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Dream Lover (Part 1)

Short story By: Michael68

Rebecca thought that it was only a dream. Little did she know that it would be something more than she would not be abl to handle.

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Rebecca Randolph stood on the wooden deck of the large log cabin that stood just on the outskirts of the forest. The sun was slowly starting to set, as a brief chill floated upon the summer breeze. She didn't try to cross her arms from the chill, just stood there in the silence that surrounded her. She loved the silence here for some reason, that was probably why she always returned to her aunt's cabin twice each summer. But now that her aunt passed away, she had the chance to live here year round. That was if she really wanted to. Even though she had gotten use to the madness of Chicago, there was part of her that loved it here. More than just the silent beauty of the forest, or the fact that she had no neighbors to worry about who would be watching and talking about her behind her back. No, there was something else here, something hidden that she was not sure about. Whatever it was, it seemed to seduce her into always coming back. As the sun slowly sank behind the towering trees of the edge of the forest, she started to feel that something was going to come for her. Something or someone that she was waiting for to appear. Yet that seemed silly to her, since there was not a soul to be found for miles and she was the only one in the cabin. Still, that feeling stayed with her, almost haunted her in a way. Till the only thing that she could do was to wait and see if this feeling would be right.

The sky grew dark and the chill in the air became a slightly stronger. Not to the point where it would have been unbearable for her to be standing out there. Rebecca didn't go inside as of there was something within the cabin that she didn't want to face at the moment. Even that though was a ridiculous notions, for she had drove here from Illinois alone, leaving her boyfriend back home. Mainly because they had gotten into a fight over something that she could not remember at the moment, but it became more than she could handle. All that she wanted was to have some time to herself, to get her mind clear of all thoughts and problems, time to herself, to get her mind clear of all thoughts and problems, so she could figure out what she was going to do next. And she might have been able to do it, if it hadn't been for the feeling that someone was going to show up.

"Rebecca, you know that is just foolishness. You didn't invite anyone up here with you and Jack doesn't even know where this cabin is. You are totally alone. Just the way that you wanted it." she thought.

Within that instant the feeling of someone showing up had turned into the feeling of being watched. Not really glares at like so many men had done on the train to undress her, as the expression on their faces showed the carnal thoughts that they were thinking of. No, this was different, not so threatening to her at all. In a way she felt a sense of serenity that was coming over her because of it. Yet she had no idea why that could be. For some reason she wanted to look in back of her to see if someone was behind her, but something told her not to do it. It was then she could hear the sound of the floorboards of the deck creak slightly, but Rebecca tried to make herself think that it was normal. A lot of old houses creaked, even when no one was there. Her eyes continued to stare out at the forest, wondering what could be out there. She had only went as far as the lake which was not even a quarter mile away. It was what cold exist beyond that, which she had wondered. She had never gone further than the lake, for she had always believed that there was no reason for her to do so. The sky started to turn darker, as in the air the same chill grew colder. Not to the point where it would make her have to go inside from it, but enough to make her body shiver from it. Still, she remained on the wooden deck, continuing to stare at the edge of the forest, and at the ever growing darkened shadows.

It was then that she felt the gentle touch of someone's fingers on her shoulders. That first touch, stiffening her body even more and awakening a spark of desire that she had never felt before. Feeling those fingers slowly moving up and down her arms as the gentle breeze blew through her hair. Gently lifting her hair off of her shoulders as her hands rested on the wood railing in front of her. It was then that she heard the sound of a man's voice, so soft and tender in a whisper.

"I have waited for so long to come to you. Watching you, year after year that you have come here. Waiting for the right moment to appear to you. And now is the time that we are meant to be together." a voice whispered in her ear.

"Who ….Who are you?" she asked in a scared tone.

"I am the one who truly loves you and knows you better than even you know yourself. Knows what your heart truly wants. And all that I ask of you is that you give yourself to me. Let me teach you in the ways of pleasure, like you never knew." the voice said.

Rebecca wanted to resist this voice, even if she wanted to discover what it could be that he was talking about. She could feel his lips upon the side of her neck, caressing it lightly, sending a wave of such pleasure through her. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't resist the temptation that was being given to her, as her hands held onto the railing so tightly. Feeling a body press against her backside, his arms wrapping around her as hands gently started to cup her breasts. Such tremors of ecstasy surging through her as fingers moved over her nipples, through the thin fabric of her light blue summer dress. Just the contact of those fingers brought about a new wave of pleasure through her sol. Making her let out a sigh, so seductively, as her head tilted back, resting the back of it on a shoulder. She was stuck between wanting him to stop this and her desires that yearned for it to continue. The sudden rush of pleasure that his touch was bringing, consumed her, Each touch filled her with such ecstasy that she had never felt before.

"Why are you doing this?" she said softly.

"I want to please you the way that you longed to feel." his voice said in a charming tone.

