel when she was trying something new. Especially something which was totally out of the normal ways of her life, like this. When they reached the patio, they made their way over to the back door, then stopped for a moment. Joe looked at her as he reached into the pockets of his pants for the keys. Even though on the island, everyone seemed to keep their doors unlocked, it was obvious that he was one that didn't believe in that. Making it clear that he wasn't a local here. When he finally unlocked the door and opened it, he made a motion for her to come inside, like something a gentleman would do in high society. That made her start to wonder about him. Was he rich? In a way she knew that he had to be pretty well off, considering that he was staying here. In a way though it really didn't matter though, for she was leaving in the morning and would never see Joe again. So why not go with it and see what would happen? The worst thing that could happen would be that she would have a good time with him. And was that so bad for her to do? Of course not, she deserved to have some fun, even if it would be for just one last night.

She made her way through the doorway and into a small kitchen, in the middle of the kitchen table was a small vase with a single red rose. Alexis wondered why a man who was single would have flowers in a vase on his table. But it was something that she knew that she should just forget about it. Still, the curiosity of it was now burning in her mind. Probably because of the betrayal that the man she had been with before, had now made her question everything around her. She stood there for a moment, staring at the rose, the way it just stood there within the light shadows of the room. The petals of the rose opened, revealing its beauty to her. And in a way, it reminded her of the painting that she had been working on back at her beach house. Of course the rose within her painting was much darker, wicked in a way. That was if there was a way for that to really be true. She had no idea why she had painted something like that, because she never did anything like that. That was except for the book covers that she would be commissioned to do so many times before. But this was something of her own, something that came out of her imagination for some reason. The only thing that she was not sure about was why? It was then that she heard Joe's voice coming from behind her in a soft voice.

"I always like to have a rose on the table. I guess that it is because of my ex-wife. She always liked to have fresh flowers on the kitchen table and in the living room, when she could. I guess it is something that it became a routine to me by now. Or maybe in respect for her." he said.

"You still love her don't you?" she asked as she turned and faced him.

"There are all different types of love that can be shared. I think that you would even know that Alexis." he replied.

"I know. But tell me the truth do you still love her? Is there still a part of you that would take her back if she asked you to?" she asked, even though she had no idea why she did.

"No…"he started to say and then hesitated for a moment. "I would not take her back. She left me because of the fact that she cheated on me. And she wanted to try and change me, change the way I write, because she was afraid of what I write."

"That sounds like she was trying to control you. Why in the world would she want you to change your style of writing when it brought you so much success?" she said.

"Because she is a born again Christian and believed that what I write is evil. And when I wouldn't change for her, she started to have an affair with someone within her bible study group. She had left me a couple months ago, on this island in fact, but I never seen her since then. And maybe that is the best thing for me. " he replied.

Alexis just gave him a brief smile, not sure what to say to him, that was if there really was anything that she could. She just stood there in silence looking at him. Joe didn't seem to be that concerned about his ex-wife, probably at the stage where he was able to except the fact that she was gone for good. Alexis tried to think of something to say to him, to change the subject from what he had started to talk about. But her mind drew a blank, as she just stood there waiting for him to say something.

"Well, maybe we should go into the other room where we could be a little more comfortable." he said smiling.

"Sure, that sound like a good idea." she said.

They made their way through the hallway and into the living room. They made their way over to a brown couch with a coffee table in front of it with two candles on top of it. At the far end of the wall, in front of her was a stone fireplace and hanging on the mantle was a painting, which was familiar to her A picture of dark silhouettes making their way to a doorway with rays of light that were shining from the side and white clouds above to the right corner. . The reason that it was because she had painted it for the cover of a book that she was hired to do. And to find copy of it like this was very rare. Alexis wasn't going to let on that she knew that, because she wanted to see what he said about it. But she would first have to draw his attention to it.

"I like the painting you have there." she said pointing at the mantle.

"Yeah, I like it too. It was used for the cover of one of my books. I liked it so much that I got my publisher to make a copy of the original for me. " he replied, looking at it and then back at her.

"I'm surprised that you didn't want the original." she said smiling.

"No, I believe that the artist should keep it. Because it is their work and probably holds some sort of sentimental value to it, even if they were hired to paint it." he replied.

"I'm glad that you thing that way, because I was the one who did it." she replied.

Joe sat down next to her, his smile grew slightly wider as he continued to look at her. She had expected him to be surprised about what she said. The only thing was, he didn't react at all about it. And because of that, she started to wonder about him. A strange and eerie feeling came over her, as she sat there, trying to think of what she was going to say next.

