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Wikitales: Green girl

Short story By: Megalanthropus

A psychotic fetishist pilot takes people on a one way trip to an island, and finds that his latest victims have some mysterious help.

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Note to the reader: When you read an article on any topic on wikipedia, there is usually no dialog and it is a simple statement of information related to that topic. I wondered to myself whether I can write erotica in that style. No dialog. A simple statement of things that happen along the way. Needless to say sexual acts are not described in a blow by blow fashion, but are collapsed into more succinct capsules. It may or may not work, but I've seen people like Anais Nin making this work. Think of what you're about to read as though you were reading a wiki version of a novel or a movie, or as though I were simply giving you the plot of the story. Obviously my motivation here is that while I enjoy writing a lot, I have too many plot lines invading my mind at all times. Let me know what you think of this piece, and of the general style. As part of this method, I am deliberately leaving some things unexplained, in the interests of mystery.

Gavin Juggler is a New York City research assistant whose specialization is anthropology. He undertakes a research expedition along with his colleague Jenna Gewgaw to study a mysterious race deep within the Amazon rain forest, whose tribal tattoo is the jaguar. Their grant allows them to privately charter a small sized airplane and a quirky pilot Phil Phillips, who is physically very powerful and has Green Beret training.

During their journey they realize that Phillips is a fetishist who blackmails them midair, promising safe passage only if they perform kinky sexual acts during their flight. He relinquishes control of the plane a few times, and nearly gets them killed, before Juggler and Gewgaw have doggy style sex for his benefit. Phillips coerces Gewgaw into giving him fellatio while he pilots the plane as well.

When they arrive at their destination, Juggler and Gewgaw realize that they are not in the Amazon, but Philip's has gotten them to some private island. Phillips cuts them off from all means of communication, and holds them prisoner on the island. They find it very mysterious that he has a jeep awaiting him there, and he pulls out a fully loaded M4-carbine assault rifle. Juggler is asked to drive, while Phillips has anal sex with Gewgaw in the backseat, keeping the rifle in his hand at all times.

Juggler cannot stand Phillips' coercion anymore and deliberately swerves into a tree and throws them off balance. Phillips, in the confusion, shoots Juggler in the neck, accidentally killing him. Gewgaw escapes into the interior of the island with Phillips driving after her.

The island is thickly wooded, and after sometime Phillips is forced to continue the pursuit on foot. Gewgaw is in great pain after brutal anal sex, but something inside her snaps, and she decides to go after Phillips with a vengeance. She somehow evades capture over the next two days, while Phillips is constantly in pursuit.

During her struggle for survival in the woods, Gewgaw runs into a tough woman with tanned skin and blonde hair that is caked with dirt. The woman first attacks her, and while pinning her to the forest floor realizes that she is no threat. Gewgaw learns that the woman's name is Karen Butterfly, and she was stranded on the island a year ago when Phillips pulled off a similar act with her and her husband, who was killed while they tried to escape Phillips. Phillips never expected Butterfly to survive by herself on the island all this while.

Butterfly and Gewgaw form an alliance to avenge themselves against Phillips. After another day, when Gewgaw is somewhat healed, the two women attack Phillips late at night. He is wide awake, although he has been pretending to sleep. He boasts that he is more than a match for them while they spar, and is surprised to find Butterfly alive. In the ensuing struggle Butterfly demonstrates fighting skills that are unexpected and nearly overpowers him. Phillips turns the tide however, and somehow subdues her and Gewgaw. As he is delivering a final killing blow to Gewgaw, Butterfly points over his shoulder.

Phillips doesn't have time to act, as a mysterious woman who is green skinned breaks his spine. She disappears after giving Butterfly and Gewgaw instructions on how to operate the communications radio on the plane. As she vanishes into the woods, Gewgaw sees a jaguar tattooed onto her buttock. Gewgaw and Butterfly come up with their own theories on who she was and how she knew how to operate technology.


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