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A young police woman has been looking into cases that seem to suggest that women are being raped in the middle of the night but by morning they find no evidence of the rough treatment they received the night before except a small black mark on their wrist. She thought it was all a hallucination, until it happened to her.

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"Of course I didn't imagine it! I was raped. I felt him sitting on my chest, but i couldn't see a body. His claws scratched down my arms and he ripped my body apart as he... well... you know..."

The poor woman, I thought to myself. She actually believes she has been raped by the invisible man. Trying to keep all the cynicism out of my voice, I said, "Ok, well, unless you have any proof that this actually happened we can't do anything about."

"I have proof."

Finally! "May I see?"

The woman nodded at lifted up the sleeve of her shirt. On her wrist was a small black mark in the shape of flower that looked more like a tattoo than a mark from the 'man' that raped her. I eyed her suspiciously. Was she being serious? If this was a real incident, then it would take more than a bad tattoo to put a rapist behind bars. "I am sorry," I eventually said. "But I am not entirely sure how this is supposed to prove anything."

"I didn't have it yesterday. I hate tattoos, so there is no reason why I would have gotten it."

Shaking my head, I stood up, thanked her for her time and told her that I would look into it when I had time - not that I intended to. It was clear what had happened. She had gone out last night with her friends, got seriously drunk, thought in her altered state of mind that getting a cheap tattoo from a man on the street was a good idea, picked up some random equally drunk man, went home and was shagged by him. The lights would have been off, so she wouldn't have seen him, he could have enjoyed bondage games and then left before she woke up leaving her none the wiser.

It was a far more likely story than the one she had churned out. An invisible rapist? A demon with a taste for BDSM? Yeah right.

I went back to the station, picked up my bags and drove straight home. As I opened my door the phone began to ring. I dropped my things at the thresh hold, bumping the door closed with my leg, and rushed to pick up the receiver. "Hello? Sorry, I don't feel like going out tonight. No, don't bother coming over. Yeah, I will see you tomorrow."

Whilst going out and getting drunk seemed like a good way to clean your mind, having spoken to that women earlier I decided that I wasn't up for it tonight. Especially since I couldn't get her story out of my head. Part of me knew it was a delusional tale, created to explain away the adventures of the previous night, but part of me was still intrigued by the idea of being raped by an invisible creature.

I tried hard to put the thought from my head and at 10pm I decided that it was time to turn in. I lay in bed, my mind still darting back to her story no matter how hard I tried not to think about it. She was raped by an invisible man with sharp claws and a fixation with bondage. Her hands tied to her bed, his dick pounding in and out of her pussy. Mmmm... What a thought.

No, I told myself. Go to sleep.

And I did.


He was heavy. His body pressed down on my naked chest (I had no idea how my night clothes had been removed) making it difficult to breathe. I tried to open my eyes, only to realise that there was no-one on top of me. At least, no-one I could see. But I can feel him.

My arms were tied above my head, my feet tied to opposite edges of the bed leaving me open to any thing, and the more I tried to free them the tighter the bonds became. I struggled and struggled against his weight but could do nothing to get away. A warm hand carressed my cheek. I shivered at the feeling of his gentle touch on my cold skin. He leant forward and kissed my mouth softly, sucking lightly on my lips. I moaned quietly and kissed him back passionately, only vaguely aware that I would appear to be kissing thin air.

Then the pain began.

His sharp teeth cut deeply into my lips, drawing blood on which he sucked for at least a minute. The deeper the drank the more drowsy I felt. He suddenly drew away from my mouth and shifted his weight slightly so he was lower down on my body. My pussy began to pound slightly as I felt his heat move down me but he was not ready to indulge me yet.

I felt his teeth graze over my nipples, which were firmly errect by now, and he teased them with his tongue. It was a wonderful feeling but short lasting. He bit down harder than any clamp could ever do, causing me to almost scream out in pain, and I was sure that he had ripped them straight off. It certainly felt like. His tongue fickered over my throbbing nipples, however it did nothing to dull the pain. In fact it made it worse. His saliva felt like molten lava burning my body, and he had begun to leave a trail of scorching skin as he traced his tongue down my stomach and to my pussy.

As he flicked his tongue across my clit I bucked away from his mouth, but a strong hand held me up to his face so I had no chance of escaping the slow, torturous movements. He moved his tongue faster and faster, the feeling of burning increasing with every passing second until I could hold in my cry no longer. I let out an ear piercing scream, which seemed to only incourage him more. Whilst continuing to lick my clit ferociously, his hands moved to my tits. He grasped my firm tits in his hands and squeezed hard. His sharp nails dug in around the outside of his grip, and this time I was sure that he was going to rip them from my chest. I felt my blood dripping from the wounds caused by his unbelievably strong grip and it slowly dripped down my body until it reached my pussy.

