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A massage session turns into a deadly catfight!

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Victoria moves into the dark room, and is informed that her client is going to enter a short while later. She knows what she must do, and works through her usual routine, setting up her oils and ensuring that the temperature of the room is just right, and that her hands are the right temperature, and that she has a beaming smile on her face. Good customer requires plenty of subtle preparation, although one would not know it unless one is seasoned enough to see customer needs when they are seeds that even the customer is unaware of.

She stands against a wall with a plush wall carpet on it, and wonders who her next client is. The client turns out to be a Hollywood starlet whose first name is Susanna. She's been making a minor splash in the celebrity circuit because of her dalliances. In contrast to her modest showbiz resume, Susanna behaves as though she's won a few Academy awards. She is supercilious and thinks that people in the service industry are dirt beneath her feet. Nothing pisses Victoria off more, but she decides to calm herself and stays professional.

"How long have you been a masseuse?" Susanna asks her, although her tone tells Victoria that she has completely malign intentions in asking her question. Victoria has no option but to answer her, since she doesn't want to be disagreeable or unprofessional.

"A year and a half," she tells Susanna truthfully.

"So you've seen plenty of customers," Susanna asks her.

Victoria nods.

"Do people wonder about your flat chest?" Susanna asks.

It hurts Victoria. She has come to terms with her chest and knows that girls like her probably stay flat on top all their lives. She's heard all the jokes. She's heard girls and guys call her a landing strip behind her back. She's heard a joke about why boobs are like soda. Nobody likes them flat. She's never really had someone directly ask her about her flat chest though. This is a new level of rudeness, and she wonders how Susanna ever made any friends in Hollywood or elsewhere.

She ignores the rude question, and continues to massage Susanna's long, golden blonde hair. She's asked for a full body massage, and whether Victoria is massaging an angel or a bitch, she decides that being professional in her approach and at least several feet north of competent is a must. Personally though, she wants to strangle Susanna.

Susanna doesn't repeat that question, but she is offended by the lack of response. Victoria feels her tense a tad under her skillful fingers. She pours another capful of grape seed oil on her palms, rubs them together, and runs her hands through Susanna's hair. Susanna's hair is a striking golden in color, so with a healthy amount of oil in it, it shines like polished gold. It is a very attractive head of hair, Victoria notes to herself. Too bad that it belongs to such a bitch.

She gathers up Susanna's hair in a mass, and massages the oil into the greater portion of it, making sure she reaches the roots, and making sure her tugs and squeezes don't bother her client. Susanna jerks her head impatiently, and Victoria senses that her client is upset. She knows that that is none of her business right then though. She knows that to engage her in conversation may mean she ends up being her whipping girl.

She feels loath to move away from Susanna's lovely, blonde hair, but she knows the time is nigh. She lathers her palms with more oil, and starts working on Susanna's neck and shoulders. Susanna moans at the pleasure of so much tension being released in one fell swoop.

She continues working on her client's shoulders, when Susanna's verbal diarrhea plagues them yet again.

"You are a skilled masseuse," she says.

Victoria is pleasantly surprised. Perhaps she misjudged her client.

"Why thank you," she says.

"You're welcome, can you increase the pressure," Susanna says, as Victoria uses her palms down her upper back, massaging in a thick layer of grape seed oil into it.

Victoria says yes and does just that. She presses her weight down on her palms, warm feelings for her client pervading her mind.

"I still want the answer to my earlier question," Susanna says. "It is only a factual question."

"Sorry, what was the question again?" Victoria says, hoping that it is another question.

"Do you get a lot of comments about your flat chest?" Susanna says, with just as much rudeness as earlier.

Victoria is more annoyed this time than she is shocked. She is working her client's lower back now, and applies the proper pressure. She decides that an appropriate response is required to someone who shows this much disrespect.

"That is not a subject I want to discuss, ma'am," Victoria says, trying to keep her voice as polite as humanly possible.

She continues to knead the delicate flesh on her client's lower back, and hears her moan, but also senses the anger in her from her body.

