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Killer Passion

Short story By: Michael68

Just when he thought that his obession with her was enough, she does something else.

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He took another sip. Damn girl. Had to get in his mind like that. When the bartender asked him for another drink, he asked for three, and slapped down another bill on the bar. Half-naked women danced on the stage on the other side of the room. A band was setting up in the corner, which was unusual for a club like this. His head was pounding wildly, unsure why, for he knew that he wasn't drunk yet. He had only two, and the alcohol was watered down and weak, at least to his own taste. He heard the sound of the DJ's music, which was of a familiar song from the seventies that he could not really remember. Mainly because there was to many things that he had on his mind. More things that he really didn't he didn't know right at that moment. He had been through things within his life, more things that any normal person could ever imagine of going through. But that was not why he was here… or maybe it was? That was the one thing that he wasn't really sure of. A dancer, making her way around the small crowd, slipped beside him with a warm welcoming smile on her lips. The kind that she probably gave to everyone who had money to spend on her, in this place. She draped her arms around him, and murmured something into his ear. He supposed that it was something sexy, something arousing, something his entire body ached for. The only thing was that he didn't was it with her. He shrugged her off, drowning another drink, determined to forget about her. Yet that seemed to be something that he knew would not happen. That damned girl had gotten under his skin and even worse; she had gotten into his heart. That was the one thing he had regretted the most. For how could he tell his friends that he had fallen for a stripper? When he knew to well that they would tell him the hard truth, which which he knew he wouldn't want to hear. That she was just using him and that it would lead to nothing more than just heartache and misery. But who was he to listen to it, for he believed that she was different. A woman that was special to his eyes that he had longed to get to share so much to him. The only thing was, she had always turned him away for the last couple weeks. Still, he didn't let it discourage him from that which he longed for. The more he sat there thinking about her, the more he could feel the anger growing within him. He knew that he had to calm down, before he would lose control.
It was then he heard the bartender say something to him. But in his drunken condition, he hadn't heard him, or was it because of his anger? He wasn't sure and in a way he really didn't care. The only thought that he had was of her. Still he knew that he had to find out what the bartender said, or else his curiosity was going to drive him mad. Slowly he turned his attention to him, as he stood behind the bar a foot away from him.
"What did you say?" he. asked.
"I asked you what was bothering you Charlie?" the bartender asked.
The look he gave Charlie was as if trouble was going to happen. But Charlie knew too well that h wasn't going to start anything. Even though that he had done time in state prison for attempted murder, he wasn't going to go back there.
"Destiny. That's what is bothering me." Charlie said, then lit a cigarette.
"Blow her off man. She really isn't worth you paying attention to. If you get involved with her, you will be asking for trouble." the bartender said.
But Charlie couldn't do that, no matter how hard he tried. From the moment he saw her, he started to become a prisoner to her seduction.. Wanting her in a way, he had never wanted any other woman before. She was like some obsession, some disease that he could not get away from. No matter where he would go, his thoughts would always be on her. And because of it, Charlie had always found himself drawn back to this strip club. Back to see her and falling deeper into the seduction that was giving him. Now he found himself so deep into her, that there was no way he could get out of. Now he found himself wanting to see her, even though he knew she would come to him soon, when she was ready too. The only thing that Charlie said to the bartender was that he would, even though he knew that he didn't believe it. After all, she was just a woman, just like any other one in this club….. like any other woman in this small town of Lincoln.