At this point he withdrew from licking my clit and before I could even recognise his movement, he was sitting on my face - his entire weight was crushing down on my head, although I could still see nothing. Through the pitch blackness stars began to fill my eyesight and I knew within seconds I would pass out. However, just before my body gave in to the torture, the invisible body moved off of my face and shifted back down to my stomach. Whilst this was very uncomfortable, and still made it difficult to breathe, it was preferable to having him on my face.

The blood was still pouring from my tits but my nipples had gone hard once again. He traced them with his sharp nails, twisted them violently in his fingers and pulled on them but was more careful this time. At least I thought he was being careful until his suddenly bit down on them once again - causing me to scream in surprise, more than in pain. He sucked on them for a while, drawing both blood and milk out of my body, and his saliva began to spread through me setting my entire body on fire.

Clearly having had enough of my bodily fluids from the top half of my being, he shifted down to the end of the bed once again where one of his clawed fingers slid along my pussy. The movement made my body tingle both in fear and arrousement. Whilst I was tied up and being touched against my will, it was surprisingly erotic. This clearly showed, as I began to get very wet very quickly.

With that magical tongue of his, he licked me almost dry but the heat of his mouth just made me wet once again. I felt him draw away and place a hand under my firm ass, lifting my pussy up into the air. With one finger, he circled around my pussy entrance, his sharp nail lightly stroking my hole. Suddenly, he plunged his sharp nail into my pussy. His finger seemed to triple in size the moment it entered me. He fingered my pussy fast and hard, his nail scratching my insides so hard that I could feel it bleading. Even so, I wanted more.

I bucked in time to his movement in and out of my pussy, trying to maximise the pleasure I was feeling. In response, he fitted another finger into my hole and fingered me even harder than before. Slowly, he added another finger and another until his entire hand was fucking my pussy. Just as I was about to come over his hand, he withdrew leaving me feeling empty and cold.

The feeling of emptiness was replaced with shock and pain as I felt what I assumed was a whip slashing down on my stomach. I writhed against the agony I was feeling, but the bonds that held me in place did not move. The whip cracked down on me once more and I screamed out again. The whip felt as if it was made of a hundred or more tiny blades, each cutting across my burning skin. A third and final time the whip made contact with my stomach, harder than before.

I was not sure when I started to cry, but the tears were spilling quickly out of my eyes. My eyes became filled with tears when he inserted his cock into my mouth. Not being able to see how big it was before, I was slightly shocked to feel his length in my mouth but it was huge. I began to suck on his cock like a baby with a bottle before he started to fuck my mouth. At first his strokes were long and slow but they quickly became hard and fast, the same was his fingers had been fucking my pussy. I felt his cock swell - as if that was even possible, considering just how big it already was - and he shot his salty load down my throat. I swallowed it all, relieved to finally have something cool within my burning body.

He removed his cock from my mouth and I suddenly felt him right by pussy. With no warning, he plunged his cock into me and fucked me, his cock growing noticably once it was inside my pussy. His strokes where so long that I could feel the top of his cock hitting my stomach. I groaned like an animal needed release and had the best orgasm around his cock. After I had come, he pounded my pussy again until a second round of orgasm flew over me leaving me shaking and sweating - his cock swelling and ejecting his load into my pussy. I grunted as he came in me, feeling his juices flowing from my hole as he withdrew.

I am not sure what happened next. The invisible bonds around my wrists and ankles tightened and began to scorch me. My skin began to blacken and the pain shot through ever single nerve. I screamed out in pain, just as he bit down on my nipples once again whilst simultaneously inserting his sharp claw into my pussy. My eyes began to go stary for the second time that night but this time they did not stop. The last thing I saw was a dark pair of eyes staring at me before I succumbed to the darkness of unconsciousness.


I awoke in the morning feeling as though I had the worst hangover ever. My body ached, my head was pounding and I had the strangest feeling that I had forgotten something important. I tried to recal exactly what had happened last night. I had got in, had a few drinks and gone to bed... There was something else too. A few remaining feelings of pain and ecstacy flooded through me and I suddenly remembered.

What a great dream, I thought to myself. Well, I assumed it was a dream. Afterall, no-one is real life is raped by demons.

I didn't notice the black mark on my wrist until later that morning when a colleague pointed it out. "That is a nice tattoo," she said, although it was clear that she didn't really like it. "Must have hurt like hell, having it put there on your wrist though."

"It certainly did, but I would do it again without a second thought."


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