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A woman enjoys herself in a glory hole, and then heads home to do what she needs to do.

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This was a quick write, since I've reused a lot of 'Glory 2' for this one. A twist ending, like many of my pieces. This one has a companion piece, but I can't tell you which one, because that is what the twist is. Enjoy.

I took his nine inch cock down my throat. It tasted like sausage. I knew what he had been eating all week. This was a delicatessen guy.

The large caramel balls rested on the floor of the glory hole crevice. He was clean shaven. I could taste the dove cream oil on his balls. This guy lubricated his cock so that it would be easier for me to suck it.

I was touched. So I touched him properly. I nibbled his cock head with added vigor, and I teased his glans more than I would any other cock. I heard him groan.

"You go girl," he said.

A gentleman.

I hated that. I wanted nasty.

So I decided to make him angry. I bit down on his cock head, and held it down for a good ten minutes, while he waited for action.

"Move girl," he said, after five.

I didn't budge. I just held his cock there and nibbled, but held it in the same vice like grip.

"I said move girl," he yelled, after another minute.

I didn't. I played with my blonde hair, and continued to imprison his cock in my mouth.

He lost his temper finally. He was such a gentleman. It took all of ten minutes.

"Move, woman," he yelled at the end of those ten minutes.

I bit down more viciously on his cock, but wouldn't give him any action or release.

"Damned glory hole whore!" he cried.

It was what I wanted. I ran my tongue over the head of his cock.

"Move it, bitch!" he cried, losing his patience with my teasing.

I caught his balls in my palm, pulled his cock out of my mouth, and spoke.

"I'll do this my way, asshole!" I said.

I spit on his cock. I spit into his shaved pubic triangle, and I did it loudly, so that he heard me do it.

"You're a disgusting bitch!" he said.

"I want more dirty talk, ass wipe," I said.

"You want dirty talk," he said. "I'll talk dirtier than you can even imagine, slut."

I chomped down on his left ball, and pushed it so hard that it jumped out of the sac.

"Whoa, bitch!" he said, trying to retract his balls. I didn't give him any quarter. The glory hole was designed to give me power, not him.

"Mmmmmm," I said, my lip-clad teeth clamping his ball.

"You like balls, slutty bitch!" he said. "Biting balls is pleasure for your slutty ass!"

"It is, asshole," I said, gripping his balls with my hand, so that he didn't take them back.

I started sucking his giant dong again.

"You've got a - mmmmm - big - mmmmmmm - cock - mmmmmm - bastard," I said, nibbling away.


His big black cock was dripping pre-cum onto my bright pink nipples. I nibbled his caramel balls again, because they were so turgid, and so very yummy.

"Mmmm - slurp - I love your big shaved balls, asshole," I said.

"So suck them, slut!" he said. "Someday I am going to fuck your brains out, slut!"

"You wish, bastard," I said.

"I will," he said. "I will also fuck you in the asshole, even if you don't want me to."

"Fuck you," I said, and started jacking him off. "Fuck your big black dick, asshole."

"My big black dick is going to fuck your tight ass pussy, bitch!" he said.

"Your big black dick is my prisoner, asshole," I said, rubbing his shaft, and then licking the head of his penis.

"Yeah slut, it is your prisoner," he said. "But that is because I want you to suck my cock, nice and good."

"Yeah," I said, sucking his dick again. I took it down my throat once more, and gagged on it.

He thrust his pelvis forward, and started to ramming his cock down my throat, in increasingly frantic thrusts. Those beautiful caramel balls slapped my chin with a regular thwack accompanying each slap.

"Mmmmmwwwaaaaaaaaa " I said, sucking his cock.

I kept sucking, while his cock throbbed. His balls had tremors going through them, and his entire pubic region became increasingly agitated.

"Yeah, bitch," he said, "suck my fucking cock."

"Mmmmmm," I said, sucking his cock, and feeling the tremors build up.

"I am going to come, bitch!" he yelled.

I pulled the cock out of my mouth, and started jerking him off.

"Yeah, asshole, you're going to come," I said, rubbing his circumcised dick's knob.

"I am coming, slut!" he said. "I am cumming, I am cumming all over your sexy, slutty body."

His giant, caramel balls shivered and then erupted. The tremors passed from them to his ebony cock, which then erupted in an abundant geyser of cum from the purple head of his cock. It was like a fire hose shooting in my direction. I didn't expect so much cum from those big, caramel balls. A direct line of fire caught my left eye and I felt the hot jizz on my eyelid, as I ducked. There was no time to escape. The continuing primary spurt hit my forehead as I ducked and then I felt it on the top of my head.

The secondary and tertiary spurts hit the top of my head too, and the semen pooled on the top of my head. I felt it dripping down my forehead. I held on to his shriveling balls, and massaged the semen into my hair. I made a braid in one mass of my hair, with the thick goo from his cock.

His giant caramel balls were now half their previous size, but I wanted more.

I continued milking them, by squeezing them and sucking his cock some more.

"Please stop, slut!" he yelled.

I didn't. I continued sucking his cock, until he was hard again. I knew that when he stopped trying to pull out, that I had him again. I sucked the shriveled balls again, and bit down on his cock once more.

He came easily the second time, and I felt a still copious, but smaller spurt shoot into my mouth.

"Aaah," I heard him cry out, thrusting his cock and balls into me.

When I'd drained him, I didn't let go of his balls. Not until he begged me. I knew he was done for the day, so I let him go after he begged the third time.

Then I stepped out of the little glory hole place. I had done four men in the last two hours, draining their balls and rubbing all the semen in my hair and on my face. I didn't get to do a lot of this when he was in town.

Luckily for me he was off in Sweden for the present. He wrote me a sickeningly sweet love letter. He's a good guy, but I need some glory hole time. I don't consider this cheating. There is no emotion involved here. I don't even know the faces or bodies of the men whose cocks I've sucked. I just want this experience.

Hmmm- I need to wash up and write back to Gabriel now. He'll be wondering why I haven't written back for a whole day. I'll have to pretend it was the internet again. He'll never understand if I tell him about my need for the glory hole experience. I love only one man, and that man is Gabriel. But I must have my glory hole time. I'm complicated.

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