Charlie turned his attention away from the bartender, staring at the mirrored wall behind the back counter. Looking at the half-naked redhead dancing so seductively, offering the illusion of passionate sex that would never come about. A fantasy, which when all is said and done, is nothing more than that. Even though her young alluring body was tempting to him, his eyes waited to see Destiny. Keepinga
look out for her, so she wouldn't sneak up on him. After a minute or so, he saw her approaching him from across the room. Her eyes seemed to stay focused on him as she moved. Her long amber hair, sultry tanned flesh, always astounded him. Along with the way the black, skimpy lingerie she wore, revealed every alluring curve of her hourglass figured. Making every man that she does pass, turned their attention her way, as if they were in a trance. Never aware why that was true, only that it was, Charlie knew this for he had fallen into her spell. And now, she seemed to be coming to him, to push him further into the madness that she created. The one that she seemed to get pleasure out of giving men. She moved through the room, like a predator stalking its prey. And it seemed that she now had her eyes set on Charlie. His one hand clutched tightly into fists, while with the other he took the cigarette up to his lips, for that last drag from his third cigarette.
"That's it Destiny. Come to me." he said under his breath.
The whole time, he kept his attention on her reflection, as it moved closer to him. For some reason he hada moment, a sense of fear running through him. He had no idea why, but after a second, he just let it go. For there was no way that he was going to say that to her. Just so that he could speak his peace and then leave forever. Yet for some reason he felt that when she got to him, he would never be able to do that.His eyes looked down as he crushed out the cigarette in the glass ashtray. It was then he heard her seductive voice, coming from behind him. While her hand gentle touch the back of his neck, sending a cold chill running down his spine, stiffening his body.
"Hi Charlie boy, I thought that you would be gone by now." she said.
"I waited to see you, Destiny. I wanted to be with you to talk to you." Charlie said as he turned around to face her.
His eyes looked at her with such seriousness, as her dark eyes stared at him. The expression on her face was as cold as death itself. As she gave a smile that was so devilish.
"Well, I'm here….. tell me what you want." she said as her hand ran across his chest.
"Not here! We need some place where we can be alone." Charlie said in a stern voice.
"Fine." she said, then hesitated for a moment. " There is a free room in back we can use. As long as you don't mind a friend of mine coming along."
Charlie looked to he side where she was pointing, to a woman with fiery red hair wearing a seductive black dress, smiling so warmly at him. In a way he really didn't care who was there with them. His rage for her burned white hot, but he knew that he wanted to do it in private.
"Let's do it. But, I am not paying you. I just want to talk." he said I a stern voice, as he stood up.
Destiny said nothing as she and the other woman led him in back of the room,. through a doorway, to the private rooms which not many people knew about. What went on in there was never spoke of by the men who the dancers brought back there. But Charlie didn't care, all that hewanted was to tell her how he felt and leave. Ending this obsession and then starting to go on with his life. Doctors would call in closure, but to Charlie just thought of it as telling her off.
The next thing he knew they led him into a room lit only by the soft glow of candlelights. To the far side of the room, across from them, when they came in, was a brass bed with black satin sheets on it.
"Come on in Charlie. I've been planning this for you for some time now." Destiny said.
"Planning for what?" Charlie asked ina panicked tone.
"Don't worry. It is going to be something that you have always wished for. Something that you are never going to forget for the rest of your life." the other woman said as she closed the door behind them.
Just from the sound of the door slamming behind them, made Charlie jump slightly as he continued to follow Destiny over to the bed. He knew that the other woman was close behind him, for he could feel the touch of her hand on his back. Lightly pushing him, so that he wouldn't try to stop. Charlie really didn't want to, because he wanted to find out what they were up to.In a way he figured that they were going to seduce him, to give him what they believed was his sexual fantasy. Of course having two women t once would be any man's fantasy, but Charlie didn't want to fall into that trap. He needed to talk to her. Tell her what it was that he wanted to tell her.
"So, what is it that you wanted to tell me darling?" Destiny asked.
"I wanted to tell you that it's over. I am not going to let you continue to play this game with me. You have been playing with my mind and heart and I can't take it anymore." Charlie said.
He watched as Destiny made her way over to the side of the bed and then sat down on the edge of it. She crossed her firm, shapely legs, and one over the other as she looked up at him with a lustful expression on her face. For a moment she just sat there in silence, while the other woman stood behind him. Her arms wrapped around him, her hands moving up and down his chest, as he felt the woman's firm breasts pressed against his back. The scent of jasmine filled the air around him as he waited to see what they would do next.