"I had a feeling that it was you. Someone mentioned your name to me and I remembered it, because you put signature on this painting. In fact… you have done a couple other covers for my books. I truly appreciate that. You really do have a unique talent." he said.

"Oh thank you." she said as she felt her face blushing.

She found herself wondering what she was getting herself into? Was he one of those crazed men who were stalking people like her. Or was he telling the truth, that he just liked her artwork? The only thing that she could do was to wait and see what his intentions would be, before reacting to him. There was something within his hazel eyes that made it impossible for her to resist him. She had no idea what it could be, only that it was there. When she looked at him, she felt as if she had known him for years, even though this was the first time she had actually got the chance to talk to him. Why she was feeling this way was something that she could not figure out. Maybe it was the fact that she was longing to be with someone and he just happened along. Or maybe it was something more that she was not aware of yet.

"So what is your new story about?" she asked, trying to get her mind off of her curiosity about him.

"It's something that I don't really like to talk about until it is finished. You could say that it is sort of a writer's superstition with me. I know that it sounds silly, but that is the way I am." He said in a humorous tone.

"I know what you mean, I get that way too with my artwork. It's not a silly think, trust me." She said in response.

Joe just looked at her as if to give the expression that he knew that she was going to say that. But yet, he didn't say anything, just sat there staring at her, smiling. She could feel her heart starting to race faster as a sudden over-whelming yearning to be with him started to burn within her. Alexis had no idea why this was happening, even though deep down she did know. She knew that she had found him fascinating since the first time that she had seem him, but never did anything about it. For she never thought that she would have the chance to be with him, but here she was right now with him. The only thing was, she wasn't sure what she was suppose to do now. Even though she felt the yearning to taste his kiss, his body pressed against hers, in the heat of a passionate moment. It was something that she had to ignore for now and yet she couldn't resist. She noticed the sudden way he looked at her with a curious expression on his face. Alexis wasn't sure what he was thinking and I a way wasn't sure if she really wanted to know. Still, if she were to say nothing about it, that look would haunt her, making her want to know even stronger.

"What are you thinking?" she asked in a seductive tone.

"I am not sure if I should tell you. I don't want to upset you with what I would say." He replied as he looked at her.

"Go ahead, it takes a lot to upset me." She said as she leaned back on the couch.

He hesitated for a moment and then said. "I was just wondering what it would be like to kiss you."

She giggled slightly; feeling her face blushing again as she tried to figure out what it could be that she could say in response. Even though she knew the answer that he wanted to hear, she didn't want to be forced into something that she didn't want to do.

"I'm…I'm sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you or make you feel uneasy." He said suddenly, before she could answer.

"No…it is alright. I just haven't had any man say something like that to me. At least, not the way that you just did." She said as she sat forward and moved closer to him. "And as for what you asked…I think that this should give you my answer."

Alexis leaned forward as their arms wrapped around each other and then their lips met in a moment of a passionate embrace. Their tongues darting in and out of each other's mouth as he pulled her body against his, her breasts crushed against his chest. The intensity of his kiss started to make her want to melt within his arms. Not wanting to pull away from him, to stop this moment of his lips against hers in such a wonderful moment as this. His kiss intoxicated her so much, making her want him more than she had ever wanted any other man before. And she could tell that he felt the same just from the way that his

hands touched her, arousing her even more. His fingers very gently moved across the tops of her breasts keeping her modesty with the top of her bikini over his hands. She could feel herself becoming even more excited. His lips moved to the side of her neck, kissing and suckling it and then moving up and nibbling on her ear. It was then that she had heard him whisper something that she had never thought that she would hear a man tell her.

"You can let this go as far as you want. I don't want to force you into doing something that you don't want to do." He whispered.

Even though she had heard men tell her that so many times before and ended up a lie. But for some reason she knew that what he said was the truth. Just from the tone of his voice and the gentle touch of his hand on her body made her believe that he was being genuinely honest with her. A manor which she couldn't find in many men these days. Alexis knew though that even if she wanted him to stop, she wouldn't be able to tell him so. For the desire within her had overwhelmed her so much, that she found herself wanting to feel more of the pleasure that he was letting her feel.

"Don't stop…I want you to please me…and for me to please you too." She said as her breath started to become rapid.

