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Forbidden Act

Short story By: Michael68

Wirhin a moment when Jenna at a artist retreat, she find herself thrown into something that she could never forgive herself for.

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Jenna could feel her head spinning wildly from the effects of her drunkenness, which did not surprise her, since she had drank a whole bottle of Vodka by herself. In a way it had been because of the fact that she had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend, Blake, on the phone. The only thing that he was concerned about was that she had been drinking about and was worried about her. It was obvious to her that he was feeling that way, but for some reason she still found herself angry at him. As if he was trying to tell her what to do. That was when she decided to drink and then lost control.

Now she was taking a booze run with someone from the group of the artist retreat, even though she had no idea why she was. Something inside of her made her believe that she should not be doing this. But in her drunken state, it really did not matter to her. The only thing that she wanted was to forget about everything and just enjoy the night. Even though there was something deep inside of her that that made her feel that she should have stayed at the house, she knew that she needed a change of senery for a moment. Even though the scenery was mainly a dark back parking lot behind the liquor store that the man from the group took them too. Leaving her sitting there in the car alone, because of the condition she was in. Once again there was something inside her that made her wish that he would have made her come inside with him. But now it was too late for that and there was nothing that she could do about it.

"What the hell am I doing here? I should be with the other's relaxing instead of sitting in a car alone in a dark parking lot." she muttered to herself.

She could feel the alcohol's effect growing stronger over her, making her head start to spin and her thoughts becoming cloudy. Jenna was not even sure what she was doing anymore, as if she was in some sort of weird dream watching herself without any control at all. She could feel her hand reach over for the door and then open it, then got out of the car. The only thing that she knew was that she needed some air, hoping that would clear her head. Or at least that was what she thought that she was thinking. Her mind was swimming so much within the confusion of her intoxication, that she did not even notice the old red pick up truck pull up a couple feet away. Or the man with short black hair come out and slowly start to come over to her. By the time that she did, he was already standing close to her, his lips showing am almost devilish grin.

"Are you alright?" he asked in a kind voice.

"Yeah...fine. Just had a little too much to drink." she admitted without even thinking about what she was saying.

When she looked at him, she could tell that he was an older man, probably in his early fifties and had a kind face. At least that was what she assumed. They had talked for a moment and she had told him her name and he told her his. But that was the only thing that he did reveal about himself. For everything else that he said to her was mostly compliments, trying to flatter her. In a way it was working, even though she was really not interested in him. That was when he started to move closer to her. She wanted to tell him to stop, but could not get her lips to speak the words she wanted to say.

"My friend will be back any minute. And I know he will not appreciate you doing anything to me." she finally said.

"What do you think that I am going to do. I just want to get to know you. I mean....you are such an attractive woman. And like you told me, this is your last night here. So I wanted to give you something that you will remember." he said as he pinned her body against the side of the car.

Her hands rested on his chest, trying to push him away, but her body seemed to weak to do so. Then his lips met hers, kissing her so deeply, as she could feel his hands moving over her body. Fondling her breasts through the thin fabric of her tank top, and then down in between her legs. Lifting up the denim mini skirt and touching her sex thorugh the silken panties that she wore. Jenna gave out a muffled gasp as she tried again to push him away. But once again it was no use, for he was to strong for her to fight off. She could feel her sex awakening with such excitement from his touch, becoming wet as his hand pulled up her tank top, revealing her the firm skin of her generously sized breasts. His lips caressed the side of her neck as she begged him to stop, saying that she could not do this. But the man did not listen as his fingers continued move over her body.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she said in a terrified voice.

"Relax, this is something that could be so wonderful between us." he said in a strong voice.

"I don't want this. Please....I can't do this." she begged.

But the more she begged, the more he ignored her as she felt his fingers pushing the fabric of her panties to the side, freeing the lips of her sex. Jenna pushed him away slightly, just enough for her to turn around and try to go for the car door. She did not have time though for his arms wrapped around her again, pressing his body agianst her backside. Feeling the firmness on his manhood through his pants, against her buttocks. Janna could feel the fear and shame filling her, because of the fact her body was opening up to his advances.

"Oh, how could I let this happen? How could I do this to my beloved, Blake? Damn his soul for doing this to me..... damn mine for letting him." she thought as a trar ran down her cheek.

A couple strands of her long black hair fell in front of her face as his hand slowly lifted her mini skirt up to her waist. His fingers returned back in between her legs, feeling the dampness which his touch had brought about for her. Penetrating her sex, as she gasped as unconsciously parted her legs slightly. The stranger's lips caressed the side of his neck, as her body shivered in a sudden rush of lustful pleasure that ashamed her to enjoy.

"Tell me that you want it....Tell me what you want me to please you." he whispered in her


"I want.......want......." she started to say and then hesitated for a second. ".....I want you."

It was then that she felt him bend her body slightly forward, her panties pulled down to her ankles and then she felt his manhood penetrate her sex. Thrusting deep into her, as his lips caressed the back of her shoulder as his hand lightly grabbed her neck. With each thrust, she could feel her body becoming weak to the point where she thought she was going to collapse. Without even thinking she moaned and begged him not to stop. The pleasure of this forbidden moment absorbed her, along with the alcohol as well. To the point where she no longer was in control of what she was doing since he had kissed her. Harder and harder his member burned deep within her sex, as she knew that she was not in control of this situation and all she could do was to let this stranger take her as he wanted. She felt him explode within her, his essence flowing inside of her, as her grunted and moaned. Once his ended, her climax began. As she moaned out in exceptance of the pleasure that he was giving her. Jenna's body shivering in a horrid bliss, as she just stood there pressed against the side of the car,

"You are so wonderful....I know that this will be something that you will never forget." he whispered in her ear.

"Yes....Yes, I will." she whispered in fear.

The stranger walked away from her, leaving her standing there alone. She had straightened herself and then sat back in the car, waiting for her friend to return. When he did, they drove back and Jenna remained silent. In her mind all that she could remember was the stranger kissing her and then the rest of it was void of his memory. Hoping that in a way she would never remember it, as she tried to find out how she was going to tell Blake. For she knew that she could not hide something like this from him. Even though she knew too well that this would be something that would make him leave her forever.


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