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Dressing Room Fantasy

Short story By: Michael68

Passion burning within is released within a moment of a sweet fantasy in a clothing store fantasy.

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"Shh. You have to be quiet. We don't want any attention to come to us. If someone hears us, we are going to be caught and get into so much trouble." she whispered.
Jared was not sure what Melanie meant by that at first. For all that he thought of was how she wanted him to follow her to the fitting room of the small clothing store they were in. But there was something about the way she looked at him, that told him that she was thinking about something more than just trying on clothes. He didn't sat anything about it, for he was curious to find out what she could be up to.
In a way he was hoping that it would be what he was thinking. For the whole time that he had been with her today, Melanie had given him hints of the fact that she wanted him. And of course, he would give her the same type of hints as well in playful flirting. The only thing that he was not sure about was how they would be able to do it.
He could not help what he felt about her, she was a beautiful woman. The way her long amber hair cascaded over her shoulders and the way her tight faded jeans and tee skirt hugged the sultry curves of her body, made it impossible for him to ignore.
Now though, they were in a stall in the fitting room and she had put on a short black dress that was so sultry to him. It had a zipper in the front, in between her large breasts.
"What do you think? You like the way I look in this?" she whispered softly.
Jared didn't say anything at first, even though seeing her in that dress excited him so much. Making his manhood throb and press against the crotch of his pants. He was sure that she had seen it, but was not saying about it just yet. For some reason he almost found himself unable to find the words that he wanted to say.
"it looks wonderful on you, baby." he replied smiling.
A playful grin appeared on her lips as she took a step closer to him. Her hand reached up and lightly touched her breast, her fingers moving over the satin fabric of her dress. Moving close to the zipper and then stopped on it. Her eyes stayed focused on him, never leaving his face.
"Maybe you would like to see me like this." she said as her hand unzipped the dress half way and pulled it open.
Giving him a partial view of the smooth, tanned skin of her breasts. She stood there for a moment, letting him stare at her, knowing that she was exciting him ever more. Then Jared moved closer to her. His hands reached up and gently touched her breasts, first through the fabric of the dress and then one of them slid inside it. Feeling her hard nipple as her body shivered from his touch. Their lips met in a soft and gentle kiss as he pulled her closer to him.
Her hands reached down and touched the crotch of his pants, feeling his throbbing member. Melanie could feel her sex throbbing, wanting him more than she ever wanted anyone before. Even though she knew that it was dangerous for them to continue this here, she could herself unable to turn away from the temptation and desire between them. She figured, as long as they were quiet as they did this, no one would find them. And this was something she always dreamed of doing with him.
Melanie undid his pants and let them fall down to his ankles and then pulled down his boxers. her fingers moved over the firm shaft of his manhood, feeling how big he was. Slowly, she pulled away from him and then made her way to a bench that sat against the way. She sat down, lifting up the skirt of the dress, showing that she was not wearing any panties. Revealing the small patch of her pubic hair as she spread her legs and showed him her wet womanhood.
Jared instantly moved toward her, as a wicked grin appeared on his lips. He wanted to kneel down between her parted legs, so he could take her right there. But before he could she told him to just stand there.
"Why baby? You are exciting me so much. I want you so bad and I know that you want me the same." he said.
"I do, but I want to see how much self control you have. To see how long you can handle it, no matter what I do." she whispered.
Before he could say anything, she leaned back, pressing her back against the wall, then raised her legs up to him. Holding his manhood with the souls of her feet, her legs opened, showing the glistening lips of her sex to him. Melanie started to stroke the shaft of his cock with her feet, making him gasp and moan slightly. She could see that his eyes stayed fixed on the view of her wet sex as she continued to stroke him. Her hand unzipped the dress further down and then opened it wider. Her breasts now fully exposed, with their hard nipples pointing up at him. Melanie ran her fingers over the nipple of her breast, stroking it, pinching it lightly as her other hand reached in between her legs. Her fingers stroking the lips of her sex, making it even more wet now. Her body withered as she started to moan softly and breath heavily. Then she slid her fingers inside her sex, thrusting them in and out slowly, as her eyes stayed focused on his face. Her excitement grew even stronger, as she no longer cared if anyone would discover them, all that she could think about was how much she wanted him. But it was not just because of the masturbation that was doing to him and herself. It was the fact that he was watching her doing that. There was something about it that excited her so much. She could see the pleasure on his face that she was giving him.
