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Gabriel to Vanessa

Short story By: Megalanthropus

A man who has just arrived in Sweden writes an erotic and dirty letter to his lovely, blonde girlfriend.

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Dear Vanessa,

I just reached Goteborg yesterday. It is such a quaint little corner of the world. Summer in Sweden is hotter than most people think it would be. Believe it or not, there's plenty of bugs in Goteborg. It isn't the tropics, but believe me, there are bugs.

My baggage has been delayed. I don't know that I will fly KLM again. In the meanwhile, I managed to buy myself a some underclothing, having worked out how many Kroners it is to the dollar and all that jazz.

They're putting me up in some fancy hotel while I do my interviews. I don't remember the name - it is one of those polysyllabic Germanic words. In any case you have the number of the hotel.

How are you? I already miss running my fingers through your long, blonde hair. Did I ever tell you how beautiful it really is? Do you know that that is what caught my eye in the Barnes and Noble last year?

Did you get done with the car registration renewal? The deadline is day after tomorrow - don't forget. Also how was your stats test? I wish I was there. I wanted to show you this really easy way to work with Bayesian stats. Anyway, I'm here if you have questions.

Okay - we promised to write out our dirtiest thoughts to each other, and girl - right now, I am thinking plenty dirty. That said - here goes nothing!

First, I want to kiss you. I mean I want to really kiss you. Tongue on tongue baby. Pushing your tongue while you resist mine is so much fun. I think your mouth is the most delicious thing in the whole wide world. Sure it sounds like I am full of it, but hey - I love your mouth. And I do happen to think it is so delicious. Kiss. Mmmmmmmm. And again - kiss. Those full and luscious lips of yours. I could just eat them up.

Are you wearing your lime green sweater right now? You know - the one that hugs your body so tight I wonder how you breathe wearing it sometimes. I am picturing your boobies standing out of your sweater. Say hi to them for me. Along with your long, blonde hair, your boobs are my favorite piece of the planet. I love sucking your nipples Vanessa. I mean that. I really love sucking your nipples. The more I suck your lovely, pink nipples, the more I want to suck them.

Remember when we went to Paris. We didn't even make love that first night. All I did was suck your titties, and you moaned all night. I suspect you enjoyed it as much as I did. Mmmm mmmm slurp. You even told me you had an orgasm that night, just from my sucking. I still can't believe it. I want to try it out when I come back.

Speaking of your long, blonde hair - do you know that when you tuck it behind your ear, it drives me crazy. I want to bang you then and there. You did it at the NY public library once. I didn't know what to do. So I insisted that we take a cab home, and then we got into an argument about it. Well, that had nothing to do with anything, other than you tucking your hair behind your ear. Your hair is such a marvel, and when you tuck it, I think you emit pheromones at an exponential rate or something. In any case, can you do that for me? Send me a pic of that will you - with you tucking your hair behind your ear.

Also, just so you know, I think cum is an excellent hair product. In fact, I know that each time you rub my cum into your hair, and wash it off the next day, the glow is a little bit more. Okay - I may be BS-ing you here, but I love it when I cum in your hair.

Did you enjoy last week's bondage session? I know I slapped you really hard, and I kept trying to pull back right before each slap, but you wanted it harder. Does your cheek still sting? Darling, obviously I would never do the first thing to hurt you. Can you at least let me tone it down in the future?

What else are you up to, my slutty girl? Are you playing with yourself in my absence? If you are, please record that for me, and send it over. Still better, let's Skype in a couple of hours, and we can masturbate together. I can't imagine cumming without those lascivious eyes of yours staring at me.

This brings me to another of our cherished experiences. I know you enjoy sucking my cock. I keep thinking you'll choke on it of course, but you always tell me that you love gagging. I love the whole experience. You're the most talented cocksucker in the universe. That being said, I wonder how much gagging is good for a person. I don't know. Whatever the case, I am picturing my balls in your mouth right now baby.

Babe - while we're on that, can you touch yourself below. Of course I mean there, silly girl. Touch your pussy, my favorite home. I love the smell of your pussy when you're hot for me. I love licking your pubic mound each day. I am not sure how I am going to get along here, without lavishing my tongue on your delightful vaginal folds. I love them, you know. I would love to lick your pussy for a whole day, and then some. Mmmmmmmm. Kiss.

I am imagining licking it even now. I place my tongue on your labia and tickle it. My tongue darts in and out of the folds and teases you. I hear your moans right now. I nuzzle your blonde bush down there. Oh what a beautiful blonde bush. Mmmmmmm. Kiss.

I love you Vanessa. You're such a gorgeous woman. You're so gorgeous even you don't know it. I remember when you double-plaited your hair, and wore that two piece bikini, so that you could be a blonde Princess Leia. I remember that I was playing chess with uncle Frankie right then, and you walked in from the swimming pool. Lucky for me the table covered my lower body. I was rock hard the moment I saw you like that. I still have a photograph of you like that on my phone. See, if for some reason we can't Skype one day, I will jack off while looking at that photograph, and imagine that every ounce of my jizz is pouring down your lovely throat.

Well, I'll write to you about our gorgeous threesome experience next time. For now though, you write to me. Tell me what you're doing, and tell me whether you miss my cock inside you. Write back soon, and make it dirty.


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