Alexis had no idea why she was suddenly feeling this way, letting her desire for him overpower her and let her do something like this. She could feel his hands slowly lifting the top of her bikini up, letting her swollen breasts free. He drank up the sight of those round shapely mounds, nipples huge and hard. His fingers moving over them, feeling her flesh shivering under his touch. She could feel her body responding to his touch, wanting to moan in such pleasure, and yet she remained silent. Even though her eyes burned with such a fiery desire in them for her, which she knew that he could see. His lips moving down her flesh as she closed her eyes and let the pleasure consume her like a cloud. Feeling her nipples throb and her sex throb, willing to give into him, letting him take her and make her feel such pleasure. As long as she was able to give him the same pleasure that he was feeling for her. Her hand ran over his chest, her fingers lightly scratching him through the thin fabric of the tee-shirt that he was wearing. Then down to the crotch of his pants, touching the throbbing bulge within them. His penis straining against the fabric of his pants, yearning for her to release it. Her hands started to undo his pants, as he helped her, as they stripped each other. Then when they were naked, her head lower down onto his lap, her lips tightly wrapped around the shaft of Joe's member. Watching as her head bobbed up and down making his muscles twitch and bringing about such pleasurable sensations to him that he shuttered and moaned. He didn't want her to stop, and in a way he knew that she wouldn't no matter what he would do to try. That was if he wanted to stop her. From the way she was sitting, not on her hands and knees on the couch, he was able to put his hand in between her legs. His fingers stroking the lips of her wet sex, as his finger moved slowly over her clit. Her orgasm flooded through her, and then started to build herself up for the next one. All that she could think about was how much she wanted him, how much she wanted to feel him inside her. And that was exactly what she was not doing to be denied. After a minute, she lifted her head up looking at him with a wild fiery desire burning on her face.

"I want you now. I want to feel you inside of me." She said, breathing heavily.

"Take me, I'm yours." He replied.

Then she pushed him back as she climbed on top of him, her body straddling over his waist. Her hand reached down, gripping his shaft as she lowered herself onto him. She gasped as she felt him impale her and her hips began to grind on him. She felt him moving deeper and harder into her womb, throbbing with each movement that she made. Her back arched as she moaned, her hands resting on his chest to balance her, as she rode him savagely. Alexis's breasts shoved further in front of her, as he watched her ride him to the rhythm of their rapid beating hearts. His hands rested on her hips, pulling her down on him, pushing him deeper inside of her. Feeling the muscles of her sex grip him as she continued to move. Now he began to thrust upward, the pleasure overwhelming him, making him lose control. All that he could think about was how much he wanted to please her. How much he wanted to give her the moment of pleasure that she had been longing for, for so long. Just from the sudden shock on her face, he could tell that she had a huge orgasm that just kept coming and coming. Later she would tell him how she had a rush of multiple orgasms during this time. So close together that she couldn't count them. Right when hers ended, he exploded within her, flooding her womb with his liquid essence. Then her body gently laid on top oh his, while she still could feel him inside of her. The tender sensation of bliss came over them as they sat there in each others arms. Their lips kissing so soft and lightly, as before, as they tried to catch their breath. Through the rest of the night, they embraced the passion between them a few more times, trying different position, like two young lovers exploring the limitations of there bodily passion. Alexis found herself not wanting to leave him, not wanting to get on that plane and go back home. Even though this was a momentary thing which they shared, she suddenly was feeling something more for Joe. Something that she had not felt in such a long time. But it was too late for her to truly explore what that could be, too late for anything more than what they had shared.

That morning she had went back to her beach house, pack the rest of her things and took a cab to the airport. She didn't try to wake Joe up, for saying good-bye to him would have been to hard to do. She figured that this was the best way for her to handle it. She left a note explaining why she had just left without waking him. Saying all within the letter that she felt that she couldn't say to his face. At the end, before she signed her name she wrote one word. Love. A word that she had wrote many times to friends, family and even men that she had been involved with. Not truly understanding how strong a word that was. That was until she was on the plane, flying over the Pacific that she truly discovered the truth of that word. Now she wished that she could have taken a later flight so that she could have told him what she was feeling, just to kiss him once again. But there was no way that she could do that now.

When she got back to her one bedroom apartment in Chicago , she noticed a few messages on her answering machine. Most of them were just friends and family who didn't know that she had went away. But it was the last two messages that caught her attention the most. The first was from Monica Deveron, her former manager at the publishing house saying that she had her job back. Not really going into a reason why, yet Alexis didn't care. She felt like a weight had been lifted off of her now. The second one was from Joe, saying how that he had enjoyed the night that they had shared and that he would see her when she returned to work. Alexis had no idea how he had known that she had got her job back for a second, then it came to her. He had called Monica and requested that she hire her back. When she went back to work, he had been there. He asked her out to dinner that night, and then they started seeing each other just about every night. A year later they were married and honeymooned back on the island where they had met. It seemed appropriate, for that was where they had found each other and a piece of paradise that they were able to share with each other forever.



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