"Are you sure that you want to leave me? I mean I can offer you so many things that can make you happier than any other woman ever could. And with Salina joining us, we could make all those lustful dreams that you have ever had, come true." Larissa said as her fingers stroked her breast through the thin fabric of the lingerie that she wore.
Her breath started to become heavy, as her eyes sparkled with a sudden glare of excitement in them. He had seem it so many times before in her eyes, when she was trying to seduce him into doing something for him. And he had always done what she wanted, especially when he was in his drunken state. But this time he was going to make sure that would not happen again. The only thing that he anted to do was to make her realize that he would no longer be a fool for her.
"And what if I don't want you two ladies to fulfill my dreams? What if my dreams don't include you?" he said in a tough voice.
The women laughed for a brief moment, as if they didn't believe what he was saying. Either that, or maybe they knew something that they didn't want to tell him right at that moment. Whatever it might be, he really didn't care. The only thing that did, was for him to tell them how he felt and then leave Larissa forever.
"I know that you have dreams about me, Charlie. Just by the way you always looked at me, I could always tell how much you want me. Even now, you are wondering what I would look like naked and how it would feel to make love to me…." she said.
Before he could even answer, the woman behind him started pushing him toward her. For a woman who appeared so frail, she had a lot of strength to force him to Larissa. Either that, or somewhere back in his mind, he really wanted to go to her. Whatever it could be, he found himself unable to resist it. He sat down next to her on the edge of the bed; her hand reached over and gently touched the side of his face. When he looked at her, he found himself unable to turn his attention away from her. He knew that she was right…. that he did long for her. And no matter how long he tried to deny it, it just grew stronger within his soul.
"Let me make your dreams come true. I want to make it up to you, for the way I treated you. I know that I made you angry with me and not trust me. I give myself to you my darling Charlie, and I will please you any way that I can." Larissa said softly.
"And so shall I. That is if you wish me too?" Salina said as she knelt down in front of him.
Charlie found himself unable to find a way to ignore them, as he felt his desire for them started to grow within him. Wanting both of them so badly, bringing about such an obsession…. one that was much stronger than that which he had felt before for her. His eyes looked down at Salina as she slowly pulled the top of her dress down to her waist. Her hand then slowly moving over one of her breasts, running over her hard nipple. Her hand slowly moving over one of them, fondling it as she grinned at him. Grinning, for she knew that he had never been before. She licked her lips so seductively as her other hand slowly moved up the inside of his thigh. He turned away from her to see Larissa sitting closer to him, naked. Her lips caressed the side of his neck, as her hand touched the crotch of his pants. Feeling the bulge that pressed against it, which he wanted to hide from them. Of course that was something that seemed to be impossible to do now. He knew that there was no way that he could resist her now, for he had gone to far to turn back now. His lips met hers in a passionate embrace as he felt Salina's hands unfastening his pants. Then feeling her hand gingerly touching his erect member, fingers moving up and down it, bringing about such sensations within his soul. He never thought that he could ever have something like this happen to him. He could feel Salina taking him in her mouth, muffled moans coming from her as her head moved up and down in slow motions. The whole time, Larissa gently pushed him onto his back as she continued to kiss him. Then she pulled away as that same devilish grin appeared on her lips. Salina's head started moving even faster as he was consumed by the feeling that she was bringing him. Larissa straddled herself over his head, her legs on either side of his head. Giving him a clear view of those silken slips of her sex. He knew right away what she wanted him to do, and he was in no position to object to it. She lowered herself down to him, and then his tongue ran over the soft petals of her clitoris. Making her gasp suddenly The taste of her sex was intoxicating to him, as he continued to please her, while Salina continued to please him. This was a dream come true, one that he had never thought could ever happen. There had to be something that he wasn't seeing yet. Something that they were waiting to reveal to him.
