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She was centuries old, and she drew strength from draining men of their vital essence. She remembered countless hours of debauchery from the past, but nothing, in her experience, beat lusting with a demon.

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She was like the cheerleader who gang bangs the entire football team. Only she was never going to be exhausted at the end of her debauchery. This was the one and the only reason she existed.

She drew her strength from their semen. Every man who landed his load on her, and grinned, thinking how messy he had made her, had given her additional years to further her sticky existence. This is all she did.

In Pompeii she had sucked the cocks of all the senators in the city. Every one of their seeds entered her beautiful belly, and gave her life. She had also fucked all the young men of the city, starting with the boys who had just become men. She was their unexpected gift on their coming of age birthday. Virgin semen gave her extra life.

Oh Pompeii. Even thousands of years later, she still remembered the sheer debauchery. There were orgies in the streets and sex was the most common commodity in the marketplace. She remembered the gang bangs of poor little whores in the streets, and she remembered saving many of those whores, and converting them to her sisterhood. Her new born sisters were many, but Pompeii had been harvest time.

She remembered the orgy hosted by the senator Gaius Lassius. She had pushed his wife out of the way so that she could swallow his ejaculate. His wife Lavinia had been livid, so she, the spawn of Satan, had drawn her a new one. She had made love to Lavinia until she collapsed from the sheer force of penetration. She had taught her all the secrets she had taught Sappho. Lavinia had become her worshipper from that day on, and begged her often to come to her.

She also remembered that the people fucked dogs and goats in the streets, when the mania overtook them. She wasn't either for or against it. She encouraged all debauchery, but she preferred warm human bodies to animals. The ones she truly craved, of course, were her own kind - demons.

Draining a demon was the best thing she had experienced in all her years, but she had been that fortunate only a couple of times. The first time had been when she ran into the infamous Baal - who had finished raping a horde of dryads and was warming himself in a hot sulfur spring. She had surprised him, and come at him from under the water.

Her first contact with Baal had been his cock. She had tasted his cock under the water, and it was the size of a full length human being - a good six feet long. His balls were each the size of pumpkins. She had enjoyed that experience supremely.

She could change her size like many of her kind, and she altered herself into a giantess, whose mouth could swallow his cock, but only just. She had emerged from under the water, with his cock in her mouth, and Baal giving her a livid and lascivious look. Livid, for she had not sought permission, and lascivious, because she was sucking his cock.

She had sucked his cock for seven hours straight, but he showed no sign of cumming. Then she understood, he had enormous capacity, and the horde of dryads he had raped were an appetizer, as was she. He was awaiting someone far more potent.

She didn't consider it a complete loss. She went on and spent another seven hours with his cock pounding her demon vagina. She had reduced herself to an uncomfortably small size for the experience, so that the six foot cock appeared to be inside her stomach, and pounding her ass as well as her pussy when he was doing it.

Baal was true to his style. He treated everyone like shit, and she was no different. So the fourteen hours with him had included lessons in extreme torture and bondage. She was invincible when full of essence, and he had come closest in all these years to draining her essence.

But she had had her due. She remembered the session with him even now. Pompeii was delicious, but being with Baal was like being with a textbook of debauchery.

He had slapped her thousands of times, sometimes growing extra hands to just slap her from different angles. He had grown three penises, and six balls to match, and had inserted a penis each into her pussy, her mouth and her asshole. That session had taken up the bulk of the seven hours, and she almost knew, wistfully, that she would never experience that again.

She had begged him for some of his cum, throughout their ordeal. He had been hard and unyielding.

She remembered him slapping her again and again. That had been lovely. He had dragged her all over the lake, under the water, over the mountains, and she had relished every last bit of it. He had sprouted a cock on his palm, while he was abusing her, to rape an unfortunate noble whose slaves were carrying her in a palanquin somewhere. They had fled immediately, and he hadn't given chase.

Then he had dragged her by the hair into a cave, and taught her how to swallow properly with one cock, and how to be the perfectly obedient anal slave with another, and how to properly clench her vagina with his third cock. He had retained the cock on his palm, which he either licked himself, or which he kept shoving into her breasts.

He prevented her from becoming as large as she wanted, so that she could house his cocks. Three six foot cocks, and he only allowed her to become ten feet tall for the session. She could feel him fucking her insides. It had been a whole body experience, fucking Baal. She smiled at the thought. Nobody would ever say that she made love to Baal. Not even one bit of that was love. It was one hundred percent pure demon lust all the way, and it was closer to war and torture than it was to love.

Yet she craved it even now. She craved being forced to hold his balls in her mouth, and she craved being dragged all over the forest floor. Her little demon tail twitched whenever she remembered that experience of pure lust.

She thought with disappointment about the football team she had fucked in the afternoon. The whole gang bang had lasted three hours. Three measly hours. They had even gotten their friends along. That meant thirty guys, and her. She had made herself smaller than she usually was, and tighter than she usually was, for the session.

She had spent three hours of her age old existence hearing jocks scream "Yeah bitch yeah - I am going to cum on your face!"

She had spent three important hours sucking several hard cocks and them draining all their fluids on her belly, into her mouth, into her ass, and into her pussy. She couldn't get pregnant from humans, not unless they were demigods. So she told them she was on a pill, and they bought it.

If she wanted, she could make a man shoot his load in one minute. She didn't want to give too much away though, so she toyed with them for an hour, before she started making them dump their loads on and into her. Her body was built to absorb life essence, and what is closer to essence than semen. Her skin drank it up just as greedily as her mouth and her thighs.

The thirty young men had been drained of all their sexual fluids at the end of that three hour session. She knew what would happen next. They would not have even the slightest interest in sex for at least a year, from what she had done to them. They would also have plenty of cognitive impairment.

She thought that the jocks deserved what they got, the way they treated women. She was woman after all, albeit one with horns.

She sighed to herself. She would have to think about her fourteen hours with Baal again, and again. She wished someone of his caliber were here with her. She wondered who he had been waiting for.

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