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Enveloped by Love - Part 4

Short story By: Michael68

The final conclusion of the passionate romance.

Submitted:Aug 25, 2008    Reads: 616    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

The hours seemed to go by more like minutes as we sat there in each others arms, her head resting on my shoulder while her fingers ran across my chest, starting to excite me once again. our eyes stared out at the darkening sky, outside my balcony window. We could hear the sound of the traffic below as the gentle warm summer breeze floated in, caressing our naked flesh. There was so many things that I wanted to tell her, yet couldn't find the words to tell her what I wanted to say to her. In a way though what words could really say what it was that I was feeling for her now. It wasn't just because of the passion that we had shared, it was something more… much more. I could feel her hot breath hitting my flesh. My fingers running through her hair as the shadows of the night slowly grew darker around us. Then she lifted her head up to me, as my head turned to her. Our lips met in a passionate embrace, arms wrapped around each other, as I found myself becoming entranced by her all over again. This was something more than just mere passion, than just the physical attraction toward each other. Of course, I knew that for a while, with all the communications we had with each other. Getting to know each other so well, as if we had been physically seeing each other for all those months. She knew that the feelings within my heart for her were true. As her hers were for mine too. But I found myself wanting more for us. Not wanting to her to leave me, even though I knew that we would be seeing each other another time soon. I had no idea how deep my love for her was, that was until now. Her head tilted back as her eyes stayed focused on me.
"What are you thinking about, my love?" she whispered.
"You." I replied in a soft voice.
She giggled slightly as her eyes sparkled with such excitement.
"And what about me are you thinking about?" she asked.
The look that she gave me, made it seem almost as if she already knew what I was going to say. But that was something that I couldn't be sure about. For I had so many thoughts running through my mind, that made it impossible for me to concentrate on just one thought. Still, I had to say something to her, for it was obvious that she was waiting to hear what I would say. And probably would not let it go, if I didn't answer her.
"I was just thinking of how lucky I am, having such a beautiful woman like you to be in love with." I said, smiling.
"Well, I am lucky to have such a handsome, caring man like you to be in love with. I've been waiting for someone like you all my life and now here you are." she said and then hesitated for a moment. "I can't believe that this is happening. It feels like a dream and that I am going to wake up any minute and find myself in my bed all alone again."
"This is no dream, Elizabeth, we are really here, together. And I love you with all my heart. Now and forever." I said, pulling her closer to me.
"Well, I love you even more." she said in a playful tone.
"No, I love you more." I replied in the same tone.
"No, I do." she said, giggling.
Before I could reply again, our lips met in another kiss. I could feel the passion starting to burn within me, even though I tried to hold it back. To me it seemed so natural and right to feel this way for her. More than I had ever felt for any other woman ever before. Without me saying a word, I felt that she knew that already. She pulled away, her hand touching the side of my face as she breathed slightly heavy.
"You know what is really scary? The fact that this is the first time that we really met and yet we know each other so well." she said.
"I know. I guess we are ahead of the game." I said, without thinking.
"What do you mean by that?" she asked curiously.
"Well, normally a couple would take so much time getting to know each other. Finding out their likes and dislikes, their past and everything. We already went through that talking to each other on line and on the phone. So we're ahead of everyone else." I explained.
"I guess you're right." she said smiling. "You know that I really do love you. I am not the type of girl who would just be this passionate with anyone."
"I know. I'm not into one-night stands either. There is something about you that draws me to you. I've never felt anything like this for any other woman before in my life. I love you." I said.
Elizabeth smiled as me so pleasing, as if that was something that she was waiting to hear. I had no idea about that, for it was just the truth that I felt I needed to tell her. Something from my heart that needed to be said.
"So, what would you like to do now?" she asked in a playful voice.
"What do you mean?" I said, unsure of what she could mean.
"What is the one thing that you never did with a woman that you always wanted to do. You know, a fantasy that you always had." she said.
"I'm not sure. What about you? What could I do to make a fantasy of yours come true?" I said.
"Well…" she started to say as she thought about it. "there is something that I always wanted to do with someone that I was in love with. The thing is, it is sort of two things in one."
"Then we'll do it. That is unless you feel uneasy about it." I said.
"No, I'm not feeling uneasy when I'm with you. You really want to do it?" she asked curiously.
"Sure, I trust you. What do you want me to do?" I asked.
"Just sit there and I'll be right back." she said, then got up and walked out of the room.
I sat there for a moment, wondering what she could be up to. She had been gone for a couple minutes, then came back into the living room. She walked across the room from me and sat down on the leather recliner. Her eyes looked at me with such desire in them as her hands started to move over her breasts, gently stroking her erect nipples. Her breath becoming heavy as her eyes stayed focused on me. Just seeing her starting to do this, aroused me so.
