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Wikitales: The Lovemounds Letter

Short story By: Megalanthropus

Here's the wiki version of a tale involving a big tit pornstar, her producer husband, a journalist, and cheating, confusion and murder.

Submitted:Apr 30, 2014    Reads: 531    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

Note to the reader: When you read an article on any topic on wikipedia, there is usually no dialog and it is a simple statement of information related to that topic. I wondered to myself whether I can write erotica in that style. No dialog. A simple statement of things that happen along the way. Needless to say sexual acts are not described in a blow by blow fashion, but are collapsed into more succinct capsules. It may or may not work, but I've seen people like Anais Nin making this work. Think of what you're about to read as though you were reading a wiki version of a novel or a movie, or as though I were simply giving you the plot of the story. Obviously my motivation here is that while I enjoy writing a lot, I have too many plot lines invading my mind at all times. Let me know what you think of this piece, and of the general style. As part of this method, I am deliberately leaving some things unexplained, in the interests of mystery.

Mark Fashion is an up and coming journalist who covers the porn industry, and is asked to interview a recently popular big tit porn star Lana Lovemounds. Fashion drives up to Lovemounds' cottage in the wooded part of California, and wonders why she prefers living so far away from the city. Moreover he remarks to himself on the security compound that surrounds her cottage, and on the extensive security features at her home.

Lovemounds is even more voluptuous than she appears on screen, and Fashion's questions on her porn career sexually arouses both of them. Lovemounds movie appearances have featured her in soft core and hardcore roles, and she has covered almost every porn category on her resume, including oral, anal, vaginal sex, extensive videos of her being titty-fucked, lactation, BDSM, masturbation, group sex, lesbian sex, strap on sex and so on.

Lovemounds is happily married to a producer of some of her movies, a certain Joe Harbinger. Harbinger has a fairly seedy reputation professionally, but personally he is supposed to be even more dangerous. Harbinger's temper is legendary, and he has flown into jealous rages on the slightest provocation in previous relationships. At the time of the interview, Harbinger is with a film production unit in Europe, and Lovemounds and Fashion think it safe participate in a quick sixty nine session.

Fashion's article on Lovemounds becomes a hit, and he is asked to conduct a more extensive interview. After obtaining her consent, he revisits her cottage, but finds that her husband is present as well. During his interview, during which Harbinger hovers over them, Fashion becomes very uncomfortable with his presence, but endures it to get done with the interview. Fashion leaves the premises with his story, which ends up becoming very popular as well.

Fashion receives a snail mail USPS letter from Lovemounds two weeks later. In the letter Lovemounds pleads for help. She says that after their second interview, Harbinger deduced that they had sex from their respective body language, and forced her into an extreme bondage session that night, involving clamps on her breasts, and a prolonged stretching of her nipples. He also forced her to gag on his genitals while keeping her nose closed, almost to the point of suffocation and has raped her repeatedly.

In her letter, Lovemounds further states that Harbinger's behavior has become increasingly erratic after that night, and she has been forced to endure a whole week of torture, extreme BDSM and rape. Fearing for her life, she somehow sneaked out a postal letter to Fashion, given that Harbinger has canceled all her appointments and has seized her phone and her computer.

Fashion is horrified at what their brief sixty nine has done to her life, and resolves to kill Harbinger. He hires a mercenary Ortega who is an expert with inflicting icicle wounds that leave no trace, and they start to tail Harbinger. Harbinger is unfortunately very alert, and is usually surrounded by film executives, actors, directors and so on. He also has a personal security staff since his movies make a lot of money.

After a few days of extensive surveillance, Fashion and Ortega find their chance when Harbinger is driving into his driveway, and his security detail are half a mile behind him, and his car has slowed so that he can get into his security compound. Ortega smashes Harbinger's driver's side window and stabs him in the neck with the icicle. They hear his security teams tires in the distance, and he quickly breaks off the icicle and they flee the scene.

Fashion follows the police investigation into Harbinger's death, but he doesn't contact Lovemounds since he doesn't want to make the police suspicious. The police are unable to find either a motive or a murder weapon, and conclude on a verdict as willful murder by person or persons unknown.

Fashion is satisfied with what has happened, and continues working on his career as a journalist covering the porn industry. Several months later he receives an email from Lana Lovemounds that invites him to a party she is hosting at the Ritz in LA. He goes and enjoys dinner with her and with many of the porn industry stars who worked with Harbinger. He is surprised to find that the dinner is in honor of Harbinger, and his legacy, after what he did to Lovemounds. Moreover he can't understand why Lovemounds is so unhappy and distraught. He doesn't bring it up then since they have company throughout the dinner.

During the dinner he is introduced to Lovemounds baby half cousin, Anne-Marie Brickwall, who is a senior at UCLA. Lovemounds is very fond of her, but she teases her on her pranks, and shows Fashion a prank letter that Brickwall recently wrote to the dean of UCLA. Fashion is stunned to find out that Brickwall's handwriting is similar to the letter that he received from Lovemounds.

Panicking, he quickly inquires from Lovemounds about how her last days with Harbinger were spent. She remarks that she was fortunate to have such a loving husband, and would want him again in her life in a heartbeat. She also remarks on how she's never understood why her cousin always intensely hated Harbinger. Fashion is stunned, and looks at Brickwall just then, who has the coldest look he's ever seen in his life.


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