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Her Beloved Returns

Short story By: Michael68

When Sarah went out with her friends to a club one night, she had no idea what the night would bring. Especially from the hazel eyes of a stranger.

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Such a flirt….a tease….things that Sarah had heard men call her so many times that she was at times, so there was no sense in her trying to deny it. In her eyes she could not see what was wrong with that, since the men around her were even worse than what she would do. The way they would always stare at her with such lustfulness, eyes that would try and undress her. As their minds would go to the carnal desires that they would hope she would make come true. And tonight was no different as she sat at the table in the Sub Zero Club, waiting for Stephanie and Marcus to return from the bar. As she sat there alone, she could feel the eyes of a few men in the bar on her. Normally, it would not bother her, but for some reason it did tonight. Mainly disgusted by the thought that these men would only see her as nothing more than a sexual object or a trophy for them to obtain. The one thing that she really did not feel that she was or even impressed by the attention. And on top on that, she had to deal with a man coming up to her and trying to pick her up, which she knew would happen. Using some sort of deceitful lies just to impress her, in the hopes that they could walk out with her. The only reason that they did so, was because the sultry curves of her 42 double d breast, through the silken fabric of the revealing cleavage of her red blouse. How she wished for once she could find a man who wanted her for the woman that she was inside, rather than just some sexual desire that they felt for her. Her eyes glanced over at the dance floor, at the couples that swayed slowly to the rhythm of a love song. Just for her to be watching that, brought about a feeling of such sorrow to her. Making her wish that that she could find a man that could show her such romance, making her feel so special. Yet she knew that this club was not the place she would find something like that. It seemed like nothing more than a delusion, a fantasy that would never become true for her. Even though it was a fleeting thought, deep down it was something she felt and wished that could come true for her. Instantly, she turned her attention away from the dance floor, wishing that she was not there now. But Stephanie and Marcus had taken her here and they were her ride home. So in a way she was stuck into staying there. It was then that she had seen a man with short brown hair, dressed all in black, watching her. For some reason though she felt that this man's stare was different than that of the other men that she had gotten used to. Almost as if he saw her in a different way than he appearance that everyone else saw her. For a moment she just sat there, returning the glance that this stranger was giving her. Smiling slightly, as she waited to see some sort of response from him. But this man just looked at her with a lifeless expression on his face. Yet, there was something about him that intrigued her more than any other man ever had in her past. It was then that she heard the sound of a man's voice echoing around her….or was it in her mind? That was the one thing that she was not sure of. Still, the voice seemed so close that she thought it was someone whispering in her ear. "Oh my Lady, why must you let the shroud of your sorrow blind your sight. Not letting you see the truth come to your sight and heart." the voice said/ "What the hell is happening to me? This can not be really happening." she thought. "My darling Sarah, what is it that you can not believe? That a man like me could find you more interesting than just the lustful, false desires a man would have for you?" the voice said. Sarah had no idea what this voice could mean if it was the voice of the man that she was looking at. Still, she could feel that there was something about this stranger that made him seem different than any other man. For some reason her attention was drawn to him, unable for her to pull away from his sight. That was until she heard the slightly drunken sound of Stephanie's voice talking to her. Sarah could not make out what was said, but the tone of Stephanie's voce snapped her out of the trance that she was in. Instantly Sarah looked at her with a shocked expression on her face. Seeing Stephanie, a young woman with short sandy blond hair, glasses, wearing a short blue dress with its low cut revealing cleavage. Next to her was her fiancée, Marcus. A man with a crew cut, heavy set stature. They both stood there looking at her with a confused expression on their faces. "What did you say, Steph?" Sarah asked. "I wanted to ask you what you are looking at." Stephanie said. "Can't you see him? The man in black that is looking at me?" Sarah asked in an almost scared voice. "Sarah what man? There is no one sitting around here that is the way you describe." Marcus said. "What do you mean? He is sitting at the table right over…." Sarah started to say and then stopped suddenly stopped in shock. When she looked in the direction that the man she had exchanged glances with was gone. And yet, she felt for some reason that this stranger was still close by. Feeling his presence in the air, pressing against her flesh. The only this that she cold think about was that this stranger was a figment of her imagination. Yet, she really didn't think so. "Are you alright Sarah? There is no one over there. You must have made a mistake." Stephanie said in a worried voice. "I am fine. I really don't want to talk about