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Drumstick soup 2

Short story By: Megalanthropus

The aphrodisiacs worked, and we started - fucking. In every possible way.

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Please read Drumstick soup 1 before reading this.

I didn't see it coming. She didn't either. As I sat and watched an old George Carlin piece, she came into the room and turned it off, and asked me to dance with her. I was surprised, but I wasn't arguing with her.

She didn't want music. She asked me to play a porn audio. I didn't know what to think of the request, but I played a clip of a couple making out. She said it was too soft, and asked me to play the real stuff, hot and heavy. I did. It was a couple of porn stars banging each other. I played it on my Bose system, and the sounds filled my apartment.

We danced to the sounds of hardcore encouragements and the rhythmic thrusts and sounds of frenetic sex. She pressed into me, and I felt her loins against mine. We danced together for a while, and I felt my member riding into her each time we danced into each other.

She started kissing me, but as though she was a vixen in heat. She ate my mouth and then jumped on me, and wrapped her legs around my waist. She didn't let me go, and held me tightly. I enjoyed this enormously and realized that my cock was inside her now, through my shorts and through her dress.

I looked at her aquamarines and saw pure lust in them. It was unmistakable, she was thinking with her loins. I kissed her lips now, with the same ferocity that she had shown me. She doubled it, and pressed down further.

I walked with her around my waist and lay down on my sofa. She mmmed and aahed and told me that we should tear each other's clothes off. So I tore off her dress, and she was sitting on me in her black bra and panties. She tore off my shirt, and then hopped off me, and grabbed my shorts, and yanked them off. I was left with my briefs, and my very tumescent cock poking out of their side.

She gasped when she saw it now, and took it in her hand. She fondled it, and pretended it was a flute and tried playing it. I moved my hips forward to help her play it. Then she kissed it long, and she kissed it hard. She wrapped her bright red lips around it, and I saw traces of her lipstick on my cock, while I felt a warm blanket of lust pervade my whole system.

She pulled my member out of her mouth, and rested it against her temple, while she stroked my balls, and wondered at their shape and size. She pulled on the hair that lined them, and I let out a cry of pain. She didn't pull them again, but she did sit there, cupping them, and seemingly weighing them.

Then she stood up, my penis running through her golden tresses, and gave me a long wet kiss, and then asked me to fuck her doggy style. I smiled and wished that I could see her aquamarines even then, but this was her day, so I whirled her around, positioned her in front of the sofa so that she could support herself while she bent, and I entered her pussy from behind. She knelt down on the floor, and placed her elbows on the sofa, so that her torso was near horizontal. I put my hands on her buttocks, and grinned to myself.

Her pussy was wet. Not soaking wet, but she was wet, and this was something. I thrust my cock into it from behind, and felt it slide in, with a lot less friction than I would have thought possible. She gasped, and I heard her say my name.

My balls slapped her bottom, as I thrust my cock inside her as it finally started sinking in that I was indeed fucking her, and she was enjoying every thrust. I heard her moan every time I penetrated her, and I heard her say encouraging things. They were mixed in with the hardcore porn climax that was building in the audio file I'd played.

I reached around her torso and groped her breasts, and she mmmed when I did that. My hard cock was now doing all the thinking, and I felt her pussy dripping with a mixture of juices. She was no ice-queen. She was a dormant volcano, and I was currently waking her up.

I moved her thighs farther apart to further my entry, and she winced, but asked my not to stop. I told her I loved her, and then I rammed her as deep as she could take it. I moved her thighs close back together again, to restrict the room in there, and felt the pressure of her vaginal walls around my turgid dick. She gasped, and told me to do that again. So I parted her legs, pulled out, and did it again. She gasped again, and asked me whether I could fuck her like that - parting her legs each time I entered, and moving them back together once I was in, and pulling out, when I was lodged in there in a tight fit. I told her I'd do just that, and did just that.

She gasped each time I pulled out from that tight fit, and I knew that I was touching some deep, sensitive portion of her love tunnel. I looked lovingly at her blonde hair, and then thrust inside her once again.

After a while, she asked me to enter her from the front. I was only too glad to acquiesce. We stood up, and she lay on the full length sofa, and spread her legs. I danced my cock from her forehead to her pussy, in a slow teasing motion, trailing and dripping a thick, persistent thread that was mixture of my pre-cum and hers down the center of her body. Her aquamarines loved the titillation and she made eye contact that showed her approval.

I entered her pussy from front. There was less penetration, but no less enjoyment. I entered and exited, one stroke at a time, my speed building up with our mutual lust. With each stroke of mine, she inched forward, wanting to coalesce our bodies at the loins with fervor that was abnormal.

After fucking her 'the regular way' for a bit, I lay on top of her, and kissed her, while I thrust into her. I kissed her lips, and we had a battle of tongues. I kissed her neck, and then her sternum.

My thrusts kept going - and I felt some climax building, but I didn't want it to happen just yet. I pulled out, and knelt down on the floor, and positioned my face inches from her pussy. Then I started licking her down there. Now she was soaking wet, and my tongue working along the perimeter of her labia tasted a slick mixture of juices.

I was face to face with her blonde bush, as I licked from the lowest end of her labia to the highest end. I salivated into her bush, and nuzzled my nose in there, and kissed her bush. I heard her chuckling and calling me a tease.

I wiggled the tip of my tongue so that it was like a penetrating organ, and pushed it against her urethral opening. Then I pushed it against her clitoris. I heard her squeal.

Then I started to use my tongue the way a painter exchanges a pointed brush for a broad brush. I used the surface of my tongue, wet and dripping as it was, in broad strokes across the dimensions of her cunt. I felt the folds of her vaginal entrance catch the top of my tongue, as I was doing an upward stroke. I wiggled the tip of my tongue in there, and pleasured her by holding it in there and wiggling it the best I could.

I heard her moans. I heard her ask me if I would be comfortable down there for a while, because she would die happy if she died now. I spoke into her vagina, and told her that she wasn't dying, and I wouldn't allow that to happen. I would play Orpheus if I had to, but she was going nowhere. She may not have understood, because I was talking into her vagina.

I gripped her labia minora with my pursed lips, and bit down as I moved around their perimeter. She moaned. I enjoyed the effect on her so much that I did it again, and again, and again. I felt her pussy tingling, and felt more wetness down her folds.

She asked me to fuck her then. Only we would do a pose from the Kama Sutra. I stood up, and she raised her torso, so that she was standing on her shoulders, with her hands holding her waist. Her legs were apart, and her pussy was upside down. She asked me to enter her.

I'd seen this position in images and photos, but never had I done it with my previous girlfriends. I entered her from above, felt her tighten her vagina and pull her thighs together as I went in there. She trapped my cock inside her cunt with her maneuver.


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