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Afternoon Delight - Part Two

Short story By: Michael68

Tags: Erotica, Sex, Love

The journey of a couples desire continues

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We lay upon the bed in the silence of this motel room, her head resting on my chest now as I feel her fingers lightly stroking over my flesh. Our bodies sweaty and spent and yet we found ourselves finding that spark of excitement once again. Even though neither of us showed it, we could feel it by the way we touched each other. My fingers slowly moving up and down her back, as her lips caressed my flesh so softly. Just from that, it intensified the yearning, which I had for her. Even though it might be just an innocent action, the desire was still there and growing stronger, Her hand lifted up, looking at my face and then we kissed softly. The taste of her kiss was so overwhelming to me as I pulled her body close to mine. There was no way I could resist her, even though she already knew it. My fingers ran through her hair as my heart erupts with new life. I knew that this moment would bring us such bliss that we never felt before, but I never thought it would be as intense as it was. We had talked about how it would change our lives and how it would lit us up to a higher level in our relationship. For I wanted to make sure that she was positive that she wanted to do this. For I wanted to make sure that this was something that was exactly what she wanted to do. Now, I knew for a fact that this was what she wanted to share with me. And I was filled with such euphoria that she did, for I knew that I would cherish this moment we are sharing. Never wanting this moment to end, to be locked within the fiery passion that enveloped us forever. Even though I knew to well that could not happen, that we would have to return to our lives, it was still a pleasant dream to have.1

I felt her lips caressing the side of my neck, as I gazed up at the mirrored ceiling. Watching her alluring naked flesh over mine, starting to arouse me all over again. The feel of her body against mine, brought about a feeling that I had never felt before. Something that right now my soul was craving for all over again. Yearning for her love, just to express all that my heart does have for her. She kissed my lips so soft and tender, as my fingers ran through her hair. I wanted so much for her; to give her a moment that she e would never forget for the rest of her life. I already knew that I would, especially since it was with a woman adored and loved with all my life. Her lips nibbling on my ear, listening to her heavy breath, as she whispered to me.2

"You want to try something? Something that I have been dreaming about that I want to share with you." she whispered in a playful tone.3

"What do you have in mind?" I said eagerly waiting for her response.4

She smiled at me with such a playful expression on her face, and then she kissed me so softly. Even though I had no idea what it could be that she was up to, I knew that I could trust her. And in a way, I was eager to find out what it was that she wanted to experience with me. My hands moved down the smooth flesh of her back, as our kisses grew deeper, more passionate. Oh how I found myself wanting her so much, more than I have ever wanted any other woman. Then she climbed off of me, lying on her side she looked at me in silent seduction. Her one hand moving over the hard nipple of her breast, pinching it slightly. She looked like she was thinking about what she wanted to do to me next. A playful smile appeared on her face, as her hand reached over and touched my chest. Her fingers lightly scratching the flesh of my chest, arousing me so much, sending a wave of pleasure flowing through my soul.5

"Would you do anything that I ask?" she said in a seductive tone.6

"You know I would. Just ask me and I will do it." I replied.7

I would have been a fool to say no to her, for she knew too well how much I longed for her. How much I wanted to feel the affections of her pleasure. She giggled slightly when I had said that, like an innocent schoolgirl revealing her first crush to a boy. But even though she might have been innocent, she was also a woman with a fiery passion that could now not be contained. And it was me that she wanted to share it with, me and only me. Her fingers moved in slow, small circular motions around the nipple of my chest, as her eyes stayed on my face. Those beautiful faces staring at me so lovingly, making me want her so much, more than I could even begin to describe. Then her eyes looked over at an empty chair that sat near the side of the bed, and then back at me. 8

"I want you to get up and sit in that chair my darling. I have something that I want to show you." she said softly and then giggled.9

I wasn't sure what it could be that she was up to, but who was I to argue with her. I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and then stood up. Making my way around the bed, I could feel her watching me as she giggled once again. Right when I was about to sit down, she told me to move the chair closer to the bed, so that I would have a better view. Without thinking I did exactly what she wanted, for all that I could think about was finding out what it could be that she had in store for me. When I sat down, I watched her as she swung her legs in front of me, sitting there as the fingers of her one hand lightly moved over her breast. Her breath becoming rapid as her eyes stayed focused on me. 10

"Do you want to see what you do to me when you talk to me on the phone? Do you sweetie?" she said in a seductive tone.11

