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Afternoon Delight - Part Three

Short story By: Michael68

Tags: Erotica, Sex, Love

The final conclusion of this story.

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I lay there looking up at my reflection in the mirror on the ceiling, as a sense of such satisfaction and love flowed through my veins. Never had I thought that something like this would have come around to me. That I would find such a woman as wonderful as Elizabeth, not just because of the passion which we had now shared, but because of the way that she made me feel within my heart. Something that I had not felt with a woman in so long and now that I have, I don't want to let her go. She was the one that I had been searching for all my life and now she was the one that I wanted to share the rest of mine with. She was in the bathroom with the door open, almost like an subconscious invitation for me to join her. Even though I could possible be wrong, the thought of it was still there. I knew that we still had a couple hours before we would have to start heading back to the station where she would have to catch her train. The only thing was, I didn't want her to get on that train, to leave me here alone. Even though she was not leaving my life, just the thought of being away from her brought about a sense of sorrow to me. It seemed almost selfish for me to think that way, still I couldn't help it. I loved her and wanted her to be with me forever. To share my life with her, so that we would never be apart from each other again. And that way we would not have to worry about us trying to find a motel room just so we could spend some time alone. That was if she would be willing to make that sort of drastic move within our relationship? That was the one thing that I was not sure about, but I had to know from her own lips. The only reason that we weren't back at my apartment was because of the fact that there was construction being done that forced me to stay within the confines of this small room. The only thing that had kept me from going mad was the thought of her and the writing, which I was doing, which my publisher was expecting at my deadline. Right now though, the only thing that stayed on my mind was my beloved Elizabeth and how she made me feel so alive when I am with her. Ever since I had first seen her, I had found myself so attracted to her. It was then that I heard the sound of her voice coming from the bathroom, in such a seductive tone.2

"You can come in here if you want sweetie." she said in a playful tone. 3

There was no way that I was going to resist her, no matter how hard I could try. That was if I wanted to. Slowly, I swung my legs over the edge of the bed, my feet touching the carpeted floor as my body gradually became erect. Naked, I made my way to the bathroom door, not sure what it could be that I would find. In a way though it excited me, for I knew that she was up to something, that her desire was returning again and wanted to express it in some way. As I moved I noticed her bag sitting on the floor by a chair. I didn't really think anything about it at the time, for my attention was focused on her more than anything. Captivated by her beauty and the amazement that we were actually here at this motel room. The one place that we had talked about go to for the longest time, but never thought that this moment would actually happen. But now here we were, within the silence of this room, our passion expressed with each other and yet I felt that there was still something left that we needed to share with each other. Something that was even more intense than that which we had already shared. 4

When I got to the bathroom doorway, I saw her sitting there on the toilet looking up at me. Her eyes looked so innocent and yet there was that same playful grin on her lips. For a moment I just stood there looking at her as the sunlight shined in through the glass block window next to the shower, filling the room with light. Any other woman would have felt uncomfortable with a man standing there watching her while she was on the toilet, but not Elizabeth. Her eyes sparkled with such excitement, as she sat there for a moment in silence. 5

"Why don't you come over here lover lips." she said.6

"Anything you wish baby." I replied.7

It only had been a couple months that we had started to call each other by pet names, but it seemed to be something that she liked. And who was I to deny her that which she enjoyed. Slowly I moved to her, my eyes staying focused on her face. When I stood in front of her, she just looked up at me, smiling, as her hand reached up and gently grabbed the shaft of my manhood. Feeling her fingers stroking it lightly at first, then starting to get faster, bringing it back to life again. Just the feel of her touch brought about those yearning feeling for her once again. I wasn't sure what she had in mind for me, but it didn't matter for I trusted her and loved her so much. As she did this, her eyes stayed focused on my face as I say the excitement burning in her eyes. Making it obvious that she found a fiery pleasure in what she was doing to me. Each stroke brought about a wave of pleasure over and over again through my soul, each one growing stronger. 8

"What can I do for you to please you? Tell me what you want me to do…I want to please you like you pleased me." she said. 9

"Do whatever you wish, my love. I would not make you do anything that you would not be comfortable in doing. You know that, my darling." I replied.10

