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A story I had written a while back that I thought I would share with all of you. I hope you like it.

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I breathed in her scent and smiled, imagining how she would taste as I held her close to me. Just the thought of her brought about such emotions within me that I never knew. Oh, such sweet visions of her manifest within my mind, locked away too never are forgotten. She was a woman of such stature and grace, while her beauty is intoxicating to my senses. Eyes as blue as the heavens, hair as golden as the summer sun and a voice which had been blessed by the angels. For so long I had only believed that a woman like her was nothing more than a dream. Yet, here she sits before me, gazing at my with a look so passionate that warms my heart. Every word which I say, she seems to cling to it, as if it of vital importance.

The illumination from the dimly lit bar made her seem like a goddess to my eyes. Even though I know not her name, it seems to not really matter. Each second that passes I find myself longing for her even more, wondering what it would be like to kiss her. And if that kiss would lead to something more intense, that our hearts do scream for. Even though I was enticed by her beauty, there was something more there, something which awoke my heart. We had been talking for some time now, running into her at places that I hung out at, even though she never told me her name. It was as if she was playing some sort of game with me, to test me in order to see how determined I was to win her affections. The whole time that she sat there with me at the bar (which had been a couple hours), I found myself entranced by her. Wanting to know everything there was to know. Reciting poetry to her, hoping it would touch her heart. Even though she didn't smile most of the time, there was a sparkle of excitement in her eyes that I had not seen in such a long time in a woman. Still, my mind still longs to know her name, and anything else that she is willing to tell me.

"What is your name?" I ask her.

"Does that really matter? We both know we want the same thing from each other. So why should we worry ourselves with something so trivial at that." she said in a sultry voice.

In a way I knew that what she said seemed was true, yet it seemed as if she was trying to avoid the question too. Still, the fascination of her alluring beauty and the temptation, which she was bringing forth to me, was more than overwhelming. Now all that I longed to have was that one kiss which would start us on the path to that burning passion that awaited us. She looked at me with such seriousness, as if she was reading my mind. From the jukebox in the corner of the room played the song Blue Bayou, as she moved closer to me. The aroma of her perfume enticed me once again, her lips hovering centimeters from mine as her hot breath hit the flesh of my pale face. The anticipation was growing so strong while my heart raced franticly. It was then our lips met in a passionate embrace, as she pushed her body against mine. Feeling her firm breasts being crushed against my chest. In my mind I couldn't believe that something like this was actually happening. Her breath was suddenly heavy and rapid, as I felt her hands moving up and down my spine. How I want to have her right there, to set the passion free that burns within our soul. I could feel the eyes of the customers around us, watching so closely, as if this was something that they had never seen before. Or maybe it was some secret, which they were not going to tell us. At least not until this moment was over with. No matter what I could not care anymore, all that I wanted was her. The whole time we kissed, my hand rested on her thigh, slowly moving up it under the hem of her black leather mini skirt. Till my fingers touched the silken fabric of her panties, which made her pull back slightly.

"Are we eager for something." she whispered as her hot breath hit my face.

My hand instantly retreated, figuring that I offended her. She just smiled as we continued to hold each other tight. Her blue eyes gazing at me with such passion as we kissed once again. How I longed to tell her how I felt for her yet said nothing. For how could I, when I didn't even know her name? Still, it didn't matter to me, for that would come in time, for now all that I could think about was the vision before me. This woman that captivated me so much that I could not pull my attention away from her.

"What are you thinking about, Greg?" she asked.

" About you." I replied with a smile.

"Oh really, about what about me?" she asked giving him a warm smile in return.

"It's something that can't be spoken of in public. People would take it the wrong way and I don't want that to happen." I said, still holding her in his arms.

"Well, then lets go somewhere more private. Where we can talk more freely." she said as she slowly pulled away from him.

I knew where she would probably take me, but still figured that I should ask anyway.

"Where would we go?" I asked, trying to act like I didn't know what would come about.