"Oh yes…. you know that I do." I replied eagerly.12

With that she spread her legs, revealing the silken fold of her sex as her hand slowly moved down her stomach to it. Her fingers gingerly moved over the glistening, wet petals of her rosebud that beckoned to bloom from my touch. But all I could do was to sit there in silent admiration and the excitement started to overwhelm me as her fingers moved over her sex. Spreading the lips of her womanhood with two fingers while the third finger stroked gently between them. She breathed heavily, moaning out my name as the temptation of her burned even stronger. Watching her fingers manipulating her sensitive sex, over the silken tendrils that outline her little port of entry. Her eyes stayed focused on me, finding myself wanting her so much. More than I had wanted her a moment ago. It seemed that this passion between us continued to grow even stronger with each time we looked at each other. Thinking about how much I wanted to taste the sweetness of her damp sex, and feel myself thrusting inside of her again. That was if that was what she had in mind of doing with me. I could tell that she was enjoying torturing me like this, making me watch her as she pleased herself. And of course I was enjoying watching her, it was like something out of an erotic dream that she was making come true. Watching her fingers started to move faster over her clit, her face showing the excitement from her own touch as her moans became louder. And then she slid two fingers inside of her, thrusting them in and out of her sex, her hips starting to grind back and forth as she looked like she was now overwhelmed by the pleasure that she was making herself feel. Without me even thinking about it, my hand started stroking the shaft of my hard member. I could feel myself wanting to 13

"You want me right now, don't you? You want to be inside me right now?" she said in a seductive tone as she breathed heavily.14

"Oh God yes. I want you so much. Let me feel myself inside of you right now." I begged as I stood up, ready to go to her.15

"No…not that yet. There is something that I want you to do for me. Come around the bed and lay down on your back." she said playfully. 16

It was obvious that she had known what my intention was and wanted to prolong it for a short while longer. There was nothing I could do but to follow the instructions that she was giving. I walked around the bed again and then laid down on it, as she had instructed. My head turned to her, watching her, waiting to see what she was going to do next. She sat there looking at me for a moment, with that same playful smile on her lips. Then she scrawled to me, straddling her body over my head. My eyes staring up at the pink, sensitive, wet flesh of her sex staring down at me. I knew right away what she wanted me to do and I was eager to give her that pleasure she was craving from me. 17

"I think you know what to do now my love?" she said and then giggled at me. 18

She lowered herself down, her sex so close to my face that I could smell the sweetness of her womanhood. Enticing me so much that I found myself unable to resist her anymore. My tongue licking those lips of her sex, as I feel her body shiver from my caress. My mouth sucking hard upon her clit, as she moaned and begged me not to stop. Oh the taste of those wet lips intoxicated me so much that I found myself not wanting this moment to end. Over and over again my tongue continued to run over her pussy, bringing about wave after wave of pleasure running through her. Then my tongue slid inside her sex, making her moan suddenly, letting it flick around the walls of her sex. Her hips started to move in a grinding motion on my face, her hand reached down, running her fingers through my hair. She begged me not to stop, her voice crying out in such pleasure that I had had never thought that I would hear her speak. Her body suddenly shivered as the orgasm flooded through her, my tongue licking it up wildly as my hands grabbed the cheeks of her ass. Even after her climax had ended, I continued to please her with my tongue, making sure that she would feel such pleasure that she had never felt before. 19

"Oh Mike…please stop…I want to feel you inside me right now….Take me….take me now!" she begged, breathing heavily.20

I slid my head out from underneath her and then knelt behind her. She leaned forward, the firm round orbs of her ass pressing against my hard member. With one hand I lowered it down and moved to toward the opening of her sex. The tip of it moving over it, teasing her, driving her wild with such wanton desire. I knew that she could not hold back much longer, and there was no way that I would make her wait any longer. With one thrust, my member slid into her wet sex, as she moaned and my arm wrapped around her hips. Forcing myself deeper into her as I started to thrust hard into her. Her hands braced herself against the wall as she moaned loudly, feeling the friction between them ignite a passion so strong that she had never felt before. I could feel the muscles of her sex gripping around my shaft, as I continued to trust in and out of her. My hand moving in front of her body, down in between her legs, my fingers stroking her clit in small, fast circular motions. Her hips thrusted back, forcing my cock deeper inside her. as she tilted her head back moaning as she told me to go even harder. To make her feel how hard I could thrust myself into her. Even though I didn't want to hurt her, the desire made me do just what she wanted. Thrusting so hard that I thought that she would be pressed against the wall, her breasts crushed against it as I continued to thrust deeper and deeper inside of her. The pressure building inside my loins, becoming so great that I knew that I could not hold back any longer. With one loud moan my loins climax flowed within her, flooding into her womb. as she gasped, feeling me cum inside her. Her head turned to me and we kissed so passionately, my member still within her as my hands fondled her breasts, moving over her hard nipples. Our tongues darting in and out of each others mouths, as the ecstasy of the moment filled us so much with bliss. 21

"That was wonderful. I wonder what else you can teach me my love?" she whispered.22

"Much more…that is if you want me to teach you? It is up to you." I replied.23

"What do you think?" she said and then kissed me passionately.24

I knew then that the lessons was not over with yet, that there was still so much more that I longed to show her, to make her feel. And I knew that she was willing to let me.


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