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She drains a local high testosterone lawyer of his cum, as she tries to figure out where her demon lust will be satisfied.

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Norm kissed her tits for the eleventh time. He just couldn't get enough of her. He had last made love to her a year ago, but here she was, back in the flesh. The year in between he had lost all interest in girls. It was almost as if they were meant to happen.

Or so he thought.

She was different this time round. The color of her eyes was no longer sea blue. It had a little green mixed in with it. The color of her hair was still the same raven. She had bigger breasts this time round, and her nipples were larger, if that was possible.

Could a girl change this much in a year?

He didn't know what to think. He went back to kissing her tits, and she pushed him back and kissed him on the lips. She kissed him on the chest next, and teased his nipples with her tongue, one at a time. Then she moved fast. She dived onto his penis, and sucked it until it was throbbing with anticipation.

A long thread of her drool dripped from her lips onto the shaft of his penis. She allowed it to drip along the shaft and fall down the center of his balls. She bent and caught his penis in her hand, closing her palm around the shaft. He felt intense tingling where her hand touched the head of penis.

She spit more of her thick drool onto his penis. She hadn't changed in this respect. He didn't remember the half of it, but he was sure that her spit was different from that of other women, or men for that matter. It was thick, and it had the consistency of the ejaculate of a man who has been storing his semen for years. He felt it land against his glans. It was hot as always, as if she had this volcano constantly erupting inside her.

"You like that, baby," she said, her voice husky and seductive.

He moaned his approval.

She bent down and placed the head of his penis in her mouth. He felt the heat hit him again. His cock was on fire. The tingling traveled up his shaft in frantic ripples.

She moved her gorgeous head up and down his foreskin, and the head of his penis.

"Mmmmmm…" she said.

"Don't stop baby, don't stop," he said.

He saw her long black hair framing her head. She was the most beautiful woman he had laid his eyes on, and in the moments before ejaculating, he knew that he could die happy if he died with his cock in her mouth.

Then she stood up, and kissed his lips again, and he felt his own juices on her tongue.

"Baby," she said, toying with his penis. She kissed his ear next.

She bent down again and sucked his balls. They fit neatly into her mouth. She had a huge capacity - of that he was sure. A huge capacity for accommodating cocks in her mouth, or elsewhere. She did everything she could to make his ejaculation last as long as she could.

"Don't stop, babe," he breathed, as she increased the pace, and he felt the pressure build up. "Don't stop babe."

She kept the pace up, but she did stop again.

"Not yet," she said. "I want to drain your balls of every last drop, baby."

He squirmed. There was no saying no to her.

She pushed him down, more violently than he thought she would. He fell back against the sofa in his office. The John Grisham he had been reading fell to the floor, as he displaced it.

She leaped onto him.

"You're ready for this," she said.

It wasn't a question. It was her telling him that he was going to fuck her and hold on to his ejaculation whether he liked it or not.

She kissed his brown pubes again.

"Mmm - Norman, I love your groin area a lot more than last year," she said, giving him a twisted smile.

"Thank you," he said, daring scarcely to breathe.

She straightened up again and climbed on top of him. She sat her pussy right down on the head of his penis, and she held that position for a good minute. He knew that the strength in her thighs was abnormal just then.

Then she sat on him, and his shaft was buried deep inside her. It was snug fit. It was almost as if her vagina was custom made for his cock.

It was just a tad tight, as though the Gods had decided to give them maximum pleasure. If only he knew that the Gods had nothing to do with any of it.

She ground her hips against his, and he felt his penis inside her, throbbing as before. Somehow, defying rational explanation, she was able to keep him from cumming.

She ground her hips again, and he felt the pressure of her pussy grinding against his balls. He felt little tremors within his balls, as though the climax was not far off.

Still it didn't come. She kept grinding, and licked his face and neck as she kept grinding. She buried his head within her breasts and suffocated him for a few moments. Just as he was panicking, she allowed him to breathe.

"Baby," she said, in a throaty whisper, "don't you just love this."

He felt fire in his loins. This was a lot more than a single ejaculation. He felt tingling in his toes and fingers and a larger vibration in his skull, as though she were literally fucking his brains out.

Then he knew he would explode.

"I am coming, baby, I am coming," he screamed. "Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!"

He yelled out another couple of aahs - and saw that she kept grinding their loins together. His penis exploded within her. She squealed in delight, and a thick thread of drool fell from her mouth onto his chin. She licked it off gain, and he kept cumming into her.

His cum was really viscous. It was far more viscous than human semen has any right to be. It had the consistency of thick Greek yogurt, and he could feel it spurt out. She had accessed his stores of semen from the future also.

He felt light headed, as he discharged what seemed to be several dozen loads in one into her pussy. He felt tremor after tremor racing from the base of his balls, down the shaft of his penis, into her pussy. She clamped her legs tightly around him. She hissed as though she were a snake mating.

He went still. His head was empty. He couldn't feel anything but a thick haze. His balls were screaming with numbness. His penis shriveled to a fourth of its engorged size.

He blacked out then and there.

She climbed off of him.

He would be no good for another year. She knew that. She would have to find Chris H, the local team's quarterback for a session tomorrow. She had heard a lot about him.

She still sought out the mighty Baal. He was the biggest asshole of the lot, but there was no one who had satisfied her lust in centuries as well as he had. None of these puny humans could give her what she wanted. There was the crux of it. She wanted the likes of Baal to satisfy her lust, but he wanted the likes of someone far superior to her. She racked her demon brains once more, trying to fish out that ancient rival's name. Who was it?

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