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Sharing a moment of passion with something new that intensified the pleasures which they longed to feel.

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She was everything that I had ever wanted in a woman, and now she was mine. We held each other so close and tight as we danced in the living room of my apartment. The smell of her perfume and the sound of her breath in my ear was more than I could endure. She knew that I wanted her, that I burning for her and that after too long I would not be able to resist her temptation. My hands rested on her back as I pulled her closer to me, feeling her breasts crushed against my chest as our lips met in a brief kiss. Then I started to kiss the side of her neck, as I could hear the sound of her starting to breath heavy. Her fingers running through my short brown hair as my one hand reached down and started to pull up the hem of her short dress. She didn't try to stop me as I felt her other hand stroking my now hard manhood through the fabric of my pants. My fingers touching the soft, firm flesh of her ass as she let out a slight moan, telling me that was something that she liked and wanted me to continue. As I did I could feel that she wasn't wearing any underwear, which turned me on even more. My hand slide in front of her body, in between her legs, my fingers touching to sensitive flesh of her clit as her hand gripped my manhood through my pants. Our lips met in another kiss, this time deeper and more passionate, as my fingers slid inside her, feeling the wetness of her sex, arousing her even more. Listening to her muffled moans as I moaned myself from the touch of her hand on me, arousing me so much. Her head tilted back, as she gasped and then looked at me with such a lustful expression on her face. Her green eyes burning with such desire, something that I never thought I would see in a woman's eyes.

"Why don't we go upstairs to continue this? I am sure it would be more comfortable, that is unless you want to do it here on the floor." She whispered.

I agreed to go into the bedroom with her, even though at that point I wanted to take her right there. But knew that I wanted to make this special for her, something that we both would remember forever. Even though it was my apartment, she led me to the bedroom, as if she knew the way. Her hand gently holding mine as she looked back at me with a playful grin on her lips. I was enveloped within her beauty, wanting her so much, that I didn't care where it was that she would be leading me.

When we got into the bedroom, we stood by the foot of the bed, kissing passionately as our eager hands quickly tried to undress each other. Till finally we stood before each other, naked, our arms entwined around each other. Then she took a step back, as her eyes burned with such passion and her hand gently rested on my chest.

"I want you to get on the bed. I have something special for you." She said.

Without even thinking about what it could be that she had intended for me, I climbed onto the middle of the bed, lying on my back as I looked at her. She smiled as she slowly crawled onto the bed, looking like a cat ready to pounce upon its prey. Slowly, she crawled over my body, till she reached my erect manhood and then lowered her head down on it. Feeling her lips encircle it tightly, as she moved them up and down my shaft. Sending such a pleasurable sensation coursing through me as I moaned in such ecstasy, as my hands reached down to touch the back of her head. Then she shot her head up, and looked at me with a playful grin on her lips.

"No. This is not the way I want to do this." She said as she started to crawl up my body.