it." Sarah said in a stern voice. She knew that the stranger had been there, even though she had not said anything about the voice she heard. For she knew that was something that they would think she was mad about thinking that was real. Marcus sat on one side of her, while Stephanie sat on the other side. For some reason, Sarah suddenly felt a sudden rush of fear running through her. As if she knew that there was something that was going to happen, that she would regret. Which was the one thing that she could not ignore. Even though she knew that they were her friends and would not do such a thing to her. The only thing that she could do was to wait and see if her feelings was true. But from the strange, curious expression on their faces, told her that something was going on. And that was the one thing that scared her. "So what is going on?" Sarah asked. "We wanted to ask you something. But I was not sure how you would react to what we wanted to ask you." Stephanie said in an uneasy voice. "What is it? You know that you can say anything to me." Sarah replied. It was then she felt Marcus's hand on her thigh, his fingers slowly moving up her inner thigh, lightly scratching her through the fabric of her tight jeans. The sensation of his touch did excite her, but also brought about a fear in her soul as well. "We really like you. And know that you have been going through so much stress." Marcus said as his fingers touched her in between her legs, stroking her sex through the fabric of her jeans. Then he moved his fingers up and unfastened her jeans and slipped his hand inside it. She could feel his fingers brushing against her sex, through the fabric of her skimpy g-string. Sarah gasped suddenly as her body stiffened in such shock and embarrassment. Not believing that he would do something like this and Stephanie would just sit there and not try and stop him. Right when he did that, Sarah could feel the hands of Stephanie fondling her breasts through the fabric of the red blouse that was loosely tied in front of it. Sarah looked at Stephanie, seeing the same lustful glare in her eyes, that she had seen in so many men's eyes. "Stephanie…..Marcus…..please stop this." Sarah begged breathing heavily. "Why? You know this is something that you want to happen." Marcus whispered in her ear. Sarah could not believe that this was happening, for they had never even given her the hint the at they were interested in her that way. Right now, he she wished that anyone would break up this situation she was in. Her eyes closed as she could feel her body shiver in such disgusted terror and felt Stephanie lips caress her. Tasting the strong taste of whiskey on her breath. A tear started to roll down her cheek as she started to believe that there was nothing that would stop this. But it was then that they heard the sound of a man's angered voice. "Get your hands off the Lady! She does not appreciate both of your perverted advances." the man's voice said. When they looked up, Sarah was shocked to see the man in black standing there. His hands clutched tightly into fists as his eyes burned with the flames of hellfire. Marcus instantly stood up to face this stranger. Just from his partial drunken expression, Sarah knew he did not know what he was getting into. "What does it matter what we do to this bitch? What, you want her for yourself?" Marcus said in his drunken voice. "No, but you need to show the lady some respect. And it is obvious you need to be taught that." the stranger replied in a cold tone. Sarah could not believe that this man who did not even know her, was defending her like this. But why? That was the one thing that she could not understand. Still, she felt that Marcus would not survive whatever the stranger would be Sarah knew that something evil would come from it. As Sarah watched the stranger, waiting to see what he would do, she could feel Stephanie's fingers moving inside her blouse. Gently fondling the tanned skin of her breasts as she felt herself starting to shudder again. Even though she was disgusted by what was happening to her, her body still reacted from the touch. "Maybe this man wants her all to himself. The chance to do to her what we want to do." Stephanie said as she slowly turned to look up at the stranger. "Tell you what, we will let you have her after we are done with her. And who knows, maybe we will let you watch as we take her." Sarah had no idea what type of response the stranger would have, but she just wished that he would do something to make them stop what they were trying to do to her. Stephanie's hands opened her blouse wider, revealing the smooth skin of her breasts and the nipples of her breasts. She could feel herself shuttering in terror as she wished that this was not happening to her. That there was some way that she could just end this whole thing once and for all. "You like what you see?" Marcus said in a sarcastic tone as he glanced at Sarah with a lustful glance and then back at the stranger. Instantly, the stranger punched Marcus in the middle of his chest, knocking the wind out of him. When he bent down in agony because of it, the stranger grabbed the back of his head, raised it slightly and then forced it against the edge of the table. There was a sudden thud that echoed around them, like the sound that could be heard when someone strikes a melon. When the stranger let Marcus go, he staggered for a moment and then the stranger shoved his hand into his chest. His hand ripping into his chest and then pulling out quickly. Pulling out his blood coated heart that left out one last beat within the stranger's hand. Marcus's body fell to the ground as Stephanie stood up and screamed out in terror. Then the