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A night in Hawaii

Short story By: MermaidCaptain

One of the few times the captain and mermaid come together in between his travels...they share a night on the town and end it on the beach. The short story is a playful recount of that night.

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After dinner, the group of girls took the captain to a night of karaoke at a small club near his mermaid's home. After a few rounds of Kirin and a belly full of delicious food, the group was feeling pretty celebratory! After all, one member had just received her first paycheck from her new job and for the first time the group was meeting the Captain! Two treats in one night, and it was still early!

As the Captain and his Mermaid sat down together in the corner of a plush sofa, his recently ordered Jaeger bomb was delivered. As he reached to drink it, the Captain looked at his Mermaid and said, "Just so you know, these make me HORNY!", "good" the Mermaid replied looking directly into his eyes. He downed the drink in one swallow and the mermaid felt her heartbeat quicken…"this is going to be a great night she thought to herself. She could feel her nipples begin to harden and felt tightness in her left nipple as her newly pierced nipple changed shaped around the barbell.

After a few hours of riotous karaoke singing and a bit of dancing, the captain was ready to change pace a bit. Not to mention he was a few jaeger bombs into the evening and ready to put some part of his body into his delicious mermaid companion. They walked through the city streets intent on making love in the moonlight on the beach. As they neared the local harbor, the captain began to share with his mermaid all the things he wished to experience with her.

"I want to lay you down on the beach, stripped naked and watch your pussy juice glisten in the moonlight as I tease it out of you with my fingers"

Again, the mermaid felt her body immediately respond. She guided him past the many ships moored in the harbor and to a secluded beach entry. While the prospect of being caught was thrilling, the mermaid did not want any interruptions once she began her pleasure seeking with the captain. The reached a beach with couples in the throes of lust sprinkled along the sand.

"Yes", exclaimed the captain, "this is where we need to be".

They found an unoccupied spot under a lone palm tree and spread their beach blanket. The captain lay back onto the blanket and pulled his rod out of his pants, letting it spring out at his mermaid to highlight his eagerness. She moved her face close so that he could rub his cock along the outline of her jaw and squeezed precum onto her lips. He felt her shiver in the darkness and knew that his mermaid was getting wet for him. She loved to taste his precum and he loved to smear it on her lips, chin and cheeks. She was always so eager to have him paint her lightly in this way.

The captain took a firm hold of his cock and commanded the mermaid to "take this cock in your mouth baby and suck me". His mermaid growled acceptance and opened her salivating mouth and took her captains cock all the way to the back of her throat. She heard his inhale sharply and moan and she clamped her lips down around the base of his shaft, squeezing gently as she slowly slid her lips back up his shaft. She continued like this for a while, letting her saliva run freely out of her mouth and onto his shaft and balls. She rolled his now slippery balls around with her fingers and she continued to take the captain deep into her throat. She could feel his anticipation growing, but she didn't want him to come yet, she just wanted to make him feel really, really good. The mermaid swirled her tongue around the head of his cock making him quiver with the intensity of the sensation. The captain was losing his sense of control and demanded it back by pulling his cock out of his mermaid's mouth and instructing her to get naked and let him fill her pussy with his cock.

The mermaid obediently removed her clothes, her lips and chin glistening in the moonlight from the saliva and precum that covered them. She lie down on the blanket and spread her legs for her captain. He smiled, glad that his mermaid had so immediately obeyed and kneeling between her legs drove his shaft full and hard into her tight pink snatch. She gasped loudly and locked eyes with him. "YES" she breathed out, "fill me!"

At this command, the captain begin to pump with firm, hard, deep strokes, all the while keeping the eye lock that he established with his initial entry. He watched his mermaids stare intensify and he knew she was building to climax. He quickly pulled out and dropped to his belly to bury his face in her pussy. The mermaid grabbed a handful of his hair and drove his face into her sweet snatch, grinding against it as she did so. He tongued flicked in and out of her hole and his nose rubbed against her clit…she was on the verge of exploding. The way the captain teased her was almost maddening, but it brought her to such a quick climax, she certainly would not complain.

The mermaid could feel the sensation of ecstasy begin to rise from her toes and travel up her legs. The captain now had her clit in his mouth and his fingers in her pussy and was coaxing her climax out. Eagerly, but steadily, he licked and coaxed. As the mermaid's breathing turned ragged and her grinding into the captain's fingers became recognizably rhythmic, the captain prepared to change pace. Feeling her inner muscles clamp down on his fingers, the captain knew his mermaid was near climax, he pulled his fingers out of her and his mouth away from her delicious mound and drove, his rock solid, throbbing cock into her pussy. His mermaid yelled out in pleasure and he pushed his body against her and pushed short strokes of cock into her, rubbing his body against her clit as he did so. She writhed in pleasure and he felt all the muscles in his mermaid's body tighten as her back arched and her knees came up to let him into her more deeply. He pushed further as she exhaled out "I'm coming….oh, fuck, I'm coming, captain!"

The captain felt the sensations of pleasure ripple through her body and it made him shudder, he hadn't intended on coming so soon, but her body there in the moonlight, the sound of her pleasure and the feeling of her warm wet pussy sent him over the edge. As she began to descend from her climax, the mermaid felt his rod harden tremendously and felt rigidity in his stroke, she knew he was close and she was so fresh off of her climax, that her sensitive pussy felt his reaction with such intensity that she began to respond immediately to the captain's intent. "Again", she pleaded to the captain "make me come again; I want to come with you".

The captain reached up and grabbed a hand full of the mermaid's hair, she squealed with pleasure as he continued to fill her with his solid cock, yanking her hair with each stroke. "I'm so close baby" he told her, "where do you want it, my love?"

"Fill my pussy with your jizz" she commanded him. "Now" she commanded, her breath coming out in short bursts, "come with me now!"

The captain released his load into his lovely mermaid, yelling out as he did so. She loved to hear his roar, and tonight especially, as the waves crashed in the background and the sound of faint voices bounced around on the midnight air. They came together there in the light of a half moon, staring intently into one another's eyes.

As the captain began to slowly pull himself from his mermaid's snatch, a friendly voice from behind him asked if the mermaid and her captain would like to join a nearby trio for a nude swim.

The captain looked at his mermaid, asking with his eyes "had they been watching?" His mermaid shrugged, uncertain of how long the trio had been at his back. She hadn't noticed them, but was certain they were at there near for their climax. Still, a friendly swim with those who didn't mind the captain's tryst sounded nice. Both the captain and his mermaid went out into the water, joining a trio of late nighters consisting of two beautifully bodied young ladies and a young man.

As the mermaid and the captain played carelessly in their element, he beckoned her near him and kissed her deeply as she fell into his arms. He then slid his fingers inside of her and began to finger her as their hosts looked on in surprise and pleasure. One of the hosts asked if it was alright to watch.

Neither the captain, nor the mermaid indicated protest and so the three hosts watched intently as the captain fingered his mermaid to climax, letting the waves rock their bodies as they stood thigh deep in the ocean water.

The night ended as the trio said good bye and the captain and mermaid packed up their towel, replaced their clothes and began their walk home, pleased to find pleasure in one another and to have shared that with others that evening.


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