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Somewhere Deep Inside the Orchard

Short story By: Marzy Dotes

Alice discovers that there's more to the mysterious orchard than just picking apples

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Alice walked into the apple orchard to pick several bushels of ripened fruit with a couple of her friends to turn into apple cider when they headed back to the dormitory kitchen. She hated apple cider with a passion, didn't even like apples much but then she hadn't been given much of a choice by the nun who had assigned her to this duty. It was either that or rake up the fallen leaves on the circular drive in front of the main building and so she made her choice.

She hated raking leaves even more than picking fruit.

Still, she wasn't even a fan of the outdoors but it would only take several hours to get the apples picked, just in time to return for the dinner bell. And maybe she could sneak off and hide somewhere and let the other students actually do the picking while she read a book or something. Then she could just merge back into the group, maybe with some apples to contribute and then her duty would be done.

The boarding school she attended was hosting a fall social for both the convent school for prospective nuns and its counterpart, a school for male students run by the local Abby. At 19, Alice had decided she might want to join the religious order and enrolled in the continous studies program. Some other students would be working during that Saturday afternoon before the dance on baked refreshments like spice cookies shaped like leafs and perhaps an apple spice cake or two. And of course, apple cider which required more preparation time, from the picking of the apples to the final product the night of the social.

She boarded the van with the other students not even bothering to change out of her uniform jumper and blouse, and patent shoes. They traveled several miles just outside the limits of the small town until they saw, appropriately enough a small stand selling apples outside of the orchard. Why they couldn't just pick up a few bags of apples from the sellers, she couldn't understand but when she asked, Sr. Cornelia had just looked at her as if she had just uttered the name of Satan himself and scolded her, saying that the labor of the act was part of the rite of the making apple cider for the social.

Alicethought about that as she got out of the van with the other students and met up with a woman who walked up to them smiling. She had dark hair swept up in a messy bun and worn overalls. She led them to the decrypted gate, and opened it, to allow them into the orchard. The gate creaked until all the students had filed through into where the trees bearing the apples grew. Indeed, the long rows of trees were heavy with fruit and Sr. Cornelia quickly instructed her charges to aim for the overly ripe apples, the truly soft ones would make the best cider, she said.

So the students got started, pairing off as they chatted until they started the serious task of fruit picking. Alice sighed, not having anyone to pair off with, not since her ex roommate and best friend Mallory had gone off and gotten herself pregnant with some local guy. The nuns when they got wind of it had of course called her parents to fly out and fetch her lest her condition prove to be catching. Mallory hadn't said much about it as she packed her things up to leave, no evidence of her pregnancy even showing yet. But her career as a prospective nun had ended.

But being mid-term, they hadn't yet replaced her vacancy in the dorms that probably wouldn't happen until after the Christmas holiday. Whispers about a boyfriend but not much detail. Actually, the whisper around the dormitories was that he had just plain disappeared not after she had slept with him. Obviously not before impregnating her and leaving her alone to face her parents.

Alice knew that Mallory wouldn't be coming back and that left her alone to pick her own fruit, which fit her plans perfectly because she had no intention of doing anything but wandering off to lose herself in the thickness of the orchard until it was time to depart. It's not like anyone would notice her gone not even Sr. Cornelia who was too busy barking orders at the students who did matter to her.

She thought about that as she wandered deeper into the apple orchard, she didn't realize it would be like that because she hadn't guessed it to be so large. But the further she walked, the higher the browned grass grew, the thicker the trees, hugged each other with nary much space in between them. She saw decayed stumps where old trees might have been, and bricks that looked like they were remnants of old foundations. When she looked behind her, she suddenly couldn't see from where she had come, and the air had grown eerily quiet, save for some birds chirping though she couldn't see them.

Continuing onward, each step having to dredge further in the deep grass, and the sound of the birds growing louder around her…the trees bearing apples of different shades of red…not that she cared because she wasn't interested in picking apples but in hiding.

So she went further and then noticed a curious glen surrounded by thick trees and found her spot for disappearing for a little while.

Then she heard a branch crackle and the birds take off in flight, with the glen falling quiet. She noticed how the sunlight had disappeared, above the tree branches which blocked it, sending the area that loomed around her into shadow.

More crackling of the branches, almost like footsteps, behind her, in front of her, she had no clue. Just that it sounded like it was getting closer. Then as quickly as she heard the noise, it stopped.

