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Just a little office romance.

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Love Preserves

At first, she had been cold and unresponsive to my advances. She acted like she wanted absolutely nothing to do with me and my flirting. No interest at all. But I knew she would eventually give in.

She was new to the workplace, so I did what I could to make her feel comfortable. She kept pretty quiet, but I could tell she was a sweetheart. I made some small talk with her a few times, but never heard what she said because I was always distracted by her pouty lips.

Finally, the night came when we found ourselves alone. Just her and I; no other workers in sight.

I moved quickly and minutes later, we were on top of a table and starting with some foreplay.

I ran my hand up the side of her thigh and let my fingers tickle their way around the curve of her hips. Moving my way up, I began to kiss gently on top of her breasts. My mouth glided up her sloping tits and I let my lips rub back and forth against her cold, hard nipples. After they were good and hard, I chewed on those little bastards in the same way I chew on my straws.

I guided her hand down to my crotch, and her cold fingers softly grazed the head and base of my penis. The diamond on her wedding ring scraped against the thin layer of skin on my scrotum; just gently enough to get me rock hard.

After a few minutes of her stimulating my genitals, I got up and moved down towards her feet while she lied on the table. I found the old stereotype about a woman's feet always being cold to be true as I put my mouth around her big toe and began to suck on it. I swished the cold toe around in my mouth, trapping it at times between my teeth and the inside of my cheek.

Each time I pulled away from one of her toes, a strand of saliva would hang glistening between her foot and my chin before I mouthed another one.

Bringing my face right up to her foot, I spread her toes apart and ran my tongue through the spaces between each of them. Her toes would tug and grasp at the skin on my face each time I thrust my tongue further in and licked her.

Inching my way down, I started to tongue her soles. My tongue worked its way from the pads of the toes, down to the arches, and finally down to the heel; moistening each and every inch of her foot with my saliva. A few times, the tip of my nose dipped into my own damp spit and left it cool and sticky.

I ran my face up and down the sides of her feet, worshipping them and breathing in their odor. I relished in the feel and friction of her arches and heels as they rubbed all around my face.

I finished with her feet and told her there were some new things I wanted to try, to which she didn't decline.

I took off my pants, leaving my hard dick and balls to dangle freely below my waist. I got up on top of the table and stood over her while she still lied there. Carefully, I took a few steps forward so her head was between my feet. I squatted down, bare ass hovering over her face so she would be able to stare up into my star-shaped anus.

Then, I slowly dipped my balls into her agape mouth. I call it candle dipping/fondue.

After a few minutes of that euphoria, I pulled my soppy balls out of her mouth. I looked down and there was a pubic hair right in the corner of her mouth. I wiped it from her mouth sensuously and then began to kiss those pouty lips of hers that I loved so much.

Finally, after all of the foreplay, I got on top of her and I shoved my cock into her slit. I could tell she was inexperienced, but that didn't stop me from pumping like a piston as hard as I could into her.

She had a birthmark right on the crease where her thigh and crotch connected, and I couldn't take my eyes off of it. It was like a brown smudge shaped like the head and ears of a bunny rabbit. While still fucking her, I started tracing the outline with my fingers. The patch of skin had a different feel than the rest. It felt a little fuzzy, elevated, as I continued to thrust back and forth inside of her.

Pushing as fast and as hard as I could, I looked up at her eyes. They were closed in ecstasy.

I wanted to last as long as I could. I wanted to last forever. But as I was about to ejaculate, I knew nothing could last forever.

The phone started to ring right as I was releasing my semen inside of her. I was shooting out so much fluid that I thought I was going to fill her up and my jism would pour back over my dick and out of her snatch.

I slid my dick out from her wet walls and mucousy membranes. She was unlike any of the others I had been with…at least, that's what I told her.

I hurried over to the ringing phone while my cock was still dripping and answered it.

"Hello. Howard County Morgue."


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