Susanna doesn't say anything, and Victoria hopes that that uncomfortable topic is past. A gorgeous woman with a beautiful body, and an abundance in mammary endowments is obsessed with her masseuse's lack thereof. That doesn't compute.

She moves down to Susanna's buttocks, and kneads some oil into the juiciest parts of those glutes. Susanna sighs in pleasure. She is lost in her appreciation of the massage, and Victoria hopes that the danger is past. Her hope is in vain. As she works her client's buttocks, Susanna asks her again.

"Girl, I want to know about your experience," she says, "I am only trying to help you. You can't be too stupid to understand that."

Victoria steps back from her client. Enough is enough.

"I will stop your massage at this point, ma'am," she says, looking at the actress lovely neck and wondering how it would feel to wrap her fingers around it and squeeze tightly.

"I'm paying you for this massage, bitch!" Susanna says, sitting up and facing Victoria, her oiled blonde locks falling down her shoulders. Victoria thinks she looks more like a she wolf than a woman when she's angry, no matter how beautiful she is. She has enormous breasts, and her persistent focus on Victoria's flat chest makes it doubly bitchy.

"You're not paying me for abuse, bitch," Victoria says in an even tone, keeping her cool and crossing her hands across her chest.

Susanna leaps up from the table, almost slips off it because of the oil on it, and then gains a standing position.

"Flat bitch!" she says in a spiteful voice.

"Shut it bitch!" Victoria says, glaring right back at her client turned enemy.

They face each other. There appears to be no doubt that the little massage room is like a powder keg with a spark in it. Both of them know that ignition has already happened, and the next stage of the explosion is only a matter of time.

Susanna takes the first step. She reaches out and slaps Victoria across the left cheek. It is a resounding slap, and the sting from it burns all across the greater area of her cheek. She staggers from the force of the slap, and tears spill involuntarily from her eyes. She knows though that she did not strike the first blow and she will not shrink from striking the second.

Susanna is aggressive in her attack. She doesn't pause and rains down another stinging slap on her other cheek. Victoria checks her involuntary tears and uses her right arm to stop a third slap. Their respective arms are slick with oil and when they make contact they don't gain any sort of traction and slip against one another.

Victoria steps back, bracing herself for the next slap. Susanna is really aggressive and attacks again, punching her in the chest. She feels a sharp pain in her ribcage, and reels and hits the wall with her shoulder. Then she decides that her shrinking violet attitude, even in violent situations, isn't going to work. Something inside her snaps, and she firms her resolve to strike back.

Susanna has rained six blows at least, and is cursing her. A stream of invectives are loosed in her direction along with solid blows to her solar plexus and one flat handed chop against her sex.

"Fucking masseuse! Piece of shit - you're losing your job today bitch!"

She uses her arms to prevent most of the strikes now, still playing defense, although mentally she has already become a predator.

"Straight as a board, aren't you bitch! You must have developed other skills to get guys in bed, right bitch!"

She sees her chance, as Susanna tires after continuously raining blows on her. They are only two feet apart now, still in the tiny massage room. Victoria's arms are slick with oil, and her gray masseuse's uniform has oil stains on top. Susanna is naked except for her sheer, silver panties, and is slick with oil all over the back of her upper torso and on her buttocks.

"Oh wait, you're probably a virgin! You're probably one of those virgins who is more constipated than a Puritan minister!"

Victoria steps forward and gives Susanna one large backhanded slap across the cheek. She doesn't wait, and steps around her and grabs her long, loose and well oiled golden hair. It is slick, so Victoria doesn't expect too much traction. She grabs it the best she can however and pulls hard, yanking it so that Susanna can feel it at the roots.

Susanna cries out.

"Fuck you bitch!" she yells, as Victoria quietly drags her backward, staying behind her, and making sure all her fingers have a firm grip of her hair. She can sense the pain that Susanna is in, and enjoys delivering it.

Victoria drags her until she has her back to the massage room wall, and then yanks her former client's hair back, so that her head arches back, and she lets out another sharp cry and more curses.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck - I am going to kill you slut!" she yells.

"Fuck you!" Victoria mutters in a cool yet dangerous voice.

