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A Work Of Art

Short story By: Michael68

Tags: Erotica, Art, Love, Sex

Who knew that viewing art could lead to something so fiery with passion.

Submitted:Jul 19, 2008    Reads: 548    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

All his life he thought that he would never find that special woman in his life. For years he had been cursed with bad luck, unemployment, divorce and isolation for so long. But that was before he met Beth. A woman of such grace and beauty, like that which he had never seen before. He was at the art museum when he first saw her, standing there, admiring a work from Picasso. Even though that was not the type of art that he was interested in, it wasn't the painting he was staring at from across the room. It was her, a woman whose beauty was greater than any work of art ever done. He knew that he should go up and talk to her, to at least know her name. But there was still the fear that she would think that he was a stalker. Still, he couldn't ignore the yearning to know her, and had to act on it. Even if it would lead nowhere, at least he would know that he took the chance. Casually he made his way over to her, while in his mind he tried to think of something to say. Something that would start a conversation and not make him look like a fool. When he reached her, he stood near her, the faint scent of her perfume lingering in the air. Enticing him, making him want her even more. Want this woman who he didn't know anything about.
"Interesting painting, isn't it?" he said, looking at her briefly.
"If you think so, I really am not into this type of art. I like the more contemporary style myself." she said smiling as she looked at him.
"Me too. I can't really understand this or the modern art that is out today." he replied.
For a moment she just stood there looking at him, so innocently. He knew that he should say something, yet his mind became blank. The only thing that he could hope for was for her to say something first.
"Can I ask you something?" she said curiously. "I don't mean to offend you with this."
"No, it probably won't. Go right ahead." he replied.
"What took you so long to come over here and talk to me? I noticed you looking at me the moment I came into this section. In a way I was hoping you would." she said giggling slightly.
"You are forward with whatever is on your mind." he said.
"Now a days you have to be." she said and then hesitated for a moment. "So why did you wait till this very moment to come and talk to me?"
He had no idea what to say to her but the truth. Which was that he wasn't sure how she would react when he approached. When he told her that she just laughed politely, as if it was a joke that wasn't that funny. There was something about her that made it impossible for him to take his eyes off of her. He smiled as he felt his face burn with embarrassment, thinking that she would walk away, calling him a fool. Yet she didn't.
"I can understand that. But the think is, I already know who you are. I read your books you wrote, especially the latest one, very impressive. You are Mike Wallace, right?" she said.
"Yes I am. It looks like you have me at a disadvantage. You know me, but I don't know you." Mike replied.
"My name is Beth. I must say I am so lucky to meet a talented writer like you. You have such a way of pulling someone into a story." she said.
Mike wasn't sure what to say about that, because he never really thought about is writing style. He just did what came naturally. To hear Beth give him the compliment though, brought up his self-esteem even higher. While his heart pounded even harder as he continued to look at her.
"So what do you do?" he asked.
"I' m and artist. I happen to have some of my work exhibited here. You want to see it?" she asked.
"Of course I would." he replied.
They walked through the building and made their way into a room where only a couple people were. She showed him a painting of a couple in the heat of passion. Her legs wrapped around his as they embraced. Mike found himself thinking how he wished that he could experience something like that with Beth. The painting was perfect, done with such detail and passion, beyond anything that he had ever seen before. The more he looked at it though, the more that he thought of Beth.
"So what do you think?" she asked.
"It's wonderful. You show such passion with it. I really like it." he said honestly.
She moved closer to him, her hand touching his chest. For a moment Mike couldn't think of anything to say, for he felt a sudden desire flowing through his veins.
"What does it make you think of when you look at it? Be honest now, I really want to know." she whispered.
"It makes me want to experience something like that with you." he said without thinking.
"I had a feeling that you would say that. You were my inspiration for this painting. When I read your books, I could feel the passion in it. Do you really want to feel what that is like?" she said in a soft, seductive voice.
"Of course, but where could we go?" he asked.
Before she answered him, their lips met in a tender embrace. His arms wrapped around her, pulling her closer to him, her breasts crushed against his chest. He didn't care about the people around them at that point, all that he could think about was Beth. His hands moving up and down her back, fingers feeling the soft silk fabric of her blouse. He didn't want this moment to end, for the passion she brought out in him now overpowered. Here head tilted back, as he continued to hold her while he gazed into her heavenly eyes.
"Do you really want me? Want to make love to me?" she whispered.
"More than anything my darling. I have never felt anything this powerful with any other woman before." he said as his fingers ran through her dark brown hair.