"My place of course. I have a bottle of wine in the refrigerator and a fireplace that will make it all so romantic. What do you think?" she said, then kissed the side of my neck.

What did I think? The only thought that came to mind was that I was the luckiest guy in the world. After all this time longing to be close to her, it finally was going to happen. Her lips felt so good I the flesh of my neck, making me want her even more. She stopped, lifted her head and looked at me, waiting for my reply. Thank God she did, for if she didn't, I would have probably taken her right there in the bar. Just thrown her on top of the bar, ripping her clothes off and doing her right there in front of everyone.

"That sounds perfect." I replied, trying to calm myself down.

And of course it was perfect, for I had been wanting to have her alone, ever since the first time that I had seen her. Now I would get the chance. Right when I had said that, a sparkle of excitement appeared in her eyes. Then she lead me out the door and into the night.

Later we arrived at her apartment, sitting on the sofa, fire blazing in the stone fireplace, light dimmed low, soft music playing as we sat and drank champagne. She had asked me how was it that I was able to recite such beautiful words. The only thing that I could find to answer was that I had been doing poetry for a long time. And the words that I speak or write are always what I feel or think. Just the way she looked at me, I could tell that she was impressed with my answer. Even if she wasn't, I really didn't care, because it was the truth. She placed her glass on the coffee table moved closer to me, took mine, then did the same. Her hand touched the side of my face as a smile appeared on her lips. From the soft glow from the fire, illuminated her flesh, making her seem so angelic.

"Why is it that I find you so attractive? I mean from the first moment I saw you, I wanted to be with you. And the thing is I don't know why." she whispered.

"You have a funny way of showing it. You ignored me all those other times, that is until tonight." I said .

"I know…. and I was wrong. I guess that tonight I saw something special in you that I had not seen before. I'm sorry, but at least you are hear with me now." she said.

Then our lips met as my arms wrapped around her, pulled her closer to me. The sweet scent of her perfume and the warmth of her body enticed me even more. My hand moved up and down her back ever so slowly, then brought one of them in front of her and fondled her breast through the fabric of her dress. My fingers pinching her nipple as she let out a muffled moan. Over and over my eager hand continued to squeeze and pinch her breast, as her breath became rapid. Then my hand moved down, onto her leg, slowly moving up it, fingers lightly scratching her inner thigh, as she parted them, inviting me to go further. My hand disappearing underneath the hem of her dress, my lips caressing the side of her neck, as my wandering fingers touched the soft and quivering flesh of her thigh. Then I touched the delicate pink lips of her slit, feeling the dampness of it. She was fully aware of what I was doing, and willing me to go as far as I wanted. Her breathing alone marking the sensations overpowering us as I continued to massage her sex, while gently lowering her down onto the leather couch. Her frame became supple and languid as she gazed up at me, feeling my fingers slip through her soft lips, making her gasp. I had her the way I always wanted her, the way I had dreamed about for so long. I knew that I couldn't take it much longer, that I had to have her totally, for my member was in full platitude of it power, yearning to connect with her. I continued to rove all over the sweet treasure that I had taken over, wanting to give her pleasure to the degree that she had never felt before. And I was determined to do just that. That was until she stopped me and asked me to sit up. When I did, she stood up and walked around the coffee table then stood in front of me. I had thought that I had done something wrong, but how could I? Wasn't this the reason that she had brought me here? Wasn't this the one thing that she wanted to share with me?

"What's wrong? Did I do something to offend you?" I asked.

"No….I just thought we would try something a little different. A game….if you will. That is if you are up to it. I figured it would make this moment a lot more enjoyable." she said in a seductive tone.

"Whatever you wish." I replied.

"Good." she said, then took off her clothes.

She stood naked in front of me, even though the glow from the fire behind her made her seem like a silhouette, I could imagine what her flesh looked like. Her legs parted slightly, showing the brief view of her sex, as she stood there for a moment in silence.

