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In ancient India, young Maitri pauses at the gate of a Tantric ritual complex, numbed and titillated by the sheer sexual spectacle she sees.

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Maitri blushed, and her light brown face turned red with embarrassment. She had no idea of the nature or scale of the event. Men and women were all over the place, their bronze skin glinting in so many places. Maithuna(ritual sexual union in a Tantric context) was happening in so many different ways, from so many different angles. Her elder sister Pooja was holding her friend Vimala, as she assumed an inverted position for a special Tantric rite, while Aditya from their very own kingdom mounted her on top. Pooja's cousin Maithili was holding Vimala on the other side. They were all naked, except for the humble bronze ornaments of artisans and their kin.

Maitri's long eyelashes fluttered. She had only become a woman the year before, and her modesty as an Indian woman forbid her looking askance at males, let alone participating in ritual group sex. A dozen different lingams(phalluses) varying in color from a pale bronze to a Neem tree bark brown showed up in different postures, and at different levels of turgidity. Maitri felt heat in her yoni(vagina) simply from being in the vicinity of the entire spectacle.


Everyone was busy with their practice of Tantra, and she heaved a sigh of relief that nobody had noticed her. Her sister Pooja used one hand to pull a clay pot containing coconut oil closer to her. It was the kind that was used for ritual anointing. She tipped the pot over Vimala and poured coconut oil at the point where Aditya's lingam was entering Vimala's yoni. She poured more than she should have, so oil dripped down Aditya's thighs, and Vimala's thighs, glistening in their thick, black pubic hair. While Maithili and she continued holding Vimala in her topsy-turvy posture, Pooja leaned down and rubbed the coconut oil vigorously into Aditya's hirsute testicles. Aditya moaned, and pulled Pooja up by her hair. She glared at him for the vehemence of his action, but he kissed her lips passionately before she could express her displeasure.

She continued massaging the coconut oil into his loins, and moved her hands inside Vimala, either accidentally or on purpose, while her tongue explored Aditya's. Her friend Vimala moaned in response, as the oil dripped down her loins, and down her stomach, glistening past her dark brown nipples.


Maitri crept back behind the door of the enclosure, and hid behind it. She was too fascinated by what her sister and her companions were doing, so she continued to watch, riveted. On the other hand, she wasn't ready to participate. The flush in her cheeks was only indicative of the battle between the modesty of her mind, and the surge she felt in her nubile breasts, and the intense and immense heat that she felt between her thighs.

She almost got away with her surreptitious participation in the holy Tantra, until a powerfully built Kshatriya(warrior/ruler; Sanskrit: Kshatra = rule) man sought entry into the ritual complex, from the very gate she was hiding behind. She was startled when she saw him. Her voyeuristic participation in the ritual had let flow the mada(honey) from her loins. That, by itself, was enough kama(lust) for her to handle.

But he was him. His face was sharp, with a proper aquiline nose and a proud mien. He had dark curly hair that fell to his shoulders. His eyes were blacker than the Amavasya(moonless night). He was broad shouldered, and dressed only in a kaupina(loincloth). His powerful chest muscles gleamed with sweat from the morning sun. She saw several battle scars that lent to his beauty rather than detracted from it. Any thoughts of continuing her voyeuristic pursuit fled as she saw his stern expression.

Note to the reader: I haven't yet committed myself to this piece. I'll continue it based on the response. That said, this small bit was fun to put together. You'll notice that I am not using my own art here as I usually do. Instead I've taken photos of sculptures from ancient Khajuraho that showed ritual sexual poses, and pulled out edges from them, so I could get this out for your pleasure sooner rather than later. Khajuraho, for those that are unfamiliar with the place, is the site of many ancient Hindu and Jain temples that are famous for their erotic sculptures. Seeing these sculptures got me thinking about what actually took place several years ago. The temples were built between 950 and 1150 ADE by the Chandela monarchs, in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.


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