Maybe someone moving in the opposite direction and now further away, it was difficult to see anyone even close by because of the thickened wall of trees. She picked out one sturdy tree with some low branches and leaned against it, feeling the hardness of its trunk against her back. She felt a sliver of wickedness at having ditched the rest of the apple picking crew leaving them to do all the work while she…just hung out here. She reached to pick herself an apple, feeling suddenly hungry and found one that looked perfect. The thick aroma of ripened fruit tantalized her and after she brushed the dust off of it with her jumper, she bit into it, closing her eyes at the succulent flavor, heavenly ambrosia, as she chewed and swallowed and then bit into the apple again.

She sighed, and asked herself why she had always disliked apples so much, when the one she ate now, left her feeling its pungent flavor simmer through her body, beyond just her taste buds. Damn, her vision suddenly cleared and she felt sensations swimming inside of her, her skin suddenly flushed and the air warm and damp around her.

And she felt her breasts shiver as if someone had breathed across them beneath her blouse and even down further underneath her lacy panties, her pussy began to tingle. She felt it intensify so she splayed her legs out a bit, thinking back to this morning when she had pleasured herself beneath her sheets, moving her fingers around her clitoris, biting her lip to keep from crying out in the room with other students sleeping. So much more the thrill, almost a game really if she could fondle herself to climax and not manage to mutter a sound….it had always tested her will but intensified the sensations she felt on release.

But now, her pussy began to feel as if the tension inside of her coiled up at that spot. She looked around her fervently and then the idea, naughty as it might be struck that she had found a perfect hideaway.

To engage in some self pleasuring, she could lean against the tree, slip her hand beneath her jumper and into her panties, where her pussy eagerly awaited her touch. She could close her eyes, press her back against the tree, and stroke herself, slowly at first and then harder and faster until she came, with her dew sliding across her fingers. She could even scream if she wanted and somehow knew no one would be listening.

The tingle of her nerves met her as she did just that, her finger gingerly stroking her aching pussy. She leaned her body against her hand to increase the stimulation, urging her body to feel pleasure as she began first to pant and then to cry out. The wickedness of her act would shock the nuns and if Sr. Cornelia caught her, she'd be sent straight to the priest for perdition. But there was no sign of the nun or anyone else so she soon forgot everything else around her but coaxing and then urging her body into climaxing, so much so she'd feel weak in the knees and her heart would pound in her chest.

But with her hand in her panties, beneath her dress getting to the part when she thrust a finger to help her along, she heard a whisper in the wind, and then the footsteps returned.

She looked around her at the deserted trees but kept her hand going because there wasn't anyone out here to catch her.

Then a hand grabbed her shoulder, and she turned around and saw him next to the tree, tall and broad shouldered, with dark curly hair and a hint of shadow on his jaw line. He wore jeans and a chambray shirt, he smelled of the apples surrounding them, and of the earth after a soaking rain.

"Who are you…"

He just looked at her, his eyes dark and penetrating deeply inside her, she felt them tug at her but she resisted…slowly easing her hand out from beneath her dress, hoping to god he didn't notice.

But then he reached out a hand to grab hers as she had raised it in front of her.

"Don't…allow me…"

His voice, so soft, its cadence confident, arising from deep inside of his chest. He took her hand, her fingers still dampened by her arousal and stuck them inside his mouth where he sucked on them gently, but the sensation of his mouth made her skin blush. Then he released her hand, and looked at her, standing oh so close. His skin smelled of sandalwood and anise and apples, she felt the heat of his gaze and she tried to look past him.

"You look like…"

His brows lifted and his mouth curved.

"Yes…I do…I look like many things."

She just stood there looking at him, mesmerized by the intensity of his eyes.

"Like what?"

He paused, reaching out to stroke her face, brushing a couple strands of hair away.

"Like when young women get lost in the woods."

She snorted.

"This isn't the woods, it's an orchard."

He shrugged slightly.

"Same difference…"

She shivered then from the way he stared at her, stroking her face and then her lips, which tightened beneath his touch. He gently nudged her backward until she hit one of the lower branches and found herself sitting on it, her jumper riding up her thighs.

"What do you want?"

He opened his mouth slightly.

"What do you think," he said, "to taste that lovely mouth of yours…come on, just a little taste…no one's around to see."

His cajoling caused her to tense at first but then she relaxed, and then his lips touched hers and she felt a jolt of heat, which nearly made her jump but he held onto her waist, slipping his hands there when she hadn't been looking. She felt his mouth caress hers, including around the edges before intensifying. The branch she had sat on creaked beneath his pressure but she only focused on the way he made her feel.