She sat on my chest, and then reached over for her purse, that she had left on the nightstand when she came over. Her hand reached in it and pulled out a long black silk scarf. And then she tied my wrists to the headboard so that I would not be able to move them. I had asked her what she was doing, but all that she answered with was that this would be something that I was going to enjoy. Even though I normally would have objected to something like this, I trusted her, knowing that she would never do anything that would harm me. So I went along with it, curious to what she would do next. After she had me securely bound, she started to kiss me tenderly. Her fingers lightly scratching my chest, arousing me even more. Then she slowly worked herself down my body, her lips caressed down my flesh as felt the desire burning even greater within me. She moved so slowly, prolonging what I wanted her to do to me, making me ache within the anticipation of it. She knew that I was feeling that, for she could feel my body shuttering in such excitement, which aroused her even more. Feeling her tongue move over my stomach so lightly, as I let out a moan, while I watched her moving down my body. Then finally, her lips reached my ridged manhood, kissing it and letting her tongue run over the tip of it. Before I could say anything, she took me in her mouth, her lips tightened around my shaft as she started to move her head up and down in a slow easy motion. Feeling her teeth lightly grazing the flesh of my shaft; sending a wave of pleasure through me that I had never felt before, as I heard her muffled moans. Oh, how I wanted to touch her, to put my hands on the back of her head and force her down on me, feeling my member sliding down her throat. But she had made sure that there was no way I would be able to do such a thing. I was vulnerable to whatever her desire would be to do to me. Enveloped within the sweet torment of being helpless, letting her do whatever she wanted to me. Her eyes looked up at me as she continued feeding my member into her mouth, as the look she gave me told me that she was not done with me yet. I say nothing as watch her stop and then position her body over mine. Her legs straddled over my head, giving my eyes a clear view of her glistening sex. How my lips longed to taste the nectar of her sex, become intoxicated by it. I could feel her mouth on my again, working even harder on my manhood. Making my body flinch for a brief moment while her muffled moans echoed softly within the room, making the air come alive. She had stopped only once, to turn her head to me, staring at me with a playful grin on her lips.

"Do you like what you see? I bet you would love to taste my sex right now. Can you see how wet you get me, darling? How much, I want you inside of me. "She said in a seductive tone.

I found myself unable to find the words to answer her, as I was so aroused by her that no words could come about. Before I could answer, she lowered her head back down, taking me again in her mouth. This time, her head moving faster, as if her appetite to please her passion had grown even stronger. I knew that I couldn't last much longer. My yearning to feel myself inside of her was growing so much stronger, wanting to beg her to ride me. Wanting her to feel me penetrate into her womanhood, to have our bodies join as one, within the heat of the moment. Oh yes, I wanted her now more than I had ever wanted her any other time before. And she knew it, which was probably why she was prolonging the moment for as long as she could. I could feel my member throbbing in her mouth as the pressure started to build up within me. My eyes staring up at her sex, seeing it glistening with its moistness, and all that I could so was to lay there doing anything.

Then she stopped as she crawled down my body, till her hips were over my manhood. Then she lowered herself onto me, feeling my member penetrate her as she gasps. She started to grind her hips, moaning softly at first and then becoming louder with each motion she made. Her back was facing me, as I watched her continuing to ride me. She leaned back, resting herself on top of me, her hips continuing to move as we were sweetly enveloped within the pleasure that we were creating. Feeling the muscles of her pussy gripping me tightly, as my member started throbbing. I tried to control myself, to hold back so that way I would last longer so that way she could embrace the pleasure that we were sharing.

"Oh my love, I love the way you feel inside of me. Oh God, you are driving me crazy. Do me, don't hold anything back. I feel the passion that you have for me. Give it to me, give it to me now." She whispered as her head rested on my shoulder.

Without even thinking. I started to thrust up, forcing myself deeper into her womb as she moaned and begged me not to stop. Over and over again, my hips continued to thrust, overwhelmed with the passion that we were feeling, not wanting this moment to end. Slowly her body sat up again on me as I continued driving myself inside of her. Never had I experienced something as erotic as this. And because of it, I didn't want it to end. I never thought that letting her have such control over me would arouse me as much as it has. Her moans continued to grow louder as I felt myself unable to hold back any much longer. She begged me to cum, saying that she wanted to feel it inside of her. And I wasn't going to deny her that pleasure. I never did. Within minutes I could feel my loins explode inside of her, draining my liquid essence into her womb. She moaned in pleasure of feeling it, her back arched as her head tilted back , while her climax started after mine ended. She continued to ride me, draining me of every drop of my essence. When it was finally over, she turned around and unfastened my hands from the restraints. Our lips met in a tender kiss as I wrapped my arms around her.

"How was that my darling?" she asked.

"Amazing, I never thought that we could feel something as this."

"Good. Now it is your turn to tie me up." She said and then giggled slightly.

I knew that now we had discovered something that we would share again and again when we had the urge for something special.

The End.


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