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Knighted Angel (Angel of Darkness)

Short story By: Meggie1495

Knight Angel. Leo Darklyn, this dark angel is more than anyone can comprehend, he protects his King, but one he learns he has been betrayed all loyalty is gone.

Witch. Panther. Hybrid. Scarlett Kit, light, fun, and sexual. More to the eyes than just a pretty face, a pretty human, to Leo she is anyway. Just a human, just his mission. His mission to kill her.
*original title Angel of Darkness

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Leo's POV

Stalking my prey was a harder feat that I had anticipated, even so exhilarating. I leapt across the building, and glided because I hadn't jumped far enough, my wings caught the air, and I landed on top of the building with a thud. Folding my black wings so they tucked against my back, I crept along the edge of the building, and finally found her. She was quick for a woman, a human one at that, although I'm starting to doubt that she really was human as the king had said, why would a human know about the inhuman world, and tried to have him killed?

I was loyal to my king, yet I was starting to doubt the truthfulness of this assignment. Patting the sword at my side making sure the light of gods--my swords true name--was with me, I jumped down, and silently landed with the help of my wings. I watch her, keeping myself to the shadows, she had black as midnight hair, blue ice eyes, and was tall, with large breasts. I cursed myself for being attracted to my king's would be assassin.

Suddenly a knife was thrown at me, and I ducted it, but not fast enough for it imbedded itself into my shoulder, I looked at the hunting knife, and cursed out loud, as I yanked it out.

"Impressive move winged knight, I was aiming for your heart." The human stepped into the light, and I gasped, her eyes had turned a golden predatory shade in the few seconds she had seen me, and thrown the knife.

"I would like to think so, how did you see me?" The woman chuckled, and snapped her fingers, the knife flew back into her hands, and she sheathed it.

"I could smell you a mile away, you would think coming to kill me, you would find out all about me, and my powers."

"My king, the man who you tried to kill told me you were human."

"And set you up to die, isn't that the reason for this? If you were unprepared for a hybrid then you would probably get killed."

"My king! He would never---" The woman cut me off with a slice of her hand.

"You moron, didn't the last man who came after me just as qualified as you, but also smart as you? Don't you think he would get rid of his smart men in a hope to hid the fact he was betraying this world?" I frowned, and stood up more, I pulled light of gods out.

"My sword knows the truth, if you lie it will pulse a red light." The woman smiled, and sighed.

"I guess we have nothing to worried about because your king is betraying you." My sword lit up a bright white, I cursed once more, knowing she spoke the truth.

"What in heavens are you anyhow?" I asked, as I put away my sword.

"I'm a were-witch, part panther part witch." I snorted, and muttered.

"Sexy." She laughed, and twirled her hair around her finger.

"You got that right stud, wanna go back to my place?" I smiled, and shook my wings out.

"Don't tease me, I may just consider it, it's been a long night." The woman stepped closer to me, when I didn't move just watched her, she came even closer, and soon she was right in front of me. She let her hand drop to my chest, I could feel my heart pound.

"My name's Scarlett." Scarlett gave me a dazzling smile, and I grabbed her hand, and touched the pads of her fingers.

"Mine's Leo."

"Funny name for a angel of the darkness, the sun god." I pursed my lips, and brushed her coal black hair back.

"My mother has humor." Scarlett chuckled, and she leaned forward, closing in on my lips.

"Come home with me, I'll heal you, and perhaps entertain you for a bit?" I smiled.

"As much as I want to, I can't. I don't do one night stands." Scarlett's eyes became wide, and she smiled once more, before laying her lips against mine. A hot heat crashed between us, and she tightened her hold on my shirt, I covered her hand, and squeezed. When she pulled back she grinned.

"Funny thing is, neither do I." She kissed me once more, and I groaned, and wrapped my free arm around her waist, I pulled my face back, but kept her tight in my arms.

"What do you mean by that Scar?" I asked, hopefully.

"What? Most men would be running at the sound of that, you even sound hopeful, what's going on with men theses days? Yes, although I would love to fuck you senseless, I'd be happy to get to know you, satisfied?"

"Not in the physical sense, but yes satisfied none the less." I murmured, as I pressed my lip to hers again, and bunched my hand in her hair. Scar's hand landed on my wound, and I hissed my breath in under her mouth, she pulled back with a frown.

"I'm sorry about that Leo, come I'm taking you to my house."


Scarlett's POV

I had pulled Leo to my car that had been parked in the alley, and driven him to my house, as soon as he got out of the car, he almost fell to the ground, loss of blood.

Now I was sprinkling some herbs in my mortal, and petal, before making them into a paste, I heard Leo moan behind me, and I turned to look at him. He was sprawled on my queen size bed, his wings folded up, and his chest bare, I looked at the wound in his shoulder, and winced, I can't believe I had hurt him, but I had to do something to make him stop, and listen.