She grabs Susanna's voluptuous right breast from behind and pinches her nipple viciously. Susanna cries out.

"Fuck you bitch!" she says and sharply backs into Victoria, so that Victoria is crushed against the wall, and is forced to move to one side, thereby losing some of her grip on her enemy's golden hair.

She loses her grip, and Susanna is wise to how her hair is a weak point. Her opponent's black hair is tied up neatly in a pony tail that is hiding behind her. She whirls around and faces Victoria again, glaring hotly and continuing the verbal abuse.

"Flat bitch!" she says, "I am going to fuck you up so bad today that you're going to regret you laid a hand on Susanna Savage!"

"Savage - right name for you bitch!" Victoria retorts. "Bring it on, bitch!"

Susanna charges at her, leaping on the massage table and risking a fall in an effort to gain a superior position. Her ploy works. She leaps against Victoria, landing right in front of her and smashing her face with her elbow. Victoria's upper lip starts bleeding, and she feels the bone jarring impact of the blow as she stumbles and hits her head against the wall behind her.

"Bitten off more than you can chew, bitch!" Susanna screams. She presses Victoria against the wall, crushes her breasts into her, and holds her throat in her hands. Victoria's hands are pinned between their torsos and Susanna has left no room for leverage.

She squeezes Victoria's throat, and Victoria gasps, feeling her life force being squeezed out of her. She knows that Susanna will kill her if she doesn't find some way to retaliate. She wriggles frantically, and hopes that Susanna's oily hands will lose grip of her throat. It almost happens once, but it doesn't.

Susanna holds firm. Victoria pushes her back against the wall. She is already pressed against it, so she can't generate enough momentum by pushing against it further to rebound off the wall. Her legs are squeezed together by Susanna's voluptuous yet muscular thighs. She senses that her only option is from her legs.

She raises one leg the best she can, and pushes it hard against Susanna's sex. Susanna is forced to move an inch back to reduce the impact, and Victoria acts then and pulls herself downward and then to the right. She wrenches her own neck free from Susanna's death grip. In her sideways motion, the oil helps plenty and makes getting free easier.

She gasps and greedily drinks in large volumes of air, feeling the pain in her starved lungs. Susanna isn't waiting to let her catch her breath though and comes in her direction. She knows that she must attack hard if she is to counter Susanna.

She meets her head on, attacking her with her own momentum. Her flat chest crashes against Susanna's giant breasts.

"Flat bitch!" Susanna screams again.

"A great big cow has great big tits," Victoria retorts, and they grab onto each other's hair, and try to make the other lose balance. "So you're a great big cow!'

Susanna snarls and yanks her ponytail to one side. Victoria cries out in pain, and retaliates in kind. Susanna's blonde hair is easier to grab, since long tresses of it are easily within reach. Susanna cries out from the pain as well.

Then Susanna leaves her hair and grips her throat again, while Victoria moves fast to prevent it. She isn't in time and her buxom opponent's palms close around her throat. She is frantic, having just tasted near suffocation recently. She does the first thing that comes to her. She raises her right leg and lands a savage blow on Susanna's vagina. It is a lot harder than she intends, because she has enough space and leverage.

Her knee strikes Susanna's groin powerfully, backed by the entire momentum of Victoria's body. Susanna doesn't know what hit her, and the wind is taken out of her sails in that moment. Her grip on Victoria's throat is lost, and her hands automatically clutch her sex.

Victoria takes this opportunity, as Susanna falls on her buttocks on the floor, to leap onto her, and to sit on her. She places her buttocks on Susanna's face, and her presses down her hands as she is turned to face Susanna's torso. She rains blows on Susanna's breasts and pinches her nipples and slaps her sex again.

Susanna struggles feebly, but is somehow quelled by that blow. She starts crying, with Victoria's anus inches from her face. Victoria humiliates her by squeezing out a ripe, loud fart into her nostrils.

"Like that, cow!" she says.

Susanna continues crying, but she can't get free of Victoria. Victoria has won this round. She continues sitting astride her enemy. Revenge is sometimes a dish better served hot.


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