Her mind grew fuzzy as he slid his tongue inside of her mouth, her lips not offering any semblance of resistance. The heat intensified almost as if she'd bitten into a hot pepper but, with a sweet tang to temper the burn. Wait a minute here, who was this guy, she knew she'd seen him before…wait didn't he work as a member of the construction crew working on the renovation of the historic chapel on the school campus? She couldn't recall but she had gazed at him several times in passing on her way to and from the school building. Had he even noticed her, standing there checking on a wooden beam, his tool belt slung low on his worn jeans. Muscles bulging beneath his shirt and beneath his jeans, his hair thick and dark on his head, though most often he wore a hard hat over it…and he had a tattoo of a snake on his triceps.

But somehow though it looked like him…god, she couldn't think any more now about the stranger because his hands had moved to her jumper, easing it up over her thighs, slowly and surely. She hadn't paid it any mind because she had been enjoying his style of kissing.

It wasn't him though…she knew that, because something darker lurked behind the eyes of the man who broke his kiss and caught her in the intensity of his eyes as he bared her thighs, and stroked them with his palms. He smiled at her, his teeth barely showing as he placed a hand in between her thighs, resting on top of her dampened lacy panties. He stroked her idly with several fingers, while watching her face. Her eyes widened and her breath quickened, but damned if she could say anything to him.

"You like this don't you…it's better than getting yourself off isn't it?"

She couldn't even nod back at him, because she just couldn't move…frozen as she was to the tree limb while he traced the rims of her panties and ever so slowly slipped his fingers beneath the lace. She almost jumped up when she felt his roughened finger tips against her pussy, stroking her lips hidden in her nest of pubic hair, and being careful not to get too close to her clitoris which burned for some serious stroking by the stranger's hand.

She gasped as he finally rubbed her clitoris with his thumb purposely as if he knew exactly what it wanted, needed to come alive…and then she felt him slip one of his fingers inside of her pussy, gently probing through its resistance to being breached by him. She arched her back against the branch, and bit her lip hard as he thrust the finger right to his knuckle and then gently teased it all the way out before dipping it right back in there. He found some heavenly part inside of there that swelled beneath the friction generated by his knuckle, and a swell of intense warmth pushed through her, much different than the sharper twang that she felt when rubbing herself.

"What are you doing," she gasped.

"Getting you ready...now just relax…and enjoy this gift…"

Oh but she had seen the intent look in his eyes, calculated and cool even as he lit the fire inside of her. She knew he wasn't a generous type…that he didn't give without taking and she thought of closing her legs to him, but it was much too late for that…so caught was she in the sensations that threatened to shake her loose from what grounded her.

But she remained still while he stroked her both inside and out, until her breathing came quickly…she felt the buildup, the pressure coiling so deeply inside her that she didn't know where it started, only where she wanted it to unravel releasing all its pent up energy, stimulating every nerve in her body. He kept whispering for her to keep her eyes open, and she obeyed because when she closed them, she saw instead the stern face of Sr. Cornelia chastising her that one time when she had sprawled on the grass, her legs agape as the nun had walked by on the way to prayers.

"Close those legs up April," she said, "I could give you a gynecological exam in that position."

She had done what the nun had ordered, her face burning and her mind stumbling over the impossibility of what Sr. Cornelia had said. Nuns didn't think about such things did they, once they had surrendered their lives to God and their religion. But remembering that, she kept her eyes open, drawn into the eyes of the man who was fingering her.

She hitched her breath as he intensified his stroking and suddenly…she fought to keep it from happening wondering why…and then he rubbed her clitoris and she just, her eyes rolled back into her head and she just fell against him to keep from screaming. His hard body braced her, its warmth almost soothed her except…that she felt so hot, with the slickness of her pussy against his hand. Almost as if he had caught her orgasm, to keep a part of it for himself.

She leaned back against the branch, her body soaked with perspiration, her pussy throbbing as he removed his hand and brought it to her lips, brushing them with the dampness…and her own scent.

"Taste it…your pleasure…what I have given you."

She did and her mind flashed back to the luscious apple she had just eaten, its taste still lingering on her mouth intermingling with that of her own juices.

He adjusted his position and she thought he might leave, but as it turned out, he was just getting started.

And the shadows widened across the orchard, leaving it in what seemed like twilight.

He smiled at her, his tongue running against his teeth, as he moved his hands to smooth her dress back down over her thighs which still burned from what had happened…how could that be, it had just been an orgasm. A pleasurable one but she had done it to herself often enough…though not like that.