"You like this?:" she said breathing heavily.
"Yes. Oh God, this is so different. I never thought you would so something like this." he said moaning slightly.
"I thought that you would like this." she said and then giggled slightly.
Her feet pumped his cock harder for a second or two, as her fingers continued to thrust in and out of her wet pussy. Then she lowered her feet back down to the floor, sat up and then leaned to him. She knelt down on the floor in front of him, her hand holding onto his shaft and then took him in her mouth. Her lips tightened around his shaft as she took him into her hungry mouth. Feeling the tip of his cock touch the back of her throat, each time her lips reached the base of his cock. The taste of it made her desire burn even greater within her soul. Like an inferno burning out of control, flowing through her veins and consuming her. His hands rested on the back of her head as he pulled her to him. He knew that this was something that she like him doing to her. Or at least that was what he thought she did. But eve us she did not really like it, she was not showing her dislike. Instead, she was urging him to keep going. Moaning even deeper as one hand cupped his balls, while the other returned in between her legs again. Sliding her fingers inside her sex, making her breathing so heavy and rapid. he could feel himself ready to explode in her mouth. And even though that was something that he wanted to do, there was something else he wanted to so with her as well.
Jared pulled himself out of her mouth and then she looked up at him, wondering what he was going to do. He knelt down in front of her, then slowly pushed her onto the floor. And as her body gently rested on the floor, Jared laid his body on top of hers. Their lips met in a soft and gentle kiss as his hand cupped her breasts. Melanie knew that this was the moment that they had hoped would happen. Feeling the tip of his cock rubbing against the entrance of her sex. Just feeling that made her so eager to feel him enter her. But Jared just kept it there as he continued to kiss her. Then she slowly pulled her lips away from his.
"Oh Jared, take me.......Please, take me now." she whispered.
"I want you on top on me." he said.
They rolled their bodies together, till he was on his back and she was on top of him. Then she straddled herself over his lips, her legs on the sides of his head, as she lowered herself onto him. She could feel his cock penetrate her pussy, making her gasp as she started to grind. Feeling him penetrate deep inside her womb, feeling herself being pushed over the edge, to where she would no longer be able to control herself. She moaned as her body shivered in such sweet ecstasy.
It was then Jared sat up as his hands grabbed her waist, her legs resting over his shoulders. She could feel him thrusting up in her as their bodies rocked back and forth. Melanie could feel his body rubbing against her clit as his cock rubbed her g-spot, thrilling her beyond believe. Sending her into a rush of wondrous passion and sensations that she thought she could never feel.
"Oh my darling. Don't stop. You feel so good. Do me Baby. Oh yes. Do me." she moaned.
"I want to come inside you. I can not hold back much longer." he said.
Before she could even respond or even moan again from him thrusting deeper within her womb, she could feel him explode within her. Moaning as he drained himself inside her, as she continued to grind as she felt her orgasm flood through her, weakening her soul. Jared lay back down as she slowly got herself off of him and then lay next to him. Their lips met in a tender kiss again, as his fingers ran through her long amber hair.
"We have to get dressed and get out of here, before someone finds us like this." he said,.
"Can I get the dress? It might be something that you would like to see me in again." she asked.
"Of course you can." he said smiling.
Luckily, no one did come around to find them laying on the dressing room floor, sweaty and spent. The one thing that they knew for sure was that they would never forget this moment. A moment which brought about such excitement and passion to them, when they shared themselves with each other in this public place. And lived out a fantasy that they always wanted to share.


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