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Giving Into Him

Short story By: Michael68

Tags: Erotica, Fear

She could no longer hold back from the men's advances. And in doing so she becomes the one person that every man thinks she is.

Submitted:Dec 10, 2011    Reads: 1,492    Comments: 1    Likes: 2   

Dane Garver could feel his stare pressing against her skin from across the room, as she tried to pretend that she did not notice it at all. How she wished that she had not come to her friend Selena's party right now. In a way she really did not want to be there, for she was still getting over the break up she had with her boyfriend. Which of course, had been her own fault because of her infidelity. There was nothing that she could do about it right now, it was over and she had to face the misery and pain of her loss. And the last thing that she needed right now was to get involved with another man. The mere thought of it made her feel so ill inside. That was why when she became aware of this man staring at her, she felt so terrified. Knowing that he was watching her, trying to undress her with his eyes. The whole sensation made her want to just get up and walk out of the party. The only thing was, she had to wait around for Arnita, another friend of hers, to want to leave. For she had driven Dana to the party. So she was stuck there, having to deal with it. In a way she should have expected men to look at her lustfully, with the way that she was dressed. With her short black skirt, black stockings and tight white blouse with it cleavage revealing a view of the smooth skin of her generously sized breasts. How could she wear something like that and not expect men to look at her lustfully. Dana didn't want to be dressed this way, but Arnita convinced her into it.

"I can't take this anymore." she whispered under her breath as she stood up and made her way out of the room.

She was not thinking of where it could be that she was going, only that she just wanted to get away from whoever it was that was watching her. Just to be able to clear her mind, so she would be able to think straight. Before she knew where she was going, Dana found herself in the kitchen alone. In a way she was grateful about that, for then there would be no one to ask her if she was alright. Even though she had hoped that she would find Arnita there so she could convince her to leave.

Slowly she made her way over to the counter. As her sorrow consumed her once again, like it had for the past few weeks. In a way she felt that she would never get over the pain of it. For when she was downtown attending the art college, everywhere that she went something reminded her of Mason Dupree, her ex-boyfriend. And because of it she was glad that she was now on summer break. For now she would not have to go downtown for anything and be reminded of him. But there was something else about tonight which made her feel uneasy. As if she felt that something was just about to happen, yet she had no idea what that could be. The only thing that she could do was to try and forget about it. For she believed that it was nothing more than her own imagination and nothing more than that.

Her hands rested on the counter as she took a deep breath, trying to get herself to relax. Closing her eyes while she tried to get the thought of Mason out of her mind. For she knew to well that it was over and there was no way that he could ever come back to her.

Suddenly she felt the touch of someone's hands on her waist, so gentle as fingers started to move down her hips. Dana gasped as her eyes opened and she could feel her body stiffen with fear. She wanted to turn around and find out who it could be that was touching her. But she was unable to move for a second.

"I noticed the way you were looking at me. I know that you are feeling the same kind of long for me as I am for you." a voice whispered in her ear,

"I…I, don't know." she said as she felt his hands lifting her skirt up to her waist.

Her body shiver as she felt his fingertips moving over the skin of her thighs. Dana was not sure if she was shivering because of hear or a strange arousal from him. Yet, there was something there that ignited inside of her. Something that she had not felt in such a long time, that she believed it would never come to her again. Dana knew that this man thought of her as nothing more than a slut, just like all the other men who she had encountered. And that did not matter to her anymore. For she was starting to believe it. And the only thing that she could do was to except it and let this stranger do what he wanted to her. Without worrying about how it could have disgusted her, or how afraid she really was.

"Yes you do. Why should we play games, we both know that we want each other." the stranger whispered.

His hands held onto her hips as turned her slightly around. Dana looked and knew the man that was Joe Givens, a friend of Selena. He was a muscular man with short black hair. For a second Dana was not sure what to say to him, for the shock of his advance was still flowing through her veins. Without saying another word, he moved closer to her and forced a kiss on her. His lips pressed against hers, as his hand reached inside the cleavage of her blouse and fondled her breast. She let out a muffled moan as her hand grasped his wrist trying to push her away. But part of her wanted to feel his touch and for him to continue. His lips moved down to the side of her neck, caressing her as her hand moved out of her blouse and then down between her legs. Stroking her sex through the fabric of her white panties, She could feel her body weakening, as she gasped and moaned from his touch and caress. Dana could not believe that she was letting Joe do this to her. That she was giving herself to him, a complete stranger. Especially with the chance of someone walking and catching them in their torrid affair. Joe did not wait any time as his hand shoved into her white panties, fingers stroking the lips of her sex that started to become so wet.

"No… We can't do this. This is so wrong. Not here, please." she begged in a whisper.

"Yes, you know this is what you want. And I am going to give you the pleasure that you have wanted for so long." he said as his free hand grabbed the back of her head and pulled her head to him.

His fingers stroking her long amber hair as their lips pressed against each other, and Dana found herself unable to pull him away. Or maybe it was that she wanted this to happen. Whatever it might be, it was too late for her to turn back. The desire burned inside of her like an inferno. She could feel his fingers sliding inside her womanhood, as she moaned again and her body shivered wildly.

"Damn his soul for tempting me so much. Damn my soul for letting this happen." she thought.

Her hand reluctantly removed his wrist and brushed against the crotch of his pants, feeling his hard member through it. Before she could do anything, he pulled her panties down, letting them fall to her ankles.

"Joe…take me. I can't fight it anymore. Give it to me." she moaned when his lips moved from hers.

"Oh of course I will. How can I deny you that." he said.

Then he placed his hands on her waist again, lifted her up and sat her on the edge of the counter. A shocked expression appeared on her face as she spread her legs. Revealing her wet, eager sex, waiting for his member. Joe let his pants fall to his ankles, revealing his large hard member. Then he grabbed her legs and placed her ankles on his shoulders. Penetrating himself through the lips of her throbbing sex. Driving deep inside her as the back of her shoulders pressed against the cabinet doors. He drove deeper and deeper into her. Without thinking her hand reached into the cleavage of her blouse and then lifted her breast out of her blouse and then the other. Revealing the round curves of them and her hard nipples. His hand reached up and fondled her breast, fingers pinching her nipple. Sending a wave of such pleasure in her that flowed through her like a river.

"Oh God……Joe…don't stop. Please don't stop." she begged as her breath became rapid and deep.

The more thrust himself into her, the more she found herself not wanting him to stop. Feeling his manhood going so deep into her, that she wanted to scream in such pleasure, but she tried not to. For she did not want anyone in the other room to hear her. For them they would find out what they were doing. And this had to be something that they had to keep as a secret. Her back arched as she felt her body shivering wildly again. And the orgasm flooded through her, as she moaned so deeply. Once her orgasm stopped, his began. Flooding his liquid essence into her womb as he let out a moan, his hands grabbing the cheeks of her ass.

Dana was not sure if letting Joe take her so lustfully, but the thrill of sex with a stranger had pushed her to the edge. She knew seen Joe again, which was what she had expected. After all, she had given him what he wanted from her. So, what could have been the purpose of him trying to find her after that. It didn't matter to her though, for he gave her something that she thought that she would never feel again.

And she knew that she would do it again with whatever stranger would come along. Not worrying about what people would think, or hearing them call her a slut. For it was just her satisfying the lustful hunger within her soul. Which she would give into any man's advance to feel it. So in a way, Dana figured that she had become the one thing that she had feared and no longer cared about it. She became a slut.

The End.


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