His voice to her was like the gentle breeze caressing her skin. Just the sound of it soothed her senses to the point that even her fear melted away. The only thing that she wanted was the chance to see this stranger's face. Just to see who her mysterious lover could really be. She could feel the stranger's hand slowly moving down her body. Fingers lightly scratching her skin through the thin fabric of her dress, the sensation of that burned deep within her as she let out a gasp. The stranger's hand reached the hem of the short skirt of her dress. It was then that he started to lift it up. Feeling the fabric of her dress moving up the back of her thighs, pressing against her skin. Making her gasp again as her breath became rapid and her body started to shiver. His hand continued to move the hem of the skirt up till it reached her hips. revealing the laced black panties that she wore, which barely covered her. It was then that she felt his fingers moving over the patch of her pubis and then in between her legs, touching the lips of her sex through the fabric of her panties. She moaned from the contact of his touch, as her backside pressed against his body. Feeling his stiffening manhood pressing against the cheeks of her buttocks. His fingers stroking her sex so lovingly, driving her into a frenzy of such physical bliss that coursed through her veins. Rebecca's hands continued to grip the railing, as the waves of pleasure consumed her. Each touch that he gave her, brought about such sensations to her that she could not ignore. Rebecca could feel her body becoming weak, her legs trembling and ready to collapse as those fingers continued to explore her sex. Without her thinking about it, her hips started to grind, rubbing the cheeks of but buttocks against his crotch. Feeling the friction from what he was creating and what she did in response between them. She couldn't believe that she willingly let herself be consumed by the reactions that her body was performing. It was almost as if she was no longer in control of her own actions. As if some strange force was making her do these things against her will. And because of it, she was bewitched by the pleasure which she was feeling. When she closed her eyes, she could see the flash of multitude of colors before her eyes. The pleasure this mysterious lover was giving her, grew even stronger. She could feel the pressure building inside of her, making her want to scream out in ecstasy. The orgasms flooded through her, one after the other, as the fingers refused to stop. She wanted to beg for him to stop this, that she could not take it much longer. But there seemed to be no point to it, That was until he was completely convinced that he had pleased her to the point that he set out to do. Her panties had been pulled down to her ankles, those fingers now sliding in and out of her throbbing sex as the dampness trickled down her inner thigh. Her breath became deeper and rapid as she felt like she could take it no longer. The only way that she had been able to remain standing was by pressing her body against his, as she let him continue the pleasure which he was giving her.

"My God, I can't take it any longer." she whispered.

It was then that she woke up lying in her bed, her eyes looking up at the white fabric of the gazebo over the bed, through the light shadows that loomed over her. Her body rolled onto her side, feeling her sex throbbing in sweet agony. Her eyes staring at the sunlight shining in through the half opened window and onto the floor. Her body remained motionless for a moment as she realized that what she had experienced was nothing more than a dream. Or was it? That seemed to be the one question which stayed trapped within her mind. For it seemed so real to her, that she could swear that it had really happened somehow. Rebecca wasn't sure about it, but in a way she really wasn't going to think about it too long. Slowly, her body rolled onto its back again, feeling the fabric of the sheet that covered her rubbing against her nipples and bringing about a sudden brief moment of pleasure. Giving her a sudden orgasm that flowed through her suddenly. To her side she could hear the light breathing of Jack, her boyfriend, sleeping by her side. She didn't try to wake him, for he would ask her about what was wrong. And she had no idea what to really say to her. Slowly she sat up in the bed, the cotton sheet that covered her gently sliding off of her body, revealing the soft, tanned skin of her breasts and stomach. A few strands of her long amber hair fell in front of her face as she stared at her reflection in the mirror across the room. For some reason she started to feel that she was staring at the image of a stranger for some reason. even though she had no idea why that could be, it was something that lingered within her soul. For a moment she just sat there, thinking about the dream that she had. Wondering why she had dreamed about someone that she didn't know. Of course for all that she knew it could have been Jack that she had dreamed about. for she hadn't seen his face. But something told her that it was someone else. Her legs swung over the edge of the bed, her feet touching the cold wooden floor as her body gradually became erect. Naked, she made her way across the room, as the last of the tiredness slowly faded from her body. She made her way over to a dark brown dresser that sat underneath the mirror that she had been staring at. This time when she looked into it, she didn't have that strange feeling again. Within the reflection she could see Jack lying there in bed on his stomach. She smiled as she stood there watching him through the mirror.

Rebecca was grateful that he came along to the cabin with her, for now she didn't feel so all alone. The only thing was, she wasn't sure if she should tell him about the dream that she had. About her dream lover and the way that he had made her feel. Even though it was only a dream, there was something about it that scared her. Something that made her feel that this was only the start of something even more than just a mere dream. The only thing that she could so was to wait and see what would happen. Hoping that she would be wrong, even though deep within her soul she knew that she wasn't.


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