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Dance Club Passion

Short story By: Michael68

A night at the dance club ends up being a night that one man will never forget.

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There was something about her that made it impossible for me to turn my attention away from her. She was a beautiful woman...yes, that was true. Even sensual in her own innocent way that I never seen in any other woman before in the past. The way her long amber hair cascaded over her shoulders, the beautiful jade colored eyes and the way the short black dress she wore hugged every sultry curves of her body. And the low cut cleavage, which revealed the firm, tanned skin of her 42 DD breasts and the short hem showing off her shapely legs, enchanted me so much. We had sat at the small table near the dance floor for a couple hours, drinking and getting to know each other. Each time I would tell her something funny, she would give out such a cute laugh, which attracted me to her even more. And I could tell from the look that she gave me that she was interested in me as well. Now though I could not help staring at her with such lustful eyes, after all I was a man with normal needs and desires. And she was what I wanted...what I desired.

As we sat there, I tried to think of something more to say to her, to keep the conversation going. The last thing that I wanted was for her to think that I was bored with her. Or for her to become bored with me. Yet, the look in her eyes as she stared at me made it obvious that she was more interested in me than when we first met.

The sound of the loud rhythm of the music played from the D.J. booth seemed like some huge rapid heartbeat. Pulsating through my very soul, while on the dance floor couples danced in such a provocative way. The women grinding their buttocks against the men's crotch, or rubbing the front of their bodies against them, doing dirty dancing, as they called it. While the men moved their hands over the women's bodies, fondling them so lustfully. Showing such displays that seemed like lovemaking in such a sensual way....and almost an erotic way as well. Making me wonder how easy it would have been for one of those men to lift up the back of the woman's skirt and have the one thing that they really wanted from them. Of course, that was one idea that was ridiculous and impossible or it to really happen. Or could it happen? That was something that pondered in the back of my mind.

I never thought that I would ever see something like that before my eyes, even though I had heard about it so many times before. But even the sensual display that the couples were doing on the dance floor really did not matter to me. The only thing that did was the beautiful woman that was sitting across the small table from me. Her elbows resting on the table, hands on her chin as she leaned toward me. Giving me a good view of the smooth sloping skin of her breasts, feeding the longing which I had for her. Even though I wanted to hide that longing from her, I knew that I was making it obvious. And in a way I really did not worry about it. For I wanted her to know that I desired her as much as I did. Thinking that every woman wanted to know that a man yearned for them, even if they really were not trying to seduce him. And there was no way that I could ever try and hide it from her. Even if I were to deny it, my face would blush in embarrassment and reveal the truth that I held inside. And that would be the one thing that would give me away.

"Tell me what you are thinking about. What is running through your mind when you look at me." she said in a seductive tone.

I wanted to tell her about how much I wanted her. Wanted to find some dark spot somewhere in the club that I could make love to her. Where no one would see us or even find us if we did. But in my mind all I could think was how she would think of me as some pervert if I were to say it. Like she thought that I saw her as nothing more than a sex object. Which of course was not the truth. The only thing was, I was pretty sure that she knew this, just from the expression I gave her. Even though I was not sure if I was giving her those type of expressions. From the way that she looked at me, I knew that she was waiting to hear my response. And that she wanted the truth from me. I thought more about her than just that, even though my desire for her had started to grow so strong.

"I really don't know if you really want to know what I am thinking when I look at you right now. It is not anything bed, but you might be offended by it none the less." I said.

"Tell me Alex. I want to know. I think I know what you are thinking, but I want to hear you say it." she said.

"You really want to know the truth?" I asked in a uneasy voice.

"Yes, of course I do." she said smiling.

"I want to make love to you. Even if we would have to find some place in this club, I would do it." I said. "I hope that does not offend you, Layla."

Layla just looked at me with a playful smile as her hand reached over and touched mine. Just to feel her touch, brought about such excitement within me. Then she sat back in her chair as she giggled slightly.

"You know Alex, I feel the same way about you. That is why I am with you." she said seductively.

She squirmed in her chair slightly, unsure of what she was doing. But in a way it really did not matter to me. It was then I felt her foot touch the side of my leg and then slowly moving up it and then resting on my crotch. Moving up and down it slowly, feeling my ridged manhood through the fabric of my pants. The more she stroked it, the more she drove me into such strong lustful desires for her.

"You know I am not wearing any underwear right now. And doing this to you is getting me so wet for you, baby." she said as she started to breath heavily.

"Why are you doing this Layla? Someone is going to catch us." I said as I felt her foot press harder on my crotch.

"Don't you like that, it feels like you do." she said.

I could feet her toes moving over my crotch, making my member throb with such yearning for her to release me into such sweet ecstasy. She kept rubbing her toes, as my legs shakes in excitement , lust and my hard shaft throbbing to be released. I felt like I could not take much more, that if I did not have her right now, I would surely go crazy with such bottled up desire. She stopped suddenly, right before I felt that my loins was going to explode and drench my boxers with my cum. I sighed in relief, trying to compose myself so that no one would suspect that something was going on. As I did, she giggled like a schoolgirl who knew that she just got away with something.

