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Campfire Delight

Short story By: Michael68

By a roaring campfire we find such passion within its glow and beneath the blanket of stars.

Submitted:Jul 2, 2010    Reads: 738    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   

The glow of the flames made her seem like something out of wonderful dream. I couldn't believe that I was here with her, away from the city and all the problems that we had left behind. She moved closer to me, wearing my red and black flannel shirt, with it unbuttoned slightly to reveal the smooth, soft flesh of the top of her breasts. Her head rested on my shoulder as her arms wrapped around me. For a moment we just sat there in silence, the only sound that we could hear was the crackling of the campfire and the crickets playing their soft, sweet symphony.

"Isn't this wonderful. Just you and me out here in the woods with nothing to worry about. And having the time to concentrate on each other, rather than all those problems we have at home?" she said in a soft voice.

"You are right, this is wonderful. I am glad that you convinced me into us doing this." I replied as my hand stroked her shoulder. "But I know something that could make this even more wonderful for us."

She looked up at me with a playful smile on her lips. Just from the way that she looked at me, I knew that she was aware of what I was thinking. Without saying a word, she leaned toward me. Her lips moved centimeters from mine, hovering there, taunting me. Seeing how long I could hold back before I would long to taste the sweetness of her caress.

"Wait.....Wait....Wait..." she whispered as her breath lightly touched the skin of my face.

She only let it go on for a second or two, but to me it seemed much longer. Then finally, our lips met in a soft and gentle kiss, as I felt my heart racing wildly with such passion. My arms wrapped around her, pulling her closer to me. All that I could think about was how much I yearned to express all that my heart did feel for her. All that burned within my soul for her,even though she knew too well what it was. Slowly, my lips moved down, caressing the side of her neck as my hand gently brushed against her firm, well rounded breast, through the fabric of my shirt.

"Oh Michael, lets get into the camper before I lose control." she whispered as she she gasped in such pleasure.

"No Elizabeth, I want us to make love here by the campfire, under the stars." I whispered, as my fingers started to unbutton the flannel shirt.

"You are so romantic." she said, which was the only thing that she responded with.

Our lips met again in series of short, soft kisses, as we shed our clothes. Till we were sweetly naked and she sat on my lap with her arms around me. The feel of her skin against mine intensified the desire which we both felt as our hands explored each others body so slow and gently. Each touch, each kiss, heightening the passion between us as I felt myself not being able to contain myself much longer. Yet, I knew that I had too, for I wanted this to last as long as it could.

Slowly, I laid her down onto our scattred clothes on the ground before us, as my body gently rested on top of hers. Our lips engaged within a more passionate embrace as our tongues darted in and out of each others mouth, performing such a dance of passion with each other. Then I started to slide down her body, my lips caressing every inch of her sensual, warm skin,feeling her shiver in delight from it. Moving over her breasts, lips brushing lightly over them, my tongue stroking her nipple as she gasped softly. As soft as the gentle summer breeze that floated in the air. Then I moved to her other breast, manipulating it the same way. Filling her with such delightful pleasure as her hand touched the back of my head. Her fingers running through my hair. Then my lips continued onward, down the sultry curved of her body. Down her stomach, to the path of forest and then to those forbidden lips of her womanhood. My tongue running over those sensitive, satin petals of her rosebud, tasting the sweet nectar of its dew. Her body trembled in such rapture. Her body, her heart and soul openning up to me, as her gasps become more rapid.

"Oh Michael....Oh my God...." she gasped.

Slowly I brought myself back up her body to kiss her once again. Her breath was rapid as she kissed me deeply, arms wrapped around me as my firm manhood pressed against her stomach. She rolled me onto my back, her body on top of mine Her legs entwined around me, as she felt me penetrated through the lips of her womanhood, into her garden of such delight. She moved to the rapid beat of our hearts, our limbs entwined. Feeling her grip me within her as we rode upon the crest of our passion. I could feel myself becoming weak as I lay back onto the ground. My eyes staring up at her, watching her move as a blanket of stars hung above us and the campfire illuminated our passionate bodies. Each movement pushing us closer to that moment which we now hungered for so much. Just seeing her like that, her long amber hair lightly being blown in the wind, with the night sky filled with stars and the soft glow from the flames, made her even more like an angel. She let out a silent moan as I exploded in climax, my liquid essence draining into her garden as hers flooded through her at the same time. Then she collapsed on top of me, our lips lightly kissing as we held each other. Lying there under the light of the full moon and stars, sweaty and spent, we shared something so wonderful and tender that our hearts longed to embrace. A true campfire delight.


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