stranger moved to her, his hands gripped the sides of her head and then twisted forcefully, snapping her neck. As Stephanie's body collapsed lifelessly to the ground, Sarah just sat there in shock. Not even moving to cover up the brief nakedness of her breasts. Then the stranger turned to her and reached his hand out to her. "I need to get you out of here. Did they hurt you? Are you alright?" he asked suddenly. "I…..I am alright, I think. I just can't believe that this happened." she responded in a shocked voice. "That makes two of us." he said with a slight smirk on his lips. "Compose yourself and lets get out of here before the authorities arrive." "Who are you?" she asked suddenly. "Someone who cares about you Sarah. Now, we really have to get out of here." he said as he held out his hand to her. Sarah knew that she could not say no to the stranger, for she might end up in the same fate at Stephanie. Yet, there was something about the way he looked at her that told her she was not in any danger with him. At least she hoped that was the case. Her hand reached up and held his hand as she slowly stood up. His hand lightly gripped hers as he lead her to the front door of the club. Noticing the people they passed looking at them with an expression of such terror on their faces. Something so different than the looks which these men had given her so lustfully. The only thing that she could not figure out was why the only one that came to her rescue was this stranger. She was not going to question about it, because she figured that it was something that she shouldn't get into right now. As they made their way outside, she looked at the stranger, feeling for some reason that there was something familiar about him. Could it be something that she felt was nothing more than her own imagination that was making her feel that she knew him. When they got outside, the cool night air slapped her face as she kept her attention focused on the stranger. Wondering who he really could be and why he was so concerned about her. "You should be more cautious of the friends that you associate with. I would not want to see any harm come to you again." he said "I never though that would do something like that to me. I feel so humiliated that I let them touch me like that, but I was too terrified to stop them." she explained. She could not believe how concerned this stranger was for her. And also the fact that she wanted to be so honest to him as well. They made their way down the darkened street, unsure of where it could be that he was taking her. Was there some other intentions that this stranger would have for her? "Why did you help me? Other people would just ignore what had happened, because they would have been intimidated by Marcus. But not you." she said suddenly. "Because you are better than what they had thought. There is so much about you that makes you stand out from everyone else. More than you even know about yourself." he replied as he looked at her with a compassionate expression. "I appreciate it. But is there something else because of it. Maybe it is just my own imagination, but there seems to be something more to it." she said curiously. The stranger did not say anything at first, as if he was trying to think about what he would say to her. Sarah found herself wanting to know what it could be that he was thinking. And because of his acting that way, Sarah could feel the anxiety building inside of her. Just to hear him something, anything so she would know what he was thinking. Even if it might not be what she really wanted to hear. Still, it would be something that would break the uncomfortable silence between them. She could easily say something to do so, but it didn't reassure her that he would reply something to her. When she looked at him, she could see him look at her with an expression that seemed so familiar to her. And yet it was something that she could not remember. Still, there was a strange feeling of da-ja-vu that she had of him. And because of it, Sarah started to believe that there was something about this stranger that seemed so familiar. But it was something which she felt she could not reveal to him. For she was not even sure if she was right about the feeling she had, The feeling of what it might be haunted her mind to the point where she could not take it. Wanting to know the truth, no matter what the answer would be. Just to know the truth that this stranger would have for her. "What is it you wish to know Sarah? I can tell that there is something that you want to ask me." he said as his eyes stayed focused in front of him. "Who are you….really? Why out of everyone in that club, you were the only one who stopped them? And why is it when I look at you, I feel like I know you?" she asked in a panicked tone. He stopped suddenly and looked at her with an almost blank expression on his face. She gazed into his hazel eyes and suddenly felt such a comfort within them. Something that she had never felt in someone's eyes for a long time. Sarah found herself wanting to walk into this stranger's arms. She was not sure why she suddenly felt that way, outside of the gratitude that she had for him saving her. Still, there was some other feeling that she had about this stranger that drew her to him. Something that she knew that she could not ignore. "No one else would want to help you. The only thing that they wanted was to watch the perverted display your so called friends would do to you." he said and then hesitated for a moment. "As far as what else you asked, you have to look in yourself to find out the answers of who I am. You know the answer to that, if you are willing to find the strength to face the truth." It was then one thing that