Growling at myself for hurting the man who I hoped would soon be my mate, I stood up, and walked to him. Crawling over his legs, I sat nest to him, and rubbed the paste into his wound, he hissed out loud, and then bit his lip.

"It won't hurt in a second Leo, I promise." I looked him over once more, his skin was a copper tint, odd for a dark angel, but sexier than hell. Sweat beaded down his six abs sliding effortlessly down making a trail that I wanted to follow with my tongue.

His legs, and thighs were tight, and well toned from hours of work, as well as his arms. I swallowed, trying not to attack him once more, but at lest it be in a tasteful, and more pleasurable sense.

I got up to his face, and man did that make my gut suck in like someone has just sucker punched me in the solar plexus. His face was drawn in a pain filled scowl, but it didn't dismisses his features one bit.

A sharp chin, slanted, but handsome cheek bones, and tawny tiger eyes. His lips were plush--something I could usually never find in a man--which made him even more desirable, and he had a cap of long, thigh wavy tresses of brown hair.

I finally pulled back from rushing the healing medicine into his wound, and hovered my hand over it, my hand started to glow, and my mate, Leo stared at it as it slowly healed the wound, regressing like going backwards in time.

His eyes met mine, and slowly smile, I placed the mortal on the side table, and smiled back at him.

"Thank you, Scar." I grinned once more, I liked the way he called me Scar, like we were old friend, it made this whole encounter seem easier, and a whole lot less scary.

Which that last part was totally a negative canceling out the positive in the wording, but I wouldn't know any other way to describe it. I chuckled to myself, English literature teachings just never leave your brain.

"Your welcome, Leo." His wide hand came up, and caught a lock of my hair, he rubbed it between his thumb, and forefinger. Leo's gaze finally raised to my face, he cupped my cheek, and pulled me down for a kiss.

Revently, his lips adored mine in a passionate, slow kiss which seemed to melt the bones off my body, and make my skin quiver in a mass of uncontrollable shivers. He pulled back, still staring into my eyes, then they shifted beyond me, and a smile a mile wide grew on his face.

"You have a mirror on you ceiling." I then realized what his smile was all about, and I grinned giving him a sexy little show by licking the bottom lip of mine slowly in a teasing matter.

"And what fun we could have with that mirror, X-rated fun of course, no kids allowed though." A light chuckle came from Leo, before he rolled me under him.

"Watch the mirror Scar, if you look at me besides from the mirror I will stop whatever I'm doing." I groaned at that, but because of the mental restriction the first few flutters of arousal drifted though my stomach, making it coil slightly.

I watch from the mirror--like Leo demanded--of his moves, and felt them just the same. His fingers grazed my arms in a teasing manner, I pressed my lips together, trying not to show how easy I was to work up, how easy Leo had my whole body in a tight, aroused, and sweaty state. How fast did he do that? That one simple touch did that, that's how fast.

His hands went over the fabric of my shirt, touching my skin, yet not directly, which to tell you the truth made me madder than hell. I wanted his hot, possessive hands all over my bare, flushed skin, I wanted him to pinch my nipples, suck my flesh, and rub ever last part of me. Just the thoughts of what I wanted him to do were sending me over the edge, the pinnacle of madness, and he but done nothing at all.

The hands drifted vaguely, but not so firm on my breasts, my breath hitched at that, and I saw his face upturn to the mirror to give me a slow, smug, smile. I growled deep in my throat at the mirror image, and all he gave me was a chuckle once more before he resumed his torture.

Lifting the offending shirt off my stomach sent a swarm of butterflies off in my belly, anticipation making me weak, and full of heady lust. He bent his head down, and blew his hot breath on my skin, tingling from that point just below my belly button, and up I gave up trying to hold back my noises, and moaned out loud.

He rewarded me with a quick nip at my belly button, and I leaped my hips up, gasping for air, and release, I murmuring my dislike of that tease once he just traveled his fingers around the area which he had just nipped at. When it seemed as eternity had just gone by, and the world is no more Leo grabs my shirt, rips it off, and my bra, then he bends down, and bits hard on my exposed, and hard nipple.

I scream in pleasure pain, and ecstasy as white hot flashes of surprise, and heat thunder though me like a stampede. Thrashing myself on the bed when he soothed the ache in my nipple by sucking on it, he lifted his hand to twine his fingers into my coal colored hair, it twisted in the locks as he yanks his lips away from my nipple to crush his sweet tasting lips to mine.

His lips were like honey, his kisses like a drug, and his smell was an addiction that I wanted to have. Him. The addiction to him, and the world would forever seize to be outside of him, anything that didn't evolve him, anything that wasn't for him, anything that wasn't good for him. Anyone that wasn't me. His world, and mine would collide like two stars, and together we would make a black hole ecstasy.