His mouth claimed hers again, his kiss doing that slow burn that she craved, his tongue caressing the outer lips, before slicing through them to taste her again. She found her own hands running over them.

And then he broke away, leaving her hair mussed and her lips slightly swollen, and red as the apples growing around her.

"What do you want?"

He played with some tendrils of her hair, smoothing them out with a deft finger….lighting her face anew as he did so. She tried to slow down her breathing to relax…but he looked as if he were highly charged, something primal marked his face.

"I want to be inside of you where it's warm and snug and oh so wet for me…"

She frowned, straightening up.

"But I…."

He put a finger over her mouth so she couldn't protest.

"Oh you will…come with me and I'll show you where."

She let him help her off the branch and she followed him into a glen where the grass grew tall, tall enough to hide many things. He kissed her again, nibbling on her lip, as his hands smoothed her jumper up over her thighs again so his hands could reach her panties.

Only this time he didn't want inside them, he wanted them off and with one simple flex of his hands; the panties came off, dropping at her feet. He kissed her hard on the mouth again, her face, her neck, pulling her down with him in the grass, which surrounded them almost like the walls of a house, with the canopy of some apple trees providing the ceiling. The grass seem to come alive around her, snaking around her, pinning her to the ground, while he remained above her, slipping her jumper up leaving her pussy bare.

"Don't move…"

She just looked at him, wondering what he'd do next; excitement filled her at the forbidden thoughts which had slipped inside of her head, of the things that he wished to do to her.

That he would do, nestled deep in the wilderness of the orchard.

"I need…."

She knew what he needed without him telling her. She could see the bulge in his jeans, it had grown larger. He unbuttoned his shirt and flung it off faster than she could have thought possible almost as if it melted off right in front of her. She blinked her eyes and he had lowered his jeans, and there she saw it, nestled in thick black hair, his erection, thick and long, stiffened as he stroked it several times.

"I don't know what to do…"

And she didn't because this man she barely recognized from someplace where he couldn't be was different than what she had expected. He laid on top of her, slithering up to where their faces stood inches apart, his mouth descending on hers again, his tongue stroking her. He deftly opened her thighs to him and while outlining the inside of her mouth with his tongue, he thrust his erection into her, causing her to gasp as she felt her pussy stretch around him, tightly, stopping his movement.

"Just let me in…and it'll feel wonderful, better than picking apples."

She sighed as she clutched him while he bucked his hips in a smooth motion, driving himself deeper inside her slick passage that he had lubed with his actions earlier. She felt him pump against her, as she looked up through the patchwork of tree branches, globes of apples suspended.

He grunted as he split her open with his erection, pushing even deeper, the delicious friction sucking out her breath before it reached her lips. Words, what could be said, he had her pinned on the ground, the grass interwoven around her limbs in some strange fashion as he writhed on top of her, constricting her.

But as the sensations of lust spread through her, striking the kindling inside that had been waiting for this, she spread her legs open further and he ground his pelvis against hers.

She felt herself explode again, more than before, her pussy erupting into spasms with pleasure so intense, she clawed into him which made him chuckle, in between kisses as if he knew something she didn't.

Something secret.

Even as she climaxed, he pushed harder against her, quickening his strokes until she felt him tense against her, his entire body rigid as it reared up and then she felt his liquid shoot right through her pussy.


He lowered himself back down to her ear.

"What Alice?"

"I'm not…you didn't…"

His mouth curved into a sly grin.

"Oh that…it's okay…you won't get pregnant…"


He kissed her again and remained inside of her, the dampness of his body making him slick and hot. Glorious was he in his nakedness in front of her, his body strong and lithe, and his eyes piercing even after he had taken her.

And she heard him start to hiss…to the point where it sounded more like a purr and she felt her eyes grow heavy, her lids flutter and before she knew it she had fallen asleep with him still on top of her spent.

She woke up, her eyes burning and her body feeling the chill of a breeze as she woke up lying in the tall grass, her clothes askew. Damn she must have fallen asleep while hiding in the farthest corner of the orchard, and what a dream it must have been to leave her panties so damp.

Sighing, she tried to sit up but her muscles ached as if she'd run a marathon, but she pulled herself to her feet and after brushing the bits of grass off, she went to find her way back to the others. She didn't think this would interfer on her plans to become a nun. What the sisters wouldn't know wouldn't hurt them.

But as she left, a pair eyes followed her as she disappeared into the trees.


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