Sarah was not ready to hear exactly that, for it did not make any sense to her. For that said about the people in the club, made sense to her. For that club was famous for their loose morals they would allow in their. But the way he talked about how she knew about his true identity, confused her. None of it made any sense to her, even though there was a part of her that wanted to believe it could be true. For some reason this stranger made her feel like he was someone that she had been close to before. Yet, she had only been close with three other men in her past. One that had went to jail because he had raped her, another that she knew the relationship was going nowhere. And of course the third and most recent relationship she had been in. The man that she was going to marry. That was until a drunk driver had taken his life two months before they were suppose to get married. That was the one relationship that she found herself unable to forget about. For it had been the one man that she had loved more deeply than she ever thought she could with any other man. But that was the past, something that she had not thought about for the last four months. "What are you thinking about Sarah? Tell me, what it is that you are thinking about. What is bothering you?" the stranger said as his hand reached up and touched the side of her face so gently. "You are him….aren't you?" she said in a sudden sorrowful voice, as a tear ran down her cheek. "That will be revealed later tonight. For now though you must get home. That is where you belong right now." he said and then turned to motion to a taxi that was passing by on the road/ When the taxi stopped, he opened the back passenger's door for her. Then he turned back to Sarah showing a slight smirk on his lips. She was not sure where he could be taking her, even though he had mentioned about her going home. Yet for some reason, there was something about him which made her want to trust him. Which seemed sort of strange, considering she did not know anything about him. Still, she had that feeling that there was something about him that was so familiar to her. "Take the taxi home, you don't need to be here. I want to make sure that you are safe. That is the only thing that is important right now." he said as she moved toward him. "I don't have the money to get home. How am I going to pay for the ride?" she asked in a worried tone. "This will take care of it. And I am not going to take no for an answer. I know that you need it?" he said as he placed a few hundred dollar bills that were folded, in her hand. Sarah wanted to tell him no, even though he already made it known that he was not going to except that as an answer. Still, she worried that he would try and hint around that she would have to repay him in a way. His arms wrapped around her, as he gazed into her eyes. For some reason she started to feel a brief moment of mutual attraction between them. Yet, Sarah was not sure id that was what he wanted to create or if it was just something that she was hoping for. She continued to look into his hazel eyes, feeling an attraction….a longing for him. Something that she had not felt in so long and never thought that she would feel again. "When will I see you again? Or will I ever?" she asked without thinking about what she was saying. He smiled so pleasantly at her, without even saying a word to her for a moment. His hand reached up and gently touched the side of her face. Sarah found herself thinking about one thing, which consumed her mind and soul. How she wanted to feel the gentle touch of his kiss. For in a way she felt that she at least owed him that for everything that he had done for her. The only thing was, she was not sure how to give him the hint of it. "You will see me again. That is if you want to?" he said in a soft voice. "I do. But how will I find you?" she asked. "It does not matter, the I will find you. That is all that you really need to know right now." he said in a soft and kind voice. "I want to make sure that you are going to be alright." He stepped even closer to her, his eyes stayed locked on hers, as his lips hovered centimeters from hers. Feeling his hot breath caressing the skin of her face as her breasts crushed against his chest. Then their lips met against hers, sending a sudden rush of exhilaration flowing through her veins. Exciting her so much that she could feel her toes curl from it. But it was not the bliss that did it, it was him. Something about him that she wanted to welcome into her. When he slowly pulled away from her, Sarah had kept her eyes closed, enchanted from the sensation of the kiss. She could feel her heart pounding so hard, as her face burned with such embarrassment. Mainly the embarrassment for her letting herself embrace such feelings for someone that she did not even know. "I will come to you again, my darling Sarah. I need to see you one last time before my time here has expired. So that you know always….that I am forever your Romeo." he whispered and then helped her into the taxi. As he closed the door, she stared at him through the closed window, with a shocked expression on her face. Forever Your Romeo……that was something she had only heard said by one man to her. She had not thought that she would ever hear those words spoken to her again. And now that this stranger had spoke them to her, there was a slight uneasiness festering within her soul. Along with something that made her think of something that she knew had to be impossible to be true. Still, it was something that part of her wanted to believe that it could be possible. As the taxi pulled onto the road, she turned and looked out the back window, watching him standing there looking at