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His Passionate Muse

Short story By: Michael68

A passionate love affair. Where his wife is more than just his love, but his inspirations as well.

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She lay there on the bed waiting for him, hearing the sound of the typewriter through the silent hallway. In her mind she could see him, working away on it, his eyes showing such seriousness as he continued to work on his latest story that he was writing. Even though she could think of some better things he could be doing with his hands, she didn't mind when he wanted some time for his work. In a way it turned her on when she would stand in the doorway of his study and watch him so busy at work. He already had four novels published and that made it on the best seller's list, which she was so proud of. Not just because he was becoming a well-known writer, or the money he was getting from his book sales, it was because he was happy at what he was doing. All the time she would remember how he would tell her how she was his inspiration, her and the love that they had shared. Just to hear him say that to her, always made her blush, as the excitement built within her. She waited for him to come to bed, for she knew that he wouldn't let his writing last all night. Because he always was determined to spend as much time as he could with her. Even though there were times when she would insist that he should keep writing, he never would. Saying that he could always go back to it later. But for now, she was alone in their king sized bed with its red satin sheets. She had lit a few candles and lowered the lights so that way she would have a romantic mood set for when he would walk into the room. As she lay there, she thought about, about the stories that he created, especially the love scenes he put into them, which he got from their own lovemaking. There was something about having him write about her so passionately, that strengthened the desire within her. Her eyes closed for a moment as she imagined that he was in the room with her now. The gentle way that his hands would touch her as he kissed her and held her body so close to his. Looking into those hazel eyes that always sparkled with such excitement and love, when he would look at her. The whole time that she was daydreaming of him; her hands untied the robe that she was wearing and then took it off. Lying there naked, as her hands moved over her flesh, getting herself so aroused, making her yearn for him so much. But in her mind, it wasn't her hands that were touching her flesh; it was his hands and his lips that gently caressed her. Driving her even crazier into the passion, which she was feeling for him. Feeling his lips on her sex, licking and sucking on her clit as his fingers gently slid inside of her sex, making her gasp softly. Even though she knew that she was naked, her legs spread wide open, exposing her as she touched herself, she really didn't care if he were to come in and see her. In fact, that was the one thing that she was hoping he would see. She had found it a thrill when he would watch her playing with herself, knowing that he was getting turned on, wanting her so much. It was one of the little games that they played once in a while, to keep the excitement in their marriage. She could feel the lips of her sex throbbing, becoming so wet, when she heard his voice.

"I see that you started without me." he said in a seductive tone.

When she looked over at the doorway, she saw him standing there, his eyes watching her playful display, which she didn't try to stop.

"Well, I wanted to make sure that I was ready for you, sweetie. That way can inspire you the best was that I can." She said in a playful tone as she breathed heavily.

"You know that you inspire me in more ways than just this. Even though I do love it when you do things like this for me." he said as he slowly moved toward the bed.

When he got to the side of it, he stopped, his eyes not being drawn away from the naked beauty of her body. Watching her fingers moving over the lips of her glistening sex, while her other hand gently moved over her breast, lightly pinching her nipple, which made her moan even louder.

"Tell me how much you want me darling. Tell me what you would love to do to me right now." She said as her breath became rapid.

"I think that you already know what I would like to do. What would you like to do to me?" he asked.

"Well, maybe I should show you." She said and then rolled onto her stomach.

She stood on her hands and knees and started to crawl in his direction as her eyes stayed focused on him. She looked like a cat slowly moving toward its prey, ready to pounce. A devilish grin appeared on her lips when she reached him and then she sat on the bed in front of him. Her hands reached up and touched his chest, fingers lightly scratching him through the fabric of his shirt. Then down, touching his crotch, feeling the bilge in his pants that longed to be released. Slowly, she knelt in front of him, her arms wrapped around him as they kissed. Lips locked in a heated embrace as she could feel his fingers moving up and down her back, his touch exciting him even more. Her hands started to pull his shirt up off of him, and then threw it to the floor. Her hands running over his chest, sending such pleasure surging through him making him want to take her right then and there. But he knew that he had to wait, to let her tell him when she wanted him. It was a little game they played, seeing how long they could hold back before they could not take it any longer. Many times he was the one who was tested by her, not the other way around, for doing it always excited her. A sense of control that she could have over him, which made the passion even more intense than before. Her lips moved down his chest as her hands started to unfasten his pants.

"How is your story coming along?" she asked in a playful tone. As if she knew what he was going to say to answer him?