"Here is the way we are going to do it. I will lay here naked, having you please me the way I want you too. The thing is you can't take your clothes off until I tell you too. I want to see how much self-control you really have. And from the way you were in the bar, I have a feeling that you don't have that much." she said giggling slightly.

"As you wish." I replied, and thought. "Why did I know she was going to pull something like this off. Well two can play at this game and I will end up be the winner."

Slowly I stood up and made my way to her. My eyes staying focused on her sultry frame, as a plan started to form within my head. I knew exactly what I was going to do, no matter how much she tempted me. When I stood in front of her, my hand reached out and touch her firm breast, feeling her hard nipple under my fingers. She kissed me so tenderly as her hand stroked my erect, aching member through the fabric of my pants. She knew that it was tempting me beyond belief, yet I didn't show it on my face. Our tongues thrashed back and forth inside each other's mouths, as I squeezed her breast firmly, my fingers pinching and pulling her nipple, making her moan ever louder. Her arms wrapped around me, my hands grasping the round flesh of her small, firm ass as I picked her up. Fingers pressing against her flesh exciting her even more as her legs wrapped around my waist. Slowly, carefully, I lowered her onto the carpeted floor, then pinned my body to hers. My lips glued to her and kissed it rapturously. Then slowly moved down her body, caressing the side of her neck, lightly biting her nipples, as her breath became rapid, and her chest moving up and down while she groaned out in such delight. The whole time my mouth did this, my other hand fondled her other breast, pinching her nipple and pulling it forward. She seemed not to care about the pain that I made her feel, for she begged me to continue. Then slowly my lips traveled down her firm stomach as to her Venus mound, above her charms. Her legs spread instantly, inviting me in, as her fingers were already moving over the throbbing and well-moistened center quivering beneath her fingers. My mouth caressed the rosy-red lips of her sex, as she gasped, her back arched as she let out a sudden scream. "YES! YES…OH GOD , YES!" my tongue moving over her peach-like slit, licking and sucking on it with a newfound vitality. The aroma of her sex intoxicated me as I continued onward, not wanting to stop for anything. Her hips moved in a grinding motion as I grabbed her hips and drove my tongue through the floodgate of her love reservoir. Over and over again, my relentless mouth refusing to quit, tasting the sweetness of her climax, one after another, as sweat glistened from the firelight of the recumbent figure of her.

"Oh God, stop I can't take any more. If you keep this up you are going to make me raw down there." she begged.

But her begging came upon deaf ears, for I was not going to stop no matter what. Now I was the one who was in control and refused to give it up. Her cried of pain and pleasure echoed through the dimly lit room, as she felt my fingers thrusting into her. Diving as far as they could go, making her scream even louder. That didn't matter, for she had moved into a building that had a multitude of empty apartments all around her. So no one would hear her screams. From on digit, it became two, then three, and then four, widening the lips of her sex so much that I knew her pain would have to be unbearable. She continued to beg me to stop, screaming as her head thrashed back and forth in spasmodic motions. Then her eyes opened widely as well as her mouth, her chest raised up as she tried to gasp for air. Then collapsed lifeless, her head turned with her eyes staring at the fire. I raised my head and then stood up, making my way around her body. I knelt down and my hand closed her eyelids, that way if someone did find her, they would think that she was asleep. And if the police did come and question me, I could simply say that we made love as she fell asleep, so I let myself out. How was I supposed to know that she passed away? But in reality, it was exactly what I wanted. For no one plays me as a fool. And I gave her the best death ever, she died after having a man give her oral sex for almost two hours. Even if she were alive to complain, why would she? But that is something that I would never have to worry about now.

"It looks like I won pretty lady. And you thought that I was just a guy you could fool like everyone else." I said, talking down to her dread body.

Then I grabbed my coat and made my way out the front door of the apartment, leaving her there, naked and spread eagle with her sex glistening wet, for some unlucky bastard to find. But all that I cared about was that I beat her. Beat her in her own game.

The End.


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