her. Until the dark shadows of the night finally she was unable to see him any more. Sarah started to wonder what it could be that she had gotten herself into. So many questions seemed to stay trapped within her mind. Ones that she knew too well only her mysterious stranger would be able to answer for her. As she turned around, her arms crossed over her chest as she shivered within such fear of what she thought could be true. Even though it seemed to be ridiculous to even think of it to be true, it seemed like it was the only truth that she could really find. "Lucas….could it really be you? Could you have really come back to me?" she thought. Later Sarah stood in the shadows of her bedroom, staring at her reflection in the mirror above her dark brown dresser. Her mind continued to play out what had happened to her at the club and of the stranger who had appeared and saved her from Marcus and Stephanie's advances. She was not really sure what it could be that was happening, but that did not seem to matter anymore. For the only thought that stayed focused in her mind was that of her beloved Lucas. Could it be that he came back to her from the dead? That somehow he came back to protect her from some sort of danger and give her a message? It all seemed like nothing more than some strange nightmare. The only thing was she knew that it was nothing that was that easy of a solution. "Oh Lucas, why have you come back? What is it that you want from me?" she whispered under her breath. For a moment she just stood there, convinced that this stranger was her departed love. The only thing that she was not sure about was why he could have returned to her. Of course, for all that she knew, this stranger could be someone else. And what she believed was nothing more than her own imagination and longing for her beloved to be with her again. Sarah could not figure out what it could be that was happening to her, as her hands covered her face for a brief second and she felt the sorrow start of the past suddenly return. The pain which she had felt back at that time when she had discovered the truth of his own demise that he had fallen prey too. To Sarah it felt as if it had happened just a moment ago and now she was reliving the anguish of that night which she could never forget. "Lucas, please come to me. I need you so much. I can not deal with this anymore." she said in such sorrow as her eyes gazed down at a pair of scissors that sat upon the dresser. She could feel the need to take them and feel the razor sharp blade cut across her skin, letting the pain consume her, to make her forget about the pain within her heart. Her hand reached out for it, stopping inches from the handle as the terror filled her. Her body shaking uncontrollably, as her eyes stared at the slightly opened blades of it. In her mind she could hear the sound of Lucas's voice speaking to her within a whisper. So soft and lovingly, the way that he had always spoke to her when such depression and anxiety had tried to consume her in the past and she felt the urge to do what she was thinking right now. Don't do what you are thinking my love. You know that you are better than that. I know that you are and you can not let yourself fall into the falsehood of your own disbelief. She wanted to believe what he had always told her was true, but after tonight, she was not sure what she could really believe. Stephanie and Marcus had always been good friends to her, willing to be there when she needed someone to talk to, to support her. And after tonight, she had no idea who it could be that she could really trust. Especially Stephanie who she knew was only doing it to please Marcus and save the relationship that they had. But how could she have lowered herself to the point where she would throw away the trust of a close friendship they had, to satisfy the perverted and lustful nature of the man that she said she loved? Knowing too well the damage that it would cause to Sarah in the end? "I know that I can not do this. But what other choice do I have?" she thought and then said under her breath. " I want to be with you Lucas. Where ever it is that you are, I want to be with you." Her hand reached over and started to grab the handle of the scissors, as a tear ran down her cheek and her own sorrow and pity enveloped her like a cloud. Her hand picked up the handle of it, eyes staying focused on it and then dropped it suddenly. It was at that moment that she was no longer in control of her actions. It was as if she was outside herself, watching her go through the motions which her own sorrow was making her feel. Watching her as she made her way out of the bedroom, aimlessly wondering through the apartment, till she had gotten herself into the kitchen. Then moved slowly over to the counter, to a wooden block that sat upon it and removed the large carving knife that rested in its slat. Her hand gripped the handle of it tightly as she made her wait back to the bedroom, the whole time the expression on her face was that of sheer lifelessness. The only thing that she could think about was how she wanted to end this pain and be with her beloved Lucas. She had no recognition of going to the kitchen and getting the knife, or of even walking back to her bedroom. For the only thing that she could think about was the face of her beloved, the way that he had looked at her to tender and lovingly. And how much she wanted to be with him, no matter what it would be that she would have to do to get there. When she entered the bedroom again, she stopped just inside the doorway. Her eyes looked around the room as if something about it had changed suddenly. Sarah had no idea what it could be that made her feel that way, but