"Leo." I moan breathily, I twist his hair with my fingers. "Please, I need more, I need…You." My voice became throaty on the word "You", and Leo growled deep in his throat, and nipped at my neck, causing me to shift up, and go to his neck. I pulled back away though, I knew what would happen if I stayed there. I would damn the consequences, and bite him, have him mate to me, claim him, Leo the man I needed as mine.

"Scarlett." He said hushed, his nose rubbed against the valley of my breasts, "Your everything a man could want, your everything I've ever wanted." I whined, knowing I needed him so badly in the physical, and emotional state, but I couldn't force him to have me.

"Please, Leo. Please take me." I looked up at the mirror once more as he pulled away, Leo's hands went to the button of my jeans, and undid them, he slid them off slowly. Leo's head dropped down, and his wavy hair covered his face as his lips, and teeth went to my slowly exposing legs, first to my thighs. Nibble, lick, and such on the flesh. Slid the pants down more now to the knees. Nip, scrap, and breath on. And finally to my ankles. Scratch, swirl the tongue, and bite down.

I was now whimpering, I couldn't contain it a moment longer, low moans, breathless cries of torture, begging to end this ever lasting blackness, and finally tears of pure lust, and frustration coursed down my face. Leo yanked the pants off, and then my panties, those ripped into shreds, he pressed his lips to my tears kissing them away.

"One moment long, hold on Scar." I reached out, unleashing my claws, and ripped his jeans off his body, he pulled the boxers off, and grabbed my sprawled thighs, Leo wrapped my legs around his waist, and held my hips. Leo smiled at me, and plunged himself to the hilt inside of me. I let out a feral hiss as he pulled out of me, and then slammed right back in.

My slick core was casting my juices, coating his thighs as well as mine, they even coursed down towards my butt, embarrassed at how turned on I was I blushed when Leo's hand reached forward, and started to tweak with my hard, wet nub. I opened my eyes wide, and watched from the mirror, his nine inch cock gliding into me so effortlessly, so erotically, that just the sight of Leo rocking my world, hell literally fucking the living daylights out of me sent my body into convolutions as my whole entire mind shattered.

I instinctively leaned up, and bit Leo hard on the neck, he roared out loud, and slammed down three more times before spilling himself into me, his hot seed splashed up, and bathed my insides. I shuttered one last time before dropping back, and passing out with Leo still inside me, pumping me with more of his seed.

Six months later

I jarred up in bed, turning so the silk sheet made some noise, I saw Leo gone from our room. I leaned into my panther's senses, and heard Nina crying. So that's where he went. I rolled to my side, and stood up, patting to my robe on the chair, naked, I slipped it on, tying the sash, before walking through the door, and down the hall.

I stopped at the thresh hold of the door, and observed Leo in all his glory. Dressed in just a thrown on pair of sweat pants, his skin glistened in the heat of the July weather as he pulled Nina up from her crib, and unwrapped her blanket from her own sweat soaked body, she cried out in relief, and I felt guilty at once for placing it over her.

I walked quickly to her, and came up behind Leo, my hand went out, and I pressed the back of my hand to her forehead. I thanked the Gods she wasn't over heated. I lifted her up from Leo's giving hands, pulled her onesie off of her body, and pulled her to my chest, she snuggled her face to my neck, and comfortable sighed, now that she was just in her diaper.

I rubbed her back soothingly.

"Damn, and I knew I shouldn't have kept her in so many clothes." Leo smiled at me sadly, and kissed my forehead.

"It happens to the best of us, love. I can't believe she has grown so quick though." I grinned.

"It's her Were genes, she was out at five, and a half months, now she's the size of a baby two months." I glanced back down at Nina, her eyes opened, and I stared at my eyes, and Leo's long wavy hair on her. She was ours, perfectly, beautifully, and fully ours.

"You did a great job at carrying her." Leo commented as I set her down, and laid a thin blanket over her that she could kick off if she needed to. I felt Leo's hand slip into mine.

"And you did a great job at not freaking out when I claimed you, and told you that you were going to be a Father." I chuckled at that, when I had woken up from passing out, Leo stared at me smiling, and said,

"So you claimed me I see." I then felt a light inside me flash, and my witch in me told me that I had just conceived, I then smiled back at him, and said,

"Yes, and you just got me pregnant." He had then pulled me close to him, and told me.

"Were getting married in the morning." And that is what we did. I entered the bedroom with Leo, his lips turned into another careless smile.

"I love you." He said, I grinned, and pulled him into our room, I fell on the bed with him, and whispered,

"As I love you." I proved to him just how much the rest of the night.


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