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Short story By: Megan2011

Story about about a girl who has just been dumped by her boyfriend and looks to her friend for comfort. The girls end up getting closer then ever before! .."She began rotating her finger inside Tiffany’s pussy, feeling every inch of it. Tiffany moaned with pleasure. Jen let another two fingers inside Tiffany’s tense pussy as Tiffany bellowed in anticipation..."

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"He's dumped me!" Tiffany wailed down the phone. "Oh no Hun, so sorry to hear that!" Jen said sighing. "Josh is at work all night so why don't you come around mine for the night? We can have a drink and a chat." "Oh thanks chick, I'll be round in 10 minutes. I could really use a drink right about now," Tiffany exclaimed between sobs. The rain was pouring down outside as the doorbell rang 10 minutes later. Tiffany stood at the door soaking wet in a tight white top. Jen couldn't help but notice she wasn't wearing a bra and her hard nipples were piercing through the top. "Get in here Hun, you're soaked," Jen said, shaking off the thought. Jen gave Tiffany some pajama shorts and a strappy top to change into. She poured them both a vodka and coke and they made their way into the living room. After a long chat about Tiffany's asshole of a boyfriend, they sat together and stuck on a scary film. "AHH!" Tiffany bellowed, cuddling up to Jen. "This film is so scary!" She said laughing. Jen felt Tiffany's big round breast brush against her arm; her erected nipple felt so good on her skin. Jen could feel herself beginning to get excited. What was she thinking?? This was her best friend! But as hard as she tried to shake it, she just couldn't. Tiffany was absolutely stunning. Long brown hair, perfect hourglass figure, with 34D boobs. Jen could feel her pussy tingling as she imagined cupping Tiffany's perfect breasts, massaging them in her hands. "Shit!" Tiffany shouted as she jumped again, scooting closer to Jen. By the end of the film, they had devoured a whole bottle of vodka. Jen chucked on another film, and sat back on the couch. "Angelina Jolie is so hot!" Tiffany burst out suddenly. They were watching her latest film Salt. "Uh, yeh she is," Jen said laughing, a bit confused. "Now I'm single, I would love to be with a chick, like sexually," Tiffany continued, her words slurring a bit. "Yeah, I've thought about being with a woman as well," Jen said, her pussy gagging to have Tiffany's tongue deep inside it. All of a sudden, Tiffany looked up at Jen and said, "I've actually fantasized about being with you." Tiffany ran her hand over Jen's soft pink nipples. She then realized what she had done, and pulled away embarrassed. "You don't have to stop," Jen whispered, placing Tiffany's hand back on her tits. Jen leaned in and kissed Tiffany on the lips, tasting her berry lip gloss. Tiffany kissed her back, letting her tongue slip inside Jen's mouth. Suddenly the world stopped and all Jen could focus on were these soft lips wrapped around hers. She got butterflies in her stomach and her whole body melted. It felt so wrong, but yet so right. "Mmm," Jen moaned as Tiffany pushed her back on the couch and climbed on top of her. She ripped off her strappy top, unveiling her large rack. "You are so sexy," Jen muttered, reaching up to grab them. They felt amazing in her hands. Warm, soft, and bouncy. "That feels so good!" Tiffany hummed, leaning forward and kissing her again. "I want you to lick my cunt," Tiffany said softly in Jen's ear. Tiffany laid back on the couch and spread her legs. She had a naughty smile on her face. Jen slid off Tiffany's shorts and thong, staring at her perfect pussy. She had never really seen another woman's pussy this close before. She let her fingers trace over it. "Slip a couple inside me, get me wet," Tiffany said, breathing heavily. Jen slipped a finger inside; it was so tight and damp. She began rotating her finger inside Tiffany's pussy, feeling every inch of it. Tiffany moaned with pleasure. Jen let another two fingers inside Tiffany's tense pussy as Tiffany bellowed in anticipation. As Jen could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter, she took her fingers out, leaned in toward it, and let her tongue slither inside. Pussy aroma filled the air as Jen began swiveling her tongue around Tiffany's vagina. She wanted to explore every inch that she possibly could. Tiffany's juice glistened all around Jen's mouth. Tiffany arched her back so Jen could get even deeper inside. Suddenly, she felt her legs begin to shake uncontrollably. Her whole body went weak and she felt herself losing control. "UUHH!!" She screamed as she shot out sweet cum in Jen's mouth. All of a sudden they heard the door closing. The both sat up to find Josh, Jen's fiancé, standing in the doorway. "What the fuck are you guys doing?" He asked, gob smacked. Jen thought 'this is it, my relationship is over now.' "Uh..I..was.." Jen replied, stammering.

How the fuck could you do this….

and not invite me to join!!" Josh exclaimed, unbuttoning his shirt. "What?" Jen asked, confused. "It's my dream come true babe, come on ladies, let's take this to the bedroom!" All three naked bodies scampered into the bedroom, where Jen continued to lick Tiffany's pussy while her fiancé fucked her from behind. Josh was getting so turned on as he fucked Jen and watched her eating another woman's pussy. He rammed in and out of her, spanking her juicy ass and reaching under her to grab her bouncing tits. Jen felt herself climaxing and she made Tiffany climax once again. Josh then pulled out of Jen. Jen turned around and began sucking Josh's rock hard dick. Tiffany spread Jen's legs as she was doing that and began licking her out. "Fuck!" Josh shrieked as Jen worked her way up and down his shaft. She grabbed his dangling balls and kneaded them gently. As Jen was doing this, Tiffany was working her magic, rotating her tongue deep inside Jen, feeling every crevice. Josh felt his balls tighten as he climaxed, his cum shooting down Jen's throat. The he watched as Tiffany at Jen's pussy. It was beautiful. He watched as Jen's toes curled and her entire body tensed as she orgasmed. All three of them lay on the bed for a couple minutes unable to speak. Breaking the silence, Tiffany said, "Well, thanks for cheering me up guys!" And they all burst out laughing.


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