the sensation that enveloped her was too strong for her to ignore. She looked at the large canopy bed with its sheer black curtains tied to the post of the head of the bed and the white satin sheets and four pillows on it. Remembering all the times that she had made love to Lucas on it, along with the times they would just lie there cuddling together as they would whisper to each other of the future that they would have. Or just of all the affections which burned within their hearts for one another. The way he would be so romantic, actually able to lower his guard and be able to be himself to her, which was the one thing that she loved the most. But now there was something different about the bedroom which she never felt before, something that seemed so foreign to her. It was as if she had just entered a room that she had never been in before. But come over her,. One that she had never felt before, which scared her. A cold feeling of death that made her body shiver and stiffen all at once. "What is going on here? This can't be happening. It just can't be." she whispered. It was then that her eyes glanced over to the bedroom windows and noticed the silhouette of a man standing before it. Rays of moonlight shined into the room, surrounding him and yet not revealing any detail of the stranger that was now in the room. The first thought was that it was someone who had followed her home, so they could have their way with her. But that feeling had passed suddenly as another thought entered her mind which she knew was impossible to be. There was something that made it seem though that what she was thinking was true though. The silhouette before the window was whistling a song, a special song that always reminded her of Lucas. One that he would always be humming though, not whistling. (For he never had been able to whistle a tune of even a sound at all.) The moment she heard it, she knew the song right away and found herself wanting to sing along to it. "And you can tell everybody ….this is your song….I t might be quiet and simple but now that it is done….I hope you don't mind…..I hope you don't mind…..that I put down in words….how wonderful life is now your in my world." "Lucas? Is that really you? Have you come back to me?" she asked in a panicked voice of disbelief. "Put down that knife….you know too well that you don't nee it." the dark figure said/ It was instantly that she realized that the voice which spoke to her was that of a stranger, with the same kind and caring tone. But it was more than that though….it was also the voice of her beloved Lucas as well. "And why should I believe you to do that? Why should you care what I will do with it? " she asked and then hesitated for a moment. "I want to know who you really are." "You already know who I am. You said my name, so why should I have to tell you." he said. Sarah just stood there, still holding the carving knife within her hand. In a way she knew that what he said was true, but she just did not want to believe it. But it seemed to ridiculous for it to really be true, or at least that was what she started to believe. Still, there seemed to be no other reason that she could find. Something else that could explain all of this and yet there was a part of her that didn't want to find it. "What do you think I was going to do with this knife?" she said, realizing too late how ridiculous that question really was. Her body shook as the grip that she had on the handle of the carving knife loosened and it fell to the floor. She knew too well that he was right, that there was no way that she could even try and hurt herself. It was just a moment of such sadness that consumed her so much that made it impossible for her to handle it. It seemed now that Lucas had saved her twice in one night now. That was if he really was Lucas. But it did not seem to matter to her at the moment. The only thing that she could think about was wanting to feel his arms around her, his body pressed against hers as his lips kissed her so soft and tenderly, like only Lucas could. She wanted him right now, to make love to her, to make her feel what passion was like again. The only thing was she was not sure how to reveal that to this mysterious stranger. But before she could even utter a word to him, he moved toward her in a slow, easy pace. She could feel her heart racing wildly as she watched him draw near, hoping….yearning that he would give her the one thing that she longed for so much. Standing in front of her, his hand reached up and gently touched the side of her face again, so gentle and tender. Sarah could feel the anticipation for him building within her soul as she waited and hoped for that he would do next. His eyes staring at her so lovingly, as he stepped closer to her. Their lips met in a soft and tender kiss as his arms wrapped around her, picking her up off her feet. Her arms wrapped around his neck, as her lips continued to caress his. Feeling this was something so romantic that she had never felt in so long, Hoping that it would not be the only night that a moment like this would come to her again. When he reached the side of her bed, he gentle lowered her down onto it, laying her on the soft mattress and then making his body stand erect. For a moment she looked up at him in silence, wondering what it could be that was wrong. If there had been something that she had done to turn him away from her. "What is it? Tell me, is there something wrong?" she asked. "Yes, there is. I have to tell you the truth. I am your beloved Lucas. I came back to you because your life was headed to destruction. And there is so much more that you are suppose to do, which you do not even know about yet." he said in a calm and