By: Marcela Re Ribeiro

Page 1, An erotic story. I really like risking myself to write different styles. I hope you enjoy it! Brazilian Kisses :)


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I close my eyes and feel your hands on my naked back, sliding, teasing me horniness.

My skin, quickly, shivers. I turn my body and my mouth seeks yours.

The meeting of lips, bite fiercely, heat exudes a moan in my body.

Your strong arms grab me, my body is yours.

You suck my breasts with an ardent hungrer and stick your fingers in my mouth, teasing me.

Your erect and tasty penis penetrates me strongly, it slides into my wet pussy, sex-mad. I swing and tighten my hips and make you crazy.

My body is yours, I give myself for your delight; you know you have control, I turn around and you penetrate behind, I go crazy with lust and want more.

Your movement sometimes violent, sometimes peaceful, inside of me, drives me crazy.

Your hands grab my waist; I feel we are almost there.

You spurt your cum inside me and I, in groans hallucinating, feel the enjoyment go through my body.

You hold me and bite all my body, what a delight!

I return your affection sucking your cock, still hard, and you groan.

Our naked bodies are no longer hungry, but my pussy will always be ready, deliciously wet for you

Just touch me... Try...

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