She giggled slightly like a schoolgirl, her smile growing wider. Then she lowered her head down to my crotch. I could feel her lips kissing the tip of my erect member, her tongue licking around the head of it, as the pleasure grew within me. She was teasing me and because of it, the aroused feeling within me grew even stronger. Her fingers continued to move up and down my shaft as she took the head of it in her mouth. Her tongue running over the bottom of it and then circled around it so passionately. Her head moved up and down as she slowly took me in her mouth inch by inch. Till finally her lips had reached the root of my manhood and then slowly moved her lips up it. Just the feeling of that burned deep within me as my breath became rapid and heart started to race wildly. I could hear the sound of her muffled moans as her head moved faster and I placed my hands on the back of her head, pushing further down on me. Feeling the tip of my manhood touches the back of her throat and yet she did not gag. Or at least she held it back so that I would not hear it. Then she raised her head up looking at me, that look of such fiery passion illuminated on her face once again. 11

"I want you to do something to me. Something that I have been dreaming that we would do for some time now." she said breathing heavily.12

"Whatever you wish my love. I want this moment to be something that you will remember forever." I replied as I watched her get to her feet.13

"Follow me." she said smiling seductively.14

I followed her back to the bed, not really sure what it could be that she was up to. As she made her way to the bed, she stopped only once, to pick up the bag, which she had brought in. I had never asked her what was in there and even if I did, she probably wouldn't tell me. Wanting to keep it a surprise for me, waiting to reveal it when the time is right. She opened the bag and then pulled a short length of thick yarn that looked like rope and then turned back to me. 15

"You want to have some fun?" she said and then giggled.16

"Whose the one that is going to get tied up? You or me?" I asked.17

"I was thinking that I would tie you up, so that I could take advantage of you. That is if you don't mind." she said. 18

"Let me lie down and we could have some fun." I said.19

For a moment she just stood there looking at me, the expression on her face made it obvious that she was thinking about something. Something that she didn't want to tell me yet. Then she reached over and grabbed my wrist. 20

"I have a better idea. I am tired of doing in on this bed." she said and then led me to the bathroom once again.21

When we got to the tub, she threw the yarned robe over the rod of the shower curtain. Before she could turn back to me, my body pressed against her back, my hands moving up and down her sides so gently. My lips caressed the side of her neck as she gasped suddenly. I had no idea what was coming over me, only that I wanted her any way that she would let me. Her hands reached up and held onto the shower curtain rod. My hands moved slowly up her arms as my lips continued to caress the side of her neck, feeling her body shivering once again. Then I took the one end of the robe and tied it to her wrist and then did the same with her other wrist. Leaving her there helpless, for me to do whatever I wanted to. Even though this wasn't what she had in mind at first, she didn't seem to be complaining about it. My lips started to move down her back, kissing and licking every inch of it as she started to moan.22

"What are you going to do to me?" she asked in a seductive tone.23

"Just you wait and see, my love. You just tell me if this is something that you don't feel comfortable me doing to you." I whispered. "I need you to bend over slightly." 24

"Like this." she said as she leaned her body forward.25

I could feel the cheeks of her ass press against my hard member, as my hands slowly moved onto her hips. I kissed her a couple times more on her back and then stopped suddenly.26

"What is it my love? What's wrong?" she asked suddenly.27

"Nothing, I just forgot one thing. Hold on for a second." I said and then made my way out of the bathroom. 28

I didn't want to leave her tied up there to long, for then she would start freak out, thinking that I left her there. When I returned, I kissed the back of her neck, as my arm wrapped around her. She jumped slightly from my kiss, even though she knew when I had entered the bathroom again. 29

"You startled me." she said. "What was it that you forgot?"30

"This." I replied as I placed the blindfold over her eyes.31

"Oh, now this is interesting." 32

My lips started to move down her back as my hands reached around and fondled her breasts. Fingers pinching her hardened nipples as she gasped in such delight from what I was doing. Slowly my tongue moved down her spine, making her body shiver slightly as she whispered how much she was enjoying this. She bent slightly, offering me her backside. I knelt down as my hands gently separated the cheeks of her ass, and then let my tongue run over her sex. She gaped suddenly, as my tongue licked her wet clitoris, and my fingers sliding inside her. Her hands were still holding onto the shower curtain rod, as her legs spread wider, inviting me in. The taste of her sex intoxicated me so much, making me addicted to it. But in reality it was her that I was addicted to, her that I found myself longing for every moment that I was away from her sight. Her that I loved more than anything in this world or in heaven could ever offer. She moaned even louder now, begging me not to stop, as I could feel the excitement flooding through me. Filling my mind with such visions of passion that I had not thought before. Oh how I longed to experience them all with her, but that would be something that would have to wait till another time. 33

