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Dirty old pervert 3

Short story By: Megalanthropus

A fifty year old man with a private tutoring business lusts after girls in their twenties, and finds himself in a dirty little voyeuristic game with his students.

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Quick note to reader: Some of this work will be perceived as being inherently creepy. I've tried to put myself in the shoes of a fifty year old man whose marriage has fallen apart, and who lusts after younger girls, and who plays creepy games with them. If you don't approve of relations between people who are many years apart in age, this story is not for you. If fictional deception is something you don't approve of, this story is not for you. If you get creeped out easily, this story is not for you. That said, enjoy. To loosely paraphrase the legendary George Carlin - someone had to think of this shit, apparently I was appointed.:)


There is hardly anyone whose sexual life, if it were broadcast, would not fill the world at large with surprise and horror.

William Somerset Maugham

I fingered the artificial cunt, displaying as much lust and sheer perverted dirtiness as I possibly could. I was in fact reveling in wearing the badge of the dirty old man. I saw Joy giving her computer screen a stare that showed annoyance yet absolute fascination. It was as if her eyes were helplessly glued to the monitor, but she wouldn't be caught dead watching it otherwise. Savannah and Pooja were sighing and salivating as they saw me.

I licked the cunt, saying Joy's name, and imagining that it was hers. Her reaction was interesting. She was standing until then, but then she sat on the sofa's arm that she was standing next to, her eyes on the screen.

I knew that I had the attention of all three girls now. I stood up and pulled my pant off. My cock was at full mast and was marking its position out of my boxers. I heard the girls gasp. There's a special lust in seeing a man's cock poking through his clothing. Sometimes the promise of carnal delights to be are far more titillating than the delights themselves. Just as a man sometimes finds it more exciting to see a woman's skirt being blown by the wind to catch a glimpse that is forbidden, as compared to a naked porn star, so also my cock poking like a tent pole out of my boxers gave the girls a sight that they apparently liked from the sound of their sighs.

I pressed my cock at different angles to harden it further, as though that were possible, while I whispered Joy's name a couple of times. I could see her on my laptop cam, so it was easy to lust after her. I pictured myself placing my cock in her blonde hair, and then rubbing it across her lovely face.

Clearly my actions were having an effect on her. She was still seated on the sofa's arm, and I saw her playing with her hair, twirling her index finger through her straight, blonde hair. It was a lovely sight to see, and cute at that.

I pulled my cock out of my boxers. I fished my balls out of them too so the girls could get an eyeful. Then I started pretending that I was ordering Joy to sexually please me.

"Get down on your knees, Joy," I said, watching for her reaction on the cam. Her lip dropped a couple of inches. She was both shocked and excited.

"Now run your tongue along the length of my cock," I said, rubbing my cock, and spreading pre-cum dripping out of the head of my cock along the length of my penis.

"There's a good girl," I said, watching the girls' reaction. They were rapt in their appreciation of my performance.

I squeezed my balls, and then decided that I would jack off for a few minutes, before inserting my cock into the artificial cunt.

I started rubbing my cock, and breathing heavily, while I watched the girls. I was still imagining Joy sucking my cock. So I decided to give them the details.

"Joy you slutty cocksucker," I said, rubbing my shaft and pumping my foreskin on and off the pink head of my penis. "I'd love to ram my entire cock inside your pretty mouth."

She gasped on the cam and gave her companions a look that showed disbelief, disgust, and a healthy dollop of lust.

"Mr. Johnson is a serious pervert, isn't he," she said, although her tone suggested that she was enjoying the show and would indeed enjoy sucking my cock.

"Suck my cock, Joy, suck it to high heaven," I said in a raspy voice, as I continued jacking off.

After a minute, I decided to move on to the artificial cunt. I told Joy to lie down on the bed, as I positioned my cock over the artificial cunt.

"Let's see how your pussy handles my cock, slut," I said, and heard some sound that expressed consternation from her. That, and a lot of lust again.

It took me another few minutes to fuck the artificial cunt, and approach climax.
I plunged into it with a rhythm that kept speeding up as I went on. I felt my stored cum in my balls, and I felt an impending spasm of ejaculation, just before it hit me. My cum shot out of my cock into the artificial cunt. To give the girls a good view, I climbed of the cunt mid-ejaculation and started pumping my cock in front of their cam, so that they could see the thick wads of jizz leap out my cock.

"Take that, Joy," I screamed, "and that, and that!"