After a moment, Larissa moved off of him as he felt Salina suddenly stop. It was then that Larissa straddled herself over his hips, lowering herself onto his ridged member. Salina hand held his shaft until it slid into Larissa so effortlessly. Then Larissa began to grind as she let out a soft moan. Slowly moving up and down on his organ at first, then becoming faster, as she moaned even louder. The whole time that she did this; Salina was kissing the side of his neck, her hand lightly scratching his chest. His head turned to the side, noticing something sitting on the nightstand that he hadn't noticed before. At first he couldn't figure out what it was, but within an instant he knew that it was a large knife. Why would they have that there? Just in case a customer gets too wild with them? It didn't seem to matter to him though for he was consumed by the passion, which these girls were giving him. It was then that he felt something sharp run across the side of his neck, not cutting him, just lightly scratching him, but it still made his back stiffen with shock. Then he turned to look up at Larissa, as the shock he felt had suddenly changed to terror. Larissa's eyes became nothing more than two empty dark pity as her mouth opened showing her razor sharp teeth. When he looked over at Salina, he saw the same thing with her too.
"What the hell?" he said as he shoved Larissa off of her and then got off the bed.
Instantly, he grabbed the knife from the nightstand and held it in front of him. He watched as they got to their feet and slowly made their way around the bed to him.
"Now Charlie, what are you going to do with that knife?" Salina asked seductively.
"You aren't going to kill us, are you baby? You know that I love you, Charlie boy. Give me the knife baby, before you hurt yourself." Larissa said.
"Stay away from me, whatever the fuck you are." Charlie said in a nervous tone as he held the knife in front of him.
"You know that you are never going to be able to leave this room. At least not alive, that is." Salina said and then laughed slightly.
Larissa started to laugh with her as they looked at him with a sarcastic expression on their faces. Just seeing them doing that, enraged him as he gripped the handle of the knife even tighter. Then he charged at Salina, who had made her way closer to him, stabbing her in the chest. She let out a horrid scream as the blood streamed out it. He stabbed her a couple times more as she fell to the floor. Then pulled the knife out of her and turned toward Larissa. His eyes filled with madness and rage as he raised the knife up, ready to finally end this with her. To make sure that she would never again be able to hurt or uselookedhim ever again.
"You don't want to do this, Charlie. Don't hurt me please." she said in a terrified voice.
Her eyes had turned back to the way they were before and he could no longer see those fang like teeth of hers. But he knew what he had seen, knew that they were trying to kill him. And the only thing that he could do was to kill her, so that she would not be able to do something like this ever again. Before he could, he heard the sound of a man' s voice coming from behind him.
"Police, drop the knife, right now." the man ordered.
Charlie knew that there was nothing that he could do, for if he didn't then they would shoot him down. And there would be no way that he would be able to kill her, before they would shoot him down. His hands raised up over his head as the knife fell to the ground. His eyes glared at Larissa with such rage as she stood a couple feet from him in terror. Even though he knew too well that it was only an act. The cop grabbed his hands and moved his arms in back of him, then handcuffed him. Right before they took hom out of the room, he could see her giving him a sadistic grin.
"That bitch, she planned this all along. Either she would kill me or send me back to the joint." he thought.
As they walked him out of the club, his eyes looked over at the bartender, who looked at him with a disgusted expression on his face. His attention stayed focused on him, not because of that,but because of his eyes. They were the same as the girls, nothing more than two dark and empty pits. He could hear him speak even though his lips didn't utter a word.
"I told you to forget about her. But you wouldn't listen and now look at what trouble it brought you." his voice said.
"He's one of them. They are all some sort of demons…something evil." he screamed as he struggled to break free from the cops hold.
"No, not demons, Charlie boy…. we 're vampires.." the bartender's voice echoed in his brain.
The End.


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