"Remember all those poems you sent me. I want to show you how they effected me." she said in a seductive tone.
"And this is how it effects you?" I asked.
"Uh yeah." she said.
Her hand slowly moved down her stomach and then in-between her legs. Her fingers touching the lips of her sex. Making her moan as her head tilted back and eyes closed. The more I watched, the stronger the desire I had for her grew. Slowly, I started to stand up so I could go to her, when her head lowered and looked at me again.
"No, you have to sit there and watch me." she said.
"Are you trying to torture me? You have no idea how much watching you do that makes me want you." I said.
"Don't worry, I will be giving myself to you. But for right now I want to see how long you could restrain yourself." she said as her fingers continued to manipulate her sex.
Her back arched as she slid her fingers inside of her, as she started to moan even louder. The more I watched her, the more I found myself wanting to make love to her. My manhood ridged now, as I found myself almost unable to contain myself any longer. And it must have been obvious to Elizabeth to, for she had suddenly stopped and then stood up.
"Come with me my love. I have something special in store for you." she said as she started to walk toward me.
I followed eagerly behind her, my hands resting on her hips. How I wanted to take her right there in the hallway floor. But I knew that there was something that she had set up for me and I didn't want to ruin it. It was then she led me into my bathroom, where the tub was half filled with hot water. Candle lit around the room with the lights off. I didn't have to guess what she wanted when I saw this. She was a romantic just like me and I was going to make sure that she got exactly what she was hoping for. When we got near the tub, she turned and faced me.
"I thought I would make this a little more romantic. I hope that you don't mind me doing all this." she said.
"Of course not. I really like that you did." I replied as I kissed her.
My hands slowly moving up and down her back, pulling her closer to me as I felt her hand gently stroking my manhood. While we were kissing, she slowly led me over to the bath. How we made it there without tripping on something was a miracle. Slowly she pulled away from me and then stepped into the tub. She looked at me as she seductively motioned me to join her. And of course, there was no way that I could resist her. As I stepped into the tub, her arms reached out for me. We kissed again, my hands gently touching her breasts, feeling her hardened nipples under my touch as my lips caressed the side of her neck. Making her moan slightly as her fingers ran through my hair. Slowly we lowered ourselves into the water, as we continued our passionate embrace. I could hear her whispering her words of how much she loves me in my ear. How much she wanted me so much. And I wanted and loved her just as much.
"Take me Michael, take me now from behind." she said and then braced her hands on the sides of the tub as she offered her ass to me.
I moved closer to her, sliding myself into her sex, impaling her as she moaned suddenly. Slowly I moved in and out of her, feeling her muscles tightening around my manhood as I continued to thrust into her. Feeling how tight she was as the thrill burned through both of us. When she had said that this all felt like a dream, I now knew what she meant. Never before had I ever experienced something so strong as this before. If it was a dream, I hoped that it would never end.
"Oh my love, this is so wonderful. I love you my darling. Tell me what to do to make it even better. Tell me…" she said passionately.
"Touch yourself while I make love to you." I said.
Her hand reached in between her legs, stroking her clit. She started to moan even louder, her hips starting to grind against me. My hands held her hips tightly, to make sure that she wouldn't fall into the water as I continued to thrust into her.
"I want you to cum. Make yourself cum for me, my love." I said.
Elizabeth continue to stroke herself as I thrusted myself into her. After a short time, she moaned as her climax overpowered her. Yet, she continued to beg me not to stop. Wanting to feel me cum inside her. I thrusted deeper into her, harder and faster as the pleasure of the moment overwhelmed me. Of the feeling of being inside of her was so wonderful that I found myself lost within the pleasure that we were now in. I kept thrusting, our bodies becoming sweaty from the heat of the water and the friction from our bodies. Till finally I could not hold back any longer and exploded inside of her. Draining myself into her and then I slowly lowered myself into the warm water of the bath. Elizabeth lowered herself into it, resting her body on mine. My arms wrapped around her, kissing the side of her neck so lightly.
"That was so wonderful . I never thought that I would ever do something like that before." she said. "It makes me feel sad that I am going to have to leave you to go home."
"Well, you don't have too." I said.
"What do you mean by that?" she asked.
"I mean, you can live here with me. We had talked about it before. This way we can be together and you won't have to travel that far to school." I said.
She sat up and then turned around looking at me with such excitement on her face.
"You really mean that?" she asked.
"Of course I do. I love you and want to share the rest of my life with you Elizabeth. I would miss you too much to have you go back to your home. So far away from me. Stay here with me. I want you to be with me. What do you say?" I said seriously.
"I have one thing to say to that." she said and then hesitated for a moment. "Uh, yeah."
Then she kissed me and I knew that I made the right choice.
The End.


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