Multiple spurts of my cum shot out, and I pictured it leaving a healthy trail in Joy's hair, and a whole mess on her face. When I was done, I sat down and checked my mail, while I continued to watch the girls on the cam I'd installed. They were replaying some parts of my performance. That seemed to be their standard thing. I saw Savannah fingering herself as before, and I saw Pooja had gone even further, and was using some sort of a dildo inside her sex. She plunged it in and out and tried to match her rhythm to the video of me beating my cock to ejaculation.

She climaxed a short while later, and I heard her yell her delight, while Joy shushed her, saying her parents might hear her. The night ended with the girls vanishing from their playroom after Pooja cleaned up. I suspected that Savannah went and fingered herself in her bedroom, and Joy may or may not have done anything, given how she was.

The next day we had another tutoring session. Finally it appeared that using my methods the girls were already improving their test scores. We were still in the infancy of our efforts, but this meant a double blessing: that the girls were bright, and that I had hit upon the proper set of exercises to help them thrive. They giggled plenty during the session, again refusing to engage me on the topic of their giggles. Joy was less bitchy, and gave me some warm glances during our session. Savannah was well behaved and sweet as she usually was. I fancied I saw her licking her lips out of the corner of my eye, but I was so focused on a particular quantitative technique with them that I didn't pay enough attention just then.

Our session progressed, and I gave them further exercises to work on at home. It would take more than one success to get them both those thirty fives. The girls and I scheduled our next session two days later, and I sent them off to their studies, before we got to our respective kinky cam shit.

I rested that night, and fell asleep early. It was a deep dreamless sleep for a change, and I got so much non REM sleep that I felt like gazillion bucks the next day. I worked out in the morning, after guzzling my usual Venti sized coffee, and had a big breakfast that included a Spanish omelet. Take it from me, if your breakfast includes a Spanish omelet, then your day is going to go from great to excellent.

I found out during the day that I had suddenly been contracted to be on line tutor for a whole class that was distributed around the US, Canada, the UK and Australia for writing the general version of the GRE. The general version of the GRE is a cinch for me to teach, and besides, this was something that I had done the past year. What was unexpected about their offer was that they usually contracted it out to a different tutor each year. In addition to asking me to do it again this year, they asked me to take on the same role every year hence. That meant a very neat and assured wad of money every GRE season (which was usually taken the year round, but the lions share of students took it every summer).

That night, heady with my success, I decided that action and sheer brass balls were going to be an absolute requirement in my dealings with my three pretty voyeurs. I spent the evening taping myself masturbating, while screaming out Joy and Savannah's names alternately. Then I awaited nightfall, and went through some complex cam manipulation, so that the feed from my recorded masturbation session would show up on the girls' computer screen, and they would be none the wiser.

Nine pm approached, and I started the broadcast of my masturbation session to the girls. I viewed them on my laptop, and saw them going through the usual motions of getting heated up, and sighing, and expressing disgust and lust in rapid succession, according to the actions I performed on the cam. When Pooja and Savannah started fingering themselves, and appeared to be going over the edge, I crept out of my home, across their lawn, and peeked into their playroom.

There they were, doing what I had just been seeing on my laptop. It was thrilling to see them dripping and lusty at such close quarters. I hadn't had any sexual activity, notwithstanding my nocturnal cam games with the girls, and occasional jack off sessions, for a while. So I am sure you will appreciate the amount of titillation that my position just then offered me.

I then girded my heated loins and rapped on their window. Pooja nearly jumped out of her skin, as did Savannah. Joy was a little bit more in control of her reaction, and looked at me with surprise. I didn't wait for an invitation. The window was unlocked, so I slid it across. It was the kind of window that you could easily scale and climb through, which is what my entire plan had been predicated upon.

The girls gasped, and looks of lust and panic did quicksilver dances on their faces. Joy's sense of alarm was heightened as the moments ticked by, while Pooja appeared to be quickly giving in to her lust, and kept eying my crotch, while Savannah sat frozen, with her hand inside her skirt.

I knew by then that Pooja and Savannah had the hots for me, but Pooja was prepared to be my little slut if I demanded that of her. While the sisters watched, I took a chance. I went right up to Pooja, and pulled her out of the sofa she was seated on by seizing her shoulders, and pushed her to her knees. Then I unbuckled by belt and dropped my pants, and pulled my semi tumescent cock out of my briefs. Pooja gasped as she faced it, and Savannah and Joy drew in sharp intakes of breath.

For good measure, I fished my balls out of the side of my briefs as well, and without further ado, pushed my cock right into Pooja's lovely young mouth, while I placed my hands in her lovely raven hair, and pushed her head towards it simultaneously. Since I was on a roll, I wanted to give her a good measure of what I expected. I allowed it to travel all the way down her throat, and heard her gagging. I refused to let her take it out however, and retained it in there, while my testicles rested on her lip. My fingers pushed further on her jet black hair, and I refused to let it go, and lowered my penis even further into her mouth.