serious voice. "I know it is you. I have always known in a way ever since I first saw you at the club tonight. But I just did not want to believe that it could be possible." she said propping her body up slightly as she looked at him. "And you are going to leave me again, aren't you?" "Yes, I told you that my time on this earth is short. But I wanted to make sure that you were safe and also that I wanted to see you one last time as well." he said as he crawled onto the bed next to her. "Then stay with me tonight. I want to have just tonight to be with you, to feel such romance with you." Sarah begged in a soft whisper. He lowered himself self down to her, kissing her lips so gently. Their arms wrapped around each other, making love to one another so slowly. As if to let themselves become absorbed within the sweet ecstasy of the moment, to cherish it long after this night was over. She could feel his hands slowly shedding her clothes, till she was sweetly naked before him. And she did the same to him as well, wanting nothing more than to embrace the passion which he had for her. Feeling his fingers and lips moving over every curve of her naked skin, arousing her so much. Making her feel her body open up to him, like a flower opening to the warmth of the spring sun. Then their bodies joined as one, feeling him diving deep within her womb, thrusting hard and yet slow, just like the way she liked it. Their limbs entwined as they moved to the rhythm of their rapidly beating heart. Till the final moment when she could feel him explode within her, draining his liquid essence within her womb as she moaned and gasped in such sweet ecstasy from the passion that he was giving her. Her body shivering in sweet bliss as he held her close to him in a warm and loving embrace, She wanted to tell him all that was in her heart, how she did not want this night to end. Wanted him to stay with her. His body lay on top of hers as she felt him penetrate her again, and she welcomed it. For it was the moment when she felt the closest to him. The closest to her beloved Lucas, who she knew would be gone when the dawn would come. His large manhood throbbing within her sex, as her muscles gripped around it, her body withered while her eyes looked up at him. Looking at the loving expression on his face, as she begged him not to stop, to give her all that he was for her. It was then that she had seen his back arch, head tilted back with his eyes closed. The next thing that had happened, Sarah was not sure about if it was nothing more than her own imagination or if it really happened. The only thing that she was sure about was that she had finally knew what it was that he was hiding from her. For she could hear the sound of something ripping from behind him as he let out an almost painful moan. And then large wings emerged from behind him, stretching out behind him. But it was not like the wings that she imagined of an angle that would be white and with feathers. No, these were made of skin with slight blood stains upon them. Even though she knew that she should have been scared from the sight, she found herself unable to feel that. For she knew that it was still her beloved Lucas that was making love to her. The man she loved who came back to her from beyond to protect her. The orgasm flooded through her again, this time stronger than she had ever felt before. She screamed out in such pleasure as she felt his orgasm flow into her, warming her from inside as the exhaustion weakened her and she passed out from it. When she had awakened in the morning, she was not sure if what had happened had been real or just some vivid dream she had. But the painful throbbing of her sex and thighs told her that it was so much more than just some dream. She was lying naked on the bed, her legs still spread opened as looked to her side to see that she was alone once again. It had been as Lucas had told her, that he was only able to be here for a short time. She had hoped that she would at least would have been able to see his face in the morning before he left her. On the pillow next to her, the only thing that was left there was a single red rose and a note that was written on parchment paper. Her hand reached over and picked it up and started to read it. "My Darling Sarah, Even though I must leave this world now, there will always be a part of me that will be with you. Some part of me that will be a symbol of my love for you. Remember what I had told you, that you must watch out of what friends you are with. Not everyone is who they seem to be. I will always love you. And always be watching over you. Forever Your Love And Guardian Angel, Lucas." She smiled as she just lay there, holding the note to her bare breasts and smiling up at the ceiling. For she knew what he had written was the truth. There was a part of him that she always kept deep within her heart for him. A part of him that she knew she would never forget or let fade away in time. Still, there was something about what he said in the note that made her feel that he meant something more. Something that he did not reveal in it, as if she should know what he was talking about. Nine months later, Sarah was lying in a hospital bed, holding her little baby boy. Staring down at his innocent face as his eyes opened and looked up at her. She found herself staring once again into Lucas's hazel colored eyes, within her son's. She smiled, know that now there was something of Lucas that will live on, always to remind her of the love that she shared for him. Knowing that no matter what her lover and guardian angel would always be there to guide them through their life. The End.


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