"Oh Michael…take me now. I can't take it any more. I want to feel you inside me right now." she begged.34

I stood up and slowly slid my erect manhood inside her sex, hearing her gasp from its penetration. My hips thrusting in a slow rhythmic motion at first, as my hands held onto her hips, each thrust sending a greater sensation of pleasure through me. And because of it, I knew that she was feeling the same pleasure too, if not more. Her head turned back looking at me, eyes burning with such passion. Her expression alone said enough to me without her speaking a word. My thrusts started to grow even harder as she begged me not to stop. Feeling the muscles of her sex griping me tightly brought about a new sense of pleasure, stronger than I had before. I had no idea why the pleasure we were feeling was so great and in a way I wasn't going to question it. The friction burning us so much that the heat from it could have melted our flesh as one. It was then that I heard her say something all of a sudden.35

"Untie me…I want you to take me on the floor, right now." she begged, as I removed the blindfold from her eyes. 36

The way that I had tied her hands, she found it easy for her to slip out of them. Which of course she found herself able to do without my help. She turned to me, kissing me so passionately, as we lowered ourselves to the floor. Then I laid on top of her as my manhood slid inside her again, her legs wrap around me, forcing me deeper inside her. Thrusting hard into her as I gazed down at her face. Seeing those green eyes staring at me so lovingly and filled with such passion. Her back arched as she moaned out how much she loved me. Her arms wrapped around me as we kisses so lovingly. 37

Before I could know what was happening, she had rolled our bodies on the floor till she had me on my back. Her body grinding on top of me, as the pressure began to build within my loins. Oh how I wanted to make this last for as long as I could. Never had I thought that we would be making love on the bathroom floor, but here we were. My hips thrusted up, driving myself deeper within her as she screamed out my name. Then I felt myself explode within her as she moaned, feeling my liquid essence filling within her. Her back ached and then looked down at me as she found herself trying to catch her breath. 38

" I love you Elizabeth." I said. 39

"I love you too." she said. "You know that we have to get going soon." 40

"I know," I said as I sat up, holding her in my arms. "I wish that we could stay here till morning. Just to be with you away from the eyes of the world. I love being alone with you."41

"I love it too. And I wish that we could, but you know that we both have responsibilities that we cannot ignore. I am going to remember this moment forever my darling." she said42

"I will too. I love so much and will do anything to prove my love to you." I said and then kissed her softly.43

She just smiled for a moment, not saying a word. But that smile alone said enough for me. She didn't have to say anything else, for I felt as if I already knew what she would say. In a way though, I wanted to hear her say it. 44

"You already have. And we will share a moment like this again. Who knows, maybe we will be able to spend the night together." she said softly.45

"And then some day soon, we will be man and wife. Living a life together in happiness. I love you and want you to marry me." I said smiling.46

"You're serious?" she asked.47

"Of course I am. What do you say? Will you give me the honor of being my wife?" I said.48

For a moment she just sat there on top of me, her eyes looking at me with both surprise and excitement. I had a feeling for a moment that she would say no, that she was not ready for a commitment like that. And if that was so, then I would understand. Waiting for the moment when she would be ready, for I didn't want to pressure her into something that she was not ready to do. Just like I hadn't pressured her into doing this either. Letting it come between us naturally, so that way it would be even more wonderful. And it was, that I was grateful for and knew that I would always remember this moment that we had the chance to share. 49

"Oh Michael…Yes…Yes, I will marry you." she said and then hugged me.50

Holding her tightly, our lips pressed against each other, as I my heart rejoiced with such happiness and love that I have for her. 51

That had been three months ago when we had that afternoon delight, and now here we were again in that same room. The only thing that was different was that now we were different. We were husband and wife, starting off a new life together and a love so strong that we knew nothing was impossible now. 52



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