Then I let her go, and she came up gasping for air, and looked up at me with her brown doe eyes, and long eyelashes. A tiny tear drop dropped from her right eye, but not because she was unhappy, but because of the reflex reaction to the gagging. She was gorgeous, but she was doubly beautiful when she was turned on. Her light brown face had become red with her exertion, but I could tell that she had enjoyed it thoroughly. I heard her say "mmmmmm mmmmmmm" and then she moved her head forward, gripped the base of my cock in her hand, and started sucking my cock of her own free will.

I paid close attention to every stroke her tongue lavished on my cock, but I also took note of how the sisters were faring with the blow job in progress. So far all our action had been cam based, and none of them knew that I knew about their voyeuristic sessions. Now the cat, or perhaps the pussy, was out of the bag, and there would be no going back to a simple tutor tutee relationship.

Pooja was a real aficionado of taking a penis in her mouth. She did all of the following:
1. She wolfed it down and gagged on it.
2. She rotated it in her mouth so that it hit the walls of her mouth at different angles and activated pressure points on my cock that I'd never known to activate in all of my fifty years.
3. She placed her tongue on the head of my cock and wiggled it until it drove me crazy.
4. She ran her tongue along the shaft in varying strokes, so that she tickled my glans and then my frenulum with the tip of her tongue, until I thought that either orgasm or death were impending.
5. She mouthed my balls, one at a time, and then both together, and stretched out my ball sac expertly, enough to create a titillation with a sliver of pain, but not enough to actually cause pain.

At the end of Pooja's efforts, needless to say, I had one wet, dripping cock that threatened to burst any moment. I didn't allow her to complete control though, and sometimes I forced her to gag longer than she appeared comfortable with. In response she bit my balls with increasing viciousness and increasing lust.

I ordered Pooja to stand up as I neared my climax, and spread her legs. People usually did this the other way round, but I was confident in my abilities at coitus interruptus. She acquiesced, and I started to plunge my rock hard cock into her throbbing, pulsing, pink flower of a pussy. This girl was only in her early twenties, so her vagina was as juicy as anyone in that blessed age group. Her cunt was very tight, and it responded to my cock, and squeezed it powerfully.

I ground my hips against hers, watching Savannah salivating, and catching Joy's eye more than once, as she was clearly lost for words as well. Finally I knew that I couldn't hold my load any longer. I warned Pooja and pushed her away just in time, and my cock spurted out a thick shot of cum into her pubic nest, and another shot onto her lower belly. After a few spurts, I asked her to kneel again, and clean up my cock with her mouth. She was happy to oblige, and took to her task with every last ounce of gusto.

I looked at Savannah who had been playing with herself during the session, and she held my eyes, unafraid. I looked at Joy, and she glared at me, a look of perverse fascination in her eyes.

When my cock had well and truly wilted, and I had all of my semen replaced with Pooja's saliva, I asked her sit on the sofa and spread her legs. Some men are content to allow a girl to love them until they ejaculate, while they pay no attention to the girl's needs. Such men are better referred to as douche bags. I didn't want to be a douche bag, so I knelt in front of her and started licking her dripping cunt.

I lavished broad strokes of my tongue on her labia, outer and inner, and I rotated my tongue around her clit. She moaned in pleasure, given that she was a dripping mess by then. I wiggled my tongue inside her cunt, and I licked her down there with as much fury as I could possibly muster in my post ejaculation state.

She lifted her legs, and threw them on my shoulders, and pulled me into her pussy. I was surprised, but I enjoyed every last bit of her proactive attitude towards being pleasured. I buried my nose in her cunt, and then licked her down there while I also placed several fingers inside it, titillating one wall of her wet tunnel, and then another.

After another ten minutes of the same activity, her thighs clenched around my shoulders and I knew that my efforts had attained their fruit. A moment later, she moaned out too loudly, and I felt her pushing my head even deeper into her loins, as wet spurts from deep within bathed my face. I gasped for breath, but I kept drinking every last of her love juices.

She was done after a whole minute of orgasming, and copious spurting. When done, I stood, pulled her up to face me, cupped her breasts, and kissed her on the lips. She matched my lust and vigor with every movement of her tongue. After a long kiss, I looked at Joy and Savannah. They didn't say anything.

"Day after tomorrow, it's your turn," I told Savannah, as I pulled my pants back on.

She looked both horrified and horny at the same time.


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