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His Punishment, Her Delight

Short story By: Michael68

She wanted to torture him to the point where he could not take it any longer, but she was the one who broke down before him.

Submitted:Oct 30, 2008    Reads: 2,009    Comments: 2    Likes: 3   

His green-hazel eyes held his captive. She stared his down until with a dramatic sigh she looked away and said, "You need help." He only smiled in response to what she had said. She turned away from him, but could still tell that he was watching her. Giving her that same deep, cold stare that always seemed to burn right through her. She had no idea why she had stayed with him for as long as she did, but now it was getting too much.
"What do you recommend as help that I should get?" he said in a sarcastic tone.
She didn't turn to him, but she knew that he had a look on his face of such temptation. The cool autumn breeze brew through her amber hair as she stood by the chain link fence of the park, looking down at the Metro trains arriving and leaving to their destinations. How she wished that they could just hop on one of those trains and leave their lives behind. Just go somewhere, where no one knew them and they could start their lives over again. Even though she was angry, it really wasn't him that brought it about. More like the situation, which they were in. The fact that they both lived in different towns so miles apart was killing her…. as well as him. The sound of his voice brought about such a desire burning deep inside her that she could not ignore. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. But the thought that he had been flirting with another woman, offended her. Even though he had asked for forgiveness and she was going to give it to him, she wanted him to prove his devotion to her.
"I think you should be punished. That you should prove to me how much you love me." she said as she turned back to him.
He just looked at her with a curious expression on his face. He wasn't sure what she had in mind, but could tell by the playful expression on her face that she had something in mind. Her hand reached up and touched his chest, her nails lightly scratching him through the fabric of his shirt. He started breathing heavy, which started to get her excited as well. He leaned forward slowly to kiss her, but she just pushed him away gently.
"Now Mark, you want to prove yourself to me….don't you?" she said in a seductive tone.
"Of course I do Michelle…I would do anything for you." he replied.
"Good…" she said in a playful tone. "get on your knees."
Mark did as she said, his eyes watching her face as she watched him. Her body leaned against the fence as her stance widened. The she lifted up her long skirt, revealing her firm sultry legs and then continuing to pull it up showing that she wasn't wearing any panties He knelt there looking at her revealing her sex and legs.
"I don't think I have to tell you what to do now…do I?" she said in a seductive tone.
He smiled as he moved closer to her, her hips moved forward offering her pouting sex. She could feel his tongue running over her sensitive sex as she gasped suddenly. Feeling his mouth sucking upon her sex, as the pleasure flowed through her body, her back stiffening for a moment. Her back rested against the fence as her head tilted back and eyes closed. The more she felt his tongue and mouth caressing her wet sex, the more she found herself lost within the desire that he was bringing to her. It was then she felt his fingers sliding into her sex, her body trembling from the pleasure as she moaned and begged for him not to stop. His fingers thrusting deep into her as she breathed heavily and felt as if she was going to collapse. Her legs spread wider, just enough so she wouldn't fall. She could feel her nipples throb and her sex throb as she longed to feel his hard member inside of her. But she wasn't going to let that happen, for this was his punishment, to please her and she would do nothing to give him any pleasure. That was for as long as she could hold back. She could feel all four of his digits inside of her, filling and spreading her sex, as the pleasure of what he was doing consumed her. She wanted to scream out in pleasure, but couldn't for she knew someone passing by would hear her. She lifted her leg and rested it on her shoulder, her body braced against the fence as he eagerly continued to please her throbbing pussy. Over and over again she could feel his eager lips and tongue running over her clit, sucking hard on it, while his fingers thrusted faster and deeper into her. Her orgasm flooded through her, yet he didn't stop, as if he was addicted to the taste of her wet pussy. Once again the pleasure built up inside of her and then climaxed again and again. Till finally she could take no more and begged him to stop, as she removed her leg from she shoulder and he stood up facing her. He smiled at her as she tried to catch her breath.
"Is there anything else you wish me to do?" he asked moving closer to her.
"You better believe there is. I want you inside me right now!" she said in a demanding voice as she unfastened his pants.
Hi s hard member came out as her hand gently stroked it. She could feel it twitch just from his touch. Then she turned around and bent forward, feeling her skirt being lifted up to her hips. And then felt his penetration, as he thrusted himself inside her. Hard and long, he drove it deep inside her sex as she moaned in acceptance and pleasure. Her body rocking to the rhythm of his thrusts, feeling him driving deeper into her womb and the climax started to build in both of them. She begged him not to stop, to keep going, to keep pleasing her as he was. Her climax flooded through her stronger than any other that she had ever felt before. Draining her body as she moaned softly and then felt his flooding into her. Hearing him moan as his hands grabbed her hips thrusting harder and harder till finally he stopped and pulled himself out of her. Her body became erect, and then she turned to him. He stood there, pulling up his pants, his eyes staying focused on her.
"Well, I sure leaned my lesson. But I love the way you punish me." he said smiling.
She moved closer to him, his arms wrapped around her as lips met in a headed embrace. Then she tilted her head back, looking at him. Her fingers running through his short brown hair as she stared into his eyes.
"Next time you can punish me." she said giggling.
"Now that sounds like a plan." he said as they slowly walked off, never to forget the moment they had just shared together.


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