It only took a minute for me to calm myself down and let the desire within me to slightly ebb. Even though, just looking at her made me want her all over again. Now though I did not have to worry about hiding it from her, for she felt the same way for me.

She stood up instantly and took my hand, saying that she wanted me to go on the dance floor with her. before I could answer, I got up and found myself being led into the floor. She wanted us to make our way close to the middle of it, but it was too crowded for us to even try and get through. So we ended up on the side, near a mirrored wall. I had already told her that I never danced like the way the other were doing. But she had replied that there was nothing to it. All that I had to do was to move to the beat and press myself against her. Little did I know what she really meant by it, even though that would be something that would soon be revealed to me.

She her body pressed against mine, grinding in such a sensual way, as those beautiful emerald eyes stared at me. For that brief moment, I found myself unable to think about what it could be that she was up too. I knew that this all was some sort of seduction that she had planned and I was not going to stop her from doing it. Mainly because I wanted her as much as she wanted me right now. It was true that we had only met hours ago, but there was something about her that made it impossible for me to resist her temptation. Feeling the way that she grinded her body against mine, ignited the passion within me for her once again. Turning so that her back was facing me and then bending forward, pressing her ass against my crotch. Feeling her grinding it against me as her actions started to arouse me even more. I knew that she could feel my manhood stiffening within my pants and because of it, she was becoming even more excited by it. The only thought that came to my mind was how much I wanted her right at that moment, but being in the middle of the dance club did not seem to be the right place to do something about it. She turned her head to look at me, showing a glare of such desire within her eyes. Making me feel that this was something, which she had planned all along. Oh, how I wanted her. The temptation that she was giving me was beyond that which I could even bear and I think that she knew it. Even though she did not seem to make it be known.

She turned around and then pressed her firm body against mine. My arms wrapped around her, holding her so close to me as her lips pressed against mine. I could feel her hand moving down my chest and then down to the crotch of my pants. Gripping me slightly, as she let out a playful giggle.

"I want you so bad Alex. Want you right here and now." she whispered in my ear.

"Right here. I don't think that we can get away with it." I whispered in her ear.

"Oh I am sure we can. Trust me." she answered.

Before I could even answer her, she slowly slid her body down mine, her fingers scratching me through the fabric of my shirt. Then she unzipped my pants and freed my stiff manhood. She took me in her mouth instantly, sucking hard on it as her lips wrapped around my shaft for a brief moment. Just to feel her doing that sent a wave of such excitement through me, stiffening my body for a brief second. Layla then released me from her tantalizing mouth and then started to move back up my body, having her pressed so tightly against mine. Then without saying a word she turned and bent over again. Her bottom pressed against me starting to grind slowly. Casually, I looked around to make sure that no one was watching us, then lifted her skirt slightly and penetrated her, I could feel myself sliding deep within her tight, wet sex as my hands held onto her hips. Pulling her closer to me, she started to grind even harder against my crotch, as I felt her body shivering in such sweet ecstasy. Moving to the beat of the fast paced rhythm, I started to thrust while the friction between us ignited such a fiery passion. For a moment I had thought that she would moan out loud, giving the people around us a clue of what we were really doing. Of course, for all I knew she probably was, but I couldn't hear it from the loud music echoing around us. Over and over again she continued to grind against me, her hip meeting in the same motion as my thrusts. While the muscles inside her sex gripped me tightly, making sure that she would not let me go until I had satisfied her. I could feel myself not able to hold back much longer. For the feeling of love making and the thrill of doing this in public elevated the pleasure that we were feeling. Her head tilted back and then turned slightly to look at me. I could see the burning passion on her face. And then her eyes closed tightly, as her hips started to move even faster. There was no way that I could hold back any longer, as I felt myself explode within her womb. My hands gripping her waist tighter, pulling her against me as I drained myself inside her. And I could feel her climax flooding through her and around my manhood inside of her.

She kept the motion going for a moment longer, draining me of everything that I got. Then her body started to become erect, still pressing against me as she felt me slid out of her. Layla turned back around, her body pressed against mine and then kissed me to tenderly. Her hand reached down and helped place my manhood back in my pants and then zipped me up.

"How was that my darling? Was that exciting enough for you?" she whispered in my ear.

"Oh yes. It makes me want to take you out of this place so we can be alone." I whispered back. "So we can explore everything else that we can share together in privacy."

"Lead the way darling. I am all yours." she whispered as her hand brushed against the crotch of my pants.

I lead her off the crowded dance floor and to the front door of the club. As we moved, I had noticed a blond waitress looking at me with a wicked smile on her lips. Making it obvious that she knew what we had really been doing on the dance floor. But that did not matter to me, for I had the woman I longed for. The only woman that I truly desired, who we would be diving more into the passion of our love.






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