She kissed him once again, so passionate, as if what he had said was exactly what she needed to hear. The only thing was, Mike was telling her what he was feeling in his heart. She pulled away from him, her hand holding his as she started to lead him out of the room. He had no idea where she was taking him, but it really didn't matter, for all that he wanted was to be with her. They made their way through the few small crowds that they passed. It was obvious that she knew exactly where she was taking him, and all that he could do was to follow her. They made their way down a silent hallway, to a door, that was blocked off with a sign saying there was construction going on.
"Come on, in here. There is something I want to show you." she said.
"But this part is closed off to the public. It's probably locked anyway." he said.
"I have access because I come in here to get inspired once in a while. So they let me whenever I want to be alone." she said smiling.
Mike wasn't sure if that was true or not. But he wasn't going to argue with her. If there were a chance for them to be alone, he would do anything. She turned and opened the door and then they walked inside. It was a large empty room with only a couple painting that hung on the walls. The silence was in the room was so strong that a pin drop would sound like a thunder crash. They walked in front of a large painting that practically covered the entire wall. It was that of angels among the clouds, theirs faces seemed to look right at us. We stood there for a brief moment, staring at it. He could feel her hand touching his chest, her nails scratching his flesh through the fabric of his shirt. And because of it, he found himself becoming aroused by her. He turned to her, seeing her looking at him with such passion burning in her eyes.
"This is the one painting that I love the most. It's what I believe heaven really is." she said as she moved closer to him. "Make love to me, right here…right now."
They kissed again, their lustful, hungry mouths upon each other, as their hands moved over each other's bodies. Slowly undressing each other, as their desire grew even stronger, to the point that they could not ignore. Even though he worried about someone walking in on them, but that seemed to intensify their desire even more. His lips caressed the side of her neck, hearing her breathing heavier. His hands touching her firm breasts, lightly pinching her hard nipples, as her fingers ran through his short brown hair. Slowly they lowered themselves onto the tiled floor, lying on her back. His lips moving over her body, kissing and suckling the sweet flesh of her body. Sucking upon her breast as his hand moved down her stomach to her parted legs. Touching the gentle petals of her flower, fingers stroking it as she started to wither under his touch. She spokes words of love to him and he to her, as he continued to caress her body. His head continuing to move down her body, till finally he had his head between her legs. Tasting the sweet nectar of her womanhood, her hips starting to move in slow gyration as she begged him not to stop. He continued as she requested, till finally she could not take it any longer and begged for him to stop. He moved now back up her body and kissed her again. Their naked flesh pressed against each other, kissing her so deeply. Then she rolled him onto his back, as her lips kissed him, moving down his body. Then she took him in her mouth, her lips moving over his shaft, enticing him even more. The more she done this, the deeper he fell into the passion that enveloped them. He couldn't help but wonder if this was real or a dream. If this was a dream, then he wished to never awaken again. And if it was real, then let him never dream again.
She came up to his face, her eyes sparkling with such excitement, that he had never seen in any other woman's eyes. He kissed her, holding her close to him. Then she pulled away, her breath heavy as she looked at him with a serious expression on her face.
"I want you inside me. Take my innocence, I give it to you with all my heart." she whispered.
"And in exchange you will have my heart. For I could not love any other woman as much as I love you this very moment." he said.
Slowly he rolled her onto her back, then laid his body on top of hers. Taking his manhood and gently entering into her womanhood. She gasped suddenly when she felt his penetration, her arms wrapped around his body as she begged him not to stop. Her legs wrapped around his, forcing him deeper into her womb, as he continued to thrust himself into her. Moving to the rhythm of their hearts as the painted angels gazed down upon them happily. It was as if they were making love within heaven, with the choir of angels singing around them. The friction burning between them, so intense that it melted their flesh as one. Two hearts beating as one. Till finally he could not hold back any more, as he exploded and drained his essence into her. After his was done, her climax enveloped her, stiffening her body for a brief moment.
"Oh my love, I never thought that this could be like this. You are so wonderful. I love you so much." she said.
"And I love you too. Without you I am only half a person, together you make me whole. I love you my darling. Now and forever." he said.
They laid there for a moment within each other's arms, as the painted angels gazed down upon them. As if heaven itself was now looking down upon them, smiling at the love which they now had found. Stronger than that which anything could ever try to interfere with. Now at last, Mike had found his angel, his muse, his Juliet…. his true love.


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