"Alright. But I really could use some sort of inspiration for the love scene that I am heading into." He said laughing.

He knew that once he said that, she would be more than willing to do what she could to inspire him. She let his pants fall to the floor and then pulled down his boxers next. Her hand stroking the shaft of his erect member, as she looked up at him, making sure that what she was doing was pleasing him.

"I am sure that we can come up with something." She said as her hand lightly squeezed his manhood.

She could hear him gasp suddenly, not aware that she was going to do that, even though it excited him slightly. Then she lowered her head down as she took him in her mouth. Her lips tightening around its shaft, as her fingers stroked up and down by the base of his manhood. She could hear him moan in such pleasure, as his hands rested on the back of her head, pushing her closer to him, forcing his member deeper down her throat. And yet, she didn't try to fight him, for it was what she wanted as much as she did. Back and forth her head moved, only stopping to take him out of her mouth, so she could run her tongue along the tip of it. Then feeding it back into her hungry mouth with such a fiery yearning. His eyes looked at the firm roundness of her ass, which was one of the many things that he had admired about her body. When he felt that he couldn't take it any longer, she stopped and then pulled her head back. She got to her knees again and they kissed once more. Now he could feel the passion burning through his veins, and he wanted her more than he had ever wanted her before.

"What does that do for you?' she whispered.

"Makes me want to do this." He replied as he gently laid her on her back.

His lips caressed her calf and then started to slowly move up her leg. Sucking gently on the flesh on her inner thigh, making her moan slightly, as she parted her legs, inviting him even further inside. She moaned with such acceptance as her as her breath became rapid and deep. It was then she felt his tongue running over the quivering lips of her sex. His lips sucking on her clit making her gasp as her back arched, shoving her breasts up in front of her. He could feel the heat from her sex hitting his face and he could taste her wetness, as she begged him not to stop. His fingers sliding inside of her, two fingers at first, then three, then four, as she was sweetly enveloped within the pleasures that he was giving her. She begged him not to stop as her hips began to grind, rubbing her sex against his lips as the desire between them became like a mighty inferno. To strong for them to ignore, wanting to feel them become overwhelmed within the pleasures of their own affections for each other.

"Oh Michael, I want you inside of me. Fuck me…Fuck me now!" she begged.

There was no way he could deny her the pleasures that her sex was craving for. Slowly, he moved his body up hers, his lips caressing every inch on her flesh as he did. Feeling her body shivering under the touch of his lips. Then he kissed her so tenderly, her arms wrapped around him, as their kisses became more intense and passionate within seconds. Then he grabbed her thighs and placed her legs over his shoulders, letting her feet rest against his back. Leaving her practically defenseless to whatever it was that he would do to her. Her eyes looked up at him, as an expression of such excitement appeared on her face.

"I love you Michael." She said.

And right when she said that, he shoved his hard member into her eagerly waiting sex. She gasped as she felt it invade through her, thrusting so hard, as she gasped and moaned for him not to stop. Leaning forward, he grabbed her hands and raised them up over her head, holding them down so that she could not move them. He could feel the walls of her sex tightening around his manhood, gripping him, not wanting to let him go. Feeling this excited him even more as he thrusted even harder into her. She begged him not to stop, wanting to feel all the passion, which he had for her. Each thrust drove them deeper into the desire, which they were feeling, pushing them closer to the climactic bliss that they both longed to embrace. She begged him not to stop, wanting to feel all the passion, which he had for her. Each thrust drove them deeper into the desire, which they were feeling, pushing them closer to the climatic bliss that they both longed to embrace. She begged him to cum inside her, that she wanted to feel it flow within her womb. And with one loud moan, he exploded within her, draining every last drop into her. And when his climax ended, hers began. Feeling all the strength drain out of her as her mind was drowning within the tidal wave of her own passion. He lay gently on top of her as their lips met in a tender, passionate kiss.

"I love you Elizabeth." He whispered in her ear.

They lat there, their limbs entwined as they as they continued to kiss so gently and tender.

"Did this help you find the inspiration that you needed?' she asked.

"You always inspire me, my love. Even when you don't do anything, I find the inspiration that I long for. You are so wonderful and beautiful. You are not only my wife, but also my lover, my best friend, my angel…and my muse. The one who inspires me to so what I must to make our dreams come true." He whispered.

"Well, this use would love to do this again. I want to make love to you again, sweetie." She said in a seductive tone.

"Let's rest for a while, to regain our strength and then I will please you again, any